GANS :: Volume #4 太阳法则

#540: Principle weapon ( 2 )

Sky thorough is dark. 天空已经彻底黑暗下来。 The night falls. 夜幕降临。 Several star light glitter in cloud Xijian difficultly, as if in the thick fog by demon cloud slits will be swallowed momentarily, Relo in midair, overlooks to the ground is radiating the ordinary soldiers who in the pollution prepare. 几颗星光在云隙间艰难的闪烁,仿佛随时将会被魔云缝隙间的浓雾吞噬,半空中的雷洛,俯瞰向地面上正在辐射污染中备战的普通士兵们。 Although avoided the core contaminated area, but after 1st a night of proliferation, this fission level radiated the weapon pollution range to proliferate to the surrounding several hundred kilometers, plunged to the surface next several meters deep lands, even was the surface layer ground water. 虽然避开了核心污染区域,但经过一日一夜的扩散,这颗裂变级辐射武器污染范围已经扩散至周围数百千米,浸入到地表下几米深的土地,甚至是表层地下水。 Pollution through food, even is the breath, enters to polluting in the range the body circulations of all lifeform, is affecting the gene of body cell fast. 污染正在通过食物,甚至是呼吸,进入到污染范围内所有生物的身体循环,快速影响着身体细胞的遗传因子。 Does not remove in the middle of these lifeform, will have young some lucky fellows therefore to have the variation, not only adapted to the land of radiation principle pollution, evolves to become because of the change of environment the brand-new species. 不排除这些生物当中,会有一小部分幸运儿因此发生变异,不但适应了辐射法则污染的土地,更是因为环境的变化而进化成为全新的物种。 But regarding most lifeform, this is one exterminates the catastrophe without doubt. 但对于绝大多数生物而言,这无疑是一场灭绝浩劫。 The powerful lifeform will follow the instinct, flees from this risk area, seeks for more suitable survival fertile soil, leaves behind the small and weak lifeform to barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. 强大的生物们会遵循本能,逃离开这片危险区域,寻找更适宜的生存沃土,留下弱小的生物们苟延残喘。 Pitiful ignorance.” “可怜的愚昧。” The speakers, are side Relo Altar communicator Windsor. 说话者,是雷洛身边的【祭坛沟通者】温莎。 As grand Imperial Academician, she clearly knows fearfulness of radiation pollution, therefore when seeing ground tens of thousands of base and low soldiers ignorant spirited warm-blooded, muttered one. 作为格兰皇家院士,她清楚知道辐射污染的可怕,因此在看到地面数以万计卑微士兵们无知的激昂热血时,不由喃喃了一句。 Immediately, she looked that said to Relo: Through this event, you could bear the title of end butcher, does not know that is duchy creates many widow, making them lose the husband.” 随即,她又看向雷洛道:“经此一役,你可能要就此背上末日屠夫的称谓了,不知道为公国创造多少的寡妇,让她们就此失去了丈夫。” Relo takes back the thoughts, has not said anything. 雷洛收回心思,没有多说什么。 She has not known, the true consequence that Relo incurs, imagines frigidly compared with her. 她还不知道,雷洛引发的真正后果,远比她想象得更加惨烈。 …… 咻,咻,咻,咻,咻,咻,咻…… Has the Sky Knight Regiment elite soldier of flying ability, with Adviser high-level scholar, anchors near protection Balloon Airship of two Sky fortress most surrounding, is waiting for in the curtain of night momentarily possibly the tide just like the enemy who wells up. 具备飞行能力的天空骑士团精锐士兵,与高等学者顾问们,纷纷停靠在两座天空堡垒最外围的守护气球飞艇附近,等候着夜幕中随时可能宛如潮汐般涌来的敌人。 Thump. 咚。 Relo falls in Balloon Airship wooden deck that in this lock chain hung, one side Windsor made the depressed sound, in the protections of several fully-armed soldiers, several low-grade scholar half steps walked, salutes respectfully. 