FWH :: Volume #7

#606: Beast camp

Helian Tianxiao looks at front four beast camp unit leader. 赫连天晓看着面前的四位兽营部首 First beast camp unit leader Yang Xianyong, the surface extravagant heavy eyebrow, the four limbs are thick, immovability. The Yang Xianyong natural talent is limited, but is diligent, trains many outstanding soldiers to input Blood Unit and Divine Unit, has the prestige in the beast camp. 第一兽营部首杨先勇,面阔重眉,四肢粗大,不动如山。杨先勇天资有限,但是勤勤恳恳,培养出不少优秀的士兵录入血部神部,在兽营中颇有声望。 Second beast camp unit leader Xuan Chong, the stature is honest, like the small calf, has an ugly and fierce look seems exceptionally cut-throat. He is brave, but is hot tempered, violates the heavy mistake, was nearly cut, afterward was sent to frontier service the beast camp to act as unit leader. 第二兽营部首宣冲,身材敦厚,就像个小牛犊,一脸横肉看上去异常凶狠。他骁勇善战,但是性情暴躁,犯下重错,险些被斩,后来发配到兽营充当部首 Third beast camp unit leader Mo Shaojun, his skin presents the special black green, personal appearance tall Shou, seems like the wine and women excessive sickness tuberculosis. If judges people solely on appearance, to its contempt, that is completely mistaken, this is a mean role. 第三兽营部首莫少军,他皮肤呈现特殊的黑青色,身形高瘦,看上去就像酒色过度的病痨。若是以貌取人,对其轻视,那就大错特错,这是个阴狠的角色。 Fourth beast camp unit leader Wei Fumin, is short, like the dry village old farmer, on the face is piling the smiling face of broker. His manner is slick, actually few people can ask for cheaply in his hand. 第四兽营部首魏福民,身材矮小,就像个干巴巴的乡间老农,脸上堆着市侩的笑容。他为人油滑,却很少有人能在他手上讨到便宜。 Helian Tianxiao is also the first direct and beast camp has to do. If Divine Wolf Unit is short of manpower, will directly reassign from Silver Frost Blood Unit and Violent Flower Blood Unit, two Blood Unit and beast camps will have to do the comparison. 赫连天晓也是第一次直接和兽营打交道。神狼部倘若缺人,会直接从银霜血部烈花血部抽调,两个血部和兽营打交道比较多。 He and sound asked: How is it? Can have the plan?” 他和声问:“怎么样?可有方略?” Four unit leader look at each other one, Yang Xianyong stands saying: Already some ideas.” 四位部首对视一眼,杨先勇站出来道:“已经有些想法。” Yang Xianyong is wanting careful report, Helian Tianxiao beckons with the hand the interruption: „ Does not use report in me, you are the veterans, knows how should hit, 杨先勇正欲仔细禀报,赫连天晓摆摆手打断:“不用禀报于我,你们都是老将,知道该怎么打, I believe you. ” 我相信你们。” The Helian Tianxiao series armed forces many years, experience is rich. He knew that he is not familiar with the beast camp, gesticulates is instead easy to disrupt the idea of subordinate. Yang Xianyong and the others are not the first on battlefield new military recruits, is more familiar with the respective subordinate. 赫连天晓统军多年,经验丰富。他自知自己对兽营不熟悉,指手画脚反而容易打乱部属的想法。杨先勇等人也不是第一次上战场的菜鸟,对各自部属更熟悉。 Four unit leader reveal the color of relaxation slightly, in the heart rouses. Can win Sir even/including trust, to them is the rare drive. 四位部首微微流露出放松之色,心中振奋。能够得到赫连大人的信任,对他们是难得的激励。 The Helian Tianxiao facial expression becomes serious, sinking sound track: I do not want with you to stress that the importance of this war, I only want to tell you, this war no matter the beast camp, Silver Frost Blood Unit, Divine Wolf Unit, treats impartially. Self-, beast camp soldier on, treats impartially. Or the victory, either dies here!” 