GOS :: Volume #13

#1285: Ring Spirit...

You at all are not it!” “你根本不是它!” Ming Hao is pinching Blood Vein Ring, the facial expression is gloomy, his eyes is spooky, drinks fierce coldly. 冥晧捏着血纹戒,神情阴森诡异,他双眸幽幽,厉声冷喝。 A continuously jet soul smoke, suddenly comes out from that abstention surface escape, the gloomy ice-cold soul that Ming Hao is in sole possession of read extremely obviously. 一缕缕墨黑魂烟,忽然从那戒面飞逸出来,冥晧独有的阴森冰冷魂念极其明显。 He with soul invasion ring, in ring interior nosing, as if with the internal Ring Spirit battle, was confirming that in the heart guessed. 他以灵魂侵入戒指,在戒指内部查探,似乎在和内部戒灵争斗,来确认心中猜测。 Ming Hao this start to talk, the people facial expression is startled changes, looks swiftly to him. 冥晧这一开口,众人纷纷神情惊变,倏然看向他。 Xuan He and Fei Liete have exchanged a look, the expression is also dignified, they have not gotten rid to prevent the Ming Hao movement, but knits the brows deeply looks to that ring. 玄河腓烈特交换了一个眼神,表情也凝重起来,他们并没有出手阻止冥晧动作,而是皱眉深深看向那戒指。 Shi Yan hear of Ming Hao such saying, the mind greatly shook, in the mind such as lasing thunder and lightning, layer upon layer the dense fog will give the tearing smashing together. 石岩冥晧这么一说,心神巨震,脑海中如激射一道雷霆闪电,将层层迷雾给撕裂粉碎。 The Ming Hao soul enters the ring, Ring Spirit and between him the relation cuts off instantaneously, he does not know that in the ring is having anything at this time, actually knows that Ring Spirit feared does not suit...... 冥晧灵魂一入戒指,戒灵和他之间的联系被瞬间斩断,他不知道戒指内此时发生着什么,却知道戒灵怕是不对劲…… He recalled carefully that thinks the situation of behind him obtaining two Ring Spirit memories, first time in Broken Stars Territory, that memory is left behind by Xuan He, integrated the ring, Xuan He leaves behind the Ring Spirit memory of should not have the issue, after the fusion, Ring Spirit as usual, without any unusual. 他仔细回想,想他后面获得两份戒灵记忆的情况,第一次在碎星域,那一份记忆由玄河留下,被融入戒指,玄河留下的戒灵记忆应该没有问题,融合后戒灵和往常一样,没有任何反常。 Second remembers that obtains in the Ancient Continent Desolate, came from Charteris Family has quenchinged the Xuan Shan skeleton. 第二份记忆,在古大陆荒得到,来自于查特里斯家族淬炼过的玄山骨骸。 That time, after memory fusion, Ring Spirit quietly for a long time for a long time...... 那一次,记忆融合后,戒灵沉寂许久许久…… Later, Ring Spirit becomes does not suit, many matters talked ambiguously, is not willing to explain the matter to him, made excuses, as if had own idea, became estranged with him gradually. 之后,戒灵就变得不太对劲,许多事情含糊其辞,不愿意向他说明事情,吱吱唔唔的,似乎已有了自己的想法,渐渐和他疏远。 In the black iron wall of great billows chamber of commerce, Ring Spirit initially sees a Bloodthirsty section of finger, suddenly has the great change, cuts off the relation with him unexpectedly immediately, but have a strong sense of righteousness said that has a master. 在巨澜商会的黑铁城,戒灵初见嗜血一截手指,忽然发生巨变,竟和他立即切断联系,还大义凛然的说只有一个主人。 Henceforth, Ring Spirit such as changed a person in his dialog in gradual takes the lead, making him seek for the Bloodthirsty remains, discussed all sorts of conditions with him. 从此,戒灵如变了一个人在和他的对话中逐渐的占据主动,让他去找寻嗜血遗骨,和他谈种种条件。 Recalls carefully that he realized must come Ring Spirit that to remember from the Xuan Shan skeleton, after the fusion, Ring Spirit changed, becomes more and more strange, was different from before. 