雷洛落在了这艘锁链条挂的气球飞艇木制甲板上,一旁温莎则发出了沉闷的声音,在几名全副武装士兵的保护中,几名低等级学者快步走了过来,恭敬行礼。 Two Master come this, can have the duty to issue?” “两位大师来此,可有任务要下达?” Relo has not paid attention to the opposite party. 雷洛没有理会对方。 His attention took a fast look around in the curtain of night horizon, after without discovering the trail of building up demon, then takes out Astronomical Telescope that carried along, looks to the main body True Body direction. 他的注意力在夜幕天际扫视了一圈,没有发现集结魔物的踪迹后,便取出了随身携带的天文望远镜,向本体真身方向望去。 What a pity. 可惜。 These came from the bottom ancient lifeform, the release excessive demon, covered up Sky, the visibility reduced suddenly, Relo has not seen own main body through the telescope, otherwise at the present distance, at least should be able to see a slight red luminous spot, loomed in the southeast horizon. 这些来自地底的古代生物们,释放出了过量的魔物,遮掩住了天空,能见度急剧降低,雷洛并未通过望远镜看见自己的本体,否则以现在的距离,至少应该能够看到一个细微的红色光点,隐隐出现在东南方向的天际了。 Nearby Altar communicator Windsor, then looked to this inquiry Transcendent Scholar. 一旁的【祭坛沟通者】温莎,则看向了这名询问的超凡学者 Both look at each other, after opposite party quick confused moment, as if recognized this Imperial Academician identity, immediately a blunt exciting color, salutes again. 两者相视,对方很快迷茫了片刻后,似乎认出了这位皇家院士身份,顿时一副不加掩饰的激动之色,再次行礼。 Does not need to restrict, we alert in this region, here does to rest slightly, all your as usual.” “不必拘束,我们只是在此片区域戒备,在这里稍作歇息,你们一切照旧。” Knew!” “知道了!” After the opposite party exciting color responded, rushed to lead the soldiers to leave, in order to avoid disturbed these two Master on deck. 对方激动之色回应后,赶忙带领士兵们离开,以免打扰到甲板上的这两位大师 . 咻,咻。 At this time, two forms alternated from Sky Knight Regiment of nearby several alerts, vision inspection, after discovering here Relo and Windsor, flew directly to here. 这时,两个身影从附近几名戒备的天空骑士团穿插过来,目光巡视,在发现了这边的雷洛和温莎后,径直向这边飞来。 If there is an induction, Relo stared at the past. 若有感应,雷洛凝望过去。 Unique the fluctuation from them is not difficult to see, this is two gods causes the apostle. 从他们身上特有的波动不难看出,这是两位神使使徒。 And! 而且! One of them, has the divine tool obviously near waits on. 其中一人,显然乃是持有神器的近侍。 The necessary time, this existed even can through the divine tool, summoned the back Spiritual God most flourishing prestige energy directly, then one strikes to write off 1-2 Legend level lifeform by this, Relo will not feel strange. 必要时候,这等存在甚至能够通过神器,直接召唤背后神灵全盛威能,便是以此一击抹杀掉1-2传奇级生物,雷洛也不会感到奇怪。 Naturally, if unnecessary, these gods will cause not to make so the fight in which both sides perish mutually wounded matter obviously. 当然,若无必要,这些神使们显然也不会做出这般鱼死网破两败俱伤的事。 After all through divine tool summon Spiritual God prestige energy, the price of pays, was really big. 毕竟通过神器召唤神灵威能,所付出的代价,实在是太大了。 Is love Goddess nearly waits on with the god of apostle strength!” “是爱情女神近侍和力量之神使徒!” Altar communicator Windsor muttered: How did they come?” 【祭坛沟通者】温莎喃喃道:“他们怎么来了?” Relo is also perplexed. 雷洛也不明所以。 