HSSB :: Volume #17

#1660: We hope that with faith

All will belong to do not have, regardless of you, I, she.” “一切都将归于无,不论你,我,她。” Hears the Yan Zhaoge's words, Feng Yunsheng is recalling, repeated the Nie Jingshen initial spoken language: This?” 听到燕赵歌的话,封云笙回忆着,复述聂惊神当初的言语:“这句?” Yan Zhaoge has not spoken, silent nod. 燕赵歌没说话,无声的点点头。 Feng Yunsheng is also lost in thought. 封云笙也陷入沉思中。 Perhaps these words look for the first time do not have anything, but Yan Zhaoge has to think. 这句话乍一看或许没什么,但燕赵歌不得不多想。 However does not want, really to want the deductive thinking to explain, can actually emit many explanations. 然而不想则已,真要发散思维去解读,却能冒出很多解释。 All belong to do not have, originally is one side Demonic Path in, this is possibly indicating the Nine Nether following trend. 一切归于无,本就魔道的其中一面,这可能是在预示着九幽接下来的动向。 The Buddhism, Taoism and Monster Race several top Great Encompassing expert, are planning Nine Nether, hopes to obtain the turning point, at one fell swoop breakthrough boundary, ascended to Way Realm. 佛门、道门妖族的几位顶尖大罗高手,都在谋算九幽,希望籍此获得契机,一举突破界限,登临道境 Nine Nether to this one point, has been well aware, naturally will not sit waiting for death. 九幽对这一点,一直心知肚明,自然也不会坐以待毙。 All powerhouses are gambling, already trades to Nine Nether, suppresses, Nine Nether taking the opportunity is completing own arrangement similarly, who can laugh last, must think the respective skill. 各方强者都在博弈,对九幽既交易,也打压,九幽同样在借机完成自身的布置,谁能笑到最后,就要看各自本事了。 In the Nie Jingshen words, Yan Zhaoge listens to some not to suit indistinctly. 聂惊神的话里,燕赵歌隐约听出一些不对劲。 If really contains the prompt, but Taoism can look through, then naturally will occupy several points of situation. 如果其中真的包含提示,而道门又能看破的话,那么自然会占据几分先机。 But besides this mentality, but can also have other explanations. 而除了这个思路以外,还能有其他解读。 In Nie Jingshen mouth so-called you, I, she, without doubt refers to with Yan Zhaoge that he talked, Nie Jingshen, as well as they talked Yu Ye that mentioned. 聂惊神口中所谓“你,我,她”,无疑是指正在和他对话的燕赵歌,聂惊神自己,以及他们对话中提到的禹夜 Nie Jingshen these three people of joint name, not necessarily because is only the litigants, likely implied some of they three common grounds. 聂惊神将这三人并称,未必只因为都是当事人,很可能暗指他们三个的某种共同点。 Then, what common ground is? 那么,是什么共同点呢? Will belong to light of all does not have these words, Yan Zhaoge revolving fears extremely. 结合“一切都将归于无”这句话,燕赵歌细思极恐。 If Nie Jingshen is he and Yu Ye, Feng Yunsheng joint name, that is very normal. 如果聂惊神是把他自己和禹夜封云笙并称,那很正常。 Although Yu Ye had not regained consciousness now, but she studies Thoughtless Extinguishing Primordial Scripture, Supreme Pure Heavenly Lord of the Numinous Treasure founder purest legacy, comprehend beginning of the universe Everlasting mystery. 禹夜虽然如今仍尚未苏醒,但她修习混灭元经,上清灵宝天尊祖师最纯正的嫡传,参悟混元无极奥秘。 Some Feng Yunsheng load bearing End of World Heavenly Demon authority, are then original in conception, distinctive, founds the [say / way] of Luo Yuandun extinguishing, with Thoughtless Extinguishing Primordial Scripture, although is different, but there is the wonder of different tunes played with equal skill. 封云笙承载末法天魔部分权柄,然后自出机杼,别具一格,开创罗渊沌灭之道,同混灭元经虽然不同,但有异曲同工之妙。 Nie Jingshen is Jade Pure legitimate legacy, depending on own Earlier Heaven Primordial Embyro and extraordinary perception union, moved the secret of Everlasting. 聂惊神原本是玉清正统嫡传,凭自身先天元胎和超绝悟性结合,也触碰到了无极之秘。 After he is fascinated, was partial to Jade Pure to explain the truth that Everlasting grows out of nothing, transfers gradually resembles Supreme Pure explanation ideal condition from existence to non-existence, resembles with Yu Ye and Feng Yunsheng. 