HTMS :: Volume #94

#9400: Is the treasure born?

Best to find material that can the treasure treasure refinement for extraordinary quality treasure.” “最好是能找到可以将珍品宝器炼制为仙品宝器的材料。” Ling Xiao thinks secretly. 凌霄暗暗想到。 He did not have several treasured swords that will have to be promoted to extraordinary quality treasure, is not does not want, is really the material has not collected. 他之所以还没有将自己拥有的几把宝剑晋升为仙品宝器,并非是不愿意,实在是材料还没凑齐。 Pure has extraordinary quality treasure to take the material to be insufficient, but also needs one very special material- fusion stone. 单纯有仙品宝器作为材料还不够,还需要一种很特殊的材料-融合石。 The fusion stone is precious, even the most preliminary fusion stone, is still the priceless good thing, the words that therefore wants to buy, are almost impossible to buy. 融合石非常珍贵,即便是最低级的融合石,也是价值连城的好东西,因此想要买的话,几乎不可能买到。 But real demon restricted area place, was the ruins in the past real demon empire, had the probability of fusion stone is very big. 但真魔禁地这个地方,可是昔日真魔帝国的遗址,拥有融合石的几率还是非常大的。 The low level fusion stone, coordinates extraordinary quality treasure together, can let a treasured sword in Ling Xiao hand the treasure treasure promotion for extraordinary quality treasure. 一块低级融合石,配合一把仙品宝器,就能让凌霄手中的一把宝剑又珍品宝器晋升为仙品宝器。 This is he currently most needs absolutely. 这绝对是他目前最需要的。 Instead the military study rare book and Spirit Pill marvelous medicine and so on, he did not have that urgent need temporarily. 反而武学秘籍、灵丹妙药之类的,他暂时没那么迫切的需要了。 Deeply inspires, Ling Xiao was also like other five people, steps into the certain death death gate. 深吸了一口气,凌霄也和其余五人一样,踏入到了十死无生的死门之中。 Actually so-called certain death, relative, because the destiny of person is the most illusory thing, even Heaven is unable to grasp, let alone was this trivial real demon restricted area. 其实所谓十死无生,也不过就是相对的,因为人的命运是最虚无缥缈的东西,连上苍也无法把握,更何况是这区区的真魔禁地了。 Ling Xiao steps into the dead gate flash, in several other people also enter one after another. 凌霄踏入死门的一瞬间,其余几人也都相继入内。 ...... …… Li Youdao aura looked mean to the dead gate later space, coldly says with a smile: „Since millenniums, have only had Son of God to enter here, my Li Youdao is the second person after Son of God, hehe, all treasures are my!” 李有道气息阴狠地看向了死门之后的空间,冷冷笑道:“千年以来,唯有圣子进入过这里,我李有道就是圣子之后的第二人,嘿嘿,所有的宝物都是我的!” Meanwhile, after Yan Liehuo also arrived in the dead gate . 同时,闫烈火也抵达了死门之后。 Finally facing the opponent of that Celestial boundary, his whole body was almost beaten, donates his really just now to survive hot by sect gate. 最后面对那个天人境的对手,他全身都几乎被打烂了,凭借宗门赠予他的一口真火方才残存下来。 So trades laboriously eventually the road, he will certainly not give up. 如此辛苦换来的最终之路,他当然不会放弃。 Who dares to keep off in his front, he wants who dies! 谁敢挡在他的面前,他就要谁死! Who! 无论是谁! Naturally, using has another three People Ying Wuya who the magic weapon or the mystique survive by luck and wind are enchanting, crow thousand blood. 当然,利用法宝或者秘法侥幸存活下来的还有另外三个人-鹰无涯、风妖娆、鸦千血。 Their strengths have very terrifying promotion, each one wants to obtain the final treasure. 他们的实力都有十分恐怖的提升,个个都想得到最后的宝物。 Arrived this share , the Sacred Dynasty six sons' positions are the things that the tentacle may touch, how they easily may give up. 到了这个份上,圣朝六公子的位置已经是触手可摸的东西,他们怎么可能会轻易放弃呢。 Six people enter this place from the different gates, the opportunity of therefore from the beginning not having met, but if for the treasure, meeting is only sooner or later matter. 六个人是从不同的门进入这个地方的,所以一开始并没有碰面的机会,但如果是为了宝物,碰面只是迟早的事情。 The real demon empire established such place, to select the most outstanding warrior, now actually is also same. 原本真魔帝国设置这样的地方,就是为了选拔出最出色的勇士,现在其实也是一样。 Perhaps can insist that truly finally, only has one person. 恐怕真正能坚持到最后的,唯有一人而已。 Who this person is, now also perhaps. 这个人是谁,现在还说不定。 Meanwhile, outside the real demon restricted area, the Son of Heaven gate, the profound hot sect and gu king sect, the beast royal palace, Moonlight Sect and people of Heavenly Dragon School are tense. 与此同时,真魔禁地外面,天王门、玄火宗、蛊王宗、兽王宫、月华宗和天龙学府的人都紧张不已。 Because the preliminary contest of real demon restricted area had not ended, explained that the remaining six person people are also living at least. 因为真魔禁地的预赛没有结束,就说明剩下的六个人最起码还有一个人活着。 Six people are living. 或者六个人都活着。 Without a doubt, who can walk finally, that will become under the Sacred Dynasty six young masters the first person! 毫无疑问,谁能最后走出来,那都会成为圣朝六公子之下第一人! Bang! 轰! Suddenly, in the real demon restricted area sprays together seven pink clouds light. 突然,真魔禁地之中喷射出一道七彩霞光。 This is the ray that the treasure is published. 这是宝物问世的光芒。 Treasure was born, who can be obtains?” “宝物出世了,会是谁得到了呢?” The heart of people becomes tighter. 众人的心变得更加紧张起来。 After Ling Xiao steps into the dead gate, took a section of road, but has not encountered any danger, when his strange dead gate why so safe. 凌霄踏入死门之后,走了一段路,可是并未遇到任何危险,就在他奇怪死门为何如此安全的时候。 Sudden fluctuation of energy transmits from front. 突然一阵能量波动从前面传来。 He quickly used the movement to flee. 他急忙施展身法窜了过去。 Six people entered this finally the place, however first discovered the treasure, was actually Ling Xiao. 六个人都进入到了这最终之地,然而最先发现宝物的,却是凌霄 This is very normal. 这个很正常。 Because Ling Xiao has the ability that others do not have. 因为凌霄拥有其他人所没有的能力。 Accelerates place that arrived at the fluctuation to produce, this fluctuation in inside felt not very obvious, only then martial artist within nearby hundred meters scopes induced obtains. 加速来到了波动产生的地方,这一阵波动在里面感觉并不是很明显,所以只有附近百米范围内的武者才感应得到。 Ling Xiao arrives, did not have others. 凌霄抵达的时候,还没有别人。 He notices, this is one drifts the box in midair, is glittering the golden light color ray. 他注意到,这是一个飘浮在半空之中的箱子,闪烁着金光色的光芒。 From outside could not see that actually to have anything, even cannot see using the Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul analysis capability. 从外面看不到里面究竟有什么东西,甚至利用山河武魂的分析能力也看不到。 This is not Mountains and Rivers Martial Soul is weak, but is Ling Xiao cultivation base is too bad, otherwise can see absolutely. 这不是山河武魂弱,而是凌霄修为太差,否则绝对是可以看到的。 No matter anything, since appears here, that definitely is a treasure, cannot miss!” “不管是什么,既然出现在这里,那就肯定是一件宝物,不能错过了!” In the Ling Xiao heart smiles, in this world, does not have the useless treasure, so long as obtained, even if takes away with others exchanges the thing, has very big value. 凌霄心中一笑,这世上,就没有没用的宝物,只要得到了,哪怕拿去跟别人交换东西,也是有很大价值的。 He jumps, but in the flash of soaring, he actually toward same place flew suddenly. 他纵身而起,不过就在腾空的一瞬间,他却骤然朝着原地又飞了回去。 Almost is the flash, close grid emergence that the front ray interweaves, the corner/horn of his clothes was touched by this grid, was cut the fragment directly. 