HDC :: Volume #4 Profound Capital (玄都)

#164: Cuts mystical at fingertips

Kongwu Tribulation Bead imposing manner torrential dashing comes, two different God one such as Zhang Yu expects, in this unavoidable, they gave out angry roaring of sound shaking golden palace simultaneously, body had one group of eye-catching divinity rays to burst out respectively. 空勿劫珠气势汹然的冲撞而来,两名异神一如张御所料,在此避无可避,他们同时发出了一声震动金宫的怒吼,身上各有一团耀目的神性光芒迸发了出来。 divine queen Yiqi approaches one step, partly kneels is lifting the shield to welcome, divine king Yilus in the axe the hand threw toward tribulation bead. 神后伊切主动上前一步,半跪着举盾相迎,神王伊鲁斯则是将手中斧头朝着劫珠投掷了出来。 But the axe has not waited to be close, one step is first shaken to fly by such as the flame fog that above tribulation bead fluttered, the that blazing white ray least bit momentum did not reduce, hit loudly, shortly, the place of that hit has one group of rays to erupt violently! 可斧头还未等接近,就已被劫珠之上飘荡的如火光雾先一步震飞了出来,那一轮炽白光芒半点声势不减,轰然撞了上去,顷刻之间,那撞击之地就有一团光芒猛烈爆发出来! That divine item shield can disperse obviously the external strength, just now sword cut is afterward Sun and Moon Shine Again technique, fell is transferred on above overwhelming majority might moves goes outside, but this bumped into Kongwu Tribulation Bead no matter used, when the strength of this bead, hit, gathered in one, divided not separable, moved does not have to move, was all given to continue by two people. 那面神器盾牌显是可以将外来力量分散出去的,不论是方才的剑斩还是后来的日月重光之术,落在其上的绝大部分威能都被转挪去外,可这回碰上空勿劫珠就不管用了,此珠之力,撞来之际,聚于一处,分无可分,挪无可挪,全由两人给承接了下来。 Zhang Yu concentrates the eye to look, can see that shield shattering bit by bit under the tribulation bead's strike, exploding the powder is everywhere fragment, then surface divine king and divine queen that huge body also in one group of blazing light/only in the bulk cracks, although has not crushed completely, but whole body covers entirely the fissure, looks like a statue that has passed through the erosion of time, delivers a strength to make its collapse again gently. 张御凝目望去,可见那盾牌在劫珠撞击之下寸寸碎裂,爆散为漫天碎片,而后面神王神后那巨大的身躯也是在一团炽光之中大块大块的崩裂开来,虽然还没有完全粉碎,但是全身上下都是布满裂痕,看去就像是历经岁月侵蚀的雕像,再轻轻送上一把力就能令其倒塌。 However in these crevasses soon has faint trace ray emerge, where the ray passes those damaged regions close up and heal again, not only this, even that shattered shield looks to be regathering under the illumination of the divinity rays. 不过那些裂隙之中很快有一丝丝光芒冒了出来,光芒过处,那些破损的地方也是在重新弥合,不止如此,连那破碎的盾牌在神性光辉的照耀之下又有复聚起来的势头 He has not gone to the leeway that these two people restore, a intention revolution, All Constant and Ever Changing and Heaven and Heart Reflected Together technique fell these two body simultaneously. 他没去给这二人恢复的余地,心意一转,“诸恒常易”与“天心同鉴之术同时落到了这两人身上 Previously had that divine item shield to prevent, even use divine ability has not possibly attacked to two people, now did not have covering up, divine ability to fall, from revealing might. 先前有那神器盾牌阻挡,就算运使神通也没可能冲击到二人,现在没了遮掩,神通一落,自显威能 Under Heaven and Heart Reflected Together, two people divinity strength was forced to collide with his Heart Light, originally is damaged heavily, has one misfortune after another now, the body collapsed immediately most probably, is trying to struggle, but divinity strength moves, then touched All Constant and Ever Changing technique, two people just now slowly closing up body loudly collapse open/start. 天心同鉴之下,两人神性力量被强制与他心光碰撞了一下,本来已是受创极重,现在更是雪上加霜,身躯顿时垮塌了大半,正在试图挣扎,可神性力量一动,便即触动了诸恒常易之术,两人方才堪堪合拢的身躯又轰然崩开。 The this time situation is worse, the divine king Yilus upper part only then the head and an arm are connected, the lower part crushes completely, solely is depending upon the divinity strength support there. 这一次情形更为糟糕,神王伊洛斯上半身只有头颅和一条手臂相连,下半身完全粉碎,仅仅是依靠着神性力量支撑在那里。 