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#9159: Makes a big row Unmu-do

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Ling Xiao said is, actually does not calculate. 凌霄说是独自一人,其实也不算。 Because there is an demon god body to follow, Zhao Wutian also follows. 因为有魔神躯跟着,还有赵武天也跟着。 Zhao Wutian is very good board game piece. 赵武天是个很好的棋子儿。 Ling Xiao planned that arranges him to continue to treat in Eastern Immortal Valley, so, Heavenly Tyrant Empire will unify Hidden Dragon Divine Province in the future time, Zhao Wutian can also play very good effect. 凌霄打算安排他继续待在东仙谷,如此,未来霸天帝国统一伏龙神洲的时候,赵武天也能起到很好的效果。 Moreover, but can also give Heavenly Tyrant Empire here information transportation unceasingly. 而且,还能不断将这边的情报输送给霸天帝国 As for demon god body. 至于魔神躯。 Cannot waste such good aptitude, naturally must send to Heavenly Demon Sect. 不能浪费了这么好的资质,自然是要送去天魔宗的。 Initially Ling Xiao had reached an agreement with the Heavenly Demon Sect person. 当初凌霄已经跟天魔宗的人商量好了。 But Heavenly Demon Sect person, but also gave a token especially. 天魔宗的人,还特地给了一块令牌。 Trusts him. 对他可是信任不已啊。 Leaves Ancestral Dragon Island, the Ling Xiao first goal is Unmu-do. 离开祖龙岛,凌霄第一个目标就是云雾岛。 Unmu-do dares to send people to go to Ancestral Dragon Island unexpectedly to kill him, he first extinguished Unmu-do, making these people understand, he is not affable. 云雾岛竟然敢派人前往祖龙岛杀他,那他就先灭了云雾岛,让这些人明白,他可不是好惹的。 Zhao Wutian changed to both feet wyvern. 赵武天化作了双足飞龙。 Ling Xiao sits in his conducting the back, full speed goes forward toward Unmu-do. 凌霄坐在他的背上,朝着云雾岛全速前进。 By Zhao Wutian cultivation base, true yuan is in any case vigorous, this road, at all is not anything. 反正以赵武天修为,真元浑厚无比,这点路,根本不算什么。 Master, I recently as if had the sign of breakthrough.” “主人,我最近似乎有突破的迹象。” Zhao Wutian said. 赵武天说道。 That is very good, I have the time to help you refine constantly the compounded drug, can make you break through to five heavy Quasi-Emperor smoothly.” “那很好啊,我有时间帮你炼制一味丹药,可以让你顺利突破到五重准帝。” Ling Xiao does not squeeze to Zhao Wutian completely. 凌霄并不是对赵武天完全压榨。 Naturally must give some advantage. 自然还是要给一些好处的。 So long as Zhao Wutian is loyal and devoted to him, he will not care about the past matter. 只要赵武天对他忠心耿耿,他不会在意过去的事情。 Ling Xiao stares at Unmu-do, not only to take revenge. 凌霄盯上云雾岛,不仅仅是为了复仇。 What is more important, he must indicate to the world, he left Ancestral Dragon Island. 更重要的是,他要向世人表明,他离开了祖龙岛 Thus, Ancestral Dragon Island will not be involved again. 这样,祖龙岛就不会再被牵连了。 Three days later, Ling Xiao had arrived at Unmu-do. 三天之后,凌霄已经来到了云雾岛。 This time Zhao Wutian, broke through five heavy Quasi-Emperor. 此时的赵武天,也突破了五重准帝 Ling Xiao complies with his matter, naturally cannot renege on a promise. 凌霄答应他的事情,自然不会反悔。 Zhao Wutian is grateful. 赵武天感激涕零。 If you continue to display well, in the future I will recommend you to join True Martial Divine Province sect gate.” “如果你继续好好表现,未来我会引荐你加入真武神洲的宗门的。” Ling Xiao said lightly: „ But my offensive talk said in front, if dares to betray me, my some are the method kills your! 凌霄淡淡说道:“但我丑话说在前头,若是敢背叛我,我有的是手段杀死你的! little red, making him experience! ” 小红,让他见识见识!” The next quarter, little red appears by person. 下一刻,小红以人型出现。 Erupts Ninth Layer/nine layers peak Quasi-Emperor terrifying cultivation base. 爆发出九重巅峰准帝的恐怖修为 Zhao Wutian frightened the urine directly. 赵武天直接吓尿了。 He now is clear, Ling Xiao until now, card in a hand. 他现在才明白,凌霄一直以来,都还有底牌啊。 This young people, may imagine him is more terrifying. 这个年轻人,可比他想象中的更加恐怖。 Master, to!” “主人,到了!” At this time, the front presented a giant manor. 此时,前方出现了一座巨大的庄园。 This is the Unmu-do island lord the place that cloud Lang lives. 这便是云雾岛岛主云琅居住的地方。 