GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2743: Attack!

All people are having doubts, this Guan Zhi on is taking immortal of genuine goods at reasonable prices at fingertips, but actually completely should not have the strength that to display immortal, this made everybody very puzzled. 所有人都在疑惑,这个关志信手上拿着货真价实的仙器,但是却完全没有把仙器该有的力量发挥出来,这就让大家很不解了。 However, at this time Guan Zhixin with just happy, what won't explain with them who Nangong Jue hits why? 不过,此时关志信跟南宫珏打的正欢,可不会跟他们去解释什么为什么? His goal only then one, that wins Nangong Jue, enters the round of four smoothly! 他的目标只有一个,那就是打赢南宫珏,顺利晋级四强! However, on the according to current condition, they was very suddenly difficult to decide the victory and defeat. 但是,就以目前的状况来看,他们一时间是很难分出胜负了。 But another side, at this time in No. 3 arena, Nangong to subdue|grams and Situ Yongwen fight also turned the superheating. 而另一边,此时在三号擂台上,南宫克和司徒永文的战斗也进入了白热化。 Before Situ Yongwen has not thought that is only the Great Ascension Initial Stage Nangong to subdue|grams strength unexpectedly so is merely strong, this also made him prepare, in four entered the three branches of the family mix symbol carte and tierce that in three first three contests can use, actually ahead of time in this fought to cause. 之前司徒永文也没有想到仅仅只是大乘初期的南宫克实力竟然这么强,这也让他原本准备在四进三的前三争夺战中才会使用的三属性混合符剑术,却提前在这一战就使出来了。 But, he therefore directly has not been eliminated Nangong to subdue|grams. At this time, he unceasing arriving keeping out the wind hot thunder symbol carte and tierce the blade wave of one after another, however the backlash is step-by-stepping several steps to proceed to move the step slowly. 可是,他并没有因此而直接将南宫克淘汰出局。此时,他正不断的抵挡着风火雷符剑术的一圈一圈的刀浪,然后退一步进几步的慢慢往前挪动着步子。 Many people thought that Nangong to subdue|grams this act is unwise, because such does, although looks like as if truly can serve his purpose, nearly before Situ forever the body of article, but such did actually consumes energy with the spirit strength. 很多人都觉得南宫克此举是非常不明智的,因为这么做虽然看起来似乎确实能够达到他的目的,近到司徒永文的身前,但是这么做却是太消耗精力和灵力了。 When perhaps he succeeds to Situ Yongwen front, his energy and spirit strength had been consumed completely, will he appear in Situ forever the front of article will bring about own destruction? 也许等到他成功的到了司徒永文的面前,他的精力和灵力已经完全被消耗掉了,那他出现在司徒永文的面前岂不是自寻死路? However, nobody knows how the innermost feelings of Nangong to subdue|grams actually think, he is to do. 不过,没有人知道南宫克的内心到底是怎么想的,他只是做着自己想做的。 His big writing brush is similar to a sharp sharp sword, the tip flings, air/Qi the blade edge to depart together, breaks three blade waves that flushed instantaneously. 他的大毛笔就如同一把锋锐的利剑,笔锋一甩,一道气刃飞出,瞬间就破开了冲来的三圈刀浪。 Although he, when broken operation wave, because the formidable impact strength caused him to be repelled two steps, when he broke these three blade waves, rapid went forward several steps, the position that so a contrast, he finally was at compared with must go forward several steps. 虽然他在破开刀浪的时候,因为强大的冲击力量导致他被击退了两步,但是在他破开这三圈刀浪的时候,迅速的上前几步,如此一对比,他最后所在的位置还是比原本要前进了几步。 Although Nangong to subdue|grams forever under the symbol carte and tierce of article will walk in Situ is very difficult, but he has been insisting. 尽管南宫克在司徒永文的符剑术之下走的很艰难,但是他一直坚持着。 Saw that Nangong to subdue|grams is unexpectedly getting more and more near to oneself, Situ Yongwen frowned, this fellow also is really unexpected, so is unexpectedly rigid. 眼看着南宫克竟然离自己越来越近,司徒永文不禁皱起了眉头,这个家伙还真的是让人意想不到,竟然如此执着。 