HDD :: Volume #11

#1058: First great divine ability

Yellow Court blessed land, sun and moon across the sky, the time is passing here fast, in a flash is 60 years. 黄庭福地,日月横空,时间在这里飞快流逝着,一晃就是六十年。 The body sits the valuable lotus throne, the back reflects the profound valley gate, the day and place dao rhyme interweaves here, 60 years of self-torture, Zhang Chunyi had a deeper comprehension regarding the say/way of the world with concentration, this Baolian, the gate of this profound valley is showing of world's dao rhyme. 身坐宝莲台,背映玄牝门,天与地的道韵在这里交织,六十年潜心苦修,张纯一对于天地之道有了更深的领悟,这宝莲,这玄牝之门本身就是天地道韵的彰显。 Day to high, therefore control ten thousand.” “天至高,故统御万道。” Thick virtue, therefore the carrying/sustaining myriad things, the world coincides, the good fortune beginning lives.” “地厚德,故承载万物,天地相合,造化始生。” The thing I two forget, Zhang Chunyi is pursuing Grand Dao of Heaven and Earth unceasingly, since has stepped cultivates to travel, he for human affairs tired, struggles unceasingly upwardly, never has precipitated like this self- time. 物我两忘,张纯一不断追逐着天地大道,自踏上修行路以来,他为世事所累,不断挣扎向上,从未有过这样沉淀自我的时光。 I read immortal scripture hundred, all said Grand Dao 3000, had nothing the high under division, but why also said Heavenly Dao to high, but control ten thousand?” “我阅仙经百篇,皆言大道三千,无有高下之分,但为何又言天道至高,可统御万道?” Some moment, in the Zhang Chunyi heart exuded the doubts, asked in heaven, the day did not have should, asked in the place, did not have to answer, therefore Zhang Chunyi asked in self. 某一刻,张纯一心中泛起了疑惑,问道于天,天无所应,问道于地,地无所答,故张纯一问于己。 Originally does not have the reply is the best reply, the day to tall but also to empty, Heavenly Dao this is three thousand Grand Dao incarnations, the said/tunnel is three thousand Grand Dao carriers. 原来没有回答就已经是最好的回答,天至高但也至虚,天道本为三千大道化身,地道则是三千大道的载体。 The world myriad things all by Dawson, the life two, two live three, three live the myriad things, only three thousand Grand Dao often , a true world can take shape, but the difference, does not seek, 3000 are only the imaginary numbers, in the different say/way more or less has the conflict, wish makes their perfect integration in together not easy, therefore the day and place were born, a control, a carrying/sustaining, individualistic three thousand Grand Dao will change to a whole, opens the true world. 世间万物皆由道生,一生二,二生三,三生万物,唯有三千大道常在,一个真正的世界才能成型,但道不同,不相谋,三千只是虚数,不同的道之间或多或少都有冲突,想要让它们完美融合在一起并不容易,于是天与地诞生了,一者统御,一者承载,将特立独行的三千大道化作一个整体,开辟出真正的天地。 „In the world not world two, they essentially are the mappings of three thousand Grand Dao, but displayed in an alternative way.” “世上并无天地二道,它们本质上就是三千大道的映射,只不过以一种另类的方式表现了出来。” The dense fog opened out, Zhang Chunyi is suddenly open, peeped at this world real corner/horn truly. 迷雾被拨开,张纯一霍然开朗,真正窥视到了这世间真实的一角。 I, if comprehended world two, becomes aware other Grand Dao to work as again twice the result with half the effort, because world two it are closely linked with three thousand Grand Dao, from this, on the one hand comes to see law day earth manifestation or for this reason first great divine ability, a law passes works as ten thousand laws to be bright, world profundities is the world.” “我若参悟了天地二道,再悟其他大道当事半功倍,因为天地二道本身就与三千大道息息相关,从这一方面来看法天象地或为此界第一大神通,一法通当万法明,世间玄妙莫过于天地。” Sneaks a peek , the heart of Zhang Chunyi is even more peaceful, he never felt oneself and world two so close, the day and place are very far, but is very near. 窥见真实,张纯一的心越发安宁,他从未觉得自己与天地二道如此相近,天与地很远,但道却很近。 