赫连天晓神情变得严肃,沉声道:“我不想和你们强调此战的重要性,我只想告诉你们,此战不管是兽营,银霜血部,神狼部,一视同仁。自我而下,兽营士兵而上,一视同仁。要么胜利,要么死在这里!” The audiences' in all one heart cold: Yes!” 众将心中无不一凛:“是!” Helian Tianxiao has stood, brandishes arm: Goes, takes Zhen Shen Peak!” 赫连天晓站了起来,挥舞手臂:“去吧,把镇神峰拿下!” Four beast camp unit leader acknowledged with one voice: Yes!” 四位兽营部首齐声应诺:“是!” They go out of the tent loudly, outside the tent, the soldiers in beast camp were already ready and waiting, dense piece, magnificent incomparable. The continuous wide back bat fish, like giving the earth spreads out a black rug, the wing that also the black sea, the wide back bat fish often fans likely is in the black sea black spray. 他们轰然走出营帐,营帐外,兽营的士兵们早就整装待发,黑压压一片,壮观无比。连绵不绝的宽背蝠鱼,就像给大地铺上一张黑色的地毯,又像黑色的海洋,宽背蝠鱼不时扇动的翅膀是黑色海洋中一朵朵黑色的浪花。 „!” “出发!” The black sea soars, the sky is dark, the wide back bat fish of blocking the sky has covered the sky. 黑色的海洋腾空而起,天空暗下来,遮天蔽日的宽背蝠鱼遮挡了天空。 Is supine Song Xiaoqian of face unable to bear acclaim: Really is magnificent!” 仰着脸的宋小歉忍不住赞叹:“真是壮观!” The battle efficiency of beast camp she has not paid attention, but this, still makes her feel to shock at present. Usual time, the beast camp almost does not have in the opportunity the battlefield. Ye Baiyi just established to start from war unit, takes turns in the battlefield implementation, to enhance everybody's actual combat level. Six Divine Unit, ten two Blood Unit, altogether ten eight war unit. Everybody's quota is very intense, where wheel obtains the beast camp. 兽营的战斗力她没有放在眼里,但是眼前这一幕,依然让她感到震撼。平时的时候,兽营几乎没有机会上战场。叶白衣战部刚刚建立开始,就在战场实施轮换,以提高大家的实战水平。六神部,十二血部,总共十八战部。大家的名额都很紧张,哪里轮得到兽营。 Other people nod in abundance, they also feel to shock. 其他人纷纷点头,他们也感到震撼。 Distant place three Zhen Shen Peak lighten, the opposite party is ready in full battle array. The gentle ray covers the mountain peak, even if in the morning bright sunlight, is unable to cover their rays. 远处的三座镇神峰一座座点亮,对方严阵以待。柔和的光芒笼罩山峰,哪怕清晨明亮的阳光,也无法掩盖它们的光芒。 Along with increase of fighting, Divine Wolf early did not have the least bit to despise to the enemy up and down. If other war unit execution withdrawing tactics, Divine Wolf will think that the opposite party certainly is the deficient courage, but the opposite had already proven their brave. 随着交手的增多,神狼上下对敌人早已经没有半点轻视。如果是其他的战部执行龟缩战术,神狼会觉得对方一定是缺乏勇气,但是对面早就证明了他们的勇敢。 No matter Helian Tianxiao, is the soldier in floor, is very clear, spans before them, is a tough battle, an unprecedented difficult tough battle. 不管是赫连天晓,还是底层的士兵,都无比清楚,横亘在他们面前的,是一场硬仗,一场前所未有艰难的硬仗。 Beast camp unit leader that wide back bat fish carries on the back, understand this point similarly. 宽背蝠鱼背上的兽营部首们,同样明白这一点。 The defensive area of enemy is small, three Zhen Shen Peak act as lookout Dongqiao to stop up solid. The build of wide back bat fish is huge, their teams are unable to launch, this means their very difficult one breath investment too many strengths. 敌人的防守面积非常小,三座镇神峰就把风洞桥堵得严严实实。宽背蝠鱼的体型庞大,他们的队伍无法展开,这意味着他们很难一口气投入太多的力量。 