GLD :: Volume #27

#2611: millions and millions Sun clone

Hmm?!” 嗯?!” Xia Ping in the heart moves, his originally thinks wisp of Hell's Golden Crow flame that on oneself Split comes out, after entering the Gaia space, has burnt these Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil, should quick automatically extinguish. 夏平心中一动,他本来以为自己身上分裂出来的一缕地狱金乌火焰,进入盖亚空间之后,燃烧了这些恶鬼魔孽,应该很快就会自动熄灭。 However his didn't expect, this wisp of Hell's Golden Crow flame has swallowed massive Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil strength completely, takes the fuel by their body energy, continuous growth oneself body. 但是他完全没想到,这一缕地狱金乌火焰吞噬了大量的恶鬼魔孽力量,以它们身体能量作为燃料,不断壮大了己身。 if this happens then, this wisp of Hell's Golden Crow flame as if expanded to form balance, has achieved growing continually condition, it has formed dark-gold small Sun. 这样一来,这一缕地狱金乌火焰似乎壮大到了形成平衡,达到了生生不息的状态,它已经真的形成了一颗暗金色的小太阳 Even this Sun still in slow swallowing, burns nearby huge Strength of Darkness, slowly expands own body, if the millions and millions year time, perhaps really can become true Sun in the past. 甚至这颗太阳还在缓慢的吞噬,燃烧附近庞大的黑暗之力,慢慢的壮大自己的身躯,若是过去亿万年的时光,恐怕真的能成为一颗真正的太阳 What is most important, has complicated relationship his sensation to this small Sun and own Soul, as if exits from own within the body blood Split, is body part. 最重要的是,他感知到这颗小太阳和自己的灵魂有着千丝万缕的关系,仿佛是从自己的体内血液分裂出去的,属于自己身体的一部分。 If he wants, can momentarily take back this Sun to own body, strengthens own strength. 如果他愿意的话,能随时将这颗太阳收回到自己的身体,增强自己的力量 Wait, if so, how could it not be is this method of Hell's Golden Crow true cultivation?” “等等,如果是这样的话,这岂不就是地狱金乌真正的修炼之法吗?” The Xia Ping eye reveals bright light, Spiritual inspires greatly. 夏平眼睛露出一丝精光,精神大振。 He had as if discovered can the fast cultivation Hell's Golden Crow Strength of Flame shortcut, that is Split leaves Hell's Golden Crow flame continuously, making them form small Sun, is hanging the Hell upper air. 他似乎发现了一条能快速修炼地狱金乌火焰之力的捷径,那就是分裂出一缕缕的地狱金乌火焰,让它们形成一颗颗小太阳,悬挂地狱高空。 Must know that Hell among at this moment, has countless Hell plane(s), each Hell plane(s) does not have Sun exist(ence), this is his key opportunity. 要知道此刻的地狱当中,有着无数地狱位面,每一座地狱位面都没有太阳存在,这就是他的重大机会。 If he can condense millions and millions Sun clone, shines sunlight in Hell plane(s) each corner, at that time his strength does not know that will promote to any degree. 如果他能凝聚出亿万太阳分身,将阳光照耀在地狱位面每一处角落,那个时候他的力量都不知道会提升到什么程度。 when the time comes has many World, many Sun, then many strength. 到时候有多少个世界,有多少个太阳,那么就有多少力量 What is most important, once concise becomes Sun clone, its probably automatic Robot is ordinary, can be automatic, fast swallows all around Void Strength of Darkness, fast increases own cultivation base, does not need him to direct. 最重要的是,一旦凝练成太阳分身,它就好像自动机器人一般,能自动的,快速的吞噬四周虚空黑暗之力,快速的增加自己的修为,根本不需要他指挥。 This equivalent to left countless automatic cultivation clone. 这就相当于多出了无数个自动修炼分身 Even if by other devil were discovered anything does not suit, must destroy completely this Sun, but does not have relationship, this is on him wisp of strength, extinguished also extinguished, will not have any loss. 就算是被其他的恶魔发现什么不对劲,要将这颗太阳灭掉,但是也没关系,这不过是他身上的一缕力量罢了,灭了也就灭了,不会有任何的损失。 Once succeeds, then melts millions and millions Sun strength in one, strength that can display, simply is unable to imagine, it is estimated that will link Demon God to be scared to death forcefully. 