The place of duchy, the temple is countless, is Radiant Creator subordinate god. 公国之地,神殿不计其数,均为光明造物主属神 And, once Six Great Duchies, the god of Balda duchy belief strength, Sealand Duchy believed God of War, Grand Duchy believes Goddess of Wisdom, Finland Duchy believes lucky Goddess, Weirland duchy belief love Goddess, Utolan duchy believes Goddess of Harvest. 其中,曾经的六大公国,巴尔达公国信仰力量之神,西兰公国信仰战争之神,格兰公国信仰智慧女神,芬兰公国信仰幸运女神,威尔兰公国信仰爱情女神,乌托兰公国信仰丰收女神 As for several other hundred every large or small pocket-sized duchy letter/believes gods, is hard to count. 至于其他数百大大小小袖珍公国信神,则难以统计。 Later. 之后。 Powerful Sealand Duchy took the lead to expel the God of War influence, but once powerful War God Temple, was unable to recover from this, the old aristocrats who as escaped lived in seclusion in the place of wilderness, becomes the young numerous to believe in the god. 强盛的西兰公国率先驱逐了战争之神势力,而曾经强盛的战争神殿,也由此一蹶不振,随着逃亡的旧贵族们隐居于荒野之地,成为了小众信神。 Finland Duchy lucky Goddess has the Legend color. 芬兰公国的幸运女神则颇具传奇色彩。 Although Finland after suffering the invasion of Dark World Wizard, imperial family bloodline dissipates, the national strength is unable to recover, was almost carved up by the surrounding countries completely, but belief of this lucky Goddess actually not, therefore was attacked, because instead chaotic, the believer quantity of believes were more. 虽然芬兰在遭受黑暗世界巫师的入侵后,皇室血脉就此消逝,国力一蹶不振,几乎被周边国家瓜分殆尽,但这位幸运女神的信仰却并没有因此遭受打击,反而因为混乱,所信仰的信徒数量更多了。 These swallowed duchy of Finland national territory, instead suffered the belief invasion of this Goddess. 以至于那些吞噬了芬兰国土的公国们,反而遭受到了这位女神的信仰入侵。 Again later, was Goddess of Wisdom that Grand Duchy once believed. 再之后,便是格兰公国曾经信仰的智慧女神了。 This Goddess of Wisdom, looks like in Relo, is not quite really wise. 这位智慧女神,在雷洛看来,实在不太明智。 Is defeated in the imperial prince competition, not only has not received the imperial authority for the dependency, instead was lost the belief territory by oneself, degenerates into not the popular letter/believes god, few mentioned again. 在皇子竞争中失败,不但没有将皇权收为附庸,反而让自己丧失了信仰领土,就此沦为不入流的信神,几乎没有人再提及。 Goddess of Wisdom that so, divine power is on the decline also dispatched nearly to wait on the apostle unexpectedly, participated in this war, really added something superfluous and ruined the effect. 如此,神力衰微的智慧女神竟也派遣了近侍使徒,参与此次战争,实在是画蛇添足。 Few counted on that she will really make the contribution to Grand Duchy. 几乎没人指望她真的会为格兰公国做出贡献。 Comparatively speaking. 相较之下。 God of love Goddess and strength, can arouse the Grand Duchy interest. 爱情女神和力量之神,才能引起格兰公国关注。 Especially god of apostle this strength, the god of strength as the place of duchy with the powerful Spiritual God of Pan Gula barbaric temple neighbor, although has not been the high-level Spiritual God strength, but could also be place of topest Spiritual God one of the duchy. 尤其是这位力量之神使徒,力量之神作为公国之地与潘古拉野蛮神殿比邻的强大神灵,虽然没有达到高级神灵力量,但也算得上公国之地最顶尖的神灵之一了。 