Four unit leader were discussing over the two days throughout how to cope with the defense line of enemy, although the opposite party is the thick tortoiseshell, they have prepared several plans. 四位部首这两天始终在讨论如何对付敌人的防线,尽管对方是个厚厚的乌龟壳,他们还是准备了好几套方案。 Yang Xianyong sinking sound track: As scheduled.” 杨先勇沉声道:“按照原定计划。” Good!” “好!” I take the lead!” “我打头阵!” Has a look at their responses.” “看看他们的反应。” Another three beast camp unit leader have complied with the sentence, they scatter in all directions to separate, return to their beast camp. 另外三位兽营部首应了句,他们四散分开,回到自己的兽营。 What takes the lead is Mo Shaojun, other three beast camps separate, each other spreads out. The position of enemy side was too small, cannot hold that many wide back bat fish, spreading out can avoid the sky being too crowded. 打头阵的是莫少军,其他三个兽营分开,彼此拉开距离。敌方的阵地太小,容纳不了那么多的宽背蝠鱼,拉开距离可以避免天空太拥挤。 The Mo Shaojun look is cloudy, he licked the tongue, the eye brought to wipe the morbid state stimulated: Asks that the first team, prepared?” 莫少军神色阴沉,他舔了舔舌头,眼睛带着一抹病态的亢奋:“问问第一队,准备好了吗?” Vice-unit leader has turned the head to tell that has fed back quickly, replies: Sir, first team of preparations finished, momentarily can attack!” 身边的副部首转过头吩咐,很快得到反馈,回答道:“大人,第一队准备完毕,随时可以出击!” Mo Shaojun sinking sound track: That starts.” 莫少军沉声道:“那就开始吧。” Yes!” “是!” The first team of team leader Anshun are about 40-year-old guy, 第一队的队长安顺是个大约40岁的大汉, To be honest he has not thought at the one day meeting the battlefield. He is very long in the beast Battalion Dai time, at his present age, the possibility of already not having promoted. He planned that stays in the beast camp calmly and steadily for several years, then retires to go home. 说实话他没想过自己有一天会上战场。他在兽营待的时间很长,以他现在的年纪,早就没有晋升的可能。他打算在兽营安安稳稳呆几年,然后退役回家。 When the beast camp knew must support battlefield, he almost thinks one misunderstood. 在兽营得知要支援战场的时候,他差点以为自己听错了。 He is afraid anything actually, starts from the blood disaster, every day some people die. Lives in the tumultuous times, somewhat was unavoidably numb to the death, does not have other reason, saw many, understood the life base and low and frailty. 他倒不是害怕啥,从血灾开始,每天都有人死。生在乱世,对死亡难免有些麻木,没别的原因,见得太多,明白生命的卑微和脆弱。 Dies does not have anything in the battlefield, can the young married woman and small girl keeps a welfare to oneself. 死在战场上也没啥,能给自家婆娘和小丫头留一份福利。 The young married women afterward married. His luck is quite good, endured Blood Refining successfully, has become blood cultivation, what is miserable was the family member all does not have. His young married woman compared with his luck good, the small girl and she lives together. 婆娘是后来娶的。他运气比较好,成功熬过了血炼,成了一名血修,惨的是家人全都没了。他婆娘比他运气好一点,小丫头和她一起活下来。 Sad also good, sorrowful, the life is always proceeding. They are the honest serious people, marries under reconciling of friend. The small girl are very clever sensibly, has not distinguished with daughter anything. 悲伤也好,哀痛也罢,生活总是在往前走。两人都是老实本分人,在朋友的撮合下结婚。小丫头很乖巧懂事,和自己女儿没啥区别。 Died in battle the welfare that comforted and aided a bereaved family him be better than to obtain from the beast camp retirement welfare, therefore Anshun to going to the battlefield was very confident. 