FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3115 Part 2: Runs into the unnecessary person again, I all kill

Dissolute!” Jiang Xiu'er angrily rebukes, forks the waist saying: Is the rumor, you said does not calculate! Person of the small Blue Maple Sword Valley, the courage is very big, we had to make you say uselessly these? Getting down of hurrying, guided finished up!” “放肆!”姜秀儿怒斥一声,叉腰道:“是不是谣言,你说了不算!小小枫蓝剑谷之人,胆子还挺大,我们有让你说这些没用的吗?赶紧的下去,带路就完事了!” Is......!” “是……!” Status greatly first-level, runs over the person! 身份大一级,压死人啊! Yue Lanfeng can only smile bitterly. 樾澜枫只能苦笑。 They in this advice, a point with do not have. 他们在这劝告,一点用都没有。 That is because, these four Myriad Dao Valley disciples, do not care about their lives. 那是因为,这四位万道谷弟子,根本不在乎他们的性命。 Cang Jue these people, know that so-called Order grows, the big probability is the rumor, but also has the small probability real. 苍绝这些人,知道所谓秩序成长,大概率是谣言,但也有小概率是真的。 They only first bump the small probability. 他们只先碰碰小概率。 Without this group of people, they do not dare to go. 如果没这帮人来,他们是万万不敢进去的。 Since bumped into, that must certainly make these Blue Maple Sword Valley swords cultivate/repair in front takes the lead, they are thinking has what situation by some chance, they draw back is not scruple again. 既然碰上了,那肯定要让这些枫蓝剑谷的剑修在前面打头阵,他们想着万一出现什么情况,他们再退出来也不迟疑。 In any case, meeting with a disaster is not they. 反正,遭殃的不是他们。 Rubbish, gets down!” Sun Xiaoyue scolded. “别废话,下去!”孙小跃呵斥道。 „Is.” “是是。” Yue Lanfeng these people, ninth Universe Chart also several, in addition definitely compared with this group of Myriad Dao Valley disciple. 樾澜枫这些人,第九宙图还几个,加起来肯定是比这帮万道谷弟子强的。 However, they can only in front of these four under 500-year-old Good Fortune Disciple, timid. 但是,他们只能在这四个不到500岁的造化弟子面前,唯唯诺诺。 This is the Myriad Dao Valley domineering! 这就是万道谷的强势! In the history, has presented too many World Territory influences, moved the Myriad Dao Valley disciple secretly, thinks that Myriad Dao Valley cannot investigate, finally after the matter exposes, these World Territory influences, were basically perished! 历史上,出现过太多界域势力,偷偷动了万道谷弟子,以为万道谷调查不出来,结果事情败露后,那些界域势力,基本上都被灭亡了! The Myriad Dao Valley method, is inevitably same like the thunder, so long as offends, a life of Myriad Dao Valley disciple, can trade World Territory million Star God! 万道谷的手段,必然如雷霆一样,只要有触犯,一个万道谷弟子的命,都能换一个界域百万星神 Who dares to take risk dissolute one time? 谁敢冒险放肆一次? Very possibly, kills Sun Xiaoyue, Blue Maple Sword Valley, must be extinguished million Star God by Myriad Dao Valley. 很可能,杀一个孙小跃,枫蓝剑谷,都得被万道谷灭百万星神 This is the domineering attitude that Myriad Dao Valley must expose! 这就是万道谷必须展露的强势态度! Naturally, this is under the premise of exposition, does not expose, no one traces in addition calculates, for example Mister Taihe, Myriad Dao Saint died, temporarily also no one knows. 当然,这是暴露的前提下,不暴露,没人追查的另算,比如说太和先生,一个万道圣人死了,暂时也没人知道。 Yue Lanfeng fully realizes all these! 樾澜枫是深知这一切的! Therefore, he bows accompanying. 所以,他躬身随行。 Although breaks into sweat, but his worry Junior Brother Junior Sister, goes toward that bloody road. 虽然冒着冷汗,但他还是着急师弟师妹,往那血路而去。 Li Tianming is putting Yin Chen (silver dust) in cave entrance here. 李天命正在洞口这里放银尘呢。 „Do you do?” He asked Yue Lanfeng. “你们来干嘛呢?”