little red! You go back, Zhao Wutian, you also first returns to Ancestral Dragon Tower!” 小红!你回去吧,赵武天,你也先回祖龙塔!” Ling Xiao smiles, flies directly sky over that manor. 凌霄笑了笑,直接飞在那庄园上空。 Bang! 轰! Not mince released the terrifying incomparable aura. 毫不掩饰地释放出了恐怖无比的气息。 The fearful pressure, making the entire manor shiver, even during the entire Unmu-do, is trembling. 可怕的威压,令整个庄园都在颤抖,甚至整个云雾岛,都在颤栗之中。 He the pure dependence main body, can erupt the steamroll Third Layer entry-level Quasi-Emperor strength now. 他现在单纯依靠本体,都能爆发出碾压三重入门级准帝的战力。 Let alone the side also has the demon god body. 更何况身边还有魔神躯。 Fuses with the demon god body, under Fourth Layer Quasi-Emperor, he does not pay attention. 与魔神躯融合,四重准帝之下,他根本不放在眼里。 What situation?” “什么情况?” „ Do some people want to attack Unmu-do? Is this aura half Quasi-Emperor? No, this was also too strong. “有人想要攻击云雾岛吗?这气息是半步准帝?不,这也太强了。 Is more intrepid than general Quasi-Emperor! ” 比一般的准帝都要强悍!” Feels like the Third Layer Quasi-Emperor constriction, was too terrifying.” “感觉像是三重准帝的压迫感啊,太恐怖了。” Innumerable martial artist felt this fearful aura, flew in abundance. 无数的武者都感受到了这股可怕的气息,纷纷飞了出来。 However in Unmu-do is not Yun Jia's people. 不过云雾岛上也并非都是云家的人。 Has comes to see lively. 有很多是来看热闹的。 What person, dares to rush to Yun Manor unexpectedly hardly, courts death simply!” “什么人,竟然敢硬闯云氏庄园,简直找死!” Has not given me to get down!” “还不给我下来!” Rolls!” “滚下来!” Dies!” “死下来!” Terrifying aura flew from Yun Manor. 一道道恐怖的气息从云氏庄园之中飞了出来。 These are the enemies who Ling Xiao this time must kill. 这些才是凌霄这一次要杀的敌人。 The Quasi-Emperor number of Yun Manor is really many. 云氏庄园的准帝数量真得是不少。 Enough several hundred Quasi-Emperor aura. 足足有数百道准帝的气息。 No wonder is existence that Eastern Immortal Valley cannot even destroy completely. 难怪是连东仙谷都灭不掉的存在。 Really powerful. 真是强大。 This did not know compared with Ancestral Dragon Island few powerful. 这比祖龙岛不知道强大了都少。 If these Quasi-Emperor kill Ancestral Dragon Island altogether, that Ancestral Dragon Island may really be cannot bear. 这些准帝要是一股脑儿杀去祖龙岛,那祖龙岛可真得是受不了啊。 However in these several hundred Quasi-Emperor aura, majority are First Layer Quasi-Emperor, is not worth mentioning. 不过这数百道准帝气息之中,大多数都是一重准帝,根本不值一提。 At this time, to Quasi-Emperor, has dozens. 此时,冲出来的准帝,就有几十个之多。 They sphere Ling Xiao. 他们将凌霄围住。 Altogether is ten Second Layer Quasi-Emperor, 30 First Layer Quasi-Emperor. 一共是十个二重准帝,三十个一重准帝 Perhaps in Yun Jia opinion, there are these Quasi-Emperor to go into action, only half Quasi-Emperor, should be able to take with ease. 或许在云家看来,有这些准帝出马,区区半步准帝,应该可以轻松拿下了吧。 Pitifully they are not only clear, this half Quasi-Emperor, is a little special. 只可惜他们根本就不明白,这个半步准帝,有点特别啊。 It is not they imagines that ordinary half Quasi-Emperor. 可不是他们想象中的那种普通半步准帝 Makes cloud Langgun come out to see me, told him, I called Ling Xiao!” “让云琅滚出来见我,告诉他,我叫凌霄!” Ling Xiao called own name intentionally. 凌霄故意喊出了自己的名字。 In the hand is also proposing the Yun Longzui head/number of people, threw directly: „ This was Yun Longzui, his son is butchered by me. 手里还提着云龙最的人头,直接扔了出去:“这是云龙最,他的儿子已经被我宰了。 Let him also come out to suffer to death! ” 让他也出来受死!” Dissolute! Dares to say the island main name unexpectedly!” “放肆!竟然敢直呼岛主的名字!” Courts death!” “找死!” Killed him!” “杀了他!” One group of people make a move, but on dozens First Layer and Second Layer Quasi-Emperor, what can also cause to injure to Ling Xiao? 一群人纷纷出手,不过就几十个一重二重准帝而已,又能对凌霄造成什么伤害呢? Ling Xiao rumbles at will a palm! 凌霄就那么随意轰出一掌! The demon flame palm has practiced the complete boundary now. 魔焰掌如今已经修炼到了圆满境界。 The might was more fearful than before. 威力比之前更为可怕。 A palm gets down, more than ten Quasi-Emperor were fired the ashes at the scene. 