GHD :: Volume #30

#2931: 3 extinguishes dark completely hot

Exceeded the eon to advocate Procopius to induce the Heavenly Dao to control Ji Haotian to come greatly, he stopped the cultivation, opened the eye slowly, the profound swift and fierce vision looked at to Ji Haotian, said with a smile pale: Ji Haotian, your runs everywhere, how did the actor of murder run here to come everywhere? Can you destroy this universe weak nuclear potential energy valley?” 超越宙主普罗科匹厄斯感应出天道大主宰姬昊天来了,他停下修炼,缓缓睁开眼睛,深邃凌厉的目光看向走来的姬昊天,淡笑道:“姬昊天,你这个到处跑,到处杀人的男主角怎么跑这里来了?你要毁了这座宇宙弱核力能量谷吗?” Ji Haotian arrives in front of Procopius to stop the footsteps, the smile said: Procopius, I am the Heavenly Dao big control, does not destroy the control. How long did you come here? Is your Transcendent Level body of this universe weak nuclear potential energy to promoting effective?” 姬昊天走到普罗科匹厄斯面前停下脚步,微笑道:“普罗科匹厄斯,我是天道大主宰,不是毁灭主宰。你来这里多久了?这宇宙弱核力能量对提升你的超越级道体有效吗?” Procopius is one has a space and time body exceeds the talent young, he including saying with a smile: I come to here, be only several days of time, only cultivated for several days, has not caught on, I estimated that I cultivation at least here for several years, my space and time body will promote.” 普罗科匹厄斯是一个拥有时空道体的年轻超越天才,他含笑道:“我来这里只有几天时间,只修炼了几天,还不见成效,我估计我至少在这里修炼几年,我的时空道体才会有所提升。” Ji Haotian said: You are wasting the time.” 姬昊天道:“你这是在浪费时间。” Procopius said: „Do you do? Traveling? Does the sightseeing enjoy the scenery?” 普罗科匹厄斯道:“那你过来干什么?旅游?观光赏景?” Ji Haotian said: I ate to the full the brace, comes out to take a stroll to digest.” 姬昊天道:“我吃饱了撑的,出来溜达消化一下。” Procopius said: „Do you stretch across the infinite versatile universe to rush to here to take a stroll the digestion? Your hip is very big!” 普罗科匹厄斯道:“你横跨无限个全能宇宙跑到这里溜达消化?你胯子挺大啊!” Ji Haotian said: Your hip is also big.” 姬昊天道:“你胯子也不小。” Suddenly, an demon prestige enormous and powerful abnormity monster to/clashes in a threatening manner, is sizing up big handsome human young child Ji Haotian unscrupulously. 忽然,一个魔威浩荡的异形怪物气势汹汹地冲过来,肆无忌惮地打量着高大英俊的人类幼崽姬昊天 Ji Haotian and Procopius recognize this are heteromorphous race from abyss- Carresa Uygur national minority, moreover is a powerful Carresa Uygur national minority makes, because main( makes because of the main boundary good fortune abbreviation makes because of main). 姬昊天和普罗科匹厄斯都认出这是来自深渊的异形种族-卡雷萨维族,而且还是一个强大的卡雷萨维族造因主(造因主境造化者简称造因主)。 Carresa Uygur national minority: The alternate name black wing crow clan, is the fear with hating the symbol, all realities, the dimension, the universe, the space and time, the concept and possibility perform during the control of this powerful heteromorphous race. 卡雷萨维族:别称黑翼鸦族,是恐惧与憎恶的象征,所有的现实,维度,宇宙,时空,概念与可能性尽在这位强大异形种族的掌控之中。 Carresa Uygur national minority is powerful heteromorphous race from abyss, their usual images are long have eight black wings, figure huge strange the human form lifeform, and twisting. 卡雷萨维族是一种来自深渊的强大异形种族,它们的通常形象是长有八只黑色羽翼,身形庞大怪异且扭曲的人形生物。 Carresa Uygur national minority makes because of main is sizing up big handsome Ji Haotian unscrupulously, makes the sharp grating sound saying: Human young child, I induce your blood to be very tasty, your meat is very delicious, you immediately the lying down ground, making the great noble Carresa Uygur national minority make because of the lord eats until fill, you could rest assured that I will not torment to death you, after I am satiated with food and wine, put you.” 卡雷萨维族造因主肆无忌惮地打量着高大英俊的姬昊天,发出尖锐刺耳的声音道:“人类幼崽,我感应出你的血很好喝,你的肉很美味,你立刻躺地上,让伟大高贵的卡雷萨维族造因主饱餐一顿,你放心,我不会整死你,我吃饱喝足之后就放了你。” Ji Haotian uses access method to extinguish completely big god technique suddenly, in the eye, nose and mouth spouts the terrifying secret to extinguish instantaneously completely hot! 姬昊天突然施展出入法灭尽大神术,眼、鼻、口中瞬间喷出恐怖的三昧灭尽火! The sad Carresa Uygur national minority makes because of main to be extinguished completely to burn down the ashes by the terrifying incomparable secret instantaneously, it panic-stricken incomparable soul just wants to escape, was extinguished by the terrifying incomparable secret instantaneously completely annihilates hot! 