他问樾澜枫 This......” Yue Lanfeng does not know how to reply. “这个……”樾澜枫不知道怎么回答。 The Cang Jue stand, said: You leave alone, I recruited them, making them take the lead the bloody road.” 苍绝站出来,道:“你别管,我征召了他们,让他们带头进血路。” Li Tianming heard that word look one cold, said: Puts your nonsense! This is the person who I bring, I had recruited, rolls the distant point!” 李天命闻言眼神一冷,道:“放你的狗屁!这是我带来的人,我早就征召了,滚远点!” This made Yue Lanfeng be startled actually, he also thinks that Li Tianming was the Cang Jue subordinate, he was never so expected that hard. 这倒是让樾澜枫惊了一下,他还以为李天命苍绝的手下呢,没想到他这么硬。 Li Tianming, you are not a team leader, you have not recruited the indigenous power, do not make laugh.” Jiang Xiu'er cannot bear say. 李天命,你不是队长,你没有征召土著的权力,你别搞笑了。”姜秀儿忍不住道。 But I had to butcher your power, does not want dead to hurry to get the hell out!” Li Tianming said. “但我有宰了你的权力,不想死赶紧滚蛋!”李天命道。 You!” Jiang Xiu'er the air/Qi results in the eyes to be red. “你!”姜秀儿又气得双眼通红。 Li Tianming.” At this time, Mo Guhe that had not spoken, chilly say/way: Don't use to threaten us, you have the skill to be good very much, but your speed is fast, you are not big brother Cang Jue the opponent. You obstruct us to investigate the bloody road in this, you did not fear after big brother Cang Jue returns to Myriad Dao Valley, finds a person of person to Blue Maple Sword Valley to begin? Especially these more than ten people, they likely die because of you!” 李天命。”就在这时候,那一直没说话的莫孤河,清冷道:“别动不动用威胁我们,你是很有本事不错,但你速度再快,你也不是苍绝大哥对手。你在这阻挠我们调查血路,你就不怕苍绝大哥回万道谷后,找人对枫蓝剑谷的人动手?尤其这十几个人,他们很可能因你而死!” Her meaning is very obvious! 她的意思很明显! Even if you killed our three, you can kill Cang Jue? 就算你杀了我们三个,你能杀苍绝 So long as Cang Jue does not die, he could not retaliate you, but, he can protect Blue Maple Sword Valley! 只要苍绝不死,他报复不了你,但是,他可以保护枫蓝剑谷啊! These words, making Li Tianming thorough, saw clearly this woman. 这句话,让李天命彻彻底底,看清了这个女人。 You did not speak, originally are you most ruthless one?” “你一直不说话,原来你才是最狠的一个啊?” Li Tianming was the experience. 李天命算是见识了。 He in Myriad Dao Valley, does not become friends, is feared that implicates others. 他在万道谷,不交朋友,就是怕连累别人。 Finally in this Dark Demon Star Cave, he also shows slightly, shelters the meaning of Yue Lanfeng, was held by her directly. 结果在这暗魔星窟,他也就稍微展现出,庇护一下樾澜枫的意思,就直接被她抓住了。 Only can say, Mo Guhe looked the person is very accurate! 只能说,莫孤河看人很准! Right! Do not think that you suppress, frightening whom is this? You dare to kill our any, my big brother Cang Jue goes back Myriad Dao Valley, told the elder surely, said that Blue Maple Sword Valley and you killed us jointly. At the appointed time Myriad Dao Valley army, surely destruction Blue Maple Sword Valley! Dies completely certainly!” Jiang Xiu'er was finally rampant. “对!别以为就你狠,吓唬谁呢这是?你敢杀我们任何一个,我苍绝大哥回去万道谷,必定告诉长辈,说枫蓝剑谷和你联手杀我们。届时万道谷大军,必定覆灭枫蓝剑谷!全部死绝!”姜秀儿终于嚣张起来了。 Hears this saying, Yue Lanfeng has a scare. 听到这话,樾澜枫吓了一跳。 Sir, Sir!” He is shouting Li Tianming, urgently said: Listens to my one, do not have clashes of opinion, our takes the lead, all right! Shallow that gets down, being able dead person.” “大人,大人!”他喊着李天命,急切道:“听我一句,千万别闹矛盾,我们这就带头,没事的!只是下去的浅,死不了人。” Li Tianming also wants to say anything, Yue Lanfeng is anxious the eye to be red, said: Sir, asked you, our Blue Maple Sword Valley does not dare in front of Myriad Dao Valley, to take a risk!” 