他入魔后,原本偏向玉清阐释无极从无到有的道理,渐渐转为酷似上清阐释从有到无的意境,同禹夜封云笙相像。 But in the Nie Jingshen words, actually him and Yu Ye, belongs to with Yan Zhaoge similar. 聂惊神话里,却是将他和禹夜,与燕赵歌归于同类。 This moves the Yan Zhaoge sensitive nerve immediately. 这立刻触碰到燕赵歌敏感的神经。 He does not have the means not to pay attention. 他没办法不留神。 Because, if not strictly differentiates, what Nie Jingshen said is right. 因为,如果不那么严格区分的话,聂惊神说的是对的。 His Yan Zhaoge, is by the Jade Pure first book, Everlasting Heavenly Book builds up. 燕赵歌,正是以玉清首书,无极天书起家。 For various reasons, this matter, Yan Zhaoge has kept secret, covers up. 出于多种原因,这件事,燕赵歌一直秘而不宣,遮遮掩掩。 Earlier, he by Nether Light Great Emperor Yin Tianxia Nether Light Twelve Arts as concealing. 早些时候,他以幽明大帝尹天下幽明十二法作为掩饰。 However this can only be used in the earlier period, after to a certain extent because of the Jade Pure Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning above worldly matters reason, causes , the newcomer path becomes sole. 不过这只能用于前期,因为玉清元始天尊超脱的缘故,一定程度上使得后来者的道路变得单一。 In latter newcomer always has startled certainly the colorful person, related to the Everlasting truth, however must climb unceasingly upwardly, finally often reaches the same goal or conclusion from different approaches, belongs to the Jade Pure first book, Everlasting Heavenly Book. 来者中总有惊才绝艳之人,涉及无极道理,然而要不断向上攀登,最终往往殊途同归,都归于玉清首书,无极天书 Nether Light Great Emperor Yin Tianxia awkward then lies in this, if cannot obtain Everlasting Heavenly Book, he continues upwardly by himself, will become extremely difficult, will halt. 幽明大帝尹天下的尴尬便在于此,若是得不到无极天书,他靠自己继续向上,将变得极为艰难,甚至止步不前。 The specialness of Nie Jingshen, stems from his Earlier Heaven Primordial Embyro, but this is the requirement that Yin Tianxia does not meet. 聂惊神的特殊,是源于他的先天元胎,而这是尹天下不具备的条件。 Yan Zhaoge is upward, the footsteps keep, shove open Immortal Gate to might as well, even crossed True Profound Tribulation, achievement Quiet Profound Immortal, but continues step by step upwardly, three Astralized Qi, four Astralized Qi, until finally Five Elemental Chakras, ascended to Grand Void, this in any event, explained with Nether Light Twelve Arts difficultly. 燕赵歌一路向上,脚步不停,推开仙门无妨,甚至渡过真玄劫,成就清静玄仙都罢了,但继续一步步向上,三气合罡,四气合罡,直到最后五气朝元,登临太虚,这无论如何,也难用幽明十二法来解释。 Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge early also obtains Grand Pure Lineage legacy Fist of Grand Simplicity very much. 所幸,燕赵歌很早又得到太清一脉嫡传太易之拳 Fist of Grand Simplicity to a certain extent, touches dense of Everlasting. 太易之拳某种程度上,也触及无极之密。 A Three Pure Ones body, is never an empty talk. 三清一体,从来不是一句空话。 Just, Fist of Grand Simplicity in the truth ideal condition, has the differences with Everlasting Heavenly Book and Thoughtless Extinguishing Primordial Scripture. 只不过,太易之拳在道理意境上,同无极天书混灭元经自有不同之处。 But this is the single layer conceals. 但这已经又是一重掩饰。 On this basis, Yan Zhaoge further collection uneven Jade Pure Primordial Beginning Heavenly Book ten volumes of latter nine volumes of Heavenly Book, and studies. 在此基础上,燕赵歌更进一步集齐了玉清元始天书十卷的后九卷天书,并且都有修习。 Nine volumes of Primordial Beginning Heavenly Book push but actually, although is unable to obtain Everlasting Heavenly Book, the complete truth ideal condition of but inheriting, is the single layer conceals. 九卷元始天书倒推,虽然无法得到无极天书,但一脉相承的完整道理意境,便又是一重掩饰。 In fact, many people were guessing that Three Pure Ones with cultivating to shove open Immortal Gate’s Yan Zhaoge, is full of the promise by latter nine volumes of Heavenly Book, counter promotes Everlasting Heavenly Book of heads of ten book. 事实上,很多人都在猜测,三清同修推开仙门的燕赵歌,有没有希望凭借后九卷天书,逆推出十书之首的无极天书 This even has become the hopes of many person. 