阵亡抚恤的福利要比他从兽营退役福利好得到,所以安顺对上战场很坦然。 However shoulders the first wave of attack, surprises him a little. 不过肩负第一波攻击,还是让他有点意外。 In the mind flashes through many thoughts, the present field of vision is quickly spacious, they are alone, the first team has been separated from the big team. 脑海中闪过许多的念头,眼前的视野很快空旷起来,他们孤零零,第一队已经脱离了大队伍。 The first team has 1000 people, altogether 50 wide back bat fish. 第一队有1000人,总共50头宽背蝠鱼。 This attack only needs 50 people, Anshun thought one is a team leader, should set an example. 这次进攻只需要50人,安顺觉得自己是队长,理应以身作则。 Anshun calmed down, the battle plan he already knew by heart. 安顺定了定神,战斗计划他早就倒背如流。 Is estimating and opposite party defense line distance, it is said to make clear the attack range of opposite party, scout has paid with not the small casualties. That was really a pity that peaceful satisfactory secret passage. Divine Wolf and scout of silver frost is elite elite, trains scout is not so easy, Anshun is very clear. 估算着和对方防线的距离,据说为了搞清楚对方的攻击范围,探哨付出了不小的伤亡。那真是可惜咧,安顺心中暗道。神狼和银霜的探哨都是精锐中的精锐,培养这么一个探哨是多么不容易,安顺很清楚。 Quick must enter the attack range of opposite party, Anshun sinking sound track: Crazy blood pill!” 很快就要进入对方的攻击范围,安顺沉声道:“狂血丸!” Other 49 pulled out already prepared the good crazy blood pill, fed under the body the wide back bat fish. 其他49名纷纷掏出早就准备好的狂血丸,喂入身下宽背蝠鱼。 If Divine Unit is war unit, Blood Unit is two war unit, the beast camp can only be considered as previous three war unit. Beast camp soldier daily more duties are to train the recruit, is Blood Unit provides the fresh blood. The average levels of beast camp are quite low, this point can look from the divine ability blood cultivation quantity. The third beast camp that Anshun is, has unit leader Mo Shaojun divine ability blood cultivation. Trains the good seedling, will select to deliver to Blood Unit. 如果神部是一线战部,血部是二线战部,兽营只能算得上三线战部。兽营战士日常更多的任务是培养新兵,为血部提供新鲜血液。兽营的平均水平比较低,这一点从神通血修的数量能看得出来。安顺所在的第三兽营,只有部首莫少军一位神通血修。培养出好苗子,也会选拔送到血部 However Ye Baiyi still gave the beast camp to formulate some simple tactics, this caused the beast camp, when certain specific, can play the role. 但是叶白衣依然给兽营制定了一些简单的战术,这使得兽营在某些特定的时候,能够发挥出作用。 The crazy blood pill is one of them. 狂血丸便是其中之一。 The crazy blood pill is the Beast Poison Temple work, it can make blood beast enter the special manic condition. Enters the manic condition blood beast, will become exceptionally fierce, the strength will rise suddenly, does not know what completely will dread is. 狂血丸是兽蛊宫的作品,它能够使血兽进入特殊的狂躁状态。进入狂躁状态的血兽,会变得异常凶猛,实力暴涨,完全不知道畏惧为何物。 Wide back bat fish huge personal appearance, the astonishing strength, can let this simple tactic, is full of the destructive power. 宽背蝠鱼巨大的身形,惊人的力量,能够让这种简单的战术,充满破坏力。 Anshun touches the head of wide back bat fish, somewhat is at heart sad, the expression is light: Greatly black, come.” 安顺摸了摸宽背蝠鱼的脑袋,心里有些难过,语气平淡:“大黑,来。” Once feeds the crazy blood pill, the brain of blood beast can receive the injury that is unable to repair, the after vitality combustion of whole body completely, little since birth possibility. Even if lives, abandoned. Has abandoned blood beast, is unable to return to the beast camp, that is lives to might as well die. 