GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#5297: Cuts to kill at the scene!

Exalted Immortal, I could not insist that asking Exalted Immortal to assist quickly!” But that side immortals are surrounding Cheng Yu, wants its grasps exactly, here exalted lord actually soon cannot support. “诸位上仙,我坚持不住了,请上仙快来相助!”可是那边的仙人们正在围堵程宇,想要将其活抓的时候,这边的主上却是快要撑不住了。 Insists again!” But these immortals when with great difficulty Cheng Yu's immortal Yuan strength consumption was similar, the good opportunity of now surrounding. “再坚持一下!”可是这些仙人好不容易等到程宇的仙元之力消耗的差不多了,现在正是围堵的好机会。 If passes to help the exalted lord protection channel now, that possibly fell short, therefore they do not want to let go this opportunity. 如果现在过去帮助主上守护通道,那这边可能就功亏一篑了,所以他们并不想放弃这个机会。 Really could not insist that the channel must unable to preserve this way!” exalted lord loudly exclaimed. “真的坚持不住了,这样下去通道要保不住了!”主上大吼道。 His one mortal, among those present, his strength is weakest now. 他就一个凡人而已,如今在场的人当中,就他实力最弱的。 But he actually also faces the enemy to be most. 可他却也是面对敌人最多的。 However is good because of the quantities of these demon clans, although are many, but the strength cannot may compare eventually with Cheng Yu as well as these immortals. 不过好在这些魔族的数量虽多,但终究实力不能与程宇以及那些仙人可比。 But his strength just above these demon clan soldiers, otherwise is also impossible to support now. 而他的实力又刚好在这些魔族战士之上,要不然根本都不可能撑到现在。 However his even strength compared with these demon clan soldier, but the number of demon clan soldier is placed there after all, he could not stand off eventually. 但是他就算实力比这些魔族战士强,可毕竟魔族战士的数量摆在那里,他终究还是敌不过了。 I and Jiang Kang helped in the past! If were really ruined the channel by them, we will not feel better.” Wuqi looked at that side exalted lord, saw with own eyes that exalted lord had truly reached the limit, immediately must give up, he does not dare really to disregard. “我和江康过去帮忙吧!真要是被他们把通道毁掉了,那咱们也不会好过。”乌齐看了看主上那边,眼见主上确实已经到了极限,马上就要放弃了,他也不敢真的不管不顾了。 The live puppet technique is very important, the Cheng Yu's status is also very important. 活傀术很重要,程宇的身份也很重要。 However they cannot give up itself returning to the Immortal World channel for these. 但是他们也不能为了这些而放弃自己回到仙界的通道啊。 Otherwise even if they attained the live puppet technique, removed Holy City, how do they want to go back? 要不然就算他们拿到了活傀术,除掉了圣城,那他们又要如何回去呢? Otherwise, even if they had the live puppet technique, was impossible to return to Immortal World to play its role. 否则的话,他们就算有了活傀术,也不可能回到仙界发挥它的作用了。 Therefore no matter he also were still abundant they to agree, flushes away toward exalted lord that side with the Jiang Kang two people directly. 于是他也不管尚丰他们同不同意,和江康两个人直接就朝着主上那边冲去。 More than 10,000 demon clan soldiers seem like truly are very fearful, is good because of the strength not before death strengths of these demon clan soldiers, otherwise, the Wuqi two people see such scene, feared that had run away in fear, where also dares to clash. 一万多魔族战士看起来确实是非常可怕的,好在这些魔族战士的实力并没有生前的实力,否则的话,乌齐二人看到这样的场面,怕是早就吓跑了,哪里还敢冲上来。 Two people from demon clan soldiers behind, makes a move to would the demon clan soldiers being struck to fly at the scene. 两人从魔族战士的身后着手,出手之间总会有魔族战士被当场击飞。 However has saying that although these demon clan soldiers the strength has might as well before death, but the intensity of this body is not weak. 不过不得不说,这些魔族战士虽然实力已经不如生前了,可是这身体的强度却是也并不弱。 Even if by an immortal palm racket, most were still flown, but has not actually broken. 即便是被仙人一掌拍中,最多也就是飞了出去,但却并没有散架。 But if trades to make cultivator of the world of mortals, like this meets an immortal palm, even if has not broken, bone estimate still broken to become dregs in within the body. 