GLD :: Volume #29

#2889: Slaughter god

However Xia Ping can get rid of God of Tricks is also the beneficial conditions of timeliness , favorable geographical conditions , and unity and coordination of the people. 不过夏平能干掉诡计之神也算是天时地利人和。 First God of Tricks originally on the severe wound, at weak condition, compared with at the peak period, it small and weak, has coped like this naturally is easy. 首先诡计之神本来就重伤了,处在虚弱的状态,和全盛时期比较起来,它已经弱小了很多,这样对付起来自然是容易。 Next God of Tricks it is not Evil God that is good at fighting, under having without any preparation, God of Tricks has not displayed with enough time authority strength, will naturally die by him Yin. 其次诡计之神它也不是什么擅长战斗的邪神,在有心算无心之下,诡计之神权能力量都没来得及施展出来,自然就会被他给阴死。 Finally assistance of Samsara Brush, perhaps without Samsara Brush, he is unable to break through God of Tricks Godhood, this is unable to cut to kill God of Tricks, soul of refining opposite party. 最后还有轮回笔的辅助,如果没有轮回笔的话,恐怕他也根本无法攻破诡计之神神格,这样也无法斩杀诡计之神,炼化对方的灵魂 Therefore he can cut to kill God of Tricks now is also luck, can be miracle that permanent ancient has not seen. 所以他现在能斩杀诡计之神也算是运气,算得上恒古未见的奇迹。 Half-God wants to kill Lesser God is really difficult. 半神想杀下位神实在是太艰难了。 Lesser God may very be not only difficult to kill such simply, besides the function of authority, they also has Divine Power, wisp of Divine Power can defeat over ten thousand wisps of Magic Power. 下位神可不仅仅是无比难杀这么简单,除了权能的作用之外,它们还有着神力,一缕神力就能击溃上万缕法力 Both's strength at all not in same level. 两者的力量根本不是在同一个层次的。 Moreover Divine Power also has the formidable corrosion nature, once invades Saint's body, will crush Saint's body and soul surely, cannot withstand. 而且神力还具备着强大侵蚀性,一旦入侵圣人的身体,必定会粉碎圣人的身体和魂魄,根本承受不住。 However said no matter how, this time he is smooth, killed Lesser God. 但是不管怎么说,这一次他还是顺利,斩杀了一尊下位神 This also made the strength of Xia Ping to God have a clearer cognition. 这也让夏平神明的实力有了更加清晰的认知。 At this moment, many Evil God servant also saw this, they were almost insane. 这一刻,诸多邪神眷属也看到了这一幕,它们几乎都疯了。 no way, did Sir God die? Cracking a joke, this is cracks a joke.” The archbishop sees this, it thorough was insane, does not believe matter that at present has. 不会吧,神明大人死了?开什么玩笑,这是开什么玩笑。”大主教看到这一幕,它彻底疯了,根本不相信眼前发生的事。 Must know that this is Evil God, Supreme God, that is immortal exist(ence), besides God, was impossible to kill dead God. 要知道这可是邪神啊,至高无上神明,那是不朽存在,除了神明之外,就不可能杀得死神明了。 But fellow who this presents suddenly, but is human, unexpectedly before them, killed own God forcefully, this is in slaughter god Ah! 而这忽然出现的家伙呢,不过就是个人类罢了,居然在它们面前,硬生生的斩杀了自己的神明,这是在屠神啊! Trivial human, but is food, has what skill slaughter god, this cracks a joke! 区区人类而已,不过是食物罢了,有什么本事屠神,这开什么玩笑! Died, really died, we and Sir God have no relation, the sensation has not arrived at Will of Sir God, our bodies obtain strength that Sir God grants also in suddenly feebly.” “是死了,真的死了,我们和神明大人已经没有任何联系,已经感知不到神明大人的意志了,我们身上得到神明大人赐予的力量也在急剧衰弱。” Many Evil God servant felt that the endless panic, their didn't expect will have this matter completely unexpectedly, the gods of oneself family/home unexpectedly by human killing. 