To this time, his symbol carte and tierce did not have the means to prevent Nangong to subdue|grams again. 到了这个时刻,他的符剑术已经没有办法再阻止南宫克了。 The people then saw the blade wave that in the arena that wells up one after another is reducing suddenly, everybody not yes what's the matter time, actually actually saw that Situ Yongwen pulls out from the arena his long sword, at this moment, after the arena gushes out the last blade wave, then again did not have the new blade wave to appear. 众人便看到擂台上那一圈一圈涌出来的刀浪突然在缩减,大家正不明白怎么回事的时候,却却见到司徒永文将他的长剑从擂台之中拔出来,这一刻,擂台上涌出最后一圈刀浪之后,便再也没有新的刀浪出现了。 Nangong to subdue|grams has not thought that obviously Situ Yongwen will give up attacking unexpectedly on own initiative, the blade wave vanishes, among them does not have any stop again! 南宫克也显然也没有想到司徒永文竟然会主动放弃攻击,刀浪一消失,他们二人之间再也没有任何的阻拦! This time Nangong to subdue|grams immediately forever the article to Situ will not actually have launched the attack, they are actually four items of relative. 只是此时的南宫克却并没有马上对司徒永文发起攻击,两人却是四目相对。 As Great Ascension Initial Stage, you can arrive at these step to make me exclaim in surprise. However, you think that this can win me to come the level four strong words smoothly, what you think was too simple!” Situ Yongwen was saying, while pulls out Medicinal Pill(s) to swallow. “作为一个大乘初期,你能走到这一步真的让我惊叹。不过,你以为这样就能够打赢我顺利来级四强的话,那你想的还是太简单了!”司徒永文一边说着,一边掏出一枚丹药吞下。 With Nangong to subdue|grams this showdown, his consumption somewhat was truly oversized, before this is also him, has not thought. Because he thought how long time eliminates a Nangong to subdue|grams not to require, but had now insisted for a long time has not taken the opposite party, he has to restore. 跟南宫克这一声对决,他的消耗确实有些过大了,这也是他之前没有想到的。因为他觉得淘汰一个南宫克并不需要多久的时间,但是现在坚持了那么久也没有将对方拿下,他不得不恢复一下。 Perhaps must win you is very truly difficult, but you want to win me, as if isn't that easy?” Nangong to subdue|grams said with a smile, saw that the opposite party put out Medicinal Pill(s) to supply, he was not silly, hurries to put out to restore Medicinal Pill(s) to restore. “或许要赢你确实很困难,但是你想要赢我,似乎也不是那么容易吧?”南宫克笑道,看到对方拿出丹药来补给,他也不傻,赶紧拿出恢复丹药恢复一下。 A moment ago to break the blade wave of opposite party, but made him consume much. 刚才为了破开对方的刀浪,可是让他消耗不少。 It seems like we have to believe to take the opposite party very much, such being the case, we can only speak depending on the strength!” Situ forever imperial civil service examinations intent thick saying. “看来我们都很有相信拿下对方,既然如此,那咱们就只能凭实力说话了!”司徒永文战意浓浓的说道。 Actually, his also is very at heart depressed, thinks is picked up a bargain, made him run into among eight people unexpectedly boundary lowest. 其实,他的心里也挺郁闷的,本来以为是自己捡了一个便宜,竟然让他遇到了八个人当中境界最低的一个。 But, he has not thought that this dark horse not only became the dark horse in the beforehand several rounds, but also to this round, with his such match showdown, he is still a dark horse of genuine goods at reasonable prices. 可是,他怎么也没有想到,这匹“黑马”不仅仅在之前的几轮当中成为了黑马,而且到了这一轮,跟他这样的对手对决,他仍然是一匹货真价实的黑马。 Has such matter, the players who several other note their tactical situation feel surprisedly, feels to rejoice for oneself. 发生这样的事,就连其他几个注意到他们二人战况的参赛选手都感觉到惊讶,同时也为自己感到庆幸。 Before saw by Situ forever writing Chou will arrive in Nangong to subdue|grams time, in their several people of hearts also somewhat envied Situ Yongwen, made him grab such a bargain unexpectedly. 之前看到被司徒永文抽到了南宫克的时候,他们其中有几人心中还有些羡慕司徒永文,竟然让他捡了这么一个便宜。 