HAP :: Volume #5 Volume 5

#1110: The day falls the information

A Zhou clan, is not only the Southern Heaven Institute leader, itself also develops the Blood Inheritance Ability aristocratic family. On the battle efficiency, their clan does not lose face, may discuss vastness of the knowledge reserve, continent is second to none. The collection, analysis and process information, are the matters that they most excel. Just now from holding up 18 in the move took down section of Soul Power, analyzed the attack, grasped information that held up ten eight Soul Power much. 周氏一族,既是南天学院的领军人物,本身也是开发出血继异能的世家。论战斗力,他们一族并不出彩,可论知识储备之广博,大陆首屈一指。搜集、分析、处理信息,便是他们最擅长的事。方才从擎十八的出招中取下了一截魄之力,既分析了攻击,同时也掌握到了不少擎十八魄之力的信息。 Sees the Zhou Xiao left hand to turn, one volume of ancient books have floated before his body, the page changes, brushes to make noise. Another has also worked on a bald writing brush, in the ancient book turns in the page that decides to brush several. 就见周晓左手一翻,一卷古书已浮在他身前,书页翻动,刷刷作响。另一手也已抓起一枝秃笔,在古书翻定的书页上刷刷几笔。 Feng Ling.” Zhou Xiao called the sound. 封灵。”周晓唤了声。 In.” A distant response transmits, the quick dexterous form such as a flying swallow fell in front of Zhou Xiao. “在。”远远的一声回应传来,很快一个轻巧的身影如一只飞燕落到了周晓面前。 Zhou Xiao tears down he had written that page from that ancient book, hands in the Feng Ling hand. 周晓从那古书上撕下了他书写过的那页,递到封灵手中。 Some belt/bring people look.” Zhou Xiao said. “带些人去找找。”周晓说道。 Yes.” Feng Ling received the page, actually did not look, both hands gathered then integrated the palm this page of papers. As Zhou Xiao passes on disciple, listening to the instruction of Zhou Xiao to do these matters to her has not been the first time. “是。”封灵接过书页,却也不看,双手一合便将这页纸融入了掌心。作为周晓的亲传门生,听周晓的吩咐做这些事对她而言早已经不是第一次。 Holds up 18 facial expressions that the life and death disregarded early changed, he died to stare at Feng Ling, wanted take action suddenly. However the arm just lifted, Soul Power then raids his whole body like the thunder strike. Holds up 18 not to submit, refutes this to let his body trembling Soul Power paralysis, still wields the hand to Feng Ling. 早将生死置之度外的擎十八神情变了变,他死盯着封灵,猛然就要出手。但是手臂刚抬,一股魄之力便如雷击般袭遍他全身。擎十八不肯屈服,硬顶着这股让他身体颤栗麻痹的魄之力,依然将手挥向封灵 ! 啪! Two firm Soul Power bump into with all one's strength, mutually wounded. Held up 18 Soul Power that tried to display dead, meanwhile broke off him the right hand that persisted in wielding. 两股刚强的魄之力死力相撞,两败俱伤。擎十八试图施展的魄之力夭折了,同时还折断了他坚持挥出去的右手。 Suffices to be unyielding.” Pull Constellation looks to hold up 18, saying that somewhat admires. “够硬气。”牵宿看着擎十八,有些佩服的说道。 This prevented to hold up 18 Soul Power from her previously that fist, should not have broken hand foot such effect. However holds up 18 to insist with its to resist, finally takes the consequences for own actions, lets taking the consequences for own actions that the person admires. Since realizing this even Linjin, this is Pull Constellation runs into some people to resist stubbornly so the situation for the first time. 这股阻止了擎十八的魄之力来自她先前那一拳,本不该有断手断脚这样的效果。但是擎十八硬要与其相抗,结果自作自受,却也是让人佩服的自作自受。自练成这平林劲以来,这还是牵宿首次遇到有人顽抗到如此地步。 Holds up 18 to show the desperate facial expression, when sees the Feng Ling Tathagata same flashes has then vanished. 擎十八露出绝望的神情,眼看着封灵如来时一样一闪便已消失。 He stares to four Headmaster, although despairs, in the look does not have the meaning that the least bit submits. 他瞪向四位院长,虽绝望,眼神里却没有半点屈服的意思。 