divine queen Yiqi was split up to fall on the ground, in the limbs of broken had the faint trace divine light hauling, and gathered toward one, looked that is trying to join together. 神后伊切则是四分五裂掉落在了地上,破碎的肢体之间则有丝丝神光牵引,并往一处聚集过来,看去正在试图重新拼合。 But at this time, sword light that just now hidden went to is jumps, cut to fall toward divine king Yilus, that person detected the danger, a remaining hand held up with golden lance tries to hinder the sword blade, but that sword light saw with own eyes when must be supported, actually in clever revolution with it only distances, circled, and rapid quickly a spin above Yilus neck, its body shook, the head then fell on the ground. 而在这时,那方才隐去的剑光又是跳跃出来,朝着神王伊洛斯斩落而下,其人察觉到危险,残余的一只手举起拿金矛试图格开剑刃,但那剑光眼见要被架住之时,却在与之仅余一线的距离上灵巧一转,就此绕了过去,并迅快在伊鲁斯颈脖之上一旋,其身躯一震,头颅便是掉落在了地上。 sword light strikes to be successful, has not arrived at this to finish, flashes, the head of close by Yiqi was also cut to fall. 剑光一击奏功,并未到此结束,又是一闪,旁处伊切的头颅也是被斩落下来。 But, two different God broken bodies and head changed to a golden luminous spot, these luminous spot totals collect toward one, only among a blink, two people appeared there immediately completely, body all injuries in this process by the detachment, were only the figure empty undecided, looked that has not transferred the essence. 可紧接着,两名异神破碎的身躯和头颅都是化作了一片金色的光点,这些光点全数往一处汇集,只一眨眼间,两人便就完好出现在了那里,身上所有伤势都是在此过程之中被移除了出去,只是身形虚虚未定,看去还未曾转成实质。 Zhang Yu grasps the initiative at this moment, and will not allow them to restore, the intention causes, sword light transfers again, two person bodies crack on the light immediately, but next moment, two people play the same old trick, the figure changes to ray combine. 张御此刻掌握着主动,可不会任其恢复,心意一使,剑光再转,两个人身躯登时应光而裂,可下一刻,两人又是故伎重演,身形化作光芒聚合 Azure clothes daoist sees this grade of scene in the distant place, is actually cannot help but shake the head. 青衣道人在远处见到这等景象,却是不禁摇了摇头 Although these two different God looked that is unable to kill, but this is not willing to give up world-entering body, therefore crosses the strength from spirit's void land unceasingly. 虽然这两个异神看去怎么也无法杀死,可这不过是不肯放弃入世之身,故是不断从神虚之地中渡来力量罢了。 In his opinion, this is merely struggling in vain, is not meaningful besides the consumption strength dying brace. Not to mention resembles Zhang Yu this grade of sword cultivator, flying sword, once occupied offensive, if no one intervenes, that was impossible to be overturned again. 在他看来,这只是徒自挣扎,除了耗费力量死撑之外没有任何意义。更不用说似张御这等剑修,飞剑一旦占据了先手,若无人出手干预,那就不可能再被人翻盘了。 He slightly does to hesitate, looked up the surroundings, just now during broken interlayer sieged is closing up once again, this is actually worthily the firm wall the opposite party claimed, change, although were few, the method was also stereotypical, may not have high rank magical treasure, certainly cannot rush. 他略作沉吟,又抬头看了看周围,方才被打破的间层围困又一次在合拢之中,这倒也不愧是对方所宣称的坚壁,变化虽少,手段也是呆板了些,可没有上乘法宝,确然不是能强闯出去的。 But he does not need to do this, puts out a hand to hold the shoulder of young child, later Myriad Changes Profound Principles Picture in a flash, sneaks in which the two people, then searches the outlet in interlayer, the revolution of like running water among interlayer, then took advantage of opportunity to arrive at the outside. 但他也不必如此做,伸手抓住小童的肩膀,随后把万化玄机图一晃,就将己二人掩入其中,而后在间层之中寻觅出路,随着间层之间如流水一般的运转,便顺势来到了外间。 If since outside looks like, among his only a blink then jumped from golden palace. 若从外面看来,他只一眨眼间便自金宫之中跳跃了出来。 However do not look that here he does very with ease, but that is establishes, in oneself experience and above the excellent vision vicious, even if otherwise completely understood, can come out from this inside, unavoidably is still rough, possibly such as he is not so unflustered. 不过别看这里他做得十分轻松,可那是建立在自身老辣经验和过人眼光之上的,不然即便是看透了,能自这里面出来,也难免磕磕绊绊,没可能如他这般从容自若。 