But who thinks that this where is picked up a bargain, has clearly picked one * bothersomely. Was Situ Yongwen has run luckily also into him, if made them meet Nangong to subdue|grams, perhaps now has been eliminated. 可谁会想到,这哪里是捡了个便宜,分明就是捡了一个*烦啊。幸好也是司徒永文遇到了他,要是让他们遇到了南宫克,说不定现在都已经被淘汰了。 Although Nangong to subdue|grams insisted that the present also truly makes many people be surprised, but except for him, nobody knows that he is any condition. 虽然南宫克坚持到现在也确实让很多人感到意外,但是除了他自己,没有人会知道他自己是什么状态。 Compared with Situ Yongwen, his consumption must be much more than Situ Yongwen. 与司徒永文相比,他的消耗要远远多于司徒永文。 Because of this, when Situ Yongwen symbol carte and tierce at the unceasing release the blade wave, he runs away not to be possible to run away. Even if he to protect oneself to stand is freezing, he is also basic on the consumption does not get up. 正是因为这样,所以当司徒永文的符剑术在不断的释放出刀浪的时候,他逃无可逃。就算他为了自保而站在原地不动,他也根本就消耗不起了。 Therefore, he will choose that violent main attack way. Because, if he does not spell, he definitely will be before Situ Yongwen when the spirit strength will exhaust will exhaust his spirit strength. 所以,他才会选择那种极端的主攻方式。因为,如果他不拼一下,他必然会先于司徒永文在灵力耗尽之时耗尽自己的灵力。 However from the result, he succeeds now. Situ who at least he compels forever article will give up the attack, did not have the influence of blade wave, he thought that he should also be able forever the article to fight one with Situ. 但是从结果来看,他现在成功了。至少他逼的司徒永文放弃了攻击,没有了刀浪的影响,他觉得自己应该还能跟司徒永文大战一声。 As for result how, only then god knows. 至于结果如何,就只有天知道了。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! Two people fight again in the same place, when everybody thinks this can be a protracted war, but suddenly together Thunder light appears, Nangong to subdue|grams directly was then struck to fly! 两个人再一次交手在一起,就在大家以为这又会是一场持久战的时候,可是却突然一道雷光出现,南宫克便直接被击飞了出去! „Did day, what have a moment ago? Wasn't I dazzled? Didn't they just fight?” “天呐,刚才发生了什么?我不是看花眼了吧?他们两人不是才刚刚交手吗?” Probably truly is this, but suddenly to present how Thunder light?” “好像确实是这样,不过怎么会突然出现雷光呢?” That is Situ Yongwen Thunder Fushu, did you forget? Before Situ Yongwen has gotten down Thunder light on directing!” “那是司徒永文的雷符术,你们忘记了吗?之前司徒永文就引下了一道雷光!” Originally is this, this Situ forever the article also will really be ruthless, thinks a moment ago they must struggle hard one, has not thought that he will get rid so to be ruthless, feared that will be Nangong to subdue|grams has not thought to be able like this?” People by Situ forever article sudden big move shocking. “原来是这样,这个司徒永文还真是狠啊,刚才还以为他们两人又要苦战一场了,没有想到他一出手就这么狠,怕是南宫克也没有想到会这样吧?”众人被司徒永文突如其来的大招给震惊了。 But, Situ Yongwen has not planned to finish obviously in light of this, this Nangong to subdue|grams gave his feeling really to spell, he does not dare to give such character any opportunity absolutely again. 可是,司徒永文显然是没有打算就此结束,这个南宫克给他的感觉实在太拼了,他绝对不敢再给这样的人物任何机会。 Therefore, he simply fought two rounds to leave with Nangong to subdue|grams has killed to incur. 所以,他只是跟南宫克简单的交手了两个回合就出了杀招。 Big move of differences from other aristocratic families, their Situ Aristocratic Family symbol carte and tierce can hide in every gesture and motions. 与其他世家的大招不同,他们司徒世家的符剑术可以隐藏在一招一式当中。 Therefore, he then took advantage Nangong to subdue|grams does not have the response at the same time attacks instantaneously, now looks like, at least his idea is right! 因此,他便趁南宫克没有反应的同时瞬间出击,现在看来,至少他的想法是对的!
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