仔细回想起来,他意识到从玄山骨骸得来的戒灵记忆,融合后,戒灵就变了,变得越来越陌生,和以前根本不一样。 Before, Ring Spirit is only a spirit not too many complex idea, then, it fused Xuan Shan that to remember that Ring Spirit looked like turns into a high Level intelligent life, became has the greed, had own idea, will mislead the person discussion condition and transaction...... 以前,戒灵只是一个器灵没有太多复杂的想法,然后,它融合了玄山那一份记忆,戒灵就像是变成一个高等级智慧生灵,变得有贪欲,有自己的想法,会蛊惑人会谈条件和交易…… Has attracted Cold Qi, he looks to Ming Hao, is the same with Xuan He and Fei Liete people, waits for Ming Hao to give a reasonable explanation. 吸了一口寒气,他看向冥晧,和玄河腓烈特众人一样,等候着冥晧给出一个合理解释。 The island of darkness dissipates dark, that and winner of Tuo Lei battle, came from Lan Duofu of God Clan Charteris Family goes out from that island, his look and Ha Sen somewhat similarity, actually wants old many, the personal appearance is thin, looks stunned, is very as if inaccessible. 黑暗之岛黑暗消散,那名和托雷交战的获胜者,来自于神族查特里斯家族的兰多夫从那岛上走出,他相貌和哈森有几分相似之处,却要年老不少,身形消瘦,神情木然,似乎很难接近。 Lan Duofu only then Origin God First Sky, but he was skilled in purgatory combustion deep meaning therefore he to win. 兰多夫只有始神一重天,但他精通“炼狱燃烧”奥义所以他获胜了。 Goes out of the island of darkness he not to look at Xuan He, Fei Liete and Shi Yan, but stands silently Ming Hao behind, a face awe, resembles is protecting secretly. 走出黑暗之岛他没看玄河腓烈特石岩,只是默默站到冥晧身后,一脸敬畏,似在暗暗守护着。 In a Xuan He coldly snorted pupil appears yin cold, is quite unhappy to that Lan Duofu, by the Xuan He disposition, so long as will catch the opportunity he to make Lan Duofu attractive absolutely. 玄河冷哼一声眸中显现一丝阴寒,对那兰多夫极为不喜,以玄河性格,只要逮着机会他绝对会让兰多夫好看。 For a long time, the Ming Hao eye pupil ghost by light stares at however the look to be still slurred gradually, his eyeball rolled several, is maintaining and soul line in ring is unceasing, looks up to Xuan He, cold voice explained. 许久,冥晧眼瞳幽魂由清淡渐渐凝视然相貌依然模糊不清,他眼珠滚动了几下,保持着和戒指内的魂线不断,抬头看向玄河,冷声解释。 In the past, you and Lao Luo, Xuan Shan, had Ring Spirit to remember that separately the to attach most importance person chose inheritance. Lao Luo succeeds in Grace Mainland, actually pays own the price of falling from the sky, you cannot borrow the strength of Ancient Continent Essence in Ancient Demon Continent, therefore failed.” “当年,你和烙猡玄山三人,分别持有一份戒灵记忆为主人选择传承者。烙猡神恩大陆成功,却付出自身陨灭的代价,你在古魔大陆未能借用古大陆本源之力,因此失败了。” The words come here, Ming Hao stops slightly, the facial expression becomes is very strange. 话到这儿,冥晧稍稍停顿一下,神情变得很是怪异。 Xuan Shan has not chosen my Ming Royal Family God Bless Continent, but went to God Clan center Ancient God Continent, all of you think that Xuan Shan was insane, thinks that he loses the reason, thinks him...... Was misled by me.” 玄山没有选择去我冥皇族神泽大陆,而是去了神族腹地古神大陆,你们所有人都以为玄山疯了,以为他失去理智,以为他……受我蛊惑。” Ming Hao is low, said to Xuan He: Your younger brother Xuan Shan by no means one is a leader, but in my heart, Xuan Shan is not worse than our anybody. Since I quite have appreciated Xuan Shan, I and Xuan Shan personal friendship is also extremely good, you think that Xuan Shan has not gone to God Bless Continent, either was pulled strings by me, either is Xuan Shan gives me the face, particularly your Xuan He, has thought was I have killed Xuan Shan. Thinks that is because I exist, Xuan Shan has not gone to God Bless Continent, but is goes to Ancient God Continent to bring death.” 