But in the place of battle, under sword light several killed, two different God divinity strength obviously became weak, after all every condensed the body one time, must cross the strength from spirit's void, here consumption was nothing less than big. 而在交战之地中,剑光几番斩杀之下,两名异神神性力量明显变得虚弱了起来,毕竟每一次凝聚身躯,都需从神虚之中渡来力量,这里的消耗不可谓不大。 Yilukuja fights to start from three people, then has hidden in the distant place, he is staring at divine king and divine queen transformed that two groups of divinity rays at this moment, the vision becomes fiery incomparable, in the heart is also ready to make trouble. 伊鲁库加从三人交手开始,便一直躲在远处,他此刻盯着神王神后所化的那两团神性光芒,目光变得火热无比,心中也是蠢蠢欲动起来。 His goal always, wants possesses of Yilus and Yiqi strength, replace these two to become the Yiparr Divine Clan's ruler, and multiplies again the new ethnic group. 他一直以来的目的,就是想将伊鲁斯伊切的力量占为己有,代替这两位成为伊帕尔神族的主宰,并再度繁衍出新的族群。 His ability is limited, just now also can only steal a strength of opposite party slightly, but the unprecedented opportunity is actually placed in front of him now. 只是他能力有限,方才也只能稍稍窃取了一点对方的力量,可现在前所未有的机会却是摆在了他面前。 Under his heart is calculating, if can embezzles two people weakened divinity strength, he can inherit two people strengths overall, will also certainly possibly promote to arrive in a higher level. 他心下盘算着,若能将两人被削弱的神性力量吞没进来,那他就可以全盘继承两人的力量了,还一定可能将自身提升到更高的层次之中。 Even if did not discuss this matter, this danger was still worth braving. Because Zhang Yu after solving Yilus and Yiqi two people will definitely not let off him, he certainly is if wants the means self-help, here is not difficult to make the choice. 而即便不谈此事,这个险也值得一冒。因为张御在解决完伊鲁斯伊切两人后也肯定不会放过他,那他一定是要想办法自救的,这里不难做出选择。 After a thinking, he also sets firm resolve, lifts up high sword-lance, inspires interlayer full power, tries to move two people weak divinity strength extensions to oneself in front of directly, will swallow again. 一番思索之后,他也是下定了决心,将剑矛高举起来,全力引动间层,试图直接将两人虚弱的神性力量转挪到自己面前,再将之一口吞下。 But at this time, he felt strong resistance, discovers with amazement that the layer of clear light around Zhang Yu's body is firmly maintaining the surrounding interlayer, he does not have possibly achieves this grade of thing. 可这个时候,他却是感到了一股强大的阻力,愕然发现张御身外那一层清光撑住了周围的间层,他根本无可能做到这等事。 He clenches teeth, since cannot move, then own passes, with sword-lance toward a ground stamp, the form falls toward below, when appears again, has fallen the place of that battle. 他不由一咬牙,既然挪不过来,那么就自己过去,拿剑矛朝地面一戳,身影朝下掉落下去,再出现时,已然落到了那交战之地。 He knows that oneself certainly not possibly is the Zhang Yu opponent, therefore appears on the field, without the earliest possible time robs divinity strength, but is that divine item shield that holds up the ground. 他知道自己绝无可能是张御的对手,故是一出现在场上,没有第一时间去强夺神性力量,而是一把举起地上的那面神器盾牌。 This is Yiwata Divine Shield, the holder can make any attacks coming from outside first land on the shield, so long as the shield had not been broken at one fell swoop, then can restore, even if were hit the crack, can still in Yiparr Clan divine light compound. 此是“伊瓦塔神盾”,持有之人能令来自外面的任何攻击都先着落到盾面之上,而只要盾牌不曾被一举打破,那么就可以自行修复,就算被打裂了,也能在伊帕尔族神光之中复合。 Originally this thing had restored most probably, at this moment under his divinity ray shines, the entire shield also in returned to the original condition in an instant, this thing in the hand, he confidence multiplies immediately, later the chest blows up, will make an effort to attract toward that Yilus and Yiqi divinity strength, tries to involve. 本来此物已是恢复了大半,此刻在他神性光芒照耀之下,整面盾牌也于刹那间恢复了原状,此物在手,他顿时信心倍增,随后胸膛鼓起,朝着那伊鲁斯伊切神性力量用力一吸,试图将之牵扯过来。 But at once his look changes, because of him discovered that two groups of divinity rays are one step are first covered by Zhang Yu body clear light, his oneself goes, like a mayfly shaking a great tree, simply does not have the means to move its half a point, let alone attracted the strength by clear light, these then made his previous achievement become the useless action. 