Dark Second Path.” Xu Mai said, „the purpose in coming of our trip not directly relates with you in fact.” “暗黑二路。”徐迈说道,“我们此行的来意事实上与你们并无直接关系。” Hehe.” Holds up 18 to sneer, uninterested, is not critical, the ants are common, sent conveniently is, like this said that was accurate?” “呵呵。”擎十八冷笑,“无关系,也无紧要,蝼蚁一般,随手打发了便是,这样说才准确吧?” Old zhang (3.33 m) is a sensible person.” Xu Mai sighed. The threat words he somewhat says. But this old man understands insightfully, obviously can guess correctly him the meaning that wanted to say. “老丈是明白人。”徐迈叹道。威胁的话他有些说不出口。但这老者通透明白,显然可以猜出他想要说的意思。 Ants...... the ants......” held up 18 to sigh two, the facial expression became dreary. “蝼蚁……蝼蚁啊……”擎十八叹息了两句,神情变得萧瑟起来。 What do you want to know?” He asked. “你们想知道什么?”他问道。 Fourth Path influence situation, their possible whereabouts.” Xu Mai said. 四路的势力情况,他们的可能去向。”徐迈道。 You know the Fourth Path name, should know that they and their relations, how think I will know their whereabouts.” Holds up 18. “你们既知道四路的名字,也该知道他们与他们的关系,怎么会认为我会知道他们的行踪。”擎十八道。 „A Northern Dipper service, dark First Path, Second Path and Third Path, all have the disciple to mix in Northern Dipper. Especially your Second Path, disciple Ying Xiao joins Northern Dipper through the Northern Dipper freshman metropolitan examination. Obviously regardless of you and Fourth Path are anything relate, at least when we also to all completely ignorant, you, at least were your Second Path had then received the information before September, sent out the hanger-on.” Xu Mai said. 北斗一役,暗黑一路二路三路,皆有门人混入北斗。尤其是你二路,门人营啸通过北斗新人会试加入北斗。可见无论你们与四路是什么关系,至少在我们还对一切茫然无知的时候,你们,至少是你们二路在九月前便已收悉了情报,派出了门下。”徐迈说道。 I, if said we who this information comes are also bewildered, do you believe?” Holds up 18. “我若说这情报来的我们也莫名其妙,你们信吗?”擎十八道。 How bewildered, is difficult to be inadequate is the world falls?” Hai Yue lives to say with a smile. “如何莫名其妙,难不成是天下掉下来的?”海月生笑道。 Very much so.” Holds up 18, information this appears before us for no reason for no reason, falls to be similar to the space.” “正是如此。”擎十八道,“情报就这样凭白无故地出现在我们面前,和天上掉下来仿佛。” „Does your excellency want to delay the time?” Zhou Xiao does not believe obviously, knits the brows to say. “阁下是想拖延时间吗?”周晓对此显然不信,皱眉说道。 Holds up 18 to smile, did not speak. 擎十八笑笑,不语。 Same information, appeared in First Path and Third Path out of reason?” Xu Mai said. “一样的情报,也毫无理由地出现在了一路三路?”徐迈说。 Seemed like.” Holds up 18. “看起来是了。”擎十八道。 I letter/believed.” Pull Constellation said suddenly. “我信了。”牵宿忽然道。 Zhou Xiao smiles, thinks that Pull Constellation this is ironic, when may work as the vision goes to Pull Constellation actually discovered that this Black Tortoise Headmaster facial expression is quite earnest, as if really believes looks like nonsensical talk of no logic in Zhou Xiao. 周晓笑了笑,以为牵宿这是要反讽,可当目光投向牵宿时却发现这位玄武院长的神情相当认真,似乎确实相信了在周晓看来毫无逻辑的无稽之谈。 „Did you believe?” Hai Yue lives the attitude to Pull Constellation is also surprised. Xu Mai has not spoken, actually also looks to Pull Constellation, wants to hear some to believe the basis of this excuse from her here. “你信了?”海月生对牵宿的态度也大感意外。徐迈没有说话,却也看向牵宿,想从她这里听到一些能相信这种说辞的根据。 This perhaps is Fourth Path, or some Lin Family subordinate people learned about their plan, but is actually incapable of preventing, therefore gave other dark Third Path the information in secret, wants to destroy with their hands.” Pull Constellation said. “这或许是四路,又或是林家麾下有人知悉了他们的谋划,但却无力阻止,于是把情报暗中送给了暗黑其他三路,想借他们之手加以破坏。”