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#4569: The secret of palace!

God level student entering in midterm novel very writes down()” searches the latest chapter! “神级插班生小说酷笔记()”查找最新章节! It looks like in Cheng Yu, here master gathers like this their treasure hunt together, is not ruthless absolutely. 程宇看来,这里的主人把他们这样的寻宝者聚集到一起,绝对不是为了赶尽杀绝。 Each treasure hunt wants his treasure, that must strict according to the rule that he establishes endures his test. Also only then has the qualifications to obtain his treasure through the talent of test. 只是每一个寻宝者想要得到他的宝物,那就必须严格的按照他设置的规则去经受他的考验。也只有通过考验的人才有资格得到他的宝物。 Moreover, he can also affirm, this place definitely also has the exit|to speak to return to the world. 而且,他也敢肯定,这个地方肯定还有出口可以回到人类世界去。 After all attained his treasure, if cannot go back, what significance he does cause so many tests also to have? 毕竟拿到了他的宝物如果不能回去的话,他弄出这么多考验又有什么意义呢? Therefore Cheng Yu regarding leaving here does not worry, he knows that wanted to find his buried treasure probably to need to spend time. To leave this place, requires some time. 所以程宇对于离开这里并不是那么着急,他知道想要找到他的宝藏可能需要花费一点时间。想要离开这个地方,也需要一定的时间。 Moreover, Cheng Yu is also certain, here master is definitely different in the exit|to speak and place the exit|to speak to buried treasure that in return world in this designs. 另外,程宇还可以肯定,这里的主人在这里面所设计的回到人类世界的出口与通往宝藏之地的出口肯定是不一样的。 If these exits are the same, everyone did go out from here directly? 如果这些出口都是一样的,那大家岂不是就直接从这里出去了? Therefore arrived here person only to have two possibilities, cannot adopt the test dead here or is stranded here. Another possibility through the test, found the buried treasure then to leave here. 所以来到这里的人只会有两种可能,通不过考验死在这里或者被困在这里。另外一种可能就是通过考验,找到宝藏然后离开这里。 According to such logic, the normal condition they must certainly first find the buried treasure to have the opportunity to leave here, will otherwise never possibly go out. 按照这样的逻辑,正常情况他们肯定是要先找到宝藏才有机会离开这里,否则永远都不可能出去。 Therefore, saw that this exit|to speak also had the new stair to appear, this showed sufficiently this exit|to speak did not return to the exit|to speak of world, but led to another entrance of place again. 因此,看到这个出口又有新的台阶出现了,这足以证明这个出口并不是回到人类世界的出口,而是再次通往另外一个地方的入口。 However regarding such situation, Cheng Yu has not actually displayed any disappointed color, in logical range that because this inferred in him. 不过对于这样的情况,程宇却并没有表现出任何的失望之色,因为这本就在他推理的逻辑范围之内。 If here presents the exit|to speak that makes them leave directly, that will instead make him have doubts. 如果这里直接出现一个让他们离开的出口,那反而会让他疑惑了。 However, now Cheng Yu most anticipates does not leave here, he hopes that this new entrance can lead them to the place of buried treasure, that is most important. 不过,程宇现在最期待的不是离开这里,他更加希望这个新的入口能够带他们到宝藏之地,那才是最重要的。 Such words not only can find the buried treasure, but may also appear returns to the exit|to speak of world truly. 那样的话不仅可以找到宝藏,还有可能出现真正回到人类世界的出口。 Young Master, do we have a look advanced?” Yang Elder stands in that entrance looks, in cannot see is what situation, because unlike stone steps downward, this inside stone steps walked a moment ago upward. 少爷,我们先进去看看吧?”杨长老站在那入口处望了望,看不出里面到底是什么情况,因为与刚才往下的石阶不同,这里面的石阶是往上走的。 You follow behind me.” Cheng Yu nods, takes the lead to enter in the channel. “你们跟在我后面。”程宇点点头,率先进入了通道中。 After all his strength is stronger . Moreover the story experience and vigilance must be higher. Even if the front suddenly had what accident/surprise, he can still the earliest possible time respond, is insufficient to suffer a loss. 毕竟他的实力更强,而且阅历经验以及警惕性也要更高一些。就算面前突然出现了什么意外,他也能够第一时间反应过来,不至于吃大亏。 The stone steps are not steep, but is very long, does not look to the end. 石阶并不算陡,但是却很长,一眼根本就望不到头。 However Cheng Yu they do not dare to walk is too quick, each on stair is cautious, after all in this may set the mechanism/organization trap a lot. 但是程宇他们并不敢走的太快,每上一个台阶都是小心翼翼,毕竟这里面可没少设置机关陷阱。 Although some mechanisms/organizations they without finding, but this does not represent would have no mechanism/organization trap. 虽然有些机关他们并没有找到,但是这并不代表就没有机关陷阱。 Even they have triggered the place of mechanism/organization, if some people intrude again, it is estimated that will trigger some they have not met the mechanism/organization. 即便是他们已经触发过机关的地方,若是再有人闯入,估计都会触发一些他们都没有遇到过的机关。 Therefore in such place, is more careful always right. 因此在这样的地方,小心谨慎一些总是没错的。 I some want to understand that now this palace so will be why high.” Careful walking in stone steps, Feng elder says. “我现在有些想明白这座宫殿为什么会这么高了。”小心的走在石阶上,冯长老开口说道。 Why?” Yang Elder asked. “为什么?”杨长老问道。 Was so long in this stone steps on us, I estimated that we have at least arrived in the halfway of palace now. If walks again, we feared that must arrive at the crown in palace directly.” Feng Elder said. “就我们在这石阶上走了这么久,我估计我们现在至少已经到达宫殿的半腰上了。若是再这么走下去,我们怕是要直接到达宫殿的顶部了。”冯长老说道。 Perhaps the buried treasure of this palace on top also perhaps.” model/pattern Elder said. “也许这座宫殿的宝藏就在顶上也说不定。”范长老说道。 If that was true, I feared that we do not have to arrive at the palace to withstand/top quickly.” Yang Elder looked to say toward the above stone steps. “若真是这样的话,我怕我们没有那么快到达宫殿顶上。”杨长老往上面的石阶看了看说道。 This may be very difficult saying that here does not look at to the end, perhaps our true understanding in any case leads to directly top is uncertain.” Feng Elder said. “这可很难说,反正这里又看不到头,也许我们这条道真的就是直接通往顶部的也不一定。”冯长老说道。 „The words of Feng elder reminded me actually.” Cheng Yu opens the mouth to say suddenly. “冯长老的话倒是提醒我了。”程宇突然开口道。 Young Master, what meaning is your saying?” Yang Elder asked. 少爷,你这话是什么意思?”杨长老问道。 We have discovered two channels now, the previous channel walks downward, explained the place that we go most starts the lower level of that main hall situated in us. “我们现在已经发现两条通道了,之前的通道是往下走的,说明我们到达的地方处于我们最开始那个大殿的下层。 Now we walk upward, from the present distance, we at least has the altitudes of two main halls. This in other words, our present positions should be higher than that main hall one that most starts. 现在我们又往上走,从现在的距离来看,我们至少已经有两个大殿的高度了。这也就是说,我们现在的位置应该高于最开始的那个大殿一层了。 This indicated that in this palace space is also distributing layer by layer, but wants to enter other levels, we must pass these channels. 这说明这座宫殿里面的空间也是一层一层的分布着,但是想要进入其他层面,我们就必须通过这些通道。 Perhaps the buried treasure really the uppermost in palace, if that is right, we must find the channel to palace uppermost layer now. ” Cheng Yu said. 或许宝藏真的在宫殿的最上面,若是如此,我们现在就得找到通往宫殿最上层的通道。”程宇说道。 But this is also only guessed, buried treasure not necessarily in the uppermost layer of palace, may in the most middle position.” model/pattern Elder said. 258 novel net “可是这也只是猜测,宝藏未必就在宫殿的最上层,也有可能在最中间的位置。”范长老说道。