一掌下去,十几个准帝当场被烧成了灰烬。 The energy essence was introduced in Ancestral Dragon Tower, changes to the energy stone. 能量精华被引入祖龙塔之中,化作能量石。 What! 什么! All Quasi-Emperor were scared. 所有准帝都傻眼了。 Including martial artist that these watch the fun. 包括那些看热闹的武者 They are surprised, because of two points: 他们惊讶,是因为两点: First, Ling Xiao cultivation base obviously is half Quasi-Emperor, but the strength so will be why terrorist, merely one palm, killed more than ten Quasi-Emperor on the bang! 第一,凌霄修为明明是半步准帝,可为什么实力会如此恐怖,仅仅一掌,就轰杀了十几个准帝 Second, Ling Xiao knows obviously here is Yun Manor, dares to act unexpectedly, this courage was also too big. 第二,凌霄明明知道这里是云氏庄园,竟然还敢出手,这胆子也太大了吧。 Killed, but Quasi-Emperor. 被杀的可是准帝啊。 Even in entire Eastern Immortal Valley, Quasi-Emperor not over 1000 numbers. 即便在整个东仙谷,准帝也不会超过一千之数。 These people, are elite! 这些人,都是精锐! Elite elite. 精锐中的精锐啊。 Unexpectedly was killed like this. 居然就这样被杀了。 cloud Lang, rolls to me, otherwise I kill off martial artist of Yun Manor!” “云琅,给我滚出来,不然我就杀光云氏庄园的武者!” In the Ling Xiao hand were many a long spear/gun. 凌霄手中多了一杆长枪。 Is ten thousand dragon spears/guns. Simultaneously releases the Item Soul Tower bloodlines. 是万道龙枪。同时释放出器魂塔血脉。 Killed! 杀了出去! A spear pierces leaves. 一枪刺出。 The spear/gun vigor spreads several kilometers. 枪劲蔓延数千米。 Pierced more than ten Quasi-Emperor directly. 直接刺穿了十几个准帝 To putting on the candied fruit is the same. 就跟穿糖葫芦一样。 A moment later, these 40 Quasi-Emperor were killed completely. 片刻之后,这四十个准帝全部被杀。 The corpse crashes in the ground. 尸体坠落在地面。 storage ring was taken away by Ling Xiao. 储物戒凌霄拿走。 The energy essence was also stored up in Ancestral Dragon Tower. 能量精华也被储存在了祖龙塔之内。 Surrounding martial artist looked completely dumbfounded. 周围的武者完全看傻眼了。 Who is Ling Xiao?” 凌霄是谁?” The evil star that „ where this braves, looks at the soul age, should over 30 years old, how so not be powerful. “这到底哪里冒出来的煞星啊,看灵魂年龄,应该还不超过三十岁,怎么会这么强大。 Kills Quasi-Emperor, kills the chicken to be the same like the slaughter dog simply. ” 准帝,简直如同屠狗杀鸡一般容易。” Ling Xiao I good to listen familiar-soundingly.” 凌霄我好想听着耳熟啊。” Right, recently some rumors did not say, has a body named Ling Xiao to have Rising Immortal Token, is he?” “对了,最近不是有传言说,有个叫凌霄的身上有升仙令嘛,难道就是他?” Also really has the possibility!” “还真有可能!” The people discuss spiritedly, temporarily was unable to confirm the Ling Xiao concrete status, but has the general guess. 众人议论纷纷,暂时还无法确认凌霄的具体身份,不过已经有了大概的猜测。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! More and more Quasi-Emperor depart from Yun Manor. 越来越多的准帝从云氏庄园之中飞出。 And several, are especially powerful. 其中几道,尤为强大。 Especially all at once the breath, simply is overwhelming, must destroy the world directly. 尤其是其中一股气息,简直翻江倒海,要将天地都直接摧毁。 As if the control between world is ordinary, making one tremble! 仿佛天地之间的主宰一般,令人颤栗! Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul latest chapter address: https:// 霸天武魂最新章节地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul full text reading address: https:// 霸天武魂全文阅读地址:https:// Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul txt downloading address: https:// 霸天武魂txt下载地址:https:// The Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul cell phone read: https:// 霸天武魂手机阅读:https:// , ( Chapter 9125 makes a big row Unmu-do) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第9125章大闹云雾岛)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! Likes «Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul» please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!() 喜欢《霸天武魂》请向你的朋友(QQ、博客、微信等方式)推荐本书,谢谢您的支持!!()
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