几乎是一瞬间,前面一道光芒交织的细密网格出现,他衣服的一角被这网格碰触,直接就被切割成了碎片。 Really is not that can obtain easily!” “果然不是那么容易就能得到的!” Ling Xiao understands that now why here was called the deathtrap. 凌霄现在明白为什么这里被称作死地了。 Because in people eyes treasure, will be very easy to forget that the surrounding danger, at this time, leave alone you were what expert, had possibility in the sewers to capsize. 因为当人们眼中之后宝物的时候,就会很容易忘记周围的危险,这个时候,别管你是什么高手,都有可能阴沟里翻船的。 But, to me, this as before is a piece of cake!” “不过,对我来说,这依旧是小菜一碟!” Ling Xiao rejoices now oneself spent lots of time to study the strategy and law initially, otherwise encounters this situation today, can only attempt with the stupid means unceasingly. 凌霄现在非常庆幸自己当初花费了大量的时间去研究阵法和法阵,不然今天遭遇这种情况,就只能用笨办法去不断尝试了。 Such the success ratio of breaking open is not only very low, but also the danger will be big. 那样破开的成功率不仅很低,而且危险还会非常大。 When he prepares to break through the formation, another entrance, were many a person's shadow. 就在他准备破阵的时候,另外一个入口处,却多了一个人影。 Is Ying Wuya! 鹰无涯 Ying Wuya sees Ling Xiao, at first is somewhat surprised, then is actually excited, laughs wildly. 鹰无涯看到凌霄,起初是有些惊讶,而后却是兴奋,是狂笑。 He is accidental/surprised Ling Xiao can also arrive unexpectedly this step. 他是意外凌霄居然也能走到这一步。 However this is also his desired matter. 不过这也正是他希望看到的事情。 He has wanted to defeat Ling Xiao, although this defeating does not kill, not with Chen dream such hatred, but this actually imitates the benevolence demon the same as suffer him all day long, made him uncomfortably. 他一直都想要击败凌霄,虽然这种击败并不是杀死,不是跟陈梦那样的仇恨,但这却仿佛心魔一样终日折磨着他,令他难受不已。 Today here encounters, to him, is an opportunity. 今日在这里遭遇,对他而言,是一个机会。 Box can give you, but you must fight me!” “箱子可以让给你,但是你必须跟我打一场!” Ying Wuya coldly said. 鹰无涯冷冷说道。 Ling Xiao sighed: „ Seemed like you to break through to 90% strengths partly surveys heavenly bodies revered, but by your cultivation base, wanted to break through the final Celestial boundary martial artist guard the checkpoint, was not possible. 凌霄叹了口气道:“看起来你已经突破到90%力量半步天尊了,不过以你这个修为,想要突破最后的天人境武者把守的关卡,是不可能的。 Then only then a possibility- you had grasped gold/metal wing Great Peng martial soul perfectly, even also learned the forms of combat of change shape from your Senior Brother Tyrant Tianhu there. ” 那么就只有一种可能-你已经将金翅大鹏武魂完美掌握了,甚至还从你师兄霸天虎那里学到了变化形态的战斗方式。” Really worthily is Ling Xiao, anything cannot hide the truth from you.” “果然不愧是凌霄,什么都瞒不住你。” Ying Wuya is somewhat shocking, in front of Ling Xiao, he looks like one not to put on the person of clothes to be the same simply, as if all secrets are unable to conceal. 鹰无涯有些震惊,在凌霄面前,他简直就像是一个没有穿衣服的人一般,似乎所有的秘密都无法掩饰。 However a moment later, he restored solemnly, the body starts to change. 不过片刻之后,他又恢复了冷峻,身体开始发生变化。 „The tenth shape?” “第十形态?” Ling Xiao revealed the vision of acclaiming: Good, change shape that your Senior Brother Tyrant Tianhu disciplines laboriously, now is also the fourth shape, but you promoted in the short time to the tenth shape unexpectedly, fierce.” 凌霄不由露出了赞叹的目光:“好,你师兄霸天虎辛苦才磨练出来的变化形态,如今也不过才是第四形态而已,可是你居然在短短的时间里就晋升到第十形态了,厉害。” You, since knows this change shape fierce, then hits one with me, the thing I can not want, but you, I must defeat!” “你既然知道这变化形态的厉害,那么就跟我打一场吧,东西我可以不要,但你,我必须得战胜!” Ying Wuya is clenching teeth to say. 鹰无涯咬着牙说道。 .
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