258小说网 Un, this also really has the possibility. However before we obviously in same strip channel, but appeared in our front main halls actually changed, this made me think of another possibility.” Cheng Yu said. “嗯,这个也确实有可能。不过之前我们明明在同一条通道里面,但是出现在我们面前的大殿却发生了变化,这不禁让我想到了另外一种可能。”程宇说道。 What possibility?” Three people have doubts to say. “什么可能?”三人疑惑道。 If we are divided into the different layers this palace, you said such a big palace, each one main hall?” Cheng Yu said. “如果我们把这座宫殿分成不同的层数,你们说这么大的一座宫殿,每一层只有一个大殿吗?”程宇说道。 This......” people stare, obviously they have not thought such issue. “这……”众人一愣,显然他们并没有想过这样的问题。 Young Master, you meant that this palace each has the different main halls, will each main hall also change?” Yang Elder said. 少爷,你的意思是说这宫殿每一层都存在着不同的大殿,而且每个大殿还会改变?”杨长老说道。 Each main hall change should be impossible, we have not discovered what more main halls temporarily. With the beforehand strange situation, we decides as two main halls one temporarily, if these two main halls in fact in the rotation, before that can present us, situation?” Cheng Yu answered. “每个大殿改变应该是不可能的,我们暂时没有发现什么更多的大殿。就拿之前的奇怪情况来说,我们暂时将一层定为两个大殿,如果说这两个大殿实际上是在转动的,那会不会出现我们之前遇到的情况呢?”程宇解释道。 Therefore, from the beginning what we see is a main hall, when we come back again, that two main halls conducted the rotation, therefore we see was another main hall.” Feng Elder as if understood the Cheng Yu's words, saying of being suddenly enlighted. “所以,我们一开始看到的是其中一个大殿,当我们再回来的时候,那个两个大殿进行了转动,所以我们看到的就是另外一个大殿了。”冯长老似乎明白了程宇的话,恍然大悟的说道。 „Do you feel this possibility?” Cheng Yu nods to say. “你们觉得有没有这种可能呢?”程宇点点头说道。 If so, truly can explain obviously the one who passes us to walk is a channel, why will present the different main halls. “如果是这样的话,确实可以解释的通我们明明走的是一条通道,为什么会出现不同的大殿了。 How this main hall rotates? Why doesn't our feeling have? ” Asking that Yang Elder appears to understand but not really understand. 只是,这大殿是如何转动的呢?为什么我们一点感觉都没有呢?”杨长老似懂非懂的问道。 This was not the issue that we must consider, I want to would the means achieving. Before us, when outside the palace also saw, this palace is truly big. “这就不是我们要考虑的问题了,我想总会有办法做到的。只是我们之前在宫殿外面的时候也看到了,这座宫殿确实很大。 Although that main hall seems like very big, but two main halls are also as if not enough to compare with the size of palace, therefore I suspect in the same level to fear that is two main halls is rotating incessantly, perhaps has three four to be even more is uncertain. ” Cheng Yu said. 那大殿虽然看似很大,但两个大殿似乎也不足以与宫殿的大小相比,所以我怀疑同一层之中怕是不止两个大殿在转动,也许有三个四个甚至更多都不一定。”程宇说道。 „But why does the master in this palace want to do that? This is also as if not meaningful!” Asking that model/pattern Elder has doubts. “可是这宫殿的主人为什么要这么做呢?这似乎也没有什么意义啊!”范长老疑惑的问道。 „, Have you not necessarily heard the turntable game?” Cheng Yu asked. “未必,你们听说过转盘游戏吗?”程宇问道。 Turntable game? It is not clear!” Three people looked at one mutually, shakes the head in abundance. “转盘游戏?不明白!”三人互相看了一眼,纷纷摇头。 Has a turntable game in Secular World, is a big disc, is divided into several on average, in each writes the different game contents. “在世俗有一种转盘游戏,就是一个大圆盘,然后平均分成数块,每一块上都写着不同的游戏内容。 The rotary disc, with losing the way of dart chooses the game content, the region of which game content the dart sews, you must complete the game according to the content of that game region. ” Cheng Yu answered. 