悲催的卡雷萨维族造因主瞬间被恐怖无比的三昧灭尽火烧成灰烬,它惊恐无比的灵魂正想逃脱,也瞬间被恐怖无比的三昧灭尽火湮灭! Enters the law to extinguish completely big god technique , the name extinguishes completely passes, one of the evolution 49 big god techniques, extinguish completely big god technique in into the law, therefore, can live in secret Zhengding, but general Xianse body, for example light shadow, presently all, but in the secret, is absolutely still. When person six of practicing contact outside six senses boundary, if can achieve does not have an intention, is not moved, not distinguish and not be rigid, is called deciding, is enters secret the boundary. When sits in meditation, along with its wish, or sits in meditation a tribulation, either sits in meditation hundred tribulations and even is longer, but the body does not disperse, not emaciated, not weary unremitting. Meanwhile can handle various day of matters, does not abandon leaves all living things, the enlightenment exorcises , there is nothing the rest. In the face of this big god technique, all are the appearances, even if the universe destroys in before is without turning a hair, absolute exceeds all, extinguishes completely all. 入法灭尽大神术,又称灭尽通,天衍四十九大神术之一,以得入法灭尽大神术故,能住三昧正定,而普现色身,譬如光影,普现一切,而于三昧,寂然不动。修行的人六根接触外面的六尘境界时,若能做到不起心、不动念、不分别、不执著,就叫做“定”,也就是进入“三昧”的境界。入定时,随其意愿,或入定一劫,或入定百劫乃至更久,而身体不分散、不羸瘦、不疲不懈。但同时又能办诸天之事,不舍离众生,教化调伏,无有休息。在此大神术面前,一切皆为色相,即便宇宙毁灭于前而面不改色,绝对的超越一切,灭尽一切。 Moreover, enters the law to extinguish completely big god technique also to destroy, to extinguish completely all secrets to extinguish inexhaustibly completely hot, in the human body has three types of fires: The the fire, thought fire and Qigong fire of vision, said that wooden medium baking temperature, stone medium baking temperature and spatial medium baking temperature, or called that for the source of vitality, for the feudal official fire, under is the people fire, this secret extinguishes completely has azure hot, yellow and white tricolor, will spurt from the eye, nose and mouth instantaneously will come out, will be the essence, air/Qi and god refining up the secret, will raise to fine, inexhaustible, can drive out all plagues, disasters and inexorable fate, can burn down the essence, air/Qi and god, can extinguish completely universe all. 另外,入法灭尽大神术还能摧动出无穷无尽、灭尽一切的三昧灭尽火,人体内有三种火:目光之火、意念之火、气功之火,又称木中火、石中火、空中火,或称上为君火、中为臣火、下为民火,此三昧灭尽火有青、黄、白三色,从眼、鼻、口中瞬间喷将出来,乃是精、气、神炼成三昧,养就离精,无穷无尽,能驱除一切瘟疫、灾难和劫数,能焚烧精、气、神,能灭尽宇宙一切。 Procopius curls the lip, disdained say/way: I said that you run everywhere, hasn't the murder, been unfair to you everywhere?” 普罗科匹厄斯撇了撇嘴,不屑的道:“我说你到处跑,到处杀人,没冤枉你吧?” Ji Haotian said: I kill is not a person, is a kills people such as flax monster, it has to take the say/way, should not exist. I am the lord of Heavenly Dao, is evil trial and universe order sustainer.” 姬昊天道:“我杀的不是人,是一个杀人如麻的怪物,它有取死之道,不应该存在。我是天道之主,是罪恶审判者、宇宙秩序维持者。” Procopius said: I am also kills people such as flax, do you want also to try me? Torments to death including me together?” 普罗科匹厄斯道:“我也是杀人如麻,你要不要也审判我?连我一起整死?” Ji Haotian said: Ok, your present lying down ground, I try you immediately!” 姬昊天道:“行啊,你现在躺地上吧,我立刻审判你!” Procopius said: I will not sit waiting for death, if you dare to try me, I will revolt, goes all out with you!” 普罗科匹厄斯道:“我不会坐以待毙的,你要是敢审判我,我会反抗到底,与你拼命!” Ji Haotian said: You, although is also a criminal, but your crime until death, you do not have the true disobeying Heavenly Dao, will not be placed on trial by the Heavenly Dao, I will not torment to death you, therefore you do not use that anxiously. You do not provoke me, you will not die.” 姬昊天道:“你虽然也是罪人,但是你罪不至死,你没有真正的违逆天道,不会遭受天道审判,我也不会整死你,所以你不用那么紧张。你不招惹我,你就不会死。” Procopius said: I provoke you, will I die?” 普罗科匹厄斯道:“我招惹你,我就会死?” Ji Haotian said: You investigate enormous destiny, perhaps current I am unable to make you disappear truly thoroughly, but can infiltrate the samsara you, making you be reincarnated the rebirth, has come. You arrive now are not very easy, should not want again the samsara reincarnation?” 姬昊天道:“你是究极大气运者,目前的我或许无法真正的让你彻底消失,但是可以把你打入轮回,让你转世重生,重新来过。你走到现在很不容易,应该不想再轮回转世吧?”
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