可旋即他神色一变,因他发现那两团神性光芒已是先一步被张御身上清光所笼罩,他自身上去,就像蜉蝣撼大树,根本没办法动其半分,更别说透过清光将力量吸过来了,这一下便使得他此前的作为成了无用之举。 Zhang Yu simply has not gone to pay attention to him at this moment, but is sleeve gestures, as a cloud of green vapor flutters, appears bright and clean shiny smooth white jade pot from, the handles on both sides are jade pig dragons, screws on arch-backed and dragon-headed cover handle, exquisite eye-catching, the charm is extraordinary, this thing for named Spirit Treasure Dragon Pot, is his time another magical item that brings this place. 张御此刻根本没有去理会他,而是一抖袖,随着一团青青烟雾飘出,自里现出一只光洁莹润的白玉壶,两边把手为玉猪龙,上扣拱背龙首盖纽,精巧夺目,神韵非凡,此物为名为“灵珍龙壶”,是他此次携来此间的另一件法器 He this time comes to mainly cope with different God, was ready ahead of time, brings magical item also aims at this generation. 他此番前来主要就是为了对付异神,自是提前做好了准备,所带法器也是针对此辈。 Generally strength not strong different God can by person direct killed, be some powerful different God, divinity strength actually may come from spirit's void, this did not have is so easy to be shattered immediately. 一般力量不强的异神可以被人直接斩杀,可是一些强大的异神,神性力量却可自神虚之中而来,这便就没那么容易破灭了。 This precious pot is used to take in and restrict their world-entering strength, some strengths even can also use for Celestial Xia again. 而这一只宝壶就是用来收纳封禁其等入世之力的,有些力量甚至还可以为天夏重新所利用。 After this pot to day, covers dragon-headed handle two eyes one brightly, pot cover raises a crack, in then has attracts the strength of pulling to give birth certainly greatly, under two different God in Zhang Yu Heart Light pins down forcefully, then has maintained in the divinity ray condition, cannot successful combine, be attracted by this precious pot again at this moment, was attracted to pull forcefully into, when receives after all, pot cover shuts, jade pot then from in the air falls. 此壶到了天中之后,盖上龙首纽两目一亮,壶盖掀起一隙,内中便有绝大吸扯之力生出,两名异神张御心光强行制压之下,便一直维持在神性光芒的状态之中,没能再成功聚合起来,此刻被这宝壶一吸,就被强行吸扯入内,待尽数收来后,壶盖一闭,玉壶便从空中落下。 Zhang Yu flings the sleeve, will receive, this looks toward Yilukuja, he just sees, this person and original that Yikimandan are a body, that divinity strength will receive most likely. 张御一甩袖,将之收了进来,这才往伊鲁库加看去,他方才就看出,这个人与原来那个伊奇曼丹就是是一体,十有八九就将之神性力量收去的那一个。 Since these two are of one body, he naturally won't let them off. 这两人既是一体,他自是不会放过 Yilukuja just now lets slip, in retreated and continues to attempt to capture in the strength hesitant, finally cannot wait till the opportunity, at this moment saw him to look, heart cannot help but jump. 伊鲁库加方才失手,在就此撤退和继续尝试夺取力量中犹豫了一下,结果还是没能等到机会,此刻见他望来,心头不禁一跳 He has the Yikimandan memory, in addition witnessed that divine king and divine queen was suppressed by him easily, where also dares to resist with him, while Yiwata Divine Shield still in the hand, retreats toward interlayer. 他可是有着伊奇曼丹的记忆,再加上目睹神王神后轻而易举被他镇压了,哪里还敢与他对抗,趁着伊瓦塔神盾还在手中,就往间层之中退去。 Zhang Yu looks at he retreats, lightly said: Imperial edict bans!” 张御看着他退去,淡声道:“敕禁!” The Yilukuja body shakes, mystical strength was imprisoned the body, divine shield can resist coming from outside to make an attack of aggression directly, but does not have to resist regarding this grade of Speech Seal this grade of method. 伊鲁库加身躯一震,神异力量一下被禁锢到了身躯内部,神盾可以抵御自外而来的直接侵攻,可是对于这等言印这等手段却是无可抵御。 But almost in simultaneously, is hidden did not see Song of Cicadas Sword one to leap to jump, sword light such as the thunderclap proceeds to clash, above when long jab divine shield, this on he loses the strength, this thing from his hand is shaken flies to let go, heart thinks 'not good', the neck feels cool, a head had been cut to fly. 而几乎就在同时,本是隐去不见蝉鸣剑一下跃跳出来,剑光如霹雳往前一冲,直击神盾之上,这恰逢他失去力量之时,此物顿从他手中被震飞脱手,心中方觉不妙,颈脖一凉,一颗头颅就已被斩飞了出去。
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