GDC :: Volume #9 穹霄万古执道主

#2249: hears Daoqu oneself recognizes Proper Heart

Wind Mo is unable to distinguish Meng Hu actual situation, therefore depending on own judgment, selects one from two boundary, but his luck is not good, chooses the person exactly non- is Meng Hu Main Body, but is its Clone. 风陌无法分辨孟壶虚实,故只是凭自身判断,从两处地界之中择选一处,可他运气似是不好,所选择中之人恰恰非是孟壶正身,而是其分身 He then approaches, cannot look, after feeling Meng Hu Internal Qi, for during solution that person was not discovered by Zhang Chan, was away from has shot extremely a miraculous glow. 只是他便是走近,也没能看了出来,在感得孟壶气机之后,为了在解决其人的同时不被张蝉发现,隔着极远就掷出了一道灵光。 Meng pot Clone had discovered at this moment also wind Mo is approaching, said excitedly: Should I render meritorious service!” He regards that law plate , if no thing, but the state of mind moves, draws in the wind Mo mind to the mood. 孟壶分身此刻也是发现了风陌正在接近,却是兴奋道:“合该我立功也!”他视那法盘如无物,只是神思一动,将风陌心神拖入至心境之中。 Wind Mo absent-minded, thinks oneself have fallen into a side strange boundary, along with, even if hears some people to speak Dao Law there, careful one hear, actually suddenly discovered that this unexpectedly is spirit of Dao Law good fortune, and observes and emulates quite differently with, has compared slightly that must come, cannot help but was actually enthralled. 风陌一个恍惚之间,就觉自己跌入了一方古怪地界之中,随即便听得有人在那里宣讲道法,仔细一听,却是猛然发现,这竟然是造化之灵道法,且与自己观摩得来的颇为不同,稍稍比较了一下,却是不由自主入了神。 He walks toward the sound whence, actually sees in the empty boundless cloud cluster, daoist sits there, he looks at the facial features, is surprised, said: Meng Hu?” 他向着声音来处走去,却见虚茫茫的云团之中,有一名道人坐在那里,他一看面容,大吃一惊,道:“孟壶?” Because Meng Hu insisted own cultivation, is pressing a that Dao Law head throughout, therefore daoist in that heart is the change has made his appearance now. 由于孟壶坚持自家修行,始终压着那道法一头,故而那心界之中的道人如今已是变化作了他的模样。 That daoist sees him to arrive, immediately stops the viewpoints, sighed: Fellow Daoist the law of cultivating, actually takes the branch road.” 道人见他到来,当即停下讲法,叹道:“道友所修之法,却是走上岔路了。” In wind Mo heart surprised uncertain, he guessed that here should be somewhere the illusion, but spirit of Dao Law good fortune has not actually counterfeited, at this time sees that person to speak of that cannot bear say: What wrong has?” 风陌心中惊疑不定,他猜测这里应该是某处幻境,但是造化之灵道法却又是不曾作假,此时见其人说及,忍不住道:“何错之有?” That daoist does not talk too much, is actually directly one by one demonstrates the Dao Law wonderful principle, naturally this Dao Law is by oneself as the control, but does not curry favor with Dao Law itself constantly. 道人并不多言,却是直接将道法妙理逐一演示,当然这门道法乃是以己身为主宰,而非一味趋附道法本身。 Wind Mo the law of studying is secret locates observing and emulating to come from other people, has not passed through the spirit of good fortune to proselytize truly, at this time hears said really that is actually hears as if deluded, from time to time sighs deeply, from time to time chants in a low voice, finally muttered: So that's how it is, so that's how it is! Originally I have actually gone astray, went astray!” 风陌所学之法是暗暗从他人处观摩得来的,并没有经过造化之灵真正传道,此时听闻真道,却是听得如醉如痴,时而长叹,时而低吟,最后喃喃自语道:“原来如此,原来如此啊!原来我却是走错了,走错了!” He thinks that this law ten analysis and synthesis his regard, recognized that this is true Grand Dao, for a while does not give up from here comes out, keeps pursuing to inquire that and wallows gradually. 他觉此法十分合他心意,认定这才是真正大道,一时根本舍不得从这里出来,不停追逐询问,并逐渐沉迷其中。 During regulations this also fell into similarly has persisted errors, this was persisting errors to Grand Dao, if his puzzled happy being puzzled, or awakened, will then not exit from here immediately. 实则这同样也是陷入了执迷之中,此乃是对大道之执迷,若是他不解开心中之惑,或者自家醒悟过来,那么便就不会从这里出去。 Meng pot Clone sees this, the direct rumor informs Zhang Chan immediately, the latter arrives quickly, looks to look at dumbly wind Mo in midair, looked at Clone one, said: Was seized by you?” 孟壶分身见此,便就直接传言告知张蝉,后者很快到来,看着呆立半空之中的风陌,看了分身一眼,道:“被你擒住了?” Meng pot Clone happily said: Teacher, I early then have said that Meng Hu I.” 孟壶分身得意道:“老师,我早便说过,孟壶比不了我。” Zhang Chan is disinclined to listen to him to talk too much, claps the hands to pat the powder him, immediately puts out a hand, a Dao Law symbol departs, blows wind Mo whole body magic power. 张蝉懒得听他多言,一拍掌将他拍散,随即伸手一点,一道法符飞出,就将风陌浑身法力镇住。 Wind Mo Internal Qi one chaotic, this awakened, after seeing Zhang Chan, immediately understood own situation, he pleaded: Zhang High Lord, since were seized by you, whether to make me go back to listen to Dao Law?” 风陌气机一乱,这才惊醒了过来,待看到张蝉之后,立刻明白了自身处境,他恳求道:“张上真,既然已是被你捉住,可否让我回去听完道法?” Zhang Chan sneers, said: You may know itself to cultivate spirit of Dao Law good fortune absurdly, is the archenemies of various say/way, now the life is worrying, does the leisurely mood listen to these?” 张蝉冷笑一声,道:“你可知自家妄修造化之灵道法,乃是诸道之大敌,如今性命堪忧,还有闲心去听这些?” Wind Mo said: So-called may die toward hears Daoxi......” 风陌道:“所谓朝闻道夕可死……” Zhang Chan breaks his words: „It is not no need to say these, I may inform you, you have means of livelihood.” 张蝉打断他话语道:“不必说这些,我可告知你,你还有一条活路。” The wind Mo spirit slightly inspires, if he can result in exactly, is not willing dead, simply said: