GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2744: Then should unable to run away!

Nangong to subdue|grams corners of the mouth blood overflows, his complexion is surprised, has not thought that this Situ the article so will be forever sinister, no wonder before , he gave up the attack on own initiative, but is here is waiting for him. 南宫克嘴角鲜血溢出,他脸色惊讶,没有想到这个司徒永文这么阴险,怪不得之前他主动放弃了攻击,而是这里等着他。 However, he also knows that this also blamed him being too careless. Has forgotten Situ Aristocratic Family this point unexpectedly, their Situ Aristocratic Family symbol carte and tierce may not only send the big move, even if the ordinary attack can also use the symbol carte and tierce. 不过,他也知道,这也怪他自己太粗心了。竟然忘了司徒世家的这一点,他们司徒世家的符剑术可不仅仅只是发大招,就算是普通的攻击也可以施展出符剑术。 Therefore, he ate this to owe others to be no wonder sinister, can only blame too not to be careful that forgets including this point. 所以,他吃了这亏怪不得别人阴险,只能怪自己太不小心了,连这一点都忘记了。 Was good because of that struck itself to evade a moment ago critical part, otherwise feared that was selected the wound to be so simple. 好在刚才那一击自己避过了要害部位,要不然自己怕是就不会是受点伤这么简单了。 However, Situ Yongwen did not plan had any opportunity of turning over obviously to Nangong to subdue|grams again, therefore has not waited for Nangong to subdue|grams many to think that he then again got rid. 但是,司徒永文显然是不打算给南宫克再有任何翻身的机会了,所以没等南宫克多想,他便再一次跟着出手了。 A Situ Yongwen sword punctures, sees only on this sword the thunder and lightning winding, simultaneously blows out the spark, this is the thunder attribute with the hot attribute mix symbol carte and tierce, Nangong to subdue|grams is very discrete, wants to avoid hastily. 司徒永文一剑刺来,只见他这剑上雷电缠绕,同时又爆出火花,这是雷属性跟火属性的混合符剑术,南宫克十分谨慎,连忙想要避开。 Bang! 轰! But, he just drew back, the Situ Yongwen sword sharp place has then exploded, a formidable impulse outward will attack Nangong to subdue|grams directly, Nangong to subdue|grams is struck to fly again. 可是,他才刚刚退开,司徒永文的剑尖处便已经爆开了,一股强大的往外冲击力直接将冲击到了南宫克的身上,南宫克再一次被击飞了。 Bang! 轰! However, this merely is only a start, sees Situ Yongwen to rise with a spring again, a sword punctures! 不过,这仅仅只是一个开始,就见司徒永文再一次一跃而起,一剑刺下! Nangong to subdue|grams gives way to traffic once more hastily, but is one crack, the thunder and lightning and spark that explodes spread the formidable impulse, Nangong to subdue|grams was exploded again, has hit several tumblings in the arena continuously! 南宫克再次连忙避让,可是又是一声炸响,爆开的雷电和火花传出强大的冲击力,南宫克再一次被爆开了,在擂台上连续打了好几个翻滚! So the reciprocation, Situ Yongwen continuously to subdue|grams has caused not the small damage using the symbol carte and tierce to Nangong. What is more serious, Nangong to subdue|grams had almost not had the strength to hit back that he hit. 如此往复,司徒永文利用符剑术连续的给南宫克造成了不小的伤害。更加严重的是,南宫克几乎已经没有被他打的没有还手之力了。 This Situ Aristocratic Family symbol carte and tierce is quite fearful, no matter displays the big move, is in the ordinary attack, this Situ Yongwen already symbol carte and tierce utilization reached a high degree of proficiency.” “这司徒世家的符剑术好可怕,不管是施展大招,还是在普通的攻击当中,这司徒永文都已经将符剑术运用的炉火纯青了。” Yes, the symbol carte and tierce that although this moment Situ Yongwen uses was not terrorist like before, however the style obvious lethality was bigger, making people virtually impossible to guard against. “是啊,虽然此刻司徒永文所施展的符剑术并不像之前那么恐怖,但是这样的招式显然杀伤力更大,让人防不胜防。 