GLCR :: Volume #5

#444: Appearance

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! Has the inspirational short poem of Fang Xian creation, does not need to spend the huge spirit and reason for price «secret Gu Daoist scripture», Smith in summoning the incantation technique of black Jupiter progresses is quick. 有着方仙创作的灵感短诗,不用花费巨大的精神与理智为代价《秘蛊真经》,史密斯在召唤黑太岁的咒术上进步非常快。 By the present, has been able to summon the empty shadow of black Jupiter directly, brings the intense spiritual pollution. 到了现在,已经能直接呼唤出黑太岁的虚影,带来强烈的精神污染。 Again downward, summoned this ancient and high-rank lifeform directly, the main body arrives at the real world. 再往下,就是直接召唤这位古老者、上位生物,本体降临现实世界。 Obtained the teacher direction, knows that this means anything's Smith, downward will not be thorough. 得到了导师指点,知道这意味着什么的史密斯,已经不会往下深入。 But the protection of energetic steel seal, making his energetic and sane is also maintaining normally, will not transform the follower of black Jupiter. 而精神钢印的守护,令他的精神与理智也维持着正常,不会转变成黑太岁的信徒。 Because has many profound occult sciences knowledge direction, losing the mission can the rapid development in the short time, becomes in darkness the famous big influence. 正是因为有着诸多高深的神秘学知识指引,失落教团才能在短短时间内迅猛发展,成为黑暗界中有名的大势力。 But the illustrious prestige of three giants, spread in the circle widely. 而三巨头的赫赫威名,更是在圈子里广为流传。 Quickly, swallows secret medicine!” “快,吞服秘药!” Eric appears in the rear area, shouts greatly. 埃里克出现在后方,大喊道。 The investigators swallow the side effect intense incomparable pill, this felt that the spirit felt better, has not sheared the wheat the same as get down but actually. 调查员们纷纷将副作用强烈无比的药丸吞下,这才感觉精神好过了许多,没有割麦子一样倒下去。 But several, the nervous breakdown, has fallen into crazily. 但还是有几个,已经精神崩溃,陷入疯狂。 They were towed directly rear area, is started the blood transfusion treatment by Eric. 他们直接被拖到后方,由埃里克开始输血治疗。 „Others continue...... to use yellow rune/symbol Lu!” “其他人继续……用黄色符箓!” The minute/share minister stood, the look is solemn and respectful, takes the lead to make yellow rune/symbol Lu. 分部长站了出来,神色肃穆,率先打出一张黄色符箓。 Yellow rune/symbol Lu one after another was displayed, is the dusk ray to proliferate unceasingly, finally even covered this sky. 一张又一张的黄色符箓被施展出来,属于黄昏的光芒不断扩散,最终甚至笼罩了这片天空。 The king of dusk! 黄昏之王! On the standard, It is the antique ruler who exceeds ancient! 论位格,祂是超越古老者的太古支配者! The deep sleep, the little ray has been used by the investigator, as suppressing the method of supernatural force. 只是一直沉睡着,一点点光芒被调查员利用,作为压制超自然力量的手段。 But at this time, period being close of group star homing, It is close to regain consciousness more and more, the strength of projection even more is also huge. 而此时,伴随着群星归位之期的接近,祂越来越接近苏醒,投影的力量也越发庞大。 Not to mention, the investigators made yellow rune/symbol Lu of multiple one time, has formed the ceremony general effect. 更不用说,调查员们一次性打出了复数的黄色符箓,已经形成了仪式一般的效果。 In the dusk ray, an empty shadow of round of golden setting sun appears. 在黄昏的光芒之中,一轮金色落日的虚影浮现。 In the setting sun, as if has some existing form, sends out a terrifying prestige energy. 于落日之中,似乎有着某位存在的身影,散发出一丝恐怖的威能。 Fearful! Powerful! It is not able to be a worthy opponent! 可怕!强大!无法匹敌! Even if the average people look at each other one, injury that encounter will be inconceivable. 