The gods fly darkly, gathers with the say/way , the Zhang Chunyi whole body flows immortal light, the law day and earth manifestation two extraordinary divine ability starts to fuse truly, changes to a whole, has dao mark also to derive, this is true law day earth manifestation. 神飞冥冥,与道合真,张纯一浑身流淌仙光,法天与象地两道非凡神通开始真正融合,化作一个整体,有道痕随之衍生,这才是真正的法天象地 The pure law day and earth manifestation have the mystical respectively, is true great divine ability, but only has the world to coincide, derives the good fortune, it can be called is this first great divine ability. 单纯的法天与象地也各有神异,是真正的大神通,但唯有天地相合,衍生造化,它才称得上是此界第一大神通 …… ・・・・・ The beyond the heavens battlefield, the pitch-black bloodstain was contaminated the immortal city, the smell of blood changed to the essence here, lingered loose, does not close up from Zhang Chunyi at this time practices had passed for 12 years, first six years refine the law, post- six years of comprehending the dao. 天外战场,乌黑血迹浸染了仙城,血腥味在这里化作实质,萦绕不散,此时距离张纯一闭关修行已经过去了十二年,前六年炼法,后六年悟道 The initial ten years, the beyond the heavens battlefield is tranquil, Human Clan and monster creature slaughter unceasingly, both sides continue to bleed, tacit the fight intensity will maintain under certain level, even if there is Monster Sovereign to intend still to quit when you're ahead mostly. 最初十年,天外战场还算平静,人族妖物不断厮杀,双方持续流血,默契的将战斗烈度维持在一定水平之下,就算有妖皇出手也多半是见好就收。 A Human Clan side in the Immortal Deity level, although the quantity has the disadvantage, but there is king Zhengchuan such three disasters True Immortal, has day of Mount Hua mountain Lao like this established True Immortal, has Zhang Chengfa such Martial Dao golden pill newcomer True Immortal, Liu'er (six ears) such True Monarch assumes personal command, pours has not fallen truly leeward, at least can stabilize the situation. 人族一方在仙神层次虽然数量有劣势,但有王正传这样的三灾真仙,有天华山山佬这样的老牌真仙,有张成法这样的武道金丹新锐真仙,还有六耳这样的真君坐镇,倒也没有真正落入下风,最起码可以稳定局势。 But, two years, Myriad Monsters Valley changes the normal state, the attack effort constantly strengthens, even Myriad Monsters Valley one year ago uses ten thousand monster altars to constrain Liu'er (six ears), is relying on the Monster Sovereign quantity far ultra Central Land advantage, simultaneously attacks nine big day of passes/tests, comes the minute/share of thin nine dragons normalizing great formation strength by this, then at crucial moments four top Monster Sovereign make a move together, almost defeats side Tianguan. 但后两年,万妖谷一改常态,攻击力度不断加强,甚至在一年前万妖谷动用万妖祭坛拖住六耳,凭借着妖皇数量远超中土的优势,同时攻击九大天关,以此来分薄九龙归一大阵的力量,然后在关键时刻四尊顶尖妖皇一起出手,差点将一方天关击破。 Critical juncture, Human King Ji Xian acts, controls scarlet scaled dragon, grasps Scarlet Firmament Sword, transfers Great Yan nation's destiny, blocked four top Monster Sovereign by one's effort. 危急关头,还是人王季羡出手,驾驭赤鳞龙,手持赤霄剑,调动大炎国运,以一己之力挡住了四尊顶尖妖皇 Sovereign Supreme Heaven cares, it cultivates to swallow dragon mystic art, it made scarlet scaled dragon swallow sixth dragon in the past several years, taking advantage of six dragon child's power, in just several years scarlet scaled dragon not only the root bone transforms, was born middle-grade immortal bone, but also cultivation base increases, including three tribulations, becomes top Monster Sovereign. 