冥晧低哼,对玄河道:“你弟弟玄山并非一系魁首,但在我心中,玄山比我们其中任何人都不差。一直以来,我都较为欣赏玄山,我和玄山私交也极好,你们以为玄山没有去神泽大陆,要么是被我指使,要么是玄山给我面子,尤其是你玄河,一直以为是我害死了玄山。认为是因我存在,玄山才没去神泽大陆,而是去古神大陆送死。” Isn't?” Xuan He sneers, past years my younger brother was most admiring you, because of you, he has not gone to God Bless Continent, if he went to God Bless Continent, cannot relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish!” “难道不是?”玄河冷笑,“当年我弟弟最为钦佩你,就是因为你,他才没有去神泽大陆,他要是去了神泽大陆,绝不会形神俱灭!” At this moment, Xuan He evil different faint vanishes without the trace suddenly, becomes gloomy and cold is incisive, such as suddenly earth-shaking transformation a person. 这一刻,玄河的邪异淡漠忽然消失无踪,变得阴冷尖锐,如突地变了一个人。 I know that this is your Xuan He heart knot, is, you always think that Xuan Shan was killed by me. Also is so, you injure my younger sister Adai La desirably, cuts off your this Duan Qingyuan callously, lets Adai La because of your sorrow several thousand years, until now, Adai La is not willing to forgive me, thinks that is I causes your being predestined friends not to have the share.” The Ming Hao sound is low, sighed one lightly. “我知道这是你玄河的心结,一直都是,你始终以为玄山是被我害死。也是如此,你刻意伤害我妹阿黛拉,将你们这段情缘冷酷斩断,让阿黛拉因你悲苦数千年,至今,阿黛拉都不肯原谅我,认为是我导致你们的有缘无份。”冥晧声音低幽,轻叹一声。 The Xuan He complexion becomes make things difficult looks suddenly extremely, he is coldly snorted, has not explained anything, obviously, that Ming Hao said that is the facts. 玄河脸色忽然变得极为难看,他又是一声冷哼,没有解释什么,显然,那冥晧所说都是事实。 In his eyes, actually flashes through a deeply ingrained sorrow, that sorrow, for ten thousand years, is suffering him throughout, making him sleep on pins and needles, in the innumerable alone night, are corroding his mind...... 在他眼中,却闪过一种刻骨的悲痛,那种悲痛,万年来,始终折磨着他,让他寝食难安,在无数孤寂的夜里,腐蚀着他的心灵…… Fei Liete looked at his one eyes, shakes the head sighs darkly, is sad for this good friend. 腓烈特看了他一眼,摇头暗叹,为这个好友难过。 He and Xuan He intersect for many years, knows that the Xuan He life is loose, does not know that has spoiled various many clan beautiful women. 他和玄河相交多年,知道玄河一生风流,不知糟蹋过多少各族美女。 But Fei Liete actually knows that present head of the clan Ming Royal Family, Ming Hao blood younger sister Adai La, is actually the Xuan He lifetime nightmare, she is Xuan He this life has loved only truly, is candidate who Xuan He prepares to spend together the later endless years hand in hand. 腓烈特却知道,如今的冥皇族族长,冥晧的亲妹妹阿黛拉,却是玄河一生的梦魇,她是玄河这一生唯一真正爱过,是玄河准备携手共渡以后无尽岁月的人选。 What a pity the good fortune makes the person, when Xuan He knows that Xuan Shan has not gone to God Bless Continent, but went to Ancient God Continent dead a tragic death finally, he put the blame on the responsibility on Ming Hao completely. 可惜造化弄人,当玄河知道玄山没有去神泽大陆,而是去了古神大陆最终惨死,他将责任全部归咎在冥晧身上。 He thinks that Ming Hao has killed his younger brother, he hates to the marrow of the bones to Ming Hao! 他认为冥晧害死了他弟弟,他对冥晧恨之入骨! But Ming Hao incarnation myriad, never directly met with him, in addition the death of Xuan Shan, does not have the unambiguous evidence to prove that is the Ming Hao behavior, how therefore he cannot take Ming Hao. 冥晧化身万千,又从不与他正面相见,加上玄山之死,也没有确凿证据证明为冥晧所为,所以他并不能拿冥晧如何。 But he cannot accept Adai La! 但他再也不能接受阿黛拉 Because of the younger brother Xuan Shan tragic death, he will hate the retaliation in the person who he most loves, he has injured Adai La desirably, being a mass of cuts and bruises that only truly likes the woman injuring his life! 因为弟弟玄山的惨死,他将仇恨报复在他最爱的人身上,他刻意伤害了阿黛拉,将他一生唯一真正爱过的女人伤的体无完肤! He not, therefore obtains the pleasant sensation. 他并没有因此得到快感。 On the contrary, when the later ten thousand years, Adai La sorrowfully is often sad, Xuan He painful ten times with Adai La! 相反,在以后的万年,阿黛拉每每悲痛伤心之时,玄河的痛苦十倍与阿黛拉 Fei Liete still remembers, after Xuan He knows that Aodai Li as one wishes chooses a Ming Royal Family aristocrat has married, Xuan He at that time grief filled with grief miserable, he compared with anybody knows that this old friend, how these for ten thousand years crossed difficultly. 腓烈特还记得,当玄河知道奥黛丽随便选择了一个冥皇族的贵族结婚后,玄河当时哀莫大于心死的悲怆凄凉,他比任何人都知道他这老友,这万年来是如何艰难渡过的。 Sometimes Fredrik even thought that he rather by seal in darkness, feels better Xuan He daily the life of suffering. 有时候腓特烈甚至觉得,他宁愿被封印在黑暗中,也好过玄河日日煎熬的生活。 In his eyes, Xuan He that day, called the true total darkness. 在他眼中,玄河过的那种日子,才叫真正的暗无天日。 Your Xuan He will never know, in the past when Xuan Shan must go to Ancient God Continent, I once vigorously dissuaded, asking him to go to God Bless Continent, for him, I even puts down the face countenance, contacts with my younger sister in secret, making Adai La turn on the water quietly.” “你玄河永远不知,当年玄山要去古神大陆之时,我曾极力劝阻,请他去神泽大陆,为了他,我甚至放下颜面,暗中和我妹联系,让阿黛拉悄悄放水。” Ming Hao inspired, sighed: Xuan Shan readily agreed at that time, afterward actually quietly went to Ancient God Continent, because he is the same with us, thinks that the to attach most importance person revenges, but Xuan Shan thinks is very thorough, he is not silly, because the God Lord fleshly body grey flying smoke // quickest writing renewed www.shumilou.com non- ball window not to have the advertisement // to extinguish at that time, the soul is quiet, Four Great Heavenly Kings disperses various Star Sea corner/horn, searches for our sacred place trails, then Ancient God Continent true Expertmy younger brother has not died.” Xuan He incisive say|way. 冥晧吸了一口气,叹道:“玄山当时一口答应,事后却悄悄去了古神大陆,因为他和我们一样,也想为主人报仇,而玄山想的很透彻,他并不傻,因为当时神主肉身灰飞烟//最快文字更新www.shumilou.com无弹窗无广告//灭,灵魂沉寂,四大天王则是分散星海各角,搜寻我们的圣地踪迹,当时的古神大陆并没有真正的强者“我弟弟还是死了。”玄河尖锐道。 His death, is not creates by God Clan truly, because of that Ring Spirit.” “他的死,并不是真正由神族造成的,而是因为那个戒灵。” Ming Hao eye one cold, looks down to Blood Vein Ring, the sinking sound track: Initially all of us when Xuan Shan failed, has thought from nobody he has succeeded actually, he stole Ancient God Continent Essence, by Ring Spirit in marvelous -, the success hauling comes a Outer Territory soul, but midway...... As if had an accident. Any accident I do not know specifically that the pilot process is still unclear, but the result is that Outer Territory soul, swallows three points of Ring Spirit that Xuan Shan had, the fusion remembers that imprint on the skeleton after Xuan Shan tragic death, that Ring Spirit has also accomplished Ha Sen.” 