普通人哪怕只是对视一眼,都会遭到难以想象的伤害。 Even if grasped the losing mission double giant of supernatural strength, facing this, is not also relaxed. 哪怕是掌握了超自然之力的失落教团双巨头,面对这一幕,也同样不轻松。 The empty shadow of black Jupiter dissipates directly, the projection of bird of flap calls out in grief, almost must fall on the ground, bows the head to that say/way great form. 黑太岁的虚影直接消散,折翼之鸟的投影悲鸣一声,几乎要落在地上,向那道伟大的身影俯首。 Miki and Smith lower the head with every effort, feel that everywhere dusk ray, is suppressing their spirits, making them unable to display the complete strength again. 米奇与史密斯尽力低头,感受到那无处不在的黄昏光芒,正在压制他们的精神,令他们无法再发挥出全部实力。 Fire!” “射击!” The investigators hold a gun to strafe. 调查员们纷纷持枪扫射。 Miki is covering the forehead, depends on the energetic steel seal, condenses reluctantly is up a spirit, waves. 米奇捂着额头,靠着精神钢印,勉强凝聚起一点精神,一挥手。 The wall barrier of First Layer nihility appears, shifted other positions the bullet. 一层虚无的壁障浮现,将子弹转移到了其它位置。 But the ordinary follower in villa, actually spreads the pitiful yell one after another, falls down, spreads big pools of blood. 但别墅之内的普通信徒,却是接连传出惨叫,倒在地上,蔓延出一大片血泊。 Damn, maintains secrecy the person investigator...... you really to with us lose the mission to make war comprehensively?” “该死的,守密人调查员……你们真的要与我们失落教团全面开战么?” Miki shouted. 米奇大喊。 This is we maintains secrecy the responsibility and fate of person!” “这是我们守密人的职责与宿命!” Philip maintains secrecy the person to divide the minister to laugh the reply: I know that...... you lose the mission to regard the supreme headquarters this city, infiltrates in the secret, even seeks the mayoral election, does not know many followers, hides in the ordinary people, but you never know, we maintain secrecy the determination of person!” 菲利普市的守密人分部长大笑回答:“我知道……你们失落教团一直将本市当成大本营,在秘密渗透,甚至谋求市长选举,不知道多少信徒,潜藏在普通人群之中,但你们永远都不会知道,我们守密人的决心!” As if to verify his words. 仿佛是为了印证他的话语。 From the suburb, suddenly resounded the bellow. 从郊区之外,突然响起了轰鸣声。 That is the steel mighty current common chariot, they crash in the urban district, crushes the path, started the blockade and investigation arbitrarily. 那是钢铁洪流一般的战车,它们冲进市区,压坏道路,蛮横地开始了封锁与排查。 It seems like, like a giant screen, must the residents entire Philip inspect simply. 看起来,简直就像一个巨大的筛子,要将整个菲利普市的市民都检查一遍。 In this case, regardless of lost the mission to make anything to arrange, will definitely be eradicated. 这种情况下,不论失落教团做了什么布置,都肯定会被连根拔起。 Naturally, loss and influence that from this incurs, shocks the entire mainland inevitably. 当然,由此带来的损失与影响,也必然震惊整个大陆。 Maintains secrecy the person to do that is the first time, some as if type in view of end's manifesto. 守密人这么做,还是第一次,也仿佛某种针对末日的宣言。 Attack , to continue to attack!” “进攻,继续进攻!” We maintain secrecy the person, we must protect the secret, protects this world!” “我们是守密人,我们要守护秘密,保护这个世界啊!” The innumerable investigator vision are firm, use various methods, besieges Miki and Smith two big giants. 无数调查员目光坚定,施展各种手段,围攻米奇与史密斯两大巨头。 Bad......” “糟糕了……” Enemy void angle blocked...... this degree unexpectedly continually, we have not been able to break, only if the teacher comes.” “敌人居然连虚空的角度都封锁了……这种程度,我们还无法打破,除非是导师前来。” Miki is looking at these, is very at heart anxious. 米奇望着这一幕幕,心里十分焦急。 