不少邪神眷属都是感到无尽的恐慌,它们完全没想到居然会发生这种事,自己家的神居然被人类给干掉了。 Even if the opposite party is the sneak attack, but finally is all. 哪怕对方是偷袭的,但是结果就是一切。 Where the true fight manages you are the upfront fight, the back sneak attacks, winning is just, winning is all. 真正的战斗哪里管你是正面战斗,还是背后偷袭,赢了就是正义,赢了才是一切。 Moreover this fellow merely is human, even sneak attacks, should not kill the god to be right. 而且这家伙仅仅是人类而已,就算是偷袭,也不应该杀得了神才对。 What God, that is immortal, Supreme exist(ence), therefore known as god. 何谓神明,那是不朽,至高无上存在,所以才称之为神。 No matter how formidable God these tiny human attack, how to sneak attack, is impossible to kill dies. 强大神明不管这些渺小的人类如何进攻,如何偷袭,都是不可能杀得死的。 However now God of Tricks really dies, falls from the sky like this before them. 但是现在诡计之神真的死了,就这样陨落在它们面前。 What background this human in the end is, actually grasped what can strength, why kill Sir God?” Numerous Evil God servant collapsed, is puzzling. 这人类到底是什么来头,究竟掌握了什么样的力量,为何能杀死神明大人?”众多邪神眷属都崩溃了,百思不得其解。 "Oh, this crowd of Evil God servant have not as if died, that burnt together. ” “哦,这群邪神眷属似乎还没死,那就一起烧了吧。” Xia Ping casts a sidelong glance slantingly, saw these Evil God servant. 夏平斜睨一眼,看到了这些邪神眷属 although when a moment ago sneak attacks God of Tricks, Soul Wail, lets these Evil God servant soul departs from the body, but his attention places on God of Tricks mostly. 虽然在自己刚才偷袭诡计之神的时候,一声灵魂尖啸,就让这些邪神眷属灵魂离体,但是他大部分注意力还是放在诡计之神上面。 Therefore he has not started to begin to cut to kill these Evil God servant, now God of Tricks died, he is also can make a move spatially. 所以他也没开始动手斩杀这些邪神眷属,现在诡计之神死了,他也算是能空出手来。 „It is not good, this human wants to kill us.” “不好,这人类连我们都想杀死。” Escapes, escapes quickly, immediately escapes from this world.” “逃,快逃,立即逃出这个世界。” Right, immediately told other Sir Evil God this matter, informed their human heresy to rise, making them regain consciousness rapidly, killed this crowd of human, this crowd of human threatened to us enormously, was the enormous threat.” “对啊,立即将这件事告诉其他邪神大人,告知它们一个人类异端崛起了,让它们迅速苏醒,灭杀这群人类,这群人类对我们是极大的威胁,是极大的威胁啊。” Numerous Evil God servant cannot bear yell panic-stricken. 众多邪神眷属忍不住惊恐大叫起来。 After this, they were also know human seemed like grasped inconceivable strength, formidable arrived even can the slaughter god, this simply regarding other Evil God servant was the huge threat. 经过这一幕,它们也算是知道了人类似乎掌握了不可思议的力量,强大到甚至能屠神了,这对于其他邪神眷属来说简直是巨大的威胁。 However such threat by other Evil God servant, other Evil creature has not been known. 但是这样的威胁没有被其他邪神眷属,其他邪恶生物知道。 Because they became Overlord too long already too for a long time, long to forgot this Universe also had other creature to threaten their these Evil God servant notice position. 因为它们成为霸主已经太长太长时间了,长到都忘记了这个宇宙还有别的生物能威胁到它们这些邪神眷属的通知地位。 If not eradicate these Furnace Wizard as soon as possible, entire Evil Gods Universe can sky and the earth turning upside down, these aloof and remote Sir Evil God will throw off the throne. 如果不尽快铲除这些熔炉巫师,整个邪神宇宙都会天翻地覆的,就连那些高高在上邪神大人们都会被掀翻王座。 