一旦成功,便是将亿万太阳力量融于一身,能发挥出来的力量,简直就是无法想象,估计连魔神都会被硬生生吓死。 If in the Demon God time, Hell's Golden Crow estimated that is unable to achieve such matter, after all Demon God of that time were too many, even if Hell's Golden Crow is known as strongest Demon God. 若是在魔神时代的话,地狱金乌估计也是无法做到这样的事情,毕竟那个时代的魔神太多了,即使地狱金乌是号称最强魔神 The issue is the ant bites to death the shape, all kinds has inconceivable Ability Demon God, if stands in all Demon God opposites, becomes attacked on all sides, perhaps will be out very not to be good. 问题是蚁多咬死象,还有各种拥有不可思议能力魔神,若是站在所有魔神的对立面,成为众矢之的,恐怕下场不会很好。 However now is different, Demon God died, all are freshman/new life, can stop him without any Demon God. 不过现在不一样,魔神已死,一切都是新生,没有任何魔神能阻拦他。 This regarding Xia Ping is the best time. 这对于夏平来说就是最好的时代。 This as if also has the great benefit regarding Gaia clone.” “这似乎对于盖亚分身来说也是有巨大好处。” Xia Ping in the heart moves, he discovered Gaia space among left round Sun, after shining infinite sunlight, as if Gaia space internal deep place left continuously vitality │ angry. 夏平心中一动,他发现盖亚空间当中多出了一轮太阳,照耀无穷阳光之后,似乎盖亚空间内部深处多出了一缕缕生气 This Gaia space has vitality │ angry and dead air/Qi interweaves mutually, as if changed into samsara | reincarnation truly in it place, this also has the greatest advantage regarding the growth of Gaia clone. 这处盖亚空间有着生气和死气互相交织,似乎真正化为了轮回所在之地,这对于盖亚分身的成长也有着莫大的好处。 although regarding Gaia clone, huge Strength of Curse, Misfortune Strength, the negative strength has the great benefit, but everything also has too far is as bad as not enough. 虽然对于盖亚分身来说,庞大的诅咒之力,厄运之力,负面之力有着巨大好处,但是凡事也是有个过犹不及 If this Strength of Darkness formidable, thoroughly swallows Gaia clone Soul and Spiritual Wisdom, falls into dark(ness) Abyss among, this degenerates. 若是这股黑暗之力过于强大的话,就会将盖亚分身灵魂灵智都彻底吞噬,陷入黑暗深渊当中,这就是堕落。 But Sun that this Hell's Golden Crow flame forms happen to have solved this problem, suppresses Gaia to divide in body suddenly inflation Dark Strength, enabling this strength to be insufficient to have out-of-control. 而这颗地狱金乌火焰形成的太阳就正好解决了这个问题,抑制住盖亚身体内急剧膨胀的黑暗力量,使得这股力量不至于产生失控。 Even if again formidable strength, if beyond control, then with has not had anything to distinguish. 即使是再强大力量,如果无法控制的话,那么和没有也没什么区别。 Cannot kills these Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil completely, must control Hell's Golden Crow flame swallowing strength.” “不过也不能将这些恶鬼魔孽全部杀死,要控制一下地狱金乌火焰的吞噬力量。” Xia Ping touches the chin, if he wants, he can kills Gaia space internal deep place Demonic Evil and Evil Ghost entirely, but this is little significance. 夏平摸了摸下巴,如果他愿意的话,他可以将盖亚空间内部深处魔孽恶鬼通通都杀死,但是这没太大的意义。 Because these Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil regarding him, are extremely powerful trump card, the critical moment can release, making enemy fall into to struggle hard among, even if Invincible Realm devil also the headache three points. 因为这些恶鬼魔孽对于他来说,可是极强杀手锏,关键时刻可以释放出来,让敌人陷入苦战当中,即使是无敌境恶魔也得头痛三分。 Such trump card he does not have any reason to give up. 这样的杀手锏他没有任何理由放弃。 After all wants to eliminate Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil, needs special strength, the issue is other devil can’t do anything about it grasps such strength, therefore they, even if the strength is tyrannical, has no alternative. 毕竟想消灭恶鬼魔孽,需要特殊的力量,问题是其他恶魔没办法掌握这样的力量,所以它们即使实力强横,也是无可奈何。 If they have neglected slightly, kills by Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil. 