可若是换作下界的修士的话,这样接仙人一掌,就算没有散架,体内的骨头估计也碎成渣了。 Thus it can be seen these demon clan soldiers in fact are very strong, if world of mortals cultivator runs into such enemy is really the unusual headache matter. 由此可见这些魔族战士实际上还是挺强的,若是下界修士遇到这样的敌人真的是非常头疼的事情。 Like exalted lord at this moment, his strength, although strong these demon clan soldiers, but his present duty is only protection behind channel. 就像此时此刻的主上,他的实力虽强过这些魔族战士,但是他现在的任务只是保护身后的通道。 Therefore he has not fought with these demon clan soldiers directly, but is persevering the barrier, preventing any enemy to break through his defense line. 因此他也并没有与这些魔族战士正面战斗,而是坚守着屏障,阻止任何一个敌人突破他的这道防线。 However saw that Wuqi and Jiang Kang appeared finally, his heart felt relieved finally. 不过看到乌齐和江康终于出现了,他的心终于放心下来了。 Sees only two people place visited unceasingly has the demon clan soldiers to depart, forcefully opened a channel from the dense and numerous demon clan soldiers, flushes away toward the exalted lord position. 只见两人所过之处不断的有魔族战士飞出,硬生生的从密密麻麻的魔族战士当中开辟了一条通道,朝着主上的位置冲去。 But another side Cheng Yu saw that this situation was anxious. 而另一边的程宇看到这种情况却是急了。 Although left two immortals to make his pressure change small, but he therefore has not actually cheered up. 虽然离开了两个仙人让他的压力变小了,可是他却并没有因此高兴起来。 Compares that side the channel, he can actually support a while. 相比于通道那边,他其实还是能够撑一会儿的。 So long as the channel ruined, he can evacuate momentarily. 只要通道毁掉了,他随时都可以撤离。 Now he opposes the enemy, although was relaxed, is that side the channel are many two immortals, that side pressure was big. 现在他对敌虽然轻松了,可是通道那边多出两个仙人,那边的压力就大了。 At least two immortals are defending, these demon clan soldiers more than 10,000 almost still were very even difficult to break open the defense of immortal. 至少有两个仙人守着,这些魔族战士就算有一万多几乎也很难破开仙人的防御了。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! Therefore Cheng Yu hurrying makes God Tree evacuate from here battlefield, flies toward the channel that side. 于是程宇赶紧让神树从这边的战场上撤离,也朝着通道那边飞去。 In Wuqi and Jiang Kang also in opening the channel goes to exalted lord, when position, God Tree suddenly appears in their above. 就在乌齐和江康还在开辟通道前往主上所在的位置的时候,神树突然出现在他们二人的上方。 Innumerable root hair dense and numerous extends toward two people, wants to grip the screen their two people. 无数根须密密麻麻的朝着二人伸去,想要将他们二人扎成筛子。 However the immortal immortal, did not compare it eventually once instant kill these world of mortals cultivator. 不过仙人终究还是仙人,可不比它曾经秒杀的那些下界修士 Although its root hair is hard . Moreover the quantity is extremely numerous, but simply does not have the means to massacre these two immortals. 尽管它的根须坚硬无比,而且数量极多,但是却根本没有办法杀掉这两个仙人。 The only effect prevented them from going to the speed of channel. 唯一的效果就是阻止了他们前往通道的速度。 But if cannot massacre these two immortals, or blocks them to go completely, is little significance regarding Cheng Yu. 可是如果不能杀掉这两个仙人,或者完全阻断他们前往的话,对于程宇来说并没有太大的意义。 Moreover now God Tree prevents their effects is very limited. 而且现在神树阻止他们二人的效果也很有限。 Sees only Wuqi two people left Biyou to flash, unceasing struck to fly these demon clan soldiers, rushed to the exalted lord front. 只见乌齐两人左避右闪,不断的将那些魔族战士击飞,冲到了主上的面前。 Meanwhile, two people support a new barrier with joint forces, keeps off these demon clan soldiers and God Tree outside completely. 与此同时,二人合力支撑起一个新的屏障,将这些魔族战士和神树全部都挡在外面。 ! 呼! Until this moment, exalted lord diverged the barrier, the whole person could not have withstood weakly. 直至这一刻,主上才散去了屏障,整个人早已经虚弱不堪。 Resists the attacks of so many demon clan soldiers, may not only be only the spiritual pressure, is the pressure of strength. 