HDC :: Volume #5 Scarlet Firmament (赤霄)

#138: The blood refining up to swallow demon pill

In Mianlu City people looks at city outdoor scene shape, although is prepared early, is among the short moments, that enormous and powerful, extremely arrogant army destroyed inconsistency ; several, not to exist, this scene also truly attacks the mind. 眠麓城内众人此刻看着城外景象,虽然早有准备,可是短短片刻之间,那浩浩荡荡、仿佛不可一世的大军就被摧毁的七零八落,几是不复存在,这副景象也确实冲击心神。 Clan Protector Zhu saw that great array almost turned into the blood red luster, probably one group of sky-filling blood mist are wrapping metropolitan area, cannot see clearly inside any sound, asked to Zhang Yu unconsciously: „Didn't Mr. Tao, how know the in the array situation?” 朱宗护见到大阵内部几乎都是化成了血红色泽,像是一团弥天血雾包裹着城域,看不清里面任何动静,不觉向张御问道:“陶先生,不知阵中情形如何了?” Zhang Yu takes eye seal as the view, in the array changes him mostly is looks very clearly. 张御目印为观,阵中大多数变动他都是看得十分清楚。 Now Old Daoist Lin has slaughtered most soldiers, but most powerful cultivator and some creation refiner hid. These people occupy the number to be least, but weighs by the absolute strength, is occupies in the entire military power at least over 70% strengths. 现在林老道已然杀戮了绝大多数军众,但其中最强大的修道人和一些造物炼士都躲藏了起来。这些人占数最少,但以绝对实力来衡量,却是占据整个军势之中至少七成以上的力量。 He said: Xi Prince royal boat has not harmed, but is also suppressed by array strength now, is withdrawing outward, but some of his side also many protection strengths, the strength of not no war, if that Elder Lin general idea/careless, that result were also very difficult to say.” 他道:“熹王王舟未曾有损,但如今也被阵力所压制,正在往外撤走,不过他身边还有不少护持力量,并不是没有一战之力,要是那位林长老大意,那结果也很是难说。” Yin Huanting said: If by that Elder Lin makes a move to kill Xi Prince, this is favorable for us.” 阴奂庭道:“若是由的那位林长老来出手杀死熹王,这对我们更为有利。” Side adviser is deep is so, if Clan Protector Zhu does not need to undertake to slaughter the Xi Prince reputation, that was it would be the best, evaded this point, instead favored the Clan Protector Zhu receive throne and Xi Prince heritage. 旁侧的参议都是深以为然,朱宗护若是不用承担杀戮熹王的名声,那是最好不过了,避过这一点,反利于朱宗护接收王位和熹王的遗产。 Yin Huanting said: Clan Protector, a thing needs pays attention, that is Myriad Spirits Institution control and capture jade talisman that Xi Prince carries, Clan Protector has the name of Clan Scion, Xi Prince perishes, can replace its justifiablily, that can certainly manage this thing.” 阴奂庭道:“宗护,还有一个东西需得注意,那就是熹王所携带的万灵所制拿玉符,宗护有着宗子之名,熹王一亡,就可以名正言顺接替其位,那一定是可以操持此物的。” Clan Protector Zhu cannot help but nod, he shifts to Zhang Yu, said: „Before Mr. Tao said that whatever once that Elder Lin perishes my grand-uncle's soldiers, must be in the situation that is unable to restrain, we surely went bad him to plan before then, does not only know when should make a move?” 朱宗护不禁点头,他转向张御,道:“陶先生之前说,一旦任由那位林长老灭亡我那叔祖的军众,必到无法克制的地步,那我们必当在此之前坏他谋划了,只不知该何时出手?” Zhang Yu is looking at beside royal boat that magical power spiritual light, said: Side Xi Prince also has the efficient protection manpower, this Elder Lin is not so easy to go well, may wait again.” 张御望着王舟之外那一道法力灵光,道:“熹王身边亦有得力护持人手,这位林长老没这么容易得手,可再等等。” At this moment, Xi Prince royal boat has converged with other ringed hall, each other spirituality strength forms the whole that condensed becomes, and is resisting the array strength leaning pressure by this. Because in ringed hall and royal boat are also left over have the person of upper layer strength much, for a while pours can also be able to support, but the outside array pivot strength actually resembles is aggravating step by step. 此时此刻,熹王王舟已是与余下环厅汇合到了一处,彼此的灵性力量形成了一个凝聚而成的整体,并以此抵抗着阵力的倾压。因为环厅王舟之内还剩下不少拥有上层力量之人,一时倒也能支撑得下去,但外间阵机力量却似是在一步步加重。 This is natural, so huge great array, is only depends on Old Daoist Lin one person to manage, he must cope with many goals, the strength of the beginning using is actually limited, is not complete array strength, but the goal appears in one now, he can reassign to plunder calmly array strength from each corner, for concentrating to cope. 