GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#4339: Flustered!

Then, this matter really?” Qinghecheng opinion Chancellor Zhao said, immediately believed several points. “这么说来,这件事情是真的了?”清河城主见赵主事这么说,顿时相信了几分。 City lord, I thinks that this matter should not have the false. Moreover, I heard that the beforehand Hongcheng and Xian Yuecheng they also submit Cheng Family like this!” Chancellor Zhao continues to say. “城主,我想这件事情应该不会有假。而且,我听说之前洪城和冼月城他们也都是这样归附程家的!”赵主事继续说道。 Must really be such words, that initially Zhoucheng main to the words that we did speak also really?” Saying of some Qinghecheng main doubts. “要真是这样的话,那当初周城主跟我们说的话也是真的了?”清河城主有些疑惑的说道。 He remembers that initially main had also raised with them in Zhoucheng, said that Cheng Family will not meddle their internal matters concerned. 他记得当初在周城主也跟他们提过,说程家不会插手他们的内部事宜。 At that time they have not thought must pledge allegiance to Cheng Family, therefore has not cared about Zhoucheng these words. 只是当时他们都没有想过要归顺程家,所以也没有在意过周城市的这番话。 Now Chancellor Zhao such a saying, reminds him of Zhoucheng main these words immediately. 现在赵主事这么一说,顿时让他想起了周城主的这句话。 „Has city lord, what words the Zhoucheng lords spoken?” Chancellor what curious asking. “城主,周城主说过什么话?”何主事好奇的问道。 Previous Zhoucheng main has also told us, if we pledge allegiance to Cheng Family, they will not interfere with the internal affairs of our alliance. “上一次周城主也跟我们说过,如果我们归顺程家的话,他们不会干涉我们联盟的内务。 At that time we had not been serious, such that if the matter really such as Chancellor Zhao investigates, that this matter feared that must regard as another matter! ” The Qinghecheng lords answered to everyone. 只是那个时候我们并没有当回事,若是事情真的如赵主事调查的那样,那这事怕是就要另当别论了!”清河城主向大家解释道。 City lord, but will Cheng Family really have such good intention? If they do not meddle these influences the things, what they also do want us to pledge allegiance to make?” Chancellor what questioned. “城主,可是程家真的会有这么好心吗?如果他们都不插手这些势力的事情,那他们还要我们归顺做什么呢?”何主事质疑道。 Pledges allegiance to also divides many types, one type is appropriates to oneself others' domain directly. But the Cheng Family not first annexation like this, everyone should know, now many influences run up to Secular World to turn to Cheng Family. “归顺也分很多种的,有一种是直接将别人的地盘据为己有。但程家并非第一次吞并都会这样,大家应该都知道,现在很多的势力都跑到世俗去投靠了程家 But these influences turned to Cheng Family, actually also maintains own internal affairs freedom, Cheng Family does not interfere. 而这些势力虽然投靠了程家,却也都是保持自己的内务自由,程家并不干涉。 Perhaps, Cheng Family is treating our attitudes is also the same to these influences, they do not need to run these domains, they are also regarded as under Cheng Family the sect to be the same us merely. 或许,程家在对待我们的态度也跟这些势力一样,他们并不需要自己掌管这些地盘,他们也仅仅是把我们当作是程家的一个下宗一样。 So long as we do not betray Cheng Family, or the matter beyond influence obeys Cheng Family, should be OK! ” Zhao Deacon guess said. 只要我们不背叛程家,或者在势力以外的事情听从程家的话,应该就可以了!”赵执事猜测道。 Un, the idea of Chancellor Zhao reasonable. Now pledges allegiance to the Cheng Family below sects and many, under these sect as if also still had certain autonomy.” The Qinghecheng principal point nod said. “嗯,赵主事的这个想法是有道理的。如今归顺程家的下宗并不少,这些下宗似乎也都仍然拥有一定的自主权。”清河城主点点头说道。 City lord, is your meaning we really must pledge allegiance to Cheng Family?” Chancellor what asked. “城主,那你的意思是我们真的也要归顺程家吗?”何主事问道。 