抵挡住这么多魔族战士的攻击,可不仅仅只是精神上的压力,更是力量的压力。 His present whole person became one group softly, both hands both legs are shivering, his thorough taking off/escaping strength. 他现在整个人都软成了一团,双手双腿都在颤抖,他彻底的脱力了。 Can say Wuqi they , if slower, perhaps is completely finally different. 可以说乌齐他们若是再慢一些,或许结果就完全不同了。 However was good because of him supports eventually, the barrier that now two immortals support, believes that protected behind channel security sufficiently. 不过好在他终究还是撑下来了,如今有两个仙人支撑的屏障,相信足以保护身后的通道安全了。 His duty was also successful completion. 他的任务也算是成功的完成了。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! More than 10,000 demon clan soldiers add on God Tree to attack this barrier unable to break open together, this disappoints another side Cheng Yu. 一万多个魔族战士加上神树一起攻打这屏障也没能破开,这让另外一边的程宇十分的失望。 But him are also facing ten enemies, cannot withdraw the body to attack that barrier, this was really makes Cheng Yu somewhat annoyed. 而他这边自己也面对着十个敌人,根本就脱不开身去攻击那屏障,这真的是让程宇有些恼火了。 Ten pairs ten! 十对十! Although the opposite was short of two enemies, now number of both sides is consistent, but Cheng Yu cannot have the advantage. 虽然对面少了两个敌人,现在双方的数量一致,可是程宇也并没能占到优势。 After all immortal is able to discriminate! 毕竟仙凡有别! However at this time, Cheng Yu took back the main body nine clone suddenly completely. 然而就在这个时候,程宇突然将九个分身全部收回了本体。 „Does he want to do?” Ten immortals have doubts immediately. “他想干什么?”十个仙人顿时疑惑不已。 Originally they are ten pairs ten, although Cheng Yu, because is the mortal in certain disadvantage, but they do not have the means to take the opposite party forcefully. 本来他们是十对十,虽然程宇因为是凡人处于一定的劣势,可是他们也并没有办法强行拿下对方。 Now but Cheng Yu takes back nine clone suddenly, ten people turned into a person, although everyone in heart doubts, hesitation that but they have no, directly Cheng Yu complete encirclement in the middle. 可是现在程宇突然收回了九个分身,十个人变成了一个人,大家虽然心中十分的疑惑,但是他们却没有任何的犹豫,直接就将程宇完全的围在了中间。 His strength......” quick, these immortals on thorough being shocked. “他的力量......”可是很快,这些仙人就彻底的惊呆了。 Their obvious feelings Cheng Yu's strength sudden rise rapidly. 他们明显的感觉到程宇的力量正在急速的暴涨。 Withdraw! Guards the channel!” Was still abundant to feel not right, immediately ordered. “撤!驻守通道!”尚丰已经感觉到了不对劲,立即下令道。 Because he knows, before ginger peace-keeping Bai letter/believes made into the severe wound to seize by Cheng Yu's this move. 因为他知道,之前姜维和柏信就是被程宇的这一招打成重伤才抓走的。 Even if he were still arranging the seal at that time, but does not represent him unable to hear unable to see. 哪怕当时他还在布置封印,但是并不代表他听不到看不到。 But the present move of strength obviously compared also wanted powerful many before, this was not joking. 而眼前的这一招的力量明显比起之前还要强大的多,这就不是闹着玩的了。 If can before the severely wounded two immortals, then if now were hit, feared that will really fall from the sky at the scene. 如果说之前就能够重伤两个仙人的话,那么现在若是被击中,怕是真的会当场陨落了。 Ten people flush away toward the position that the channel is at suddenly completely. 十个人一时间全部朝着通道所在的位置冲去。 Saint sovereign cuts!” But Cheng Yu will not make them easily run away, a sword under the powerful strength cut. “圣皇斩!”可是程宇却不会让他们这么轻易就逃走,在强大的力量之下一剑斩了下来。 Bang! 轰! A loud sound, the present all seemed to have been involved under this huge sword shadow completely. 一声巨响,眼前的一切似乎已经全部卷入了这巨大的剑影之下。 Blocks it!” The aura of destruction from transmits behind, ten immortals are dumbfounded, the extremely dangerous aura swamps into their brains. “挡住它!”毁灭的气息从身后传来,十个仙人目瞪口呆,极度危险的气息涌入他们的脑中。 At this moment, they know that oneself escaped to the channel place even were useless, the present all were being destroyed. 此时此刻,他们知道自己就算是逃到通道处都没用了,眼前的一切都在被毁灭。 