GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#594: Glorious vestige (Middle Part)

? 哦? Winds around in Vortex of Relo fingertip, vanished gradually. 缭绕于雷洛指尖的旋涡,渐渐消失了。 Turning around that he has a relish, looked that also calculated the great laboratory to this scale. 他饶有兴致的转过身,看向了这座规模还算宏大的实验室。 As if before the end approaches, does here have other stories? Originally has no interest, but is, searches casually, now looks like, as if surprise some harvests.” “似乎在末日来临前,这里还有其他的故事?本来只是无心而为,随便探探,现在看来,似乎意外发现了一些收获。” The corners of the mouth appear to wipe the brutal ghosts and demons to smile evilly. 嘴角不由浮现出一抹残酷鬼魅邪笑。 The people often said that surface by having. 人常说,面由心生。 In recent years, he also realized obviously gradually, oneself has started to deviate the rational essence, will therefore be quiet, avoids the disturbance as far as possible. 这些年来,他显然也渐渐意识到,自己已经开始偏离理性的本质,因此才会沉寂下来,尽量避免外界的干扰。 At this moment, Relo also realized that suddenly own evil charm, this is more than ten years ago in that period of darkness brutal time, disposition that he fosters gradually. 此刻,雷洛也突然意识到自己的邪魅,这是十余年前那段黑暗残酷的时光里,他渐渐养成的心性。 At that time...... 那个时候…… The ultra body person crisis of place of duchy, tends relaxes day after day. 公国之地的超体人危机,日渐趋于缓和。 Everyone has not known, this is because the ultra body person main body that arrives was divided into two batch, went to Aurora central Great Empire respectively, as well as along the place bottom demon invasion channel, invaded to attain reverse, people who as if the mouse spot hid for successive several years frightened, before that eye of wind barrier has not vanished in the time, finally had an extremely short moderate period. 所有人还不知道,这是因为降临的超体人主体分为了两批,分别前往了欧洛拉中央大帝国,以及沿着地底魔物入侵通道,反向入侵了获回去,以至于连续多年仿佛老鼠斑恐惧躲藏的人们,在那段风眼屏障还未消失前的时间里,终于拥有了一场极短暂的缓和时期。 But several years before then. 而在这之前的几年时间。 Human of place of duchy, experienced the specters expansion and black death attack, fortunately, compares in the absurd wall shadow human-induced casualties and fear of demon, black death regarding the harm of human, then be much smaller than demon of invasion, this also resisted the ultra body person to provide a possibility for both sides jointly. 公国之地的人类,先后经历了魔影扩张与黑死病侵袭,所幸的是,相较于诡诞壁影魔对人类造成的伤亡与恐惧,黑死病对于人类的危害,则要比入侵的魔物小得多,这也为双方联手对抗超体人提供了一丝可能。 Then is the allied armies of human and demon, attempts to prevent the ultra body person. 接下来便是人类与魔物的联军,妄图阻止超体人。 However compares fierce not to fear in place bottom world demon, with suicide positive/direct war that the ultra body person launches repeatedly, human was much slier. 不过相较于地底世界魔物们悍不畏死,与超体人频频发动的自杀式正面战争,人类就要狡猾得多了。 The sly aristocrat rulers, even proposed war plan that is hard to be self-confident. 狡猾的贵族统治者们,竟然提出了一个难以自信的战争方案。 The butcher knives in their hand, fell on the civilians in various places unexpectedly, the goal of war, looked at to own compatriot! 他们手中的屠刀,竟落在了各处的平民身上,将战争的目标,瞄向了自己的同胞! Their ideas are very simple. 他们的想法很简单。 Since human is the ultra body person arrives at the invasion the carrier, then only needs to annihilate these carriers, cannot cut off arrivals of these ultra body people, making them no root duckweed! 既然人类是超体人降临入侵的载体,那么只需要消灭掉这些载体,不就可以断绝这些超体人的降临,让它们成为无根浮萍了吗! But compares in seeks for human as arriving at the ultra body person of carrier everywhere, human understands human without doubt. 而相较于到处寻找人类作为降临载体的超体人,人类无疑更加了解人类自己。 Once in escaping the age in view of various seeking asylum ways that the ultra body person used, before human, was actually somewhat laughable, people can always, find to hide the human in a variety of ways the refuge shelter, following, then slaughtered! 曾经在逃亡年代针对超体人所用的各种避难方式,在人类自己面前,却是有些可笑了,人们总是可以通过各种方式,找到潜藏人类的避难所,随之而来的,便是屠杀! These avoid the lucky fellows who the ultra body person parasited, actually cannot evade the similar butcher knife! 