Burning down.” “焚烧。” Xia Ping light looks at these Evil God servant, hit a sound to refer to merely. 夏平淡淡的看着这些邪神眷属一眼,仅仅是打了个响指。 Bang~~ 轰~~ Suddenly, presented the body automatic combustion controls of all Evil God servant, their one second of can’t do anything about it left, immediately becomes the superior fuel. 瞬息间,在场所有的邪神眷属身体就自动燃烧了起来,它们连一秒都没办法离开,立即成为了上等的燃料。 Is a breath, presented all Evil God servant dead, die without a whole corpse, they also became huge source energy by refining simultaneously, was swallowed absorb by him. 仅仅是一个呼吸,在场所有的邪神眷属都死了,死无全尸,同时它们也被炼化成庞大的本源能量,被他吞噬吸收 Walks.” “走吧。” Xia Ping big hand wields, the God of Tricks skeleton, its Godhood, as well as many Treasure carries off entirely, then his split second left the temple. 夏平大手一挥,将诡计之神的尸骸,还有它的神格,以及诸多宝物都通通带走,然后他一瞬间就离开了神殿。 ............ ………… At this moment, God of Tricks authority Furnace Wizard, their also one after another came soberly, restored original IQ, can ponder finally. 此时此刻,中了诡计之神权能熔炉巫师们,他们也纷纷清醒过来,恢复了原本的智商,也终于能思考了。 They see surroundings one, immediately was shocked, because these formidable Evil God servant do not know the trace, that terrifying Boundless God of Tricks is the noise elimination seeks the mark. 他们看到周围的一幕,顿时都惊呆了,因为那些强大邪神眷属不知所踪,那恐怖无边诡计之神更是消声觅迹。 As if instantly, all threats disappeared. 似乎一个刹那,所有的威胁都消失了。 What's the matter? These Evil God servant, God of Tricks, did they go to somewhere?” “怎么回事?那些邪神眷属,还有诡计之神呢,它们去了什么地方?” Many Furnace Wizard blink the eye, they is a little stunned, the victory also rather came too easily, after all before they have been unafraid of death. 不少熔炉巫师眨巴一下眼睛,他们有点愕然,胜利也未免来得太容易了吧,毕竟在来之前他们已经视死如归。 They prepared sacrifice, for must get rid of this temple, kills God of Tricks. 他们做好了牺牲的准备,就是为了要干掉这神殿,干掉诡计之神 Is Lord of Furnace, is mighty Lord of Furnace, I felt main aura, was the marriage go- from making a move, got rid of God of Tricks.” A formidable Furnace Wizard leader yelled excitedly, obviously his sensation to Hell's Golden Crow's aura that Xia Ping left behind, this was only then Lord of Furnace had strength that. “是熔炉之主,是伟大熔炉之主,我感受到了主的气息,是主亲自出手,干掉了诡计之神。”一尊强大熔炉巫师领袖兴奋的大叫道,显然他感知到了夏平留下的地狱金乌的气息,这是只有熔炉之主才有的力量 Originally was the lord acted, no wonder God of Tricks will vanish does not see.” “原来是主出手了,难怪诡计之神会消失不见。” Main has been paying attention to us, we have main blessing, we will go smoothly everywhere.” “主一直都在关注我们,我们有主的保佑,我们会无往不利。” Haha, God of Tricks died, Monster of temple also died, this world is our human.” 哈哈,诡计之神死了,神殿的怪物们也死了,这个世界是我们人类的了。” These damned Monster burn to death, offers sacrifices to give mighty Lord of Furnace completely.” “将那些可恶的怪物全部烧死,献祭给伟大熔炉之主。” Numerous Furnace Wizard excited yelled, they never had to be excited and happy, at this moment burn to death God of Tricks, their human is this world Overlord race. 众多熔炉巫师都是兴奋的大叫起来,他们从来没有如此兴奋和高兴过,这一刻烧死诡计之神,他们人类便是这个世界霸主种族 These take human as food Evil race, all will become history. 那些以人类食物邪恶种族,一切都会成为历史
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