这是自然的,如此庞大的大阵,仅是靠着林老道一人操持,他还要对付多个目标,一开始动用的力量其实是有限的,并不是全部的阵力,但是现在目标出现在一处,他就能从容从各个角落把阵力抽调搜刮上来,用于集中对付。 Under his use the array, big of more and more strength royal boat overlaps, causes this boat gradually by array strength sluggishly, is unable relaxed to move again outward. 在他运阵之下,王舟叠压的力量的越来越大,导致此舟渐渐被阵力所迟滞,再无法轻松往外挪去。 However Old Daoist Lin also cannot dominate extremely exquisite strength, this is because his own boundary is insufficient, therefore does not have the means to conduct the exquisite change, and many array principles that he knows do not have the means to display, therefore has no way royal boat for a while and from attaching ringed hall takes. 不过林老道无法驾驭得太过精巧的力量,这是因为他自身境界不够,所以没有办法进行更多精妙的变化,并且他所知道的许多阵理都没有办法发挥,所以一时也没法将王舟及其从附环厅拿下。 In royal boat, Xi Prince looks at, in that surges royal boat that under layer on layer/heavily array qi several are unable to move, complexion ugly say/way: High Master Wei, how long can royal boat also persevere?” 王舟之内,熹王看着在那重重涌动阵气之下几无法动弹的王舟,脸色难看道:“卫上师,王舟还可坚守多久?” Daoist Wei said: Several days, when does not have the issue, you are attacked here, such big sound, should the news pass on, the rear reinforcements think that quick will arrive.” 卫道人道:“数天当无问题,你在这里受袭,这么大的动静,应该消息传出去了,后方的援军想必很快就会到了。” Xi Prince also leaves leeway reserve forces in the rear area, this is the urgent time is responsible for dealing with frontier and rescue, this is not he estimated that oneself will be defeated, but is a Hao Clan army necessary arrangement, regardless of anybody will be the commander so to arrange. 熹王在后方还留有一支预备队,这是紧急时刻负责应对边境和援救之用的,这不是他预计到自己会失败,而是昊族军阵的必要布置,无论任何人做统帅都会如此安排。 This reserve forces are away from here is not far, after receiving the news, most two to three days of will rush. 这支预备队距离这里并不远,接到消息后,最多两到三天的时间就会赶到。 Xi Prince sinking sound said: That Lin You, when also knows these, hasn't the meeting dealt with the method?” 熹王沉声道:“那林由当也是知道这些的,会没有应对手段么?” Daoist Wei said: He observes own magical power to be insufficient, but controls array strength within several days to be absolutely impossible to break through royal boat, if this person wants your life, will then certainly attack personally, when pours I will intend to deal with this person, or also possibly tried to find his existence, such as can kill it striking, then great array collapsed of itself.” 卫道人道:“他观自身法力不够,只是驾驭阵力数天之内绝无可能攻破王舟的,此人若一定要你性命,那么一定会亲自来袭,倒时我会出手应付此人,或还可能设法找到他的存在,如能将之击杀,那么大阵不攻自破。” The Xi Prince tone said seriously: That then entrust to high master.” 熹王语气郑重道:“那便交托给上师了。” Although no one kills him, his body incantation strength soon will also claim his life, but he hopes before oneself manifests suddenly sees this liao by the result. 尽管没人来杀他,他身上的咒力也将很快夺去他的性命,但是他更希望在自己发作之前见到这此獠被结果。 A Daoist Wei nod, his holds up a finger and forms a mudra, magical power puts outward, the spirituality ray outside royal boat becomes almost concentrates the strength that if the essence, was extruded by array strength also has the trend of lifting. 卫道人一点头,他竖指拿决,法力向外一放,王舟之外的灵性光芒变得几乎凝若实质,被阵力挤压下去的力量又有抬升的趋势。 Old Daoist Lin this quarter stands in the great array center, with expansion of devil divine ability, his present image big change, the hair changed makes the dark red color, whole body black mist fluttered, in both eyes was a piece of scarlet light. 林老道这刻站在大阵中心处,随着邪魔神通的展开,他如今形象大变,头发变作了深红之色,浑身黑雾飘动不已,双目之中更是一片赤光。 He sees above royal boat the ray to put suddenly greatly, that aura made him think of Daoist Wei immediately, the facial expression sank unconsciously. 他见王舟之上忽然光芒大放,那股气息令他立刻想到了卫道人,神情不觉一沉。 He judges fast, by the defend strength that present royal boat has, if he wants to break through, 56 days always need, but such, the variable will increase without doubt, drags for a long time, kills Xi Prince possibly is smaller. 他飞快判断出来,以眼下王舟所具备的守御力量,他若想攻破,五六日总是需要的,可那样的话,变数无疑会增多,拖得越久,杀死熹王的可能越小。 