这些避开了超体人寄生的幸运儿们,却没能躲过自己同类的屠刀! But that time, Relo has taken notorious rebel scholar, each region goes into exile, his strength, but also is unable to resist the place of duchy to unite as one by far angry people. 而那个时代,雷洛早已作为臭名昭著的叛逃学者,各地流亡,他的实力,还远远无法对抗公国之地团结一致愤怒的人们。 But is also in this period of time. 但也是在这段时间里。 Escapes Relo, absorbs unceasingly regional is radiating weapon to explode the residual radiation national capital, and stretches across trillion kilometers along with own photostar True Body finally, spanned the endless death desert, arrived in sky over Land of Star Curtain, accepted Relo under strength of irrigation True Body directly, is withstanding the huge strength continuously, in addition these years through radiating the national capital grew regarding the True Body terrifying, even projected, the Relo still upfront resistance demon god level existed self-confidently sufficiently! 逃亡中的雷洛,不断吸收着各地辐射武器爆炸残留的辐射京华,并伴随着自己的星体真身终于横跨亿万公里,跨越了漫漫死亡沙漠,抵达到了星幕之地上空,直接接受真身之力灌注下的雷洛,源源不断承受着庞大力量,再加上这些年来通过辐射京华对于真身的恐怖成长,即使是投影,雷洛也自信足以正面对抗魔神级存在了! But he still had not disclosed that he is waiting for a time. 但他仍然没有声张,他在等待一个时机。 The given name of end fiendish person shoulders for a long time, he did not mind that again multi- and other years, as rebelling and fleeing scholar roams about again some time. 末日魔王的名号背负已久,他不介意再多等几年,作为叛逃学者再流浪一段时间。 Finally! 终于! As the place of ultra body person number duchy reduces suddenly, demon in the suicide war, was also surpassed the body person to slaughter continuously completely, the place of duchy falls into the vacuum period gradually, stabilizes gradually, Relo waited till the opportunity. 随着公国之地超体人数量急剧减少,魔物也在连续不断自杀式战争中,被超体人屠戮殆尽,公国之地渐渐陷入真空期,渐渐安定下来,雷洛等到了机会。 This small section short moderate period, lets hide many years of people in the place of weary fear duchy, welcomed truly brutal darkness to slaughter again! 这一小段短暂的缓和时期,却让已经在公国之地疲倦恐惧中隐藏多年的人们,再次迎来了一场真正残酷的黑暗厮杀! First unexpectedly is by powerful Sealand Duchy, opened this conflict beginning. 首先竟是由强大的西兰公国,开启了这场冲突的起点。 That is a haughty man of Sealand Great Emperor, his hand grasps the sword of glory, is leading the Sealand person in ruins, opened the war of conquering to all survivors! 那是一个西兰大帝的狂傲男人,他手握荣耀之剑,率领着废墟中的西兰人,对所有幸存者开启了征服之战! Bears the brunt, natural is the grand person of survival. 首当其冲的,自然便是幸存的格兰人。 In order to resist the invasion conquers, the grand aristocrats held up the sword, but under the glorious golden swordfish, the strength of Sealand Great Emperor, was a worthy opponent sufficiently once swallowing demon god! 为了抵御入侵征服,格兰贵族们纷纷举起了剑,但在荣耀黄金剑座之下,西兰大帝的力量,足以匹敌曾经的吞食魔神! That is an extremely brutal battle. 那是一场极其残酷的争斗。 Radiates weapon and alpha lifeform exterminates weapon to start repeatedly, Grand Duchy in an absolute disadvantaged side, retreats in defeat again and again, but the final result, was actually Sealand Duchy scholars awakened, they initiated overthrew internal war that the decayed aristocrat ruled. 辐射武器与阿尔法生物灭绝武器频频发动,格兰公国处于绝对劣势一方,节节败退,但最终的结果,却是西兰公国学者们觉醒了,他们发起了推翻腐朽贵族统治的内部战争。 At this time. 这个时候。 The Grand Duchy aristocrats, saw revolutionary war that Sealand scholars starts, starts to fear about grand scholars, they continually adopt various ways, the differentiation are controlling grand scholars. 格兰公国的贵族们,看到西兰学者们发起的革命战争,也开始对格兰学者们恐惧起来,他们不断采取着各种方式,分化控制着格兰学者们 But all that they make, arrive eventually carry the time to alternate, has developed a group of supporters, has the absolute strength to walk directly End fiendish person Relo! 但他们所做的一切,终究抵不过携时代更迭,已经发展出一批支持者,拥有绝对力量正面走来的【末日魔王】雷洛 End fiendish person, Relo rebels and flees to issue a warrant for arrest the title, can be the history to rebel and flee in the middle of scholar, posting a reward of highest rank issued a warrant for arrest resoundingly, this is by issuing a warrant for arrest that the crime against humanity conducts, basically can read out to degenerate Wizard, or is the extreme heathen. 