转动圆盘,用丢飞镖的方式来选择游戏内容,飞镖钉在哪个游戏内容的区域,你就要按照那个游戏区域的内容去完成游戏。”程宇解释道。 „! I understood, Young Master you were said that we each of this palace looks like a big disc now. “哦!我明白了,少爷你是说我们现在这座宫殿的每一层就像是一个大圆盘。 This big disc was divided into several main halls, we look like that dart, the different main halls rove before us, we walk from this channel, which main hall just meets, we must the custom of this main hall seek for the channels to other layers on time! ” Saying that Feng Elder is suddenly enlighted. 这个大圆盘被分成了好几个大殿,我们就像是那飞镖,不同的大殿就在我们面前转来转去,我们从这通道走过去,刚好遇到哪个大殿,我们就要按时这个大殿的规矩来寻找通往其他层数的通道!”冯长老恍然大悟的说道。 Right, is this truth, therefore we return after that channel, the main hall will be different, because that main hall has turned away.” The Cheng Yu nod said. “没错,就是这个道理,所以我们从那个通道里面返回之后,大殿才会有所不同,因为那个大殿已经转走了。”程宇点头道。 Probably truly is this truth, but why does my not too clear this palace master want to do that?” Feng elder then also asked. “好像确实是这个道理,可是我还是不太明白这宫殿主人为什么要这么做?”冯长老接着又问道。 This is a test! You think to look, our these found the channel time quickly, didn't you feel too simple? “这就是一种考验!你们想想看,我们这一次这么快就找到了通道,你们不觉得太简单了吗? If trades to make that main hall that is we most starts to see, you did not think that main hall obviously does have the dangerous aura? You thought that we so will be easy to find the channel in that main hall? ” Cheng Yu said. 如果换作是我们最开始看到的那个大殿,你们不觉得那个大殿明显带有危险气息吗?你们觉得我们在那个大殿会这么容易找到通道吗?”程宇说道。 Young Master meant, each has the different main halls, is each main hall representative the different degrees of hazard?” model/pattern Elder said. 少爷的意思是说,每一层有不同的大殿,每一个大殿代表着不同的危险程度?”范长老说道。 Right, this is testing our luck and strengths. If our luck is good, we will meet a relative security the main hall, moreover will be quite easy to find the outlet. “没错,这就是在考验我们的运气和实力。如果我们运气好,我们会遇到一个相对安全的大殿,而且会比较容易找到出路。 If the luck is not good, we estimated that will encounter a danger, or was very difficult to find the outlet the main hall. 如果运气不好,我们估计就会遇到一个危险,或者是很难找到出路的大殿。 Naturally, if the luck is not good, must speak with the strength. ” Cheng Yu answered. 当然,如果运气不好,或许就要用实力说话了。”程宇解释道。 Then, did we become others' game tool?” Feng Elder said. “这么说来,我们岂不是成了别人的游戏工具了吗?”冯长老说道。 This is the true life, which world regardless of actually we live, is the game tool of control, but we do not know.” The Cheng Yu feeling said generally. “这就是真正的人生,其实我们无论活在哪个世界,都是主宰者的游戏工具,只是我们不知道而已。”程宇感概道。 Before had not obtained Feng elder's reminder, he has not really thought this situation, is by a Feng elder reminder, he thought of this possibility all of a sudden. 之前没有得到冯长老的提醒,他还真没有想过这种情况,可是被冯长老一提醒,他一下子就想到了这种可能。 Actually goes to a strange place, if can understand as soon as possible this place, this to everyone is very advantageous. 其实来到一个陌生的地方,如果能够尽快的了解这个地方,这对大家来说是非常有利的。 If this palace is really the appearance that he guessed, then the adventure in this palace had the help to them. 如果这座宫殿真的是他所猜测的这个样子,那对他们接下来在这个宫殿里面的冒险就非常有帮助了。 Young Master, if so, do we then also want to wait till one safest or the easiest main hall go in?” model/pattern Elder said. 少爷,如果是这样的话,那我们接下来是不是也要等到一个最安全或者最容易的大殿才进去呢?”范长老说道。 That said that but the dangers of these main halls will not be placed in our front, even if we met, does not know that is difficult to be easy!” Cheng Yu said. 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