皇极天眷顾,其修吞龙秘法,在过去的数十年里其让赤鳞龙先后吞食了龙之六子,借六龙子之力,在短短的数十年间赤鳞龙不仅根骨蜕变,诞生了中品仙骨,而且修为大增,连度三劫,成为了顶尖妖皇 Most essential does not have six dragon child to impede, scarlet scaled dragon gathered Great Yan Royal Dynasty nation's destiny truly, becomes true town/subdues country monster creature, but also controlled Great Yan Royal Dynasty nation's destiny taking advantage of this Ji Xian truly, did not have in the past that type again taking advantage of the dragon child's power barrier, he was a country, in the Great Yan Royal Dynasty dominant range, its strength increased, the same step was nearly invincible. 最为关键的是没有六龙子掣肘,赤鳞龙真正合了大炎王朝国运,成为了真正的镇国妖物,而借此季羡也真正掌控了大炎王朝国运,再无以往那种借龙子之力的隔阂,他一人即是一国,在大炎王朝的统治范围之内,其实力大增,同阶近乎无敌。 Although present he is not True Monarch, but in Central Land this side world actually may be called under True Monarch the first person, this is also he can contend with four top Monster Sovereign basic reasons by one's effort. 现在的他虽然不是真君,但在中土这方天地却堪称真君之下第一人,这也是他能以一己之力抗衡四尊顶尖妖皇的根本原因。 Has to say the say/way of Human Sovereign, although the life obstructs, does not get the immortal, so long as makes use, the speed will arrive quickly inconceivable, moreover divine ability is tyrannical, same step rare rival. 不得不说人皇之道虽然寿元有碍,不得长生,但只要趁势而起,速度将快到不可思议,而且神通强横,同阶少有敌手。 If gives some Ji Xian time again, making him comprehend the great divine ability inheritance in Human Sovereign Shaking the World book, its strength also a level higher. 若是再给季羡一些时间,让他参悟出人皇惊世书中的大神通传承,其实力还会更上一层楼。 Human Sovereign Shaking the World book is source dao book that Sovereign Supreme Heaven derives, most profound, Human Sovereign that each practices this book will have the different sensibility, finally becomes aware suits own Sovereign Dao great divine ability. 人皇惊世书皇极天衍生的本源道书,玄之又玄,每一尊修行此书的人皇都会有不同的感悟,最终悟得切合自身的皇道大神通 Ji Xian just took own road, although takes advantage of a favorable situation, but the time is too eventually short, from these step also missed, that say/way «Human Sovereign Shaking the World book» that Emperor Ying left behind inherited has the great divine ability inheritance together, his supreme sovereign fist, the fist was the power, was fastidious about overbearing, murdered extremely good, Ying Yi once depended on it to push the world horizontally, cast invincible potential, pitifully this was only incompatible with the Ji Xian say/way, he is unable to practice. 季羡刚刚走出自己的路,虽然乘势而起,但时间终究太短,距离这一步还差了一些,赢帝留下的那道《人皇惊世书》传承中倒有一道大神通传承,其名至尊皇拳,拳即是权,讲究一个霸道,极善杀伐,赢异曾依之横推天下,铸就无敌之势,只可惜这与季羡的道不符,他无法修行。 Kills!” “杀!” Outside Heaven Gate Pass, the war cry rises from all directions, new round commencing of action, the monster army and immortal army collided, various show/unfolds methods. 天门关外,喊杀声四起,新一轮的战斗开始了,妖军与仙军碰撞,各展手段。 Human Clan had/left fierce Human King, was even more formidabe.” 人族出了一尊厉害人王,越发难对付了。” Behind the battlefield, three Monster Sovereign stand shoulder to shoulder, is watching this fight silently. 战场后方,三尊妖皇并肩而立,默默观看着这场战斗。 This battle of attrition is the beyond the heavens battlefield normal state, by the monster blood changing players blood, if as expected, they and Human Clan True Immortal that will assume the immortal to close will not act. 这种消耗战是天外战场的常态,以妖血换人血,不出意外的话,他们和坐镇仙关的人族真仙都不会出手。 Hears mouse Monster Sovereign this saying, deer Monster Sovereign and pig Monster Sovereign are silent. 听到鼠妖皇这话,鹿妖皇和猪妖皇默然。 Two years ago, closes up for a long time peach young True Monarch to go out, numerous Monster Sovereign great happiness. 两年前,闭关许久的桃夭真君出关,众妖皇大喜。 Lost the Zhuang Yuan support, the advancement of Central Land unescapable net plan is very slow, but after so many years wearing down, Myriad Monsters Valley had found many loopholes in nine big day of passes/tests, infiltrates Central Land taking advantage of this unceasingly. 