But the position of teacher is very aloof, but also above three giants, where usually does not know to hide, conducts any mystical research, they can only through the letter relation, at this time also be very helpless. 但导师的地位十分超然,还在三巨头之上,平时也不知道躲在哪里,搞什么神神秘秘的研究,他们只能通过信件联系,此时也是十分无奈。 Bang! 砰! At this moment, a gunshot. 就在这时,一声枪响。 The bullet had not been twisted by the incantation, hits on Miki shoulder, blasts out one group of blood splashes. 子弹没有被咒文扭曲,打在了米奇肩膀上,炸开一团血花。 Finally broke open the defense, kills them.” “终于破开了防御,干掉他们。” Investigators energetic big quake. 调查员们精神大震。 Smith Shenxi tone, had the consciousness of dying in battle. 史密斯深溪口气,有了战死的觉悟。 The next quarter, he noticed that many bullets hit in the front, actually surges ripple ripples. 下一刻,他看到诸多子弹打在面前,却激荡起一圈圈波纹般的涟漪。 You......” “你们……” Fang Xian that the shop owners dress up from void, was looking at this, had a yawn: Really is senseless......” 店主打扮的方仙从虚空中走了出来,望着这一幕,打了个哈欠:“真是无趣啊……” ...... …… Goal appeared!” “目标出现了!” In a shadow slit, Clark Carter facial expression is excited: Everyone...... sends out truly arrived.” 一处阴影缝隙之中,克拉克・卡特神情激动:“各位……真正出动的时候到了。” In his hand, is holding appreciatively a silver-white illumination object, it just like a Rubik's cube, is actually the pyramidal body, each was divided eight small checks, to surpass the common sense the path to be rotating. 在他的手上,正把玩着一个银白色的发光物体,它宛若一个魔方,却是锥状体,各个面被分割成八个小格子,以超出常理的轨迹转动着。 This is one wonderful thing, from the outer space, the present science and technology is unable to study and explain, many famous scientists, because of studying it go crazy. 这是一件‘奇物’,来自外太空,如今的科技根本无法研究与解释,有不少著名的科学家,因为研究它而发疯的。 In the ancient times, its was worshipped crazily, is called fire seed and ‚the Atlanta block. 在古代,它被疯狂崇拜,称为‘火种’、‘亚特兰方块’。 It is said that once one batch of human, depended upon it to establish the magnificent technical civilization, finally all these were destroyed in a moment on some on the 1st. 据说,曾经有一批人类,依靠它建立了辉煌的科技文明,最终这一切又在某一日毁于一旦。 Finally, it was excavated in the ruins by the investigator, took care properly. 最终,它被调查员于废墟中发掘,妥善保管了起来。 Until most the resistance lost the mission, as well as Roukka, began using. 直到最为了对抗失落教团,以及罗卡,才被重新启用。 „The Atlanta block...... has the distortion space strength, the yellow rune/symbol Lu suppression, is not worth mentioning before it simply.” “亚特兰方块……拥有扭曲空间的力量,黄色符箓的压制,在它面前简直不值一提。” Clark Carter sways from side to side the Rubik's cube. 克拉克・卡特扭动魔方。 Before, he with the surrounding legendary investigators, is depends on the Rubik's cube the strength, hid in the slit of shadow. 之前,他跟周围的传奇调查员们,就是靠着魔方的力量,躲藏在阴影的缝隙之中。 At this time, they appear in the battlefield directly, is facing Roukka. 此时,他们直接出现在战场上,面对着罗卡。 All around scene fluctuates fast, various color exaggerations, all grid, as if arrived at a block world. 四周场景飞快变幻,各种色彩渲染,将一切都网格化,似乎来到了一个方块的世界。 Dreamland and space......” “梦境、空间……” Fang Xian is muttering: Was blocked by the powerful? This is lock that’ I am not even able to break......” 方仙喃喃着:“都被强力封锁了么?这是连我也无法打破的‘锁’……” Roukka......” “罗卡……” Clark Carter is staring at Fang Xian: „The rebel of investigator, the secret fort raider...... you for your behavior, will pay the price!” 克拉克・卡特盯着方仙:“调查员的叛徒,秘堡袭击者……你将为自己的行为,付出代价!”
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