But this god causes the apostle, not only is in itself the god of strength nearly waits on, carries to represent the god of will strength divine tool, if so starts the invincible might full power, perhaps its powerful degree, few grand Imperial Academician can say oneself have the full assurance, catches opposite party divine technique to strike. 而这位神使使徒,不但本身乃是力量之神近侍,更携带代表着力量之神意志的神器,如此若是全力发动神威,其强大程度,恐怕没有几个格兰皇家院士能说自己有十足把握,接住对方神术一击。 If cannot catch, then friend of dead end natural. 若是接不住的话,那么自然之友死路一条了。 Un? 嗯? Relo notices this bald big and tall man, body that manic obstinate breadth of spirit, making him think of a person. 雷洛注意到这个光头的魁伟男人,身上那股狂躁执拗的气魄,让他不由想到一个人。 Destruction Kui?” “【毁灭者】奎?” What are you saying?” “你在说什么?” The god of strength nearly waits on the color of looking disdainfully, shot a look at Relo one, Relo rushed to shake the head. 力量之神近侍睥睨之色,瞥了雷洛一眼,雷洛赶忙摇了摇头。 It’s nothing.” “没什么。” The goal of opposite party obviously is not Relo, he moves toward directly perplexed Altar communicator Windsor, said proudly: Can communicate as mortal to me lord, you are first! My lord makes me inform you, the transaction of previous hope, I lord the agreement.” 对方的目标显然并非雷洛,他径直走向不明所以的【祭坛沟通者】温莎,傲然道:“能够以凡人身份沟通到我主,你算是第一个!我主让我通知你,你上次祈求的交易,我主同意了。” Windsor is then suddenly enlighted! 温莎这才恍然大悟! Originally that day was......” “原来那天是……” Another side. 另一边。 The love Goddess apostle, is a neighbor Little Sister delightful young girl, the goose egg face, shy brings wiping the enchantment that is hard to state clearly. 爱情女神使徒,是一位邻家小妹般的甜美少女,鹅蛋般的面庞,青涩中带着一抹难以言明的妖娆。 Relo Master.” 雷洛大师。” She as if regarding the appearance of Relo quite respect, making Relo somewhat perplexed, tranquil looks to the opposite party. 她似乎对于雷洛颇为崇敬的样子,让雷洛有些不明所以,平静的看向对方。 After the love Goddess apostle salutes respectfully, said slowly: Goddess sends me to come , because two months ago, escaped from many Elf refugees from the thorn forest, they said that in the forest had the death, death that is hard to count, Goddess will regard as the omen, Goddess thinks that can help our, besides great Radiant Creator, big scholar you.” 爱情女神使徒恭敬行礼后,缓缓道:“女神之所以派遣我前来,是因为两个月前,从荆棘森林中逃出了许多精灵难民,她们说森林中发生了死亡,难以计数的死亡,女神将之视为不祥之兆,女神认为能够帮助我们的,除了伟大的光明造物主外,只有大学士您了。” Death that is hard to count? 难以计数的死亡? Relo knits the brows to mutter, the instinct thought of the war. 雷洛皱眉喃喃,本能想到了战争。 But, he as if remembered anything, suddenly the pupil shrinks. 但紧接着,他似乎想起了什么,突然瞳孔一缩。 That unknown civilization that eliminates the curtain of night blood to spread out, has discovered Land of Star Curtain human! 那个消灭了夜幕血衍的未知文明,已经发现了星幕之地的人类了吗! But in the surface, Relo was actually still maintaining the tranquil, color looking pensive: I knew, after here matter ended, I can the earliest possible time send people to inquire the matter reason, to avoid these pitiful Elf, becomes Sealand Duchy slave Lord's something for one's own exclusive use.” 但表面上,雷洛却仍然保持着平静,若有所思之色道:“我知道了,这里的事结束后,我会第一时间派人查询事情原由的,以避免那些可怜精灵的们,成为西兰公国奴隶主的禁脔。” That was really thanks!” “那真是太感谢了!” The love Goddess apostle smiles delightfully, making one bathe in fresh air. 爱情女神使徒甜美一笑,让人如沐春风。
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