Furthermore, as the matter stands, his consumption is also far from beforehand being so big, but the effect is actually much better, right now Nangong to subdue|grams must but actually big mildew! ” 再者,这样一来,他的消耗也远远没有之前那么大,但是效果却要好的多,这下子南宫克可是要倒大霉了!” Right, before Situ Yongwen that big vigor was unable to take Nangong to subdue|grams. Now is but easier-to-use with this trick, Nangong to subdue|grams as if absolutely did not have the strength of resisting, such gets down again, Nangong to subdue|grams lost!” “没错,之前司徒永文费了那么大的劲也没能将南宫克拿下。可是现在用这种伎俩却更好使,南宫克似乎已经完全没有招架之力了,再这么下去,南宫克输定了!” Saw that Situ Yongwen long-term usage symbol carte and tierce erupts, the people you said my word, thought that Situ Yongwen these time seized the opportunity, if Nangong to subdue|grams cannot think means change this time situation, he basically must be eliminated. 看到司徒永文连续使用符剑术爆发,众人你一言我一言,觉得司徒永文这一次是抓住了机会,南宫克如果不能想办法改变此时的处境,那他基本上是要被淘汰的。 At this time, the Nangong aristocratic family worried, Nangong Jue and Guan Zhi believe that side tactical situation itself not quite to be good, now Nangong to subdue|grams also all of a sudden turned into the losing battle from the tie continually, they worry. 此时,南宫世家这边着急了,南宫珏和关志信那边的战况本身就不太好,现在连南宫克也一下子从平局变成了败局,他们心里着急啊。 This changes was too quick, before thinks that some Nangong aristocratic family two will be promoted, but currently may be them be eliminated, the elders of Nangong aristocratic family somewhat could not sit still. 这变化来的太快了,之前以为南宫世家会有两人晋级,但是现在却有可能是两人出局,南宫世家的长老们都有些坐不住了。 „The Situ Aristocratic Family symbol carte and tierce, this way to subdue|grams had really feared that must be eliminated!” 司徒世家的符剑术果然了得,这样下去克儿怕是要被淘汰出局了!” This Situ the article truly will be very forever intelligent, before displayed the big move not only consumed in a big way, but also the effect was not quite tangible. Now he uses the symbol carte and tierce characteristics, the symbol carte and tierce hideaway in the middle of every gesture and motions, this also is really makes people virtually impossible to guard against. “这个司徒永文确实很聪明,之前施展大招不仅消耗大,而且效果也不太明显。如今他利用符剑术的特点,把符剑术隐藏于一招一式当中,这还真的是让人防不胜防。 Also does not know whether to subdue|grams has the means counter-attack, otherwise really must be eliminated! ” 也不知道克儿是否有办法反击,要不然就真的要出局了!” From the present situation, looks comes out among them the disparity, gram was really dangerous!” “从现在的情况来看,还是看的出来两人之间的差距,克儿真的危险了!” „A gram danger was dangerous, but we did not have the Ji facial skin to be so thick. Before Guan Zhixin had the danger time, Ji made their seniors get rid unexpectedly, this simply was too hateful.” And an elder remembers beforehand the achievement of Ji, is not feeling well at heart. “克儿危险是危险了,只是我们没有姬家脸皮那么厚。之前关志信有危险的时候,姬家竟然让他们的前辈出手,这简直是太可恶了。”其中一个长老一想起之前姬家的作为,心里就很不爽。 Right, Ji truly is too not concerned about face. At that time Guan Zhixin put out immortal to break out that bell, the senior of Ji feared that is really directly gets rid!” “没错,姬家也确实太不要脸了。要不是当时关志信拿出了仙器将那大钟劈开了,姬家的前辈怕是就真的直接出手!” Snort! If they got rid that to be booing, that two pieces of jade put together can be promoted directly.” “哼!他们要是真的出手了那倒好了,那珏儿就可以直接晋级了。” Said is also, do they break the rule also to win?” “说的也是,他们率先破坏规则难道还想赢吗?” The people regarding Nangong Jue and Guan Zhixin the showdown, Ji actually want to meddle, they are very discontented. 众人对于南宫珏和关志信的对决,姬家却想要插手,他们是非常不满的。 However at this time these elders noticed Nangong to subdue|grams absolutely does not have the strength to hit back in the arena, the innermost feelings are incomparably anxious, but they also do not have any means that can only sit worries here! 不过此时这些长老们看到南宫克在擂台上完全没有还手之力,内心是无比焦急的,可是他们又没有任何的办法,只能坐在这里干着急! Situ Aristocratic Family may be happy, Situ Yongwen broke very much finally balanced, now the initiative in the hand, the rhythm of entire fight basically completely grasped in Situ forever in the hand of article. 司徒世家这边可就是开心的很了,司徒永文终于打破了平衡,如今主动权在手,整个战斗的节奏基本上已经完全掌握在司徒永文的手上了。 Has not thought that also projects on this situation with Great Ascension Initial Stage unexpectedly, but finally will have controlled the war in forever the article well. By the present situation, should quick to end this showdown!” “没有想到跟一个大乘初期竟然也打到这种地步,不过好在永文终于还是掌控了战局。以现在的情况来看,应该很快就要结束这场对决了!” Right, Nangong to subdue|grams that fellow can insist that the present was very good, but he after is only Great Ascension Initial Stage, can insist that this situation, truly also very much made one admire. “没错,南宫克那家伙能够坚持到现在已经很不错了,只是他毕竟只是一个大乘初期,能够坚持到这种地步,确实也是很令人佩服的。 However, victory eventually our Situ Aristocratic Family of this showdown, this is everyone cannot rob. What accident no matter among has, this is only temporary! ” A Situ Aristocratic Family elder said with a smile. 不过,这场对决的胜利终究还是我们司徒世家的,这是谁也抢不走的。不管中间出现什么样的意外,这都只是暂时的罢了!”一个司徒世家的长老笑着说道。 That regarding forever the article, at least that side the Wucheng outline basically will not have too to hope merely greatly!” Another elder looked at the fight of Wucheng outline and Chen Hongyuan on No. 1 arena, at this time the Wucheng outline was getting more and more passive, they have almost not had any hope to him. “那也仅仅是对于永文来说而已,至少武成纲那边基本上就没有太大的希望了!”另外一个长老看了看一号擂台上的武成纲与陈宏远的战斗,此时武成纲已经越来越被动了,他们几乎对他已经不抱任何的希望了。 Oh! Forever the article can be promoted was also good, at least greatly preserved compared with the first three positions.” An elder also looked at that side of Wucheng outline, helpless said with a sigh. “唉!永文能够晋级也不错了,至少大比前三的位置是保住了。”一个长老也看了看武成纲的那边,也是无奈的叹息道。 Right, from the present all parties' situation, can have one person to attain greatly compared with first three is very good. Before thought that the Nangong aristocratic family might be promoted them, was now they were as if same as our beforehand situations, had possibility one person unable to be promoted. “没错,从现在各方的情况来看,能够有一人拿到大比前三已经算是很不错了。之前觉得南宫世家有可能晋级两人,可是现在他们似乎跟我们之前的情况一样了,有可能一人都无法晋级。 Nangong to subdue|grams was very at least difficult the opportunity to be promoted, therefore we this, forever the article can be promoted now is good. ” Another elder said. 至少南宫克就很难有机会晋级了,所以我们现在这样,永文能够晋级就算不错了。”另外一个长老说道。 Said is also, the matter of fight is always unpredictable, before we also think that we can two be promoted, but later even thought that might be eliminated completely. “说的也是,战斗之事一向都是难以预料的,之前我们也以为咱们可以有两人晋级,而之后甚至又觉得有可能全部会被淘汰。 Therefore, a lot do not have the means to talk clearly, but from the present situation, forever the article must be promoted should the issue not to be big, although this Nangong to subdue|grams the strength is good, but feared that now did not have the ability to dump tray again! ” 所以,很多事情都是没有办法说清楚的,不过从现在的情况来看,永文要晋级应该问题不大,这个南宫克虽然实力不错,但是现在怕是没有能力再翻盘了!” Situ Aristocratic Family as if also grasped these time greatly compared with repertoire, the war is fast changing, every so often they think can win, actually suddenly turned lost the bureau. 司徒世家似乎也已经掌握了这一次大比的套路,战局瞬息万变,很多时候他们以为可以赢的时候,却突然又变成了输局。 However now Situ Yongwen here situation is truly good, they still believe that their Situ Aristocratic Family must win! 不过现在司徒永文这边的情况确实非常好,他们仍然相信他们司徒世家是必赢的!
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