HSSB :: Volume #17

#1659: Everlasting extinguishes the sword

Nie Jingshen leaves, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng pursue him to depart together. 聂惊神离开,燕赵歌封云笙追着他一同离去。 South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor are not also many remains, immediately leaves, withdraws from the battlefield. 南极长生大帝亦不多留,当即抽身,退出战场。 Although Blue Lotus Treasure Colored Banner was smeared by the sea water of deep pool of Nine Nether demon sea, but this treasure was still exciting, at this moment carried off by Yan Zhaoge, no matter Buddhism audiences Venerable numerous Monster Race Great Saint, is unwilling. 青莲宝色旗虽然被九幽魔海之渊的海水所污,但这件宝贝仍然扣人心弦,此刻被燕赵歌带走,不管是佛门众尊者还是一众妖族大圣,都心有不甘。 But at present the situation is too chaotic, all influence is jig-saw patterned, each other eyes covetously. 但眼下局势太乱,各方势力犬牙交错,彼此虎视眈眈。 In the heart all has under the scruples, the final outcome only has diverges respectively. 心中皆有顾忌之下,最终结果唯有各自散去。 Nine Nether Demonkind also simultaneously pursues to Nie Jingshen and Yan Zhaoge and the others. 九幽群魔则也齐齐聂惊神燕赵歌等人追去。 Nie Jingshen that leaves first, speeds along, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng follow. 最先离开的聂惊神,一路飞驰,燕赵歌封云笙紧随其后。 Senior Apprentice Brother Nie!” Yan Zhaoge shouted to clear the way in a soft voice. 聂师兄!”燕赵歌轻声喝道。 Nie Jingshen does not pay attention, but leads the way without consulting anybody. 聂惊神并不理会,只是径自前行。 Yan Zhaoge knits the brows, has to sigh: Offended.” 燕赵歌皱眉,只好叹息一声:“得罪了。” Then, he offers a sacrifice to Muddled Primordial Hammers, pounds to fall toward Nie Jingshen behind. 说罢,他祭起混元锤,朝聂惊神背后砸落。 Nie Jingshen anchors the footsteps finally, turns round a sword, during the sword light contractions, eye looks at suction Muddled Primordial Hammers. 聂惊神终于停住脚步,回身一剑,剑光收缩间,眼看着就把混元锤吸走。 Senior Apprentice Brother Nie, offended.” Feng Yunsheng asked for mercy similarly, a blade cut to fall. 聂师兄,得罪了。”封云笙同样告罪一声,一刀斩落。 Dark [gold/metal] sword light, was painted the black sabre light to divide, Muddled Primordial Hammers is much heavier, but does not have the tendency that previously has pounded to fall. 暗金剑光,被漆黑刀光劈断,混元锤重得自由,但也没了先前砸落的势头。 Two Fellow Daoist so are why polite.” The Nie Jingshen expression is faint, dark [gold/metal] sword light disperses to meet again, is a sword cuts to Feng Yunsheng! “两位道友何必如此客气。”聂惊神语气淡漠,暗金剑光散而重聚,便又是一剑斩向封云笙 Demonic Path Earlier Heaven annihilation myriad things all living things, lead the good fortune step to perishing. 魔道先天湮灭万物众生,导造化步向灭亡。 After Nie Jingshen join the demons, he comprehends the Everlasting true meaning sword intent, starts to be partial in the destruction destroys, Beng Yimie said that Jade Void Everlasting Sword changes into Everlasting to extinguish the sword, extinguishes with Supreme Pure beginning of the universe dun with Feng Yunsheng Profound Encompassing Chaotic Extermination resembles. 是以聂惊神入魔后,他领悟无极真意的剑意,也开始更偏向于毁灭破坏,崩仪灭道,玉虚无极剑化为无极灭剑,与上清的混元沌灭和封云笙罗渊沌灭酷似。 But three big extinguish the law, still respectively had mysteriously different. 只不过三大灭法,仍然各有玄奥不同。 Nie Jingshen the sabre light front impact of sword light with Feng Yunsheng, was still Feng Yunsheng sabre light murdered to attack a fortified position to be sharper finally, sabre light cut off sword light. 聂惊神剑光封云笙刀光正面碰撞,结果仍然是封云笙刀光杀伐攻坚更加犀利,刀光斩断剑光 But among the Nie Jingshen sword light assembling and parting changes, must be quicker than Feng Yunsheng sabre light, instantaneously then already to Feng Yunsheng in front. 聂惊神剑光聚散变化之间,比封云笙刀光还要更快,瞬间便已经到封云笙面前。 The Feng Yunsheng top of the head primordial chaos abyss falls, inspires Nie Jingshen sword light to throw on own initiative. 封云笙头顶混沌深渊落下,引动聂惊神剑光主动来投。 Nie Jingshen sword light one step makes the change first again, takes and puts away, is not stranded for that primordial chaos abyss , to continue to attack to Feng Yunsheng itself. 聂惊神剑光先一步再做变化,收放之间,不为那混沌深渊所困,继续攻向封云笙本身。 