Grasping the Heavenly Dao 司掌天道

He was the personification of the governing force of the Heavenly Dao and the absolute first cause of the infinite multiverse. He was omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, transcendent of all existence and non-existence, above all cosmic forces and abstract entities.

His soul contained the absolute and most powerful force in the universe - the ultimate profundity of the Heavenly Dao, making it the most supreme soul in existence.

Having possessed the highest cultivation base since the dawn of time, he was unquestionably a supreme entity that everyone could only look up to but found it difficult to approach.

During his hundreds of millions of reincarnations, he traveled through the infinite multiverse as he cultivated solely to restore his own strength. As he leveled up, regardless of whether his enemies were several levels higher than him, regardless of how strong he was, how he showcased his dominance, how he feigned weakness, or how he looked down on all enemies, it was all because he was the supreme ruler of the Heavenly Dao, who reigned above all.

He was the absolute sovereign of all, transcending the consciousness and thoughts of all creatures. He was the ultimate reason for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of all reality. He was the ultimate profundity of the Heavenly Dao, that no one could ever comprehend or even imagine.

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