If they do not intend to resist, they even have the possibility also to follow to be destroyed. 如果他们不出手抵挡的话,他们甚至有可能也跟着被毁灭。 Even if they escaped, that behind channel feared that is still attacked, on Wuqi and Jiang Kang that barrier, it is estimated that could not block. 而且就算是他们逃过去了,那身后的通道怕是也会受到冲击,就乌齐和江康两人的那道屏障,估计是挡不住的。 Therefore now at this time they, no matter to protect oneself protects the channel, they have to stand to block Cheng Yu this powerful to the fearful attack forcefully. 所以现在这个时候他们不管是为了保护自己还是保护通道,他们都不得不站出来强行挡住程宇这强大到可怕的攻击。 Ten immortals build a huge barrier simultaneously, wants to destroy to prevent at present. 十个仙人同时筑起一道巨大的屏障,想要将毁灭阻止在眼前。 Bang! 砰! Even the barriers of ten immortals cannot prevent this as if to cut the vault of heaven the terrifying sword shadow. 即便是十个仙人的屏障也没能阻止这道仿佛可以斩开天穹的恐怖剑影。 The huge barrier was cut open from the middle instantaneously, does not seem to encounter any hindrance! 巨大的屏障瞬间就被从中间切开了,似乎没有遇到任何的阻碍! But the barrier following immortal was actually struck to fly completely, most that two immortals were cut to kill by the sword shadow at the scene. 而屏障后面的仙人却全部被击飞了,其中最中间的那两个仙人更是被剑影当场斩杀了。 Joint barrier!” Was still abundant this to be really scared all of a sudden. “联合屏障!”尚丰这一下子可真的是被吓坏了。 Because that two immortals were cut a moment ago kills, he in side, because is quite near to that sword shadow. 因为刚才那两个仙人被斩杀的时候,他就在旁边,因为离那剑影比较近。 Although he had not been cut to kill, is also heavy of wound. 他虽然没有被斩杀,可是也伤的不轻。 Is nearer to the sword shadow, wound is heavier. 离剑影越近,伤的越重。 In addition saw with one's own eyes two immortals to be cut to kill, therefore he was the body is not only injured, at heart frightened extreme. 再加上亲眼看到两个仙人就这么被斩杀了,所以他不仅仅是身体受了伤,更是心里被吓的了极点。 If a moment ago were he in the middle, perhaps this sword shadow was again little, was cut possibly is he who at the scene killed. 如果刚才是他在中间的话,或许这剑影再偏一点点,那么被当场斩杀的可能就是他了。 Remaining eight people very distressed escapes toward Wuqi that side. 剩下的八个人十分狼狈的朝着乌齐那边逃去。 Although is injured, but is not fatal, has not made them lose the battle efficiency. 虽然受了伤,但是并不致命,也没有让他们失去战斗力。 Impediment of rapid breaking through demon clan soldier, entered in Wuqi and Jiang Kang's protectorate. 迅速的冲过魔族战士的阻挡,进入了乌齐和江康的保护区内。 „The strength of that fellow is very fearful, we must unite, with the giving a written guarantee boundary stone, strengthens the barrier with joint forces, cannot make him ruin the channel absolutely!” Still abundant loudly exclaimed. “那个家伙的实力很可怕,我们必须团结起来,拿出结界石,合力加强屏障,绝对不能让他毁掉通道!”尚丰大吼道。 Just arrived at Mortal Realm time, where he has thought must such diligently protected the security of channel. 刚来到人界的时候,他哪里想过要这么努力的去保护通道的安全。 But now, he does not dare not to protect. 可是现在,他不敢不去保护。 The strength of this Holy City later generation has far exceeded his imagination, in ten people , the opposite party actually can also cut to kill two immortals with joint forces forcefully, this strength has to make him be afraid. 圣城后人的实力已经远远超出了他的想象,在十人合力之下,对方竟然还能够强行斩杀两个仙人,这种实力不得不让他害怕。 If cannot defend the channel today, they then also definitely are the dead ends, he naturally is the fear. 如果今天不能守住通道的话,那他们接下来也肯定是死路一条,他自然是害怕不已。 So long as can defend the channel, today they can be safe, moreover later will have more immortals to aid them. 只要能够守住通道,今天他们就能够安全,而且以后还会有更多的仙人过来援助他们。 Therefore now they must support this barrier full power, this was they hopes finally. 所以现在他们一定要全力支撑起这道屏障,这是他们最后的希望了。 At this time everyone where also dared to retain, with the giving a written guarantee boundary stone, fused this knot barrier!? 这个时候大家哪里还敢有所保留,纷纷拿出结界石,融合到这个结界屏障当中!?
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