The both sides blade comes the sword toward, war makes one group, suddenly no one how the opposite party. 双方刀来剑往,战作一团,一时间谁也奈何不得对方。 Yan Zhaoge takes back Muddled Primordial Hammers, is looking at Nie Jingshen dignified. 燕赵歌收回混元锤,神情凝重望着聂惊神 Behind, other Great Demon also rushed. 后方,其他大魔也已经赶到。 Meanwhile, this spacial region splits the slit void, billowing Demonic Aura gushes out, many Demonic Path powerhouses come. 同时,这一方宇域虚空裂开缝隙,滚滚魔气从中涌出,更多魔道强者现身。 They as if by no means pure come for provide support Nie Jingshen and the others, on the contrary dispersing, forms the potential of surrounding to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng faintly. 他们似乎并非单纯为了接应聂惊神等人而来,反倒散开,向燕赵歌封云笙隐隐形成包围之势。 A form of human old man appearance appears finally, is Primordial Heart's Demon. 一个人类老者模样的身影最后出现,正是原始心魔 In fact, Nine Nether had not given up the thought that brings Feng Yunsheng to go back. 事实上,九幽一直不曾放弃带封云笙回去的念头。 However, another side rocks void, visibles faintly the South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor physique, except for this, as if also has Fairy Yun Xiao to be partly visible. 不过,另一边虚空晃动间,隐约可见南极长生大帝的身姿,除此以外,仿佛还有云霄仙子若隐若现。 The Taoism authentic support one after another is also catching up. 道门正宗的支援也在陆续赶来。 both sides all has expert to come, the large number of elderly persons, each other confronts, suddenly no one how the opposite party. 双方皆有高手现身,人数众多,彼此对峙,一时间谁也奈何不得对方。 Regardless of Nine Nether Demonkind, is a Taoism people, plan that immediately thoroughly has not battled against. 不论九幽群魔,还是道门中人,都没有立刻彻底开战的打算。 Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss and Monster Race, at any time possibly appears inserts one horizontally. 西方极乐净土妖族,随时可能出现横插一手。 The final outcome, can only relinquish in light of this. 最终结果,只能是就此作罢。 Yan Zhaoge shook the head, said to Nie Jingshen: Senior Apprentice Sister Yu life without cause for grief, but has not regained consciousness.” 燕赵歌摇了摇头,冲聂惊神说道:“禹师姐性命无忧,但还未苏醒。” Feng Yunsheng received blade retreat, Nie Jingshen is without turning a hair, has dispersed in the hand dark [gold/metal] sword light: everything will turn into nothing, regardless of you, I, she.” 封云笙收刀后退,聂惊神面不改色,散了手里暗金剑光:“一切都将归于无,不论你,我,她。” Demonkind Demonic Aura is willful, the corrosion is void, changes to piece of Demon Territory. 群魔身上魔气恣意,侵蚀虚空,化作一片魔域 The Taoism people set up a place, then automatic separates Demonic Aura, this spacial region changes to the twofold world, silent confronts. 道门众人立身之处,则自动将魔气隔开,这方宇域化作两重世界,无声对峙。 Demonkind vanishes together with Demon Territory together, Yan Zhaoge and the others gazes after the opposite party to leave, is silent is not speaking for a very long time. 群魔连同魔域一起消失,燕赵歌等人目送对方离开,沉默着久久不语。 Little Friend Yan, peaceful mind.” Long time, South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor opens the mouth to say. 燕小友,静心。”良久之后,南极长生大帝开口说道。 The Fairy Yun Xiao vision also falls on Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng. 云霄仙子的目光也落在燕赵歌封云笙身上。 Yan Zhaoge takes back the vision, shakes the head gently: His Majesty South Pole of Longetivity and Yun Xiao empress do not worry, Yan is all right.” 燕赵歌收回目光,轻轻摇头:“南极长生陛下云霄娘娘勿忧,燕某没事。” Today scene, initially originally also some expectations, but occurred in at present seriously, in the heart was still unavoidable disappointed, but will not affect my judgment.” Yan Zhaoge sighed gently. “今日情景,当初原也有预料,只是当真发生在眼前,心中仍难免怅然,但不会影响我的判断。”燕赵歌轻轻叹息一声。 South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor said slowly: On the same day Yellow Dragon Junior Apprentice Brother line of bad missteps, march into Demonic Path, is I and other apprentice brothers helped him to mediate.” 南极长生大帝徐徐说道:“当日黄龙师弟行差踏错,步入魔道,也是我等师兄弟助他了断。” He said that was a past Pre-Great Cataclysm legend, Taoism Jade Pure Lineage, might be called the scandal. 他所言,乃是当年大破灭前的一桩传奇,于道门玉清一脉而言,堪称丑闻。 