GLD :: Volume #18

#1724: Nether God's Eye

sōu sōu sōu!!! 嗖嗖嗖!!! Several the time of breath, the entire mountain valley covered entirely Abyss Demon, densely packed, earth-shattering, space Underground has been flooding Demon silhouette, Demon Qi was dense, hiding the sky and covering the earth . 几个呼吸的时间,整个山谷都布满了深渊妖魔,密密麻麻,铺天盖地,天上地下都充斥着妖魔身影,魔气森森,遮天蔽日 But mountain valley center impressively is Xia Ping one person, this simply is the group demon surrounds. 而山谷正中央赫然就是夏平一人,这简直就是群魔环绕。 this human does not escape unexpectedly, silly treating in the middle of mountain valley, has the plot?” 这人类居然不逃跑,傻傻的待在山谷当中,难道有阴谋?” Has Abyss Demon to have doubts very much, looks at treats in mountain valley center Xia Ping, as Demon, the natural disposition is deceitful, suspects all, thought all of a sudden this human is possibly fermenting any plot. 深渊妖魔很是疑惑,看着待在山谷中央夏平,作为妖魔,生性狡诈,怀疑一切,一下子就觉得这人类可能酝酿着什么阴谋。 Right, a moment ago this human runs the thief to be quick, did not see the shade speedily, now unexpectedly such easily was found by us, how wants to think to have the strangeness, was careful for on.” “对啊,刚才这人类跑得贼快,一溜烟就不见影了,现在居然这么轻易就被我们找到,怎么想都觉得有古怪,小心为上。” Many Demon deeply have same feeling. 不少妖魔都是深有同感。 Has the my ass plot.” “有个屁阴谋。” Goat Horned Demon said with a sneer: Estimated that this human despaired, knows own whatever the case cannot escape from our Demon Palm Heart, therefore hands tied and wait to be captured, does not want to run again.” 一尊羊角魔冷笑道:“估计这人类已经绝望了,知道自己无论如何都是逃不出我们妖魔手掌心,所以自己束手就擒,不想再跑了。” Said right, how even if this human has the plot, here three hundred million Abyss Demon, person of saliva can be drown to death he, can he also overturn the heavens inadequately?” “说得没错,即使这人类真的有阴谋又如何,我们这里可是足足有三亿深渊妖魔,一人一口口水都能淹死他,难道他还能翻天不成?” „, Under absolute strength, any clever trick is indeed laughable, if he dares to arrange the trap here , is caught in one's own trap, how possibly how us?” “的确,在绝对的力量下,任何的诡计都是可笑的,他如果敢在这里布置陷阱,也不过是作茧自缚而已,怎么可能奈何得了我们?” Numerous Abyss Demon sneered repeatedly, they also know that at present the this human movement is strange, but strange how, their three hundred million Abyss Demon accumulations here. 众多深渊妖魔冷笑连连,它们也知道眼前这人类的动作古怪,但是古怪又如何,它们三亿深渊妖魔聚集在这里。 Even if this human is fierce, is the dead end, they are fearless. 即使这人类再厉害,也是死路一条,它们无所畏惧。 human!” 人类!” at this time, Demon Commander gives a loud shout: I urge you now immediately on hands tied and wait to be captured, otherwise was captured alive by us, when the time comes you want dead difficultly.” 这时候,一尊妖魔统领大喝一声:“我劝你现在立即就束手就擒,否则被我们生擒起来,到时候你想死都难。” Its eye reveals bright light, hopes that Xia Ping obediently surrender, this will not present anything to be accidental. 它眼睛露出一丝精光,希望夏平乖乖投降,这样就不会出现什么意外了。 Came?” “都来了吗?” Xia Ping stands on Earth, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, has not actually paid attention to this Demon Commander words, his Divine Consciousness sensation surrounding area counts in hundred thousand, surroundings covered entirely densely packed Abyss Demon, the quantity has achieved 300 million. 夏平站在大地上,负手而立,却是没理会这妖魔统领的话,他神识感知方圆数十万里,周围都布满了密密麻麻深渊妖魔,数量达到300000000。 This is the desperate Demon quantity, even if Thunder Tribulation Realm great expert in this place, the opportunity of not having maintained a livelihood. 这是令人绝望的妖魔数量,就算是雷劫境大能在这个地方,都没有活命的机会。 Came, do not run, stays behind to me entirely.” “来了,就不要跑,通通都给我留下吧。” His eye reveals cold glow, reason that comes on own initiative, attracts completely these Abyss Demon, the goal is for this crowd of Abyss Demon to catch everything in one net. 他眼睛露出一丝寒芒,之所以主动现身,将这些深渊妖魔全部吸引过来,目的就是为了将这群深渊妖魔一网打尽 Xia Ping at this moment is very excited, if kills these three hundred million Abyss Demon, does not know that can swallow how huge Soul energy, will promote his Martial Dao realm to higher realm, progresses by leaps and bounds. 夏平此刻很是兴奋,如果干掉这三亿深渊妖魔,都不知道能吞噬多么庞大的灵魂能量,会将他的武道境界提升到更高的境界,突飞猛进。 Thinks of here, he did not plan to keep the hand, put out several thousand years of spirit medicine from the body, like this swallowed down, revolution Sun Furnace, rapidly these ten thousand years of spirit medicine refining. 想到这里,他也不打算留手了,从身上拿出几株万年灵药,就这样吞了下去,运转太阳熔炉,迅速将这些万年灵药炼化 huā lā lā 哗啦啦 Immediately, huge medicinal power surges in within the body, but his Hell's Golden Crow cell crazily is also awakening, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, hundred thousand... 顿时,庞大的药力体内涌动,而他身上的地狱金乌细胞也在疯狂觉醒,10000颗,20000颗,五万颗,十万颗… To finally, his within the body Hell's Golden Crow cell has awakened 10 million. 到了最后,他体内地狱金乌细胞已经觉醒到了第一千万颗。 in reality Xia Ping original(ly) can make within the body Hell's Golden Crow cell awaken whatever happens/10 million, if awakens 10 million, can encounter fearful Thunder Tribulation surely. 事实上夏平本来就能够让体内地狱金乌细胞觉醒到千万颗,但是一旦觉醒到第一千万颗,必定会遭遇可怕的雷劫 But recently he also had many matters to need to do, therefore has suppressed the degree that oneself Hell's Golden Crow cell awakens, but to today, he has not needed to suppress, he must draw support from Heavenly Tribulation strength, strikes to kill these pursuit own Abyss Demon completely. 而最近他也有许许多多的事情需要做,所以一直压制住自己地狱金乌细胞觉醒的程度,不过到了今天,他也无需压制,他要借助天劫力量,将这些追杀自己的深渊妖魔全部击杀。 Bang When Xia Ping has awakened 10 million Hell's Golden Crow cell, his body shakes, is similar to Chaos explodes general, has broken through some bottleneck, promoted brand-new realm the within the body bloodline density, was similar to breakthrough Martial Dao realm was ordinary. 夏平觉醒了第一千万地狱金乌细胞的时候,他的身体一震,如同混沌爆炸一般,冲破了某个瓶颈,将体内血脉浓度提升到了一个崭新的境界,如同突破了一个武道境界一般。 His within the body strength, speed and nerve reflect speed wait / etc. crazily to promote, the body intensity also in repeatedly tempered and strengthening, blood had the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, presents dark golden. 体内力量速度、神经反射速度等等都在疯狂提升,身体的强度也在不断淬炼、强化,血液更是发生了翻天覆地的变化,呈现暗金色 Among faintly, each drop of blood as if presented dark golden rune, these rune are similar to rune from Hell, emits leaves Noble, Ancient, Chaos, Abyss wait / etc. aura, contain infinite energy. 隐隐约约之间,每一滴血液似乎都出现了一枚暗金色符文,这些符文如同是来自地狱符文,散发高贵古老混沌深渊等等气息,蕴含着无穷的能量 Once erupts, might simply that erupts is unable to imagine. 一旦爆发出去,爆发出来的威力简直无法想象。 bloodline Divine Ability?!” 血脉神通?!” Suddenly, Xia Ping luck spirit heart, when within the body bloodline as rich as certain extent, as if there is massive information to gush out from bloodline deep place, instills into his mind. 忽然之间,夏平福灵心至,当体内血脉浓郁到一定程度的时候,似乎有大量的信息从血脉深处涌出,灌输进去他的脑海里。 Ah! 啊! He sends out a pitiful yell, because he suddenly discovered that his Left Eye has had the unusual form, bloodline energy of boundless terror has welled up, enters pupil deep place. 他发出一声惨叫,因为他忽然发现自己的左眼产生了异状,磅礴恐怖的血脉能量涌了进来,进入瞳孔深处 At this moment, this pupil changed into dark(ness) Vortex, is similar to Abyss is ordinary, is revolving crazily, produces fearful Devouring Power, was similar to opens Hell channel to be ordinary. 此刻,这个瞳孔化为了一处黑暗漩涡,如同深渊一般,在疯狂旋转,产生可怕的吞噬之力,如同开辟了地狱通道一般。 huā lā lā 哗啦啦 Void deep place, has as if produced dark(ness) dimension channel, connects Hell, but as if transmits great Vortex aura from Hell deep place, emerged in the middle of the pupil of Left Eye instantaneously. 虚空深处,似乎产生了一条黑暗的次元通道,连接地狱,而从地狱深处似乎传递出一股股伟大漩涡气息,瞬间就涌入了左眼的瞳孔当中。 Immediately, Hell rune appear, concentrates Hell scripture, thorough merging Xia Ping's Left Eye, has formed character Symbol, as if at this moment his Left Eye changed into Hell World. 当即,一枚枚地狱符文出现,凝成一篇地狱经文,彻底融入夏平的左眼,形成了卍字符号,仿佛此刻他的左眼化为了地狱世界 what is this?!” 这是什么?!” Xia Ping is one startled, he discovered impressively his Left Eye had the mutation, that is the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, after opening Left Eye, trim World changed. 夏平就是一惊,他赫然发现自己的左眼发生了异变,那是翻天覆地的变化,睁开左眼之后,整片天地都改变了。 He discovered that this World is not all colors World, but is black and white World, presented many black lines. 他发现这个世界已经不是五彩的世界,而是黑白的世界,出现了许许多多的黑色线条。 At present on these Abyss Demon also reappeared the massive black lines, his instinct sensation, this is the line of Death, once breaks, represents these Abyss Demon to be able Death. 眼前这些深渊妖魔身上也浮现了大量的黑色线条,他本能的感知到,这是死亡之线,一旦断裂,就代表那些深渊妖魔就会死亡 This feeling is not wonderful, so long as if Xia Ping moves gently, moves these Death lines, can kill big piece of Abyss Demon, is very simple. 这种感觉无妙,似乎只要夏平轻轻一动,拨动这些死亡线条,就能杀死一大片深渊妖魔,十分简单。 Nether God's Eye!” 冥神之眼!” Xia Ping knows actually immediately one awaken this eye is what exist(ence), after this is Golden Crow crashes Hell, has swallowed Hell's Authority, terror demon eye that endless energy, is born. 夏平立即就知道自己觉醒这只眼睛究竟是什么样的存在,这是金乌坠落地狱之后,吞噬了地狱权柄,无尽能量,才诞生的恐怖魔眼 Some people call Nether God's Eye it, represented was grasping Nether God authority, has thoroughly understood Death True Meaning, walked in Hell deep place, predominated. 有人将它称之为冥神之眼,代表着掌握了冥神权柄,通晓了死亡真谛,行走于地狱深处,凌驾一切。 Also some people call Mystic Eyes of Death Perception it, can see the countless Life Death line, understands clearly the Life weakness, the direct attack Soul essence, does not have the thing not to kill. 也有人将它称之为直死魔眼,能看到无数生命死亡线条,洞悉生命的弱点,直接攻击灵魂本质,无物不可杀。 Even some people call Hell's Eye it, this is dominates a eye of Hell over in the sky, indifferent heartless, aloof and remote, is similar to Paragon, tries all. 甚至有人将它称之为地狱之眼,这是凌驾地狱上空的一只眼睛,冷漠无情,高高在上,如同主宰,审判一切。 In the event of even if Gods and Demons is also killed. 一旦出现,就算是神魔也会被杀死。 Before Xia Ping's Right Eye had awakened Golden Crow's Eye, controlled all Strength of Heavenly Flame, can understand clearly True Meaning of all military. 之前夏平的右眼觉醒了金乌眼,掌控一切异火之力,能洞悉一切武之真谛 But now Left Eye has awakened Nether God's Eye, this is Slaughter's Eye, the eye of Paragon, Eye Of Death, is Hell's Golden Crow most terrorist strength, making one shake intimidated. 而现在左眼觉醒了冥神之眼,这是杀戮之眼,主宰之眼,死亡之眼,是地狱金乌最为恐怖的力量,令人震怖。
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