一旦喂食狂血丸,血兽的脑部会受到无法修复的伤害,全身的气血燃烧殆尽之后,很少有生还的可能。即使活下来,也废了。废了的血兽,是无法回到兽营的,那是生不如死。 The docility of wide back bat fish, is obedient, with his these many years, the sentiment is extremely deep. 宽背蝠鱼的性情温顺,非常听话,跟着他这么多年,感情极其深厚。 Is obedient greatly black catches the crazy blood pill, swallows. 大黑听话地接住狂血丸,一口吞下。 Anshun smiled, has patted the greatly black back: Do not complain about me thanks to you, you could not live, I also died in this, on our road to Hades walked together.” 安顺笑了笑,拍了拍大黑的背:“可别怨我亏你,你活不了,我也死在这,咱俩黄泉路上一起走。” Cannot understand the words of Anshun greatly black, the crazy blood pill starts to play the role. Its facial expression pain, the whole body shivers, two generous blood strip start to spread to grow innumerable Blood Mark, like the luxuriant vine, rapidly proliferates the greatly black whole body. 大黑听不懂安顺的话,狂血丸开始发挥作用。它神情痛苦,浑身颤抖,两道宽厚的血条开始蔓延生长出无数血纹,就像茂盛的藤蔓,迅速遍布大黑的全身。 Puff puff, penetrates the body sound. 噗噗噗,穿透皮肉的声音。 Greatly black spacious both wings front, grows sturdy woods white spurs, the spur punctures sharp presents the monster different red. The long tail, grows the dense and numerous red denticles, is sharp makes the person palpitation. 大黑宽大的双翅前沿,生长出一根根粗壮森白的骨刺,骨刺刺尖呈现妖异的红色。身后长长的尾巴,长出密密麻麻的红色锯齿,锋利得令人心悸。 The big black hair leaves whooshing of pain, both eyes blood red. 大黑发出痛苦的嘶吼,双目一片血红。 The wing fans fiercely, the astonishing strength erupts loudly, looks like the upper air to flush away greatly black fiercely. 翅膀猛地扇动,惊人的力量轰然爆发,大黑猛地像高空冲去。 Anshun in greatly black had not realized that the so wild strength, almost threw off. He is quick of eye and hand, holds the greatly black scale, the whole person body is hanging. 安顺从来没有在大黑身上体会到如此狂暴的力量,差点被掀翻下去。他眼疾手快,一把抓住大黑的鳞片,整个人身体悬空。 Increases greatly black crazily, as if only then this, can make it feel better, the air current of surging makes Anshun be hard to stand firm the personal appearance. 大黑疯狂地攀升,仿佛只有这样,才能让它好受一点,激荡的气流让安顺难以稳住身形。 Although Anshun trains many times, but the first time own experiences the crazy blood pill tactic. 尽管安顺训练过很多次,但是还是第一次亲身经历狂血丸战术。 The greatly black body stops shivering, Anshun knows that this is the drug efficacy stimulates completely. 大黑的身体停止颤抖,安顺知道这是药效完全激发。 Anshun grabs the scale stubbornly, the palm is sheared the dripping with blood, he is muddy, if has not thought that the hissing in the strong winds roars: Greatly black, enemy, to!” 安顺死死抓着鳞片,手掌被割得鲜血淋漓,他浑若未觉,在狂风中嘶声怒吼:“大黑,敌人,冲!” As if hears his order, from the sky has drawn an arc greatly black, throws toward the mountain peak of ground. 仿佛听到他的命令,大黑在空中划过一道弧线,朝地面的山峰扑去。 Light blood glow is covering greatly black with the Anshun whole body, they like the meteorite of dropping from the clouds, are bringing the raging fire and howl the dive. 淡淡的血芒笼罩着大黑和安顺全身,他们就像从天而降的陨石,带着烈火和呼啸俯冲。 In Anshun and behind, huge forms follow greatly black. 在安顺和大黑身后,一个个巨大身影紧随其后。 The blood light that they ascend, illuminates the sky, illuminates three Zhen Shen Peak. 它们升腾起的血光,照亮天空,照亮三座镇神峰
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