This...... I do not dare saying that how you do feel?” Qinghecheng main also feels somewhat awkwardly. “这个......我也不敢说,你们觉得如何呢?”清河城主也觉得有些为难。 All that after all now they discuss merely are only their speculations, must say that decided whether like this clear river Alliance must pledge allegiance to Cheng Family, that also some were extremely truly careless. 毕竟现在他们所谈论的一切仅仅只是他们的推测,要说就这样决定清河联盟是否要归顺程家,那确实也有些太过草率了。 But, these two means on by Chancellor Zhao saying, perhaps this second type instead is effective. 可是,就以赵主事所说的这两种办法,或许这第二种反而是会有效果的。 After all must invite a helper from a very remote landlord, this matter is not quite realistic. 毕竟要从一个非常遥远的地主请来一个帮手,这种事情本身就不太现实。 If an influence wants to expand own influence, that also definitely starts from own surroundings, but does not rush to another strange place absolutely suddenly, goes to fight with some local strong presences hardly. 一个势力要想扩大自己的势力,那也肯定是从自己的周围开始,而绝对不是突然跑到另外一个陌生的地方,去与一些当地的强大势力硬斗。 Therefore, necessity that this means have not basically considered. 所以,这个办法基本上没有考虑的必要了。 However, pledges allegiance to simplicity that such Cheng Family this matter has not imagined, these have many problems. 不过,归顺程家这件事情也没有想象的这么简单,这其中也存在许多的问题。 If after they pledged allegiance to Cheng Family, then lost power that runs clear river Alliance, he will be will not pledge allegiance to Cheng Family absolutely. 如果他们归顺了程家以后,便失去了掌管清河联盟的权力,那他是绝对不会归顺程家的。 City lord, I felt, if Cheng Family really does not meddle our internal affairs, belongs to besides our alliance in Cheng Family, our clear river Alliance is the original alliance, we can consider actually!” Chancellor what said. “城主,我觉得如果程家真的不插手我们的内务,除了我们联盟归属于程家之外,我们清河联盟还是原来的联盟,那我们倒是可以考虑一下!”何主事说道。 „Do you feel?” The Qinghecheng principal point nods, looked that asked to others. “你们觉得呢?”清河城主点点头,又看向了其他人问道。 Our idea and Chancellor what are similar, so long as Cheng Family does not meddle our alliance internal matters concerned, we original alliance, whom that pledges allegiance to actually not to relate!” Other chancellors also say. “我们的想法与何主事差不多,只要程家不插手我们联盟内部事宜,我们还是原来的联盟,那归顺谁其实都没有关系!”其他主事也开口说道。 Un, that was like this good, Chancellor Zhao gave many cares at this matter, inquired that for us so many news, it can be said that contributed to the great merit for our alliance. “嗯,那这样好了,赵主事在这件事情上费了不少心思,为我们打听到这么多的消息,可以说是为我们联盟立了大功。 However I thought that we want to pledge allegiance to Cheng Family this matter unable to disclose temporarily, therefore I decided that must ask Chancellor Zhao to go to Cheng Family personally, asks that Zhoucheng lord to discuss, has a look at us whether really has the possibility of pledging allegiance. 不过我觉得咱们想要归顺程家这件事情暂时还不能透露出去,所以我决定还得请赵主事亲自去一趟程家,找那周城主谈一谈,看看我们是否真的有归顺的可能性。 How does Chancellor Zhao decide? ” The Qinghecheng lords noticed that everyone too does not repel to pledge allegiance to this matter, then says. 赵主事决定如何?”清河城主看到大家都不太排斥归顺这件事情,便开口说道。 City lords have the life, does not dare, since.” Chancellor Zhao said. “城主有命,不敢不从。”赵主事说道。 That this matter wanted to be laborious you, if you really completed this matter, the alliance will certainly not disappoint you!” The Qinghecheng lords said. “那这件事情就要辛苦你了,若是你真的把这件事情办成了,联盟一定不会辜负你!”清河城主说道。 Many thanks the city lord, I will then head for Cheng Family tomorrow, certainly what does one's best is to pledge allegiance to Cheng Family creates the most advantageous condition!” Chancellor Zhao returns very seriously said. “多谢城主,我明天便启程前往程家,一定尽心尽力的为归顺程家创造最有利的条件!”赵主事十分郑重的回道。 Good, we are then waiting for your good news in Qinghecheng!” Qinghecheng main said with a smile. “好,那我们便在清河城等着你的好消息!”清河城主笑着说道。 Three big alliances one after another was annexed by Cheng Family, this also made the thoughts of many alliance complex, this clear river Alliance was. 三大联盟接二连三的被程家吞并了,这也让不少联盟的心思变得复杂起来了,这清河联盟便是其中一个罢了。 However, has alliance actually also not just their one of the clear river Alliance idea, everyone is making various considerations for the future of own alliance. 然而,有清河联盟这种想法的联盟却也并非仅仅他们一个,大家都在为自己联盟的未来做着各种考虑。 Some even suggested to leave this place, has all capital to a new place, without the places of so many powerful enemies went to the newly-built alliance. 有的甚至建议离开这个地方,带着所有的资本到一个新的地方,没有这么多强敌的地方去新建一个联盟。 Naturally, such idea raises, basically in others by alliance was given the denial. 当然,这样的想法一提出来,基本上就被联盟中的其他人给否定了。 Because made the price is really big, affected the interests of too many, everyone will not definitely agree. 因为这么做代价实在是太大了,也影响了太多人的利益,大家肯定是不会同意的。 However, why the people of these alliances also know that three alliances by Cheng Family to the annexation, therefore Cheng Family, even if really has the idea to other alliances, is impossible is so quick. 不过,这些联盟的人也都知道那三个联盟为何会被程家给吞并,所以程家就算真的对其他联盟有想法,也不可能那么快。 Therefore they have enough time to consider the alliance later matter temporarily. 所以他们暂时还有足够的时间去考虑联盟以后的事情。 Moreover, besides these three alliances by the matter of Cheng Family annexation beside, they were heard another important matter of Cultivation World. 另外,除了这三个联盟被程家吞并的事情之外,他们又听说了修真界发生的另外一件大事。 That was the cam wood city of purple maple tree alliance hears by the wise reign seizing. Although this purple maple tree alliance leaves their these alliance not is very near, but the strength of purple maple tree alliance is very therefore strong, in the surrounding influence is very big. 那就是紫枫联盟的紫木城听说被圣朝给占领了。虽然这个紫枫联盟离他们这些联盟并不很近,但是因此紫枫联盟的实力很强,在周围的影响力还是很大的。 Now the purple maple tree alliance has an accident, naturally also passed to their domain quickly. 现在紫枫联盟出了事,自然也很快就传到了他们的地盘了。 Before everyone had also heard the matter about wise reign influence, but that left everyone is quite far after all. 以前大家也听说过关于圣朝这个势力的事情,但那毕竟离大家都比较远。 But the purple maple tree alliance is not remote to them, if their wise reign had arrived at the purple maple tree alliance, that means this wise reign does leave them is not far? 而紫枫联盟是离他们就没有那么遥远了,如果他们圣朝已经来到了紫枫联盟的话,那是否就意味着这个圣朝离他们也不远了呢? This wise reign even/including Zifeng alliance dares to offend, moreover seized their city, this wise reign was also too terrifying. 这圣朝连紫枫联盟都敢得罪,而且还占领了他们的城池,这圣朝也太恐怖了。 The one who makes them be afraid, since this wise reign has appeared in the purple maple tree alliance, then might also arrive at their here to come very much. 更加让他们害怕的是,既然这个圣朝已经出现在紫枫联盟了,那么就很有可能也会到他们这里来了。 If they arrived at the purple maple tree alliance, that matter was really bad. After all Cheng Family, this mysterious wise reign seems to be more dreadful. 若是他们来到了紫枫联盟,那事情就真的糟糕了。毕竟程家,这个神秘的圣朝似乎更让人害怕。 txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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