失去了庄元的支撑,中土天罗地网计划的推进十分缓慢,而经过这么多年的消磨,万妖谷已经在九大天关找到了不少漏洞,借此不断渗透中土 But this speed was too slow, but now peach young True Monarch went out, had the assurance that diverted Zhang Chunyi and Liu'er (six ears) these two True Monarch, Myriad Monsters Valley various sovereign wants to launch a big attack, closed/pass a day beats thoroughly, making the so-called unescapable net a joke. 但这个速度还是太慢了,而现在桃夭真君出关,有了牵制张纯一六耳这两尊真君的把握,万妖谷诸皇就想发起一次大的攻击,将一座天关彻底击垮,让所谓的天罗地网成为一个笑话。 Also because, had one year ago the group monster raids the pass/test, but no one has thought, had not looked at Human King Ji Xian in eye to appear by them before this time, grasps Scarlet Firmament Sword, bevels to refuse to accept, making Myriad Monsters Valley plan to fall short. 也正是因为如此,才有了一年前群妖袭关的一幕,但谁也没想到,在这个时候之前一直没有被他们看在眼中的人王季羡横空出世,手持赤霄剑,削平一切不服,让万妖谷谋划功亏一篑。 That Ji Xian young child has nation's destiny blessing the body , there are many rare treasure in the hand, is truly fierce, but he eventually is not True Monarch, if peach young True Monarch is willing to act, how also to tolerate him to be wild?” “那季羡小儿有国运加身,又有多件异宝在手,确实厉害,但他终究不是真君,若是桃夭真君愿意出手,又岂能容他猖狂?” In a muffled voice, is somewhat unbearably angry eventually, silent moment, pig Monster Sovereign opens the mouth. 闷声闷气,终究有些气不过,沉默片刻,猪妖皇开口了。 Hears this saying, mouse Monster Sovereign suddenly one startled, this old pig is really gruff, what words dare saying that but exuded one to sneer in this time nearby deer monster. 听到这话,鼠妖皇猛然一惊,这老猪真的是憨憨,什么话都敢说,而就在这个时候一旁的鹿妖发出了一声冷笑。 That Ji Xian young child naturally is not the peach young True Monarch opponent, but he is actually series Central Land Human King, shoulders country nation's destiny, the common people looks wildly, heaviness how? Once kills it, must backlash, peach young True Monarch will see achievement Monster Saint at present, how at this time, because this matter dirty own hand?” “那季羡小儿自然不是桃夭真君对手,但他却是一位一统中土人王,背负一国国运,万民野望,何其之重?一旦杀之,必遭反噬,桃夭真君眼看成就妖圣就在眼前,岂会在这个时候因为这件事情脏了自己的手?” In the words has some ridicules, the deer monster to point to the essence, Great Yan nation's destiny is prosperous, Ji Xian this Human King is not good to kill, even True Monarch must dread. 话语中带着些许嘲弄,鹿妖直指本质,大炎国运昌盛,季羡这位人王可不是那么好杀的,就算是真君也要为之忌惮。 Hears these words, pig Monster Sovereign is stunned, mouse Monster Sovereign wishes one could the fan two slaps in the face, it should not open this mouth, this pig monster is a gruffness, but the deer monster is fiercer, is an intelligent gruffness. 听到这些话,猪妖皇愕然,鼠妖皇恨不得自己扇自己两耳光,它就不该开这个口,这猪妖是个憨憨,而鹿妖则更厉害,是一个聪明的憨憨。 Although they are Monster Sovereign, but has no fierce ethnic group, oneself are in the clan the old ancestor, how dare to arrange that peach young True Monarch, did not fear that was inscribed one? Must know that this war may fall from the sky many Monster Sovereign, but these Monster Sovereign basically are nothing with the foot, is seriously battered the monster creature ethnic group is innumerable, even for oneself did not consider that must consider for the ethnic group. 它们虽然是妖皇,但身后并没有什么厉害族群,自己就是族里老祖,岂敢编排那位桃夭真君,就不怕被记上一笔?要知道这一次大战可陨落了不少妖皇,而这些妖皇基本上都是没什么跟脚的,遭受重创的妖物族群更是数不胜数,就算不为自己考虑也要为族群考虑啊。 Their both are the Gujia widowed monsters, only then oneself have the worthless people mouse grandson behind. 哦,原来它们两个都是孤家寡妖,只有自己身后有着鼠子鼠孙。
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