如果它们稍微有所疏忽,就会被恶鬼魔孽们杀死。 This is a thing falls a thing. 这就是一物降一物。 Therefore, he wants to control refining Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil speed, although they are the superior fuels, threatens enemy's significant trump card. 所以,他还是想控制一下炼化恶鬼魔孽速度,虽然它们都是上等的燃料,同时也是威胁敌人的重大杀手锏 Was right, does not know whether Cursed Black Coffin can place Gaia space among?” “对了,不知道诅咒黑棺能否放在盖亚空间当中?” At this time, Xia Ping in the heart moved, remembers itself to obtain that Cursed Black Coffin that presented from Dark Forbidden Area, this Cursed Black Coffin contain fearful Strength of Curse, was killing by curse all creature sufficiently, can kill including Invincible Saint dies. 这个时候,夏平心中一动,想起了自己得到那从黑暗禁区出现的诅咒黑棺,这诅咒黑棺蕴含着可怕的诅咒之力,足以咒死一切生物,连无敌圣人都能杀得死。 If opens Cursed Black Coffin thoroughly, it is estimated that will release to destroy all disasters. 若是将诅咒黑棺彻底打开,估计会释放出毁灭一切的灾难。 Moreover his Gaia space as if is also Chaos Space-Time, belongs to Dark Space, can hold all Curse, Evil, Strength of Darkness, perhaps suits the Seal Cursed Black Coffin place. 而且他的盖亚空间似乎也是混沌时空,属于黑暗空间,能容纳一切的诅咒,邪恶,黑暗之力,或许是适合封印诅咒黑棺的地方。 If can succeed, he could draw support from Cursed Black Coffin strength, speeds up the growth of Gaia clone. 如果能成功的话,他或许能借助诅咒黑棺力量,加快盖亚分身的成长。 Whiz! 嗖! Thinks of here, Xia Ping in the heart moves, will immediately be at Seal condition Cursed Black Coffin will take, will place oneself clone Gaia space among gently. 想到这里,夏平心中一动,立即将处在封印状态诅咒黑棺拿了出来,轻轻放在自己分身盖亚空间当中 Bang~~ 轰~~ in a flash, his innermost feelings deep place has produced palpitation, that is the panic that is unable to explain, seems Death God arrives general, the strength of Curse Corrosion a wisp is unable to imagine as if seeps from Cursed Black Coffin, Corrosion entire Universe. 瞬息之间,他内心深处产生了一种悸动,那是无法言喻的恐慌,仿佛是死神降临一般,一缕无法想象的诅咒侵蚀之力似乎从诅咒黑棺渗透出来,侵蚀整个宇宙 Damn!” 该死!” The Xia Ping complexion big change, is ugly, he has grasped this Cursed Black Coffin instantaneously, Seal gets up once more, does not make that Cursed Black Coffin strength seep from inside. 夏平脸色大变,难看得要命,他瞬间就将这诅咒黑棺抓了回来,再次封印起来,不让那诅咒黑棺力量从里面渗透出来。 However that fearful strange Strength of Curse, as if is not very continuously willingly, as if only Skeleton palm tries to crawl from black coffin among, whips unceasingly, thump thump makes noise, produces fearful palpitation. 但是那一缕缕可怕诡异的诅咒之力,似乎很不甘心,仿佛一只只骷髅手掌试图从黑棺当中爬出,不断拍打,咚咚作响,产生可怕的悸动。 So long as common Life hears these sounds, on the meeting at Curse, Celestial Five Wanings died. 寻常生命只要听到这些声音,就会中了诅咒,天人五衰而死。 „It is not good, this Cursed Black Coffin Rank was too high.” “不行,这诅咒黑棺等级太高了。” Xia Ping has pinched fist, his innermost feelings relaxed immediately, he discovers luckily promptly does not suit, if makes Cursed Black Coffin wisp of strength reveal, perhaps his Gaia clone will be killed violently immediately. 夏平捏了捏拳头,他内心顿时松了一口气,幸好他及时发现不对劲,若是让诅咒黑棺一缕力量泄露出来,恐怕他的盖亚分身立即会毙命。 The although Gaia clone space can detain Evil Ghost and Demonic Evil, but this Cursed Black Coffin strength obviously is not Rank, at all is not exist(ence) that present Gaia clone can detain. 虽然盖亚分身的空间能关押恶鬼魔孽,但是这诅咒黑棺力量明显不是一个等级的,根本不是现在的盖亚分身能关押的存在 This strength although is good, the words that however cannot eat up, will only be supported, everything cannot too far is as bad as not enough. 这股力量虽然好,但是吃不下的话,只会被撑死,凡事都不能过犹不及
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