冥晧眼睛一寒,低头看向血纹戒,沉声道:“当初我们所有人都当玄山失败了,从没有人想过他其实成功了,他盗取了一份古神大陆本源,以戒灵内部奇妙-,成功牵引而来一个域外灵魂,可中途……似乎出了一点意外。具体什么意外我也不知道,中间过程至今不明,但结果就是那个域外灵魂,吞掉了玄山持有的三分之一戒灵,融合记忆,烙印玄山惨死后的骨骸上,那戒灵也造就了哈森。” Such remarks, Xuan He, Fei Liete and Shi Yan change colors completely with amazement. 此言一出,玄河腓烈特石岩全部骇然失色。 Traces by my energy in secret these many years, draws such a conclusion, but I still cannot affirm, fuses Blood Vein Ring in Ancient Continent the soul in Xuan Shan skeleton until Shi Yan, still has not returned then to sacred place, is still unclear to the matter, I faintly had the guess. “以我的能量暗中追查这么多年,也才得出这么一个结论,但我依然不敢肯定,直到石岩古大陆玄山骨骸内的灵魂融合血纹戒,然后依然没有重返圣地,对许多事情依然不明起,我才隐隐有了猜测。 „When black iron wall, I make the great billows chairmen of the chamber of commerce give a section of master arm, must confirm finally, when I discovered that it so urgently must have the master arm, becomes with the Shi Yan soul relation subtle -, I even more have affirmed, at that time my soul near, on Bai Yefeng the body human bone, wanted to capture the ring to look, the final determination, may actually in secret be destroyed by the Fei Liete corpse monster.” Ming Hao continues to explain. “黑铁城时,我让巨澜商会会长给出一截主人手骨,是要最终确认,当我发现它如此迫切要持有主人手骨,和石岩灵魂联系变得微妙-,我就愈发肯定了,当时我魂临穆维、白业枫躯骸上,欲夺取戒指一看,最终的确定,可却被腓烈特的尸妖暗中破坏。”冥晧继续解释。 Was that arm that great billows chairmen of the chamber of commerce give, arranged by you? Such being the case, will he permit how my corpse monster in the past?” Fei Liete sinking sound track. “巨澜商会会长给出的那一根手骨,是被你安排的?既然如此,他怎么又会允许我尸妖过去?”腓烈特沉声道。 He is a merchant.” Ming Hao said. “他是商人。”冥晧道。 You continue.” Fei Liete has thought then nods. “你继续。”腓烈特想了一下便点头。 At that time I had not had Blood Vein Ring, is unable to affirm finally, but my still in secret observation. When this boy arrives at sacred place, enters that island of swallowing, immediately opens that Ancient Formation, after coming out, shouts must gather the master remains, at that time I knew fairly well actually.” “当时我没持有血纹戒,就无法最终肯定,不过我依然暗中观察。等这小子一来到圣地,进入那吞噬之岛,立即将那古阵开启,出来后,又嚷嚷着要聚集主人遗骨,那时我其实已经心中有数了。” Ming Hao this time looked to Shi Yan, snort|hum, said: I almost affirmed at that time original Ring Spirit did not exist, but I to some of your suspicions, I even did not affirm that you are also you, I suspected that you died, God Body was captured by him, either, was given by it soul restraint lives, all hear of it orders.” 冥晧这次看向了石岩,哼了一声,道:“我那时几乎肯定原来的戒灵已经不存在,但我对你也有怀疑,我甚至不肯定你还是不是你自己,我怀疑你已经死亡,神体被他夺取,要么,被它给将灵魂束缚住,一切听它命令。” Me, regardless of the what kind situation, does not allow you to become Venerable Lord, I can guess that its goal, it fuses a Ring Spirit three points of memory completely, it knows the secret that all our Eight Entourage does not even know, it must gather the master remains, must integrate the master body by its soul, turns...... Our new masters.” “在我来看,不论何种情况,都绝不允许你成为尊主,我能猜测它的目的,它将戒灵三分记忆全部融合,它知道一切甚至连我们八扈从都不知道的秘密,它要聚集主人遗骨,要以它的灵魂融入主人躯体,变成……我们新的主人。” Shi Yan, Xuan He and Fei Liete panic-stricken desire certainly, at this time, they had to the Ming Hao words have believed most likely, alarmed and afraid restless looks to that ring. 石岩玄河腓烈特惊骇欲绝,此时,他们对冥晧的话已经有了八成相信,都惊惧不安的看向那戒指。
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