末日魔王,雷洛的叛逃通缉称号,算得上是历史所有叛逃学者当中,最响亮最高级别的悬赏通缉了,这是以反人类罪进行的通缉,基本上可以宣读为堕落巫师、或者是极端异教徒了。 Facing already no longer front unified aristocrat and scholar, not only Sealand Duchy falls into the civil war, Grand Duchy also stirred up rebellion quite many high-level scholar by Relo. 面对已经不再战线统一的贵族与学者,不但西兰公国陷入内战,格兰公国也被雷洛策反了相当多的高等学者 These overwhelming majorities before the war, once owed the Relo favor scholar. 这些绝大多数都是在战争之前,曾欠下雷洛人情的学者 Thereupon, Relo almost by one's effort, from south to north, from east to west, the city, held up the butcher knife to all traditional aristocrat influences one after another, resists stubbornly escapes frightened, no one can escape slaughtering of Relo, no one can again and Relo at this moment conducts the upfront resistance, radiation weapon that the grand aristocrats take advantage, regarding Relo, is in the fire the top up, even more powerful! 于是乎,雷洛几乎是以一己之力,从南到北,从东到西,一个接着一个城市,对所有的传统贵族势力举起了屠刀,不论是负隅顽抗还是恐惧逃亡,没有人能够逃过雷洛的杀戮,也没有人能够再与此刻的雷洛进行正面对抗,格兰贵族们依仗的辐射武器,对于雷洛而言,更是火上添油,如虎添翼! Relo biggest resistance opponent, unexpectedly yes Dark seal Corleone. 雷洛最大的抵抗反对者,竟是【暗黑封印者】柯里昂。 But this famous old Academician, institute maximum effort completely, was only the seal Relo one clone merely, when the star of that dark-red, broke through the Star Screen World protection again, arrived at a projection clone, appears when his front, Corleone despaired. 但这位著名老院士,所尽的最大努力,也仅仅只是封印了雷洛一具分身罢了,当那颗暗红色之星,再次突破了星幕世界保护,降临了一具投影分身,出现在他的面前时,柯里昂绝望了。 That is the brutal time of being full of individual fear and charm. 那是一个充满个人恐惧与魅力的残酷时代。 No one dares to raise that name that rules as a dictatorship the butcher! 没有人敢提起那个独裁屠夫的名字! Everyone feels this terrifying of truly raising end crisis scholar, he has become a lunatic who walks randomly in the extremely danger point, people of pacing back and forth, how even does not dare to imagine in the future is, people can see, as the place of disasters and war duchy, the quantity nearly in soon perishes to vanish scarcely! 所有人都真正感受到这位掀起末日危机学者的恐怖,他已经成为了一个游走于极度危险边缘的疯子,彷徨的人们,甚至不敢想象未来将是怎样,人们所能够看到的,只是随着公国之地一场又一场灾难与战争,数量稀少近乎于快要灭亡绝迹! Was being destroyed by the by unprecedented speed with the hope self-confidently, people not only lost the belief, lost the hope, one day is one day. 自信与希望在被以空前速度摧毁着,人们不但失去了信仰,更失去了希望,过一天算一天。 Until...... 直到…… The death storm arrived, each region was buried in the sandstorm gradually, only remained several High Tower that had the source of energy, became the only asylum harbor, scholars the surviving human fire seed that only remained each region gathers diligently, constructed a new time, but end butcher who that took to the place of human infinite disaster duchy, also changed, becomes Dean Grand Academy of Natural Science, and was gradually quiet. 死亡风暴降临,各地渐渐淹埋于风沙,仅剩几处拥有能量之源的高塔,成为唯一的庇护港湾,学者们努力将各地仅剩的残存人类火种聚集起来,建设一个新的时代,而那位带给公国之地人类无限灾难的末日屠夫,也随之摇身一变,成为了格兰自然科学院院长,并渐渐沉寂下去。 In a flash more than ten years pass by. 一晃十余年时间过去。 In those days recall, came clearly into view. 往日回忆,历历在目。 The underground vestige, realized that own extreme morbid state, the evil charm of Relo face covers rapidly, after pupil deep place short loneliness, a sigh. 地下遗迹,意识到自己的极端病态,雷洛面庞的邪魅迅速掩盖,瞳孔深处短暂的寂寞后,一声叹息。 Is the time looks for the two, established the scholar time brand-new order.” “是时候去寻找那两人,建立学者时代全新的秩序了。” Today's all, even Relo must acknowledge, the development, far exceeded his estimate. 今天的一切,即使是雷洛也必须要承认,事情的发展,远远超出了他的预想。 But can by two people who Relo mentioned, natural was not the ordinary person. 而能被雷洛提到的两人,自然不是一般的人。 A time of brand-new order! 一个全新秩序的时代! However before then, this vestige that buries in the place bottom, Relo is also interested in considerable inquiring into. 不过在此之前,这处埋藏在地底的遗迹,雷洛也有相当兴趣探究一番。 So thinking, him is raising the crystal lamp, steps step by step to the dark deep place. 这般想着,他提着水晶灯,一步一步向黑暗深处迈去。
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