At present the actually method, is a he under array strength lends a hand tries to penetrate in royal boat, then exterminates in this person. But that Daoist Wei strength made him dread really very, making him not dare easily good this act. 眼下倒是有一个方法,就是他自身在阵力帮衬之下设法突入王舟之内,而后诛除此中此人。但那位卫道人的实力着实令他十分忌惮,令他也不敢轻易行此举。 Is good to face such situation, he also has the preparation. 好在面对这样的情况,他也不是没有准备的。 If said his to kill Xi Prince, in obsession by heart, then in this great array obtained these divine soul essence and blood, that he prepares to be used to promote cultivation base dao skill. 若说他今次为了杀死熹王,以完心中执念,那么今次大阵之中所得的那些神魂精血,那正是他准备用来提升自身修为道行的。 In beforehand slaughtering , he although cannot exterminate all upper layer strengths, the essence and blood vitality of but obtained coming enough refining has built up the big medicine. In addition promotion of array strength , he when can select advance another layer dao fruit depending on this, to that step, spirit departs beyond the world, enemy side, even if hits to extinguish his body, did not have the means to kill him truly. 在之前的杀戮之中,他虽未能一口气杀绝所有的上层力量,可是所得来的精血元气已经足够祭炼炼大药了。再加上阵力的推动,他当能凭此摘取更进一层道果了,到了那一步,神出世外,敌方哪怕是打灭他的身躯,也没办法真正杀死他了。 The devil method is the simple and crude, so long as can through slaughtering sacrificial offering, can obtain the result that you want, at present he walks without doubt is this road, although so does has the slight defects and various future troubles, winnable cultivation base is actually. 邪魔手段都是简单粗暴的,只要能通过杀戮祭献,就能得到你想要的结果,眼下他无疑走得就是这条路,虽然这般做很多有瑕疵和各种后患,可获得的修为却是实打实的。 However he really did not attend to these, so long as afterward can massacre Xi Prince, happen when may taking advantage of removing obsession eliminate fell body most hidden dangers, will find the way to compromise in the future slowly. 不过他也不是真的不顾这些了,事后只要能杀掉熹王,正好可借去掉执念之际消杀身上的大部分隐患,在日后再慢慢想办法调和好了。 Had the strength, something also feared that can't achieve? 有了实力,有些事情还怕做不到么? He puts out a hand to take at this moment, the innumerable blood-color gather, under huge array strength refining, half double-hour, has not quenchinged blood-color pill. 他此刻伸手一拿,无数血色聚集过来,在庞大阵力祭炼之下,不过半个时辰,就淬炼成了一枚血色丹丸 Obviously this pill outside one group rich to the blood-color that is unable to melt, but in the pill's centre, has to glitter the insightful golden color, in golden mist is mixing with is wiping the just like a slender snake black smoke, sways from side to side there struggles. 可见此丹丸外间一团浓郁到无法化开的血色,但在丹心之处,却有闪烁着通透的金色,金雾之中又夹杂着一抹犹如细蛇一般的黑烟,在那里扭动挣扎不已。 He sets upright to refer to a pill point, pill stands changes into wisp of golden-red air/Qi, sifted from his forehead, immediately seeps the cool meaning thorough marrow, his body startles. 他竖指对此丹丸一点,丹丸立化为一缕金红之气,从他眉心之中飘入了进去,顿时一股沁凉之意深入骨髓,他身躯不禁一阵激灵。 May in following, actually felt if one drink the sweet dew fine wine, the body aura gradually increases from this. 可在接下来,却又感觉自身如饮甘露琼浆,身上气息由此逐渐攀升。 That Region Shifting Jade Board flutters in the one side, coordinates with array strength, not only promotes him to walk upward, and is regular there his path. 那一枚移方玉圭则是飘在一旁,与阵力配合,不但推动着他往上走,且还在那里规正着他的道途 At this moment, observed and emulated founder paints a portrait, to make his puzzled dao technique it is difficult to before, this quarter also flow from the mind, and was understood by him fast, but his whole person was also gradually wrapped by one group of thick gas spray. 此时此刻,之前观摩祖师画像期间许多令他不解的碍难道法,这刻也一幅幅从心神之中流淌而过,并被他飞快理解,而他整个人也逐渐被一团浓厚的气雾所包裹。 He for this moment, had waited for several hundred years. 他为了这一刻,已然等了数百年了。 Because heaven and earth's dao principles is different, enabling many successors to have dao technique spatially, is unable to select more further attainment, is in great array, was actually plans to melt dao opportunity/dao principles not to change beforehand heaven and earth initially, this made him select the dao fruit process smoothly several times to continue. 