Medieval Era finished, after marching into nowadays this Era, Taoism Jade Pure legacy, Yellow Dragon honorable people Jade Void 12 immortals by saying join the demons, threw Nine Nether, the incarnation Yellow Dragon demon Venerable. 中古纪元结束,步入现如今这个纪元后,道门玉清嫡传,玉虚12仙之一的黄龙真人由道入魔,投了九幽,化身黄龙魔尊。 After that initiates Taoism and Nine Nether dispute, for calamity many years. 其后引发道门九幽的纷争,为祸多年。 Finally takes the Yellow Dragon demon Venerable with comes to an end for Jade Pure legacy South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor and Heavenly Lord of the Wide Accomplishment and the others cleaning up gateway. 最终以黄龙魔尊被同为玉清嫡传南极长生大帝广成天尊等人清理门户而告终。 That disaster implicates really broadly, is not only the Yellow Dragon demon Venerable to fall from the sky, once Primordial Heavenly Book cultivation first Jade Pure Supreme Being Yun Zhongzi, falls from the sky in the Primordial Heart's Demon hand. 那一场祸患牵连甚广,不仅仅是黄龙魔尊陨灭,曾经元天书修为第一的玉清大能云中子,也陨落在原始心魔手中。 Primordial Heart's Demon is seriously battered similarly, has to be dormant Nine Nether for many years, when until Great Cataclysm had the sound, but until these several hundred years, his injury thoroughly had not convalesced recently. 原始心魔同样遭受重创,不得不蛰伏九幽多年,直到大破灭时才重新有了动静,而直到最近这几百年,他的伤势都还没有彻底痊愈。 The Fire Seed demon that in Jade Emptiness Temple, in Jade Void Glazed Lamp collects spirits, was in that time war, at that time after that generation of Demon of Yang Fire Jade Pure Supreme Being exterminated, accidentally seizes, received the lamp. 玉虚宫里,玉虚琉璃灯内收藏的火种魔灵,也是那个时候的大战中,当时那一代丙火之魔玉清大能剿灭后,无意中缴获,收于灯中。 This phase of history, Yan Zhaoge also has hearing, at this moment hears South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor to mention, his long put out a breath: His Majesty South Pole of Longetivity do not worry, I know fairly well.” 这段历史,燕赵歌也有耳闻,此刻闻听南极长生大帝提起,他长长吐出一口气:“南极长生陛下勿忧,我心中有数。” So then good.” South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor said: Now aspect, with that time other different, although Nine Nether was still all living things public enemy, but must seek him, must attempt it slowly.” “如此便好。”南极长生大帝言道:“如今局面,同那个时候另有不同,九幽虽然仍是众生公敌,但要谋他,仍需徐徐图之。” Regardless of each other is hitting White Lotus Pure Land and Immortal Courtyard that is heavily engaged, at least must consider Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss and Monster Race. 姑且不论彼此正打得不可开交的白莲净土仙庭,至少也要考虑西方极乐净土妖族 We also fast leave, Blue Lotus Treasure Colored Banner is unable to play the role in the hand temporarily, late perhaps causes trouble.” Yan Zhaoge nods silently. “我们也速速离开吧,青莲宝色旗在手暂时无法发挥作用,迟恐生变。”燕赵歌默默点头。 Other people are also the same opinion, South Pole of Longetivity Great Emperor and Fairy Yun Xiao personal appearance slowly disappear, submerge void. 其他人也是相同意见,南极长生大帝云霄仙子的身形徐徐消失,没入虚空。 Changes primary form Pan Pan lies in the Feng Yunsheng bosom at this moment, Yan Zhaoge nods to Feng Yunsheng, they also together leave. 变回原形的盼盼此刻趴在封云笙怀里,燕赵歌封云笙点点头,两人也一同离开。 Zhaoge......” a Feng Yunsheng eye of present worried look, looks to Yan Zhaoge. 赵歌……”封云笙目现忧色,看向燕赵歌 Yan Zhaoge shakes the head gently: And after looking.” 燕赵歌轻轻摇头:“且看以后。” He has rubbed his temple, some saying with a smile of trying to find pleasure amidst suffering: By the Senior Apprentice Brother Nie current cultivation strength, by grasping can certainly deliver the person who he enters nirvana, limited. Let alone, he with you, just like Senior Suo, gigantic progress Space......” 他揉了揉自己的太阳穴,有些苦中作乐的笑道:“以聂师兄目前的修为实力,由把握一定能送他入灭的人,也有限的很。何况,他跟你,跟索前辈一样,还有巨大的进步空间呢……” Feng Yunsheng looks to his vision, instead worried. 封云笙看向他的目光,反而更加担忧。 Does not need to be worried about me, I am all right.” Yan Zhaoge looks the color of thinking: I before those words that thinking Senior Apprentice Brother Nie mentioned.” “不用担心我,我没事。”燕赵歌面露思索之色:“我是在想聂师兄之前提到的那句话。”
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