李天命还想说什么,樾澜枫急得眼睛通红,道:“大人,求你了,我们枫蓝剑谷不敢在万道谷面前,冒一点险!” His meaning, Li Tianming understood. 他的意思,李天命懂了。 They feared! 他们都怕! Mo Guhe and Jiang Xiu'er, they said too scary. 莫孤河姜秀儿,他们说得太吓人了。 Myriad Dao Valley has this strength. 偏偏万道谷有这实力。 If really made the mistake, causing Blue Maple Sword Valley to be extinguished, they were the people condemned for all time. 要是真的出了差错,导致枫蓝剑谷被灭了,那他们就是千古罪人了。 Therefore, they can only take risk with the life! 所以,他们只能拿命去冒险! Hears here, the Li Tianming pure brightness eye, in this moment, the black fog gradually emerged. 听到这里,李天命原本清明的眼睛,在这一刻,黑雾逐渐涌现。 He smiled! 他笑了! I regretted.” Li Tianming said. “我后悔了。”李天命道。 What do you regret?” Cang Jue said. “你后悔什么?”苍绝道。 Just in Star Eye, I should massacre by you these three cheap people. Thank you, later ran into the unnecessary person, I all killed.” Li Tianming ferocious sound said. “刚刚在星眼的时候,我就应该杀掉你旁边这三个贱人。感谢你们,以后再遇到可杀可不杀的人,我全杀。”李天命狞声道。 These words, let Mo Guhe their three, at heart suddenly ice-cold. 这一句话,让莫孤河他们三个,心里陡然冰冷。 However, they are also unable to back down now! 不过,他们现在也是骑虎难下! Do not blow, really hits, your also uncertain line.” Sun Xiaoyue stares to say. “别吹了,真打起来,你还不一定行。”孙小跃瞪眼道。 Walks, gets down!” “走,下去!” Yue Lanfeng sees that to subside their contradictions, he brings a people horse hastily, anything does not manage, first step-by-stepped that bloody road! 樾澜枫见状,为了平息他们的矛盾,他连忙带着一众人马,啥也不管了,先一步进了那血路! Li Tianming truly cannot move them now, because Yue Lanfeng has asked him, is Li Tianming makes him guide, bumps into this situation, Li Tianming having no way makes Blue Maple Sword Valley take risk. 李天命现在确实动不了他们,因为樾澜枫已经求他了,是李天命让他带路的,碰上这情况,李天命没法让枫蓝剑谷冒险。 Although said, the Myriad Dao Valley destruction Blue Maple Sword Valley matter, the big probability will not happen, Li Tianming have the right to speak, but, Blue Maple Sword Valley also feared! 虽然说,万道谷覆灭枫蓝剑谷的事,大概率都不会发生,李天命自己也有话语权,但,枫蓝剑谷也怕! To them, Myriad Dao Valley, was too fearful. 对他们来说,万道谷,太可怕了。 „!” “切!” Finally suppressed Li Tianming, Jiang Xiu'er was very happy, she is pulling the arm of Sun Xiaoyue, is turning the waist, entered the bloody road with Cang Jue, Mo Guhe and the others. 终于压制了李天命一把,姜秀儿别提有多高兴了,她挽着孙小跃的胳膊,扭着腰肢,和苍绝莫孤河等人一起进了血路。 Has not walked several steps, Jiang Xiu'er felt that behind has the gloomy and cold look, then looks, Li Tianming also with. 没走几步呢,姜秀儿感觉背后有阴冷的眼神,回头一看,李天命也跟了进来。 He comes, Jian Qinghe also entered. 他进来,简青禾也进了。 That emerald-green long skirt miss, did not speak, not has the feeling, but she has followed. 那翠绿色长裙姑娘,一直不怎么说话,毫无存在感,但她又一直跟着。 Big brother Cang Jue, that tagalong in behind!” Jiang Xiu'er complained. 苍绝大哥,那跟屁虫在后面!”姜秀儿告状道。 Leave alone he, his time really fire.” Cang Jue said. “别管他,他这次真的火了。”苍绝道。 I thought that previous time we have not guarded, this time we stick together, no matter he is flexible, gave up any idea of that bumps into Xiu'er.” Sun Xiaoyue clenches teeth to say. “我觉得上次咱们就是没有防备,这次我们抱团,甭管他多灵活,休想碰到秀儿。”孙小跃咬牙道。 In any case, be careful.” cold Ruhei rose Mo Guhe said. “反正,小心。”冷如黑玫瑰般的莫孤河道。 Un! Really was tired of this cheap blood bastard, was ugly and cheap!” Jiang Xiu'er clenches jaws to say. “嗯!真是烦死了这贱血杂种,又丑又贱!”姜秀儿咬牙切齿道。
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