因为天地道机不同,使得许多后来人空有道法,无法摘取更进一步的功果,可是在大阵之中,却是拟化了当初道机未变之前的天地,这使得他摘取道果的过程顺利了数倍不止。 Also is two double-hour passes, that revolves around his side gas spray disperses slowly, obviously he restored the previous appearance, seems like, not only compared with originally young several points, posture of the school of divine poise and sagelike features. 又是两个时辰过去,那围绕在他身边的气雾徐徐散开,可见他又是恢复了此前的模样,看上去不但比原先年轻了几分,还有一派仙风道骨之姿。 He selects to progress dao fruit in the devil method, but devil method will change because of the conscience natural disposition, wants to come when him, if oneself will make one see gives birth to the heart of hostility alert immediately, that will plan others must double the difficulty, might as well a good appearance will make people think intimate, moreover he thinks that oneself must turn back the correct path sooner or later. 他是以邪魔手段摘取上进道果,可是邪魔之法会因本心本性而变,在他想来,若是自己一让人见到便就生出敌意戒备之心,那算计他人时必是加倍困难,还不如一副上好面貌让人觉得亲近,况且他认为自己迟早是要走回正道的。 Although his dao skill greatly has promoted now, but he is not willing to face directly that Daoist Wei as before, therefore extends a finger, extracts blood and qi vital essence to come together, will change into a temporary body, gets down Essence Soul to pass the body, sends in into, refine one to display his most strengths clone. 虽然现在他道行已是大为提升,可他依旧不愿就这么去直面那卫道人,于是伸指一点,又抽取一道血气精元过来,将之化为一具临时身躯,下来元神透体而出,寄驻入内,就炼成了一具可发挥出他绝大多数实力的分身了。 His waves a sleeve, this clone changes into an escaping light and flies away, the moment arrived at that royal boat near, but has not gone to royal boat directly, but first attacks to kill to go toward these big ringed hall under the array strength help. 一挥袖,此分身化一道遁光飞去,须臾就到了那王舟近前,不过没有直接去往王舟,而是在阵力帮助之下先往那些大环厅中攻杀而去。 In royal boat erratically has anything to arrange, moreover those who made him be vigilant, the maximum strength in the Xi Prince hand grasping, was Myriad Spirits Institution various mystical creature, but until now, his had not seen, especially just now extinguished in the upper layer strength of killing, did not have this kind of life. 王舟之内不定有什么布置,而且令他警惕的是,熹王手中所掌握的最大力量,乃是万灵所的各种神异生灵,可到现在为止,他一个都未曾见到,特别是方才灭杀的上层力量中,根本就不存在这类生灵。 Is it possible that hasn't brought? 莫非是不曾带来么? He feels somewhat unthinkably, these lives take Xi Prince biggest depending on, is closely linked with the oneself life, properly speaking has not possibly brought in side. 他感觉有些匪夷所思,这些生灵作为熹王最大的倚仗,与自己性命息息相关,照理说没可能不带在身边的 Said other what arranges? 还是说其他什么布置? Also bases on this, he decided the approach of adopting first cuts the branches and leaves, if Xi Prince looked on that the upper layer strength in ringed hall was built up to kill by his one after another, is also meddlesome, every time destroys ringed hall, kills the person of inside room, absorbs vital essence blood and qi, then array strength and may therefore be powerful a point, if all can, except that then had enough energy to enter in royal boat. 也是基于此,他决定采取先剪枝叶的做法,若是熹王坐视环厅内的上层力量被他一个个炼杀,那么也算好事,每毁去一座环厅,杀得里间之人,吸收精元血气,那么阵力和自身都可因此强大一分,若是俱能除去,那么就有足够的底气杀入王舟之内了。 royal boat spirituality strength is unifying with ringed hall in one, Old Daoist Lin this impact, Daoist Wei some detects immediately, he said: Xi Prince, this person is trying to attack to kill, if not prevent, when it kills everyone, refining blood and qi vital essence, again with the strength of great array, I, even if may block him, could not protect others.” 王舟灵性力量正与环厅结合在一处,林老道这一冲击,卫道人立刻有察觉,他道:“熹王,此人正在设法攻杀,若不阻止,待其杀完所有人,炼化血气精元,再借大阵之力,我即便可挡住他,也护不住其余人了。” Xi Prince knits the brows: „Can High Master Wei go out the rescue?” 熹王皱眉道:“卫上师要出外救援?” Daoist Wei said lightly: No need, Essence Soul can.” His sound of talking falls, Essence Soul escapes from body, is only in a flash, vanished in the hall, but next moment, has appeared in some big ringed hall. 卫道人淡淡道:“不必,元神便可。”他语声一落,一具元神身上遁出,只是一晃之间,就消失在了大厅之内,而下一刻,就已然出现在了某一座大环厅内。 ...... …… ...... ……
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