牵宿说道。 „Do you believe to have such person of integrity?” Zhou Xiao said. “你信会有这样的志士?”周晓道。 I believe.” The Pull Constellation facial expression is earnest. “我信。”牵宿神情认真。 If really has such person of integrity, at this moment should also come out to meet with us?” Xu Mai said. “若真有这样的志士,此刻也该与我们出来相见了吧?”徐迈说道。 Perhaps he is not convenient, perhaps he does not want to expose before the world.” Pull Constellation said. “或许他不方便,或许他并不想暴露在世人面前。”牵宿说。 Pull Constellation Headmaster.” Zhou Xiao looks at Pull Constellation, probably discovered what new things, I never know you to have such rich imagination.” 牵宿院长。”周晓看着牵宿,像是发现了什么新鲜事物似的,“我从不知你会有这样丰富的想象力。” Always is also a passable explanation?” Pull Constellation said. “总也是个说得过去的解释吧?”牵宿说。 Nonsense!” Hai Yue lives to be driven beyond the limits of forbearance. By their status, every word and deed will have the enormous impact, such expression should not appear among them. “胡闹!”海月生忍无可忍。以他们的身份,一言一行都会产生极大的影响,这样的措辞本不该出现在他们之间。 Good, supposed that such a person, assumed he does not want to expose, but to obstruct Fourth Path, at this time should also have the information of dropping from the clouds to fall to us in front of?” Zhou Xiao said. “好吧,假定有这样一个人,假定他不想暴露,但如果想阻扰四路的话,此时是不是也该有从天而降的情报落到我们面前?”周晓道。 May.” Pull Constellation said. “或许会。”牵宿说。 Everyone looks at Pull Constellation, for her believes that such story feels inexplicable. Held up 18 also to size up Pull Constellation interestingly, even he himself thought that the unthinkable strange matter, some people can believe unexpectedly. 所有人看着牵宿,都为她会相信这样的故事感到莫名。擎十八也饶有兴趣地打量起了牵宿,连他自己都觉得匪夷所思的离奇事,居然有人能信。 „Do you know this person?” Holds up 18 to say suddenly. “你知道这个人?”擎十八忽然道。 Does not know, believes.” Pull Constellation said. “不是知道,是相信。”牵宿说。 Held up 18 no longer to speak, others actually from holding up 18 expression actions felt that he has not as if really talked nonsense, immediately looked mutually. 擎十八不再说话了,其他人却从擎十八的言辞举动上感觉他似乎真的没有胡扯,顿时互望起来。 „If real, this is an important intelligence.” Xu Mai said. “如果是真,这不失为一个重要情报。”徐迈说。 Makes all parties pay attention, perhaps will really have the information to send also perhaps.” Hai Yue unfamiliar road. “让各方多留心一下,或许真会有情报送来也说不定。”海月生道。 How can this pay attention?” Zhou Xiao forced smile. To the living person, they are the guard will be bigger than welcome inevitably. Such is unidentified, the intention unclear role, wants to pay attention actually not to know how should instruct. “这要怎么留心?”周晓苦笑。对生人,他们势必是防范大于欢迎。这样一个身份不明,用意不明的角色,想留心却不知该如何指示。 „Can old zhang (3.33 m) have the clue?” Xu Mai asked to holding up 18. “老丈可有线索?”徐迈问向擎十八。 Does not have.” Holds up 18. “无。”擎十八道。 Then you also do have something to tell us?” Zhou Xiao then asked. “那么你还有什么可以告诉我们的?”周晓接着问道。 How told you to be able?” Holds up 18. “告诉你们又能如何?”擎十八道。 You can say your request.” Zhou Xiao said. “你可以说说你的要求。”周晓道。 Conflict enmity of both sides has crossed the millenniums, regarding a millennium enjoyable day victory side, had put aside once hatred to be always easier temporarily. Zhou Xiao is benign at this time, the hope from holding up 18 here hears anything again. 双方的冲突仇怨已过千年,对于过了千年舒心日子的胜利一方,暂时放下曾经的仇恨总是更加容易一些。周晓此时和颜悦色,还是希望从擎十八这里再听到些什么。 „Very regrettable.” Holds up 18, has not requested, had nothing to say.” “很遗憾。”擎十八道,“没有要求,也没有什么可说的。”
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