这甚至成了不少人的期盼。 The Nie Jingshen words, can certainly understand from this aspect. 聂惊神的话,当然也可以从这方面来理解。 Therefore Yan Zhaoge was not worried that others heard, will have other idea. 所以燕赵歌也不担心别人听见了,会有别的想法。 But to Everlasting Heavenly Book topic exceptionally sensitive his in person, are not unavoidably many thinks some. 但对无极天书的话题异常敏感的他本人,难免不多想一些。 Such one thinks that Yan Zhaoge cannot help but thinks, if the Nie Jingshen intent has referred to, news where he also obtains? 这样一想,燕赵歌就不由得思索,假如聂惊神真的意有所指,他又是从哪里得到的消息? Although Yan Zhaoge affirms the Nie Jingshen strength very much, but must say that he only depends on the eyesight, sees Yan Zhaoge to have Everlasting Heavenly Book, obviously is impossible. 虽然燕赵歌很肯定聂惊神的实力,但要说他只凭眼力来看,就看出燕赵歌身怀无极天书,显然不可能。 If then some people told him, who can also be? 那么如果是有人告诉他的,又会是谁? This issue, Yan Zhaoge cared very much. 这个问题,燕赵歌很关心。 Although has arrived today this step, but Yan Zhaoge to oneself Everlasting Heavenly Book on hand, actually has the quite a lot anxiety. 虽然已经走到今天这一步,但燕赵歌对自己手头的无极天书,其实有颇多疑虑。 Assuming that some people told Nie Jingshen, that Nie Jingshen says now, what means? 假设是有人告诉聂惊神,那聂惊神现在所言,意味着什么? Reminder, or caution? 提醒,又或者警示? Yan Zhaoge also looks for a while not distinctly. 燕赵歌一时还看不分明。 Let alone, how the Nie Jingshen those words explain, is indefinite. 更何况,聂惊神那句话到底如何解读,也还不确定呢。 Changes an angle, the above idea no matter which type, establishes at a premise actually. 换个角度来看,以上想法不管是哪一种,其实都建立在一个前提上。 Nie Jingshen that words, stem from good intention. 聂惊神那话,是出于好心。 Namely the Yan Zhaoge past guess was accurate, because of the Earlier Heaven Primordial Embyro reason, Nie Jingshen changed with day contemporaneous Demon of Yang Metal, truly not other people like that. 燕赵歌当年的猜测准确,因为先天元胎的缘故,聂惊神化作与天同生的庚金之魔,确实不似旁人那般。 But the fact really so, Yan Zhaoge similarly is whether indefinite. 但事实是否真的如此,燕赵歌同样不确定。 Superficially, although after Nie Jingshen is fascinated other characteristics and Great Demon is different, when is he and Feng Yunsheng the manner facing oneself, making Yan Zhaoge with a heavy heart. 从表面上看,虽然聂惊神入魔后的特征和其他大魔不同,可是他面对自己和封云笙时的态度,让燕赵歌心情沉重。 Nie Jingshen that person, warm side always only shows to the person of being intimate with, but regarding enemy or stranger, usually such as just now like that uncommunicative solemn. 聂惊神其人,温暖的一面从来只展现给亲近之人,而对于敌人或者生人,素来如方才那般寡言冷峻。 Naturally, previously environment, even if has a mind, does not help the both sides thorough exchange. 当然,先前的环境,即便有心,也不利于双方深入交流。 But this also made Yan Zhaoge be in doubt. 而这也让燕赵歌拿不准了。 The Nie Jingshen those words, stemming from the good intention, obtain all sorts of explanations, has been hard to judge. 聂惊神那句话,出于好心,得出种种解读,已经难以判断。 But if stemming from the evil thought that that possibly is misleading that intends, leaves a legacy of trouble infinitely. 可如果是出于恶念,那就可能是有意的误导,遗祸无穷。 Yan Zhaoge deeps frown, in heart suddenly thoughts constantly welling up. 燕赵歌眉头紧锁,心中一时间思绪万千。 Zhaoge......” Feng Yunsheng looks to Yan Zhaoge, the frown slightly is similarly pressed. 赵歌……”封云笙看向燕赵歌,双眉同样微微蹙起。 Many possibilities, many preparations, at present are also not being clear time.” After Yan Zhaoge ponders the moment, the brow stretches, shows a faint smile: For me, I am willing to believe Senior Apprentice Brother Nie.” “很多种可能,多多准备吧,眼下还不是见分晓的时候。”燕赵歌思考片刻后,眉头舒展开来,微微一笑:“从我个人来讲,我还是愿意相信聂师兄。” No, is not the issue that believes.” Yan Zhaoge muttered: Is the hope, is the faith......” “不,不是相不相信的问题。”燕赵歌喃喃自语:“是希望,是信念……”
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