FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3115: Fatal bloody road

Bloody road! 血路! It hides in the middle of Dark Demon Star Cave, very covert position, if no one guides, but also really has no way in the middle of so many caverns, found this. 它藏在暗魔星窟当中,非常隐蔽的位置,如果没人带路的话,还真没法在那么多的洞窟当中,找到这一条。 Blue Maple Sword Valley Cultivator, is pointing at that bloody road: Here is the entrance.” 枫蓝剑谷修炼者,指着那血路道:“这里就是入口。” Understood!” “懂了!” Li Tianming only wants to remember position, hearing this bloody road is so dangerous, he himself definitely does not want to go. 李天命只想记住位置,听闻这血路如此危险,他自己肯定是不想进去的。 However, he can make Yin Chen (silver dust) go, finds out. 但是,他可以让银尘进去,一探究竟。 Yin Chen (silver dust) will not die in any case! 反正银尘不会死! You in this my a while.” “你们在这等我一会儿。” Li Tianming said, goes toward that blood-color cavern. 李天命说完,就往那血色洞窟而去。 Sir!” Yue Lanfeng shouted, said: Can listen to my one to urge, do not go, is really easy to have an accident!” “大人!”樾澜枫喊了一声,道:“能不能听我一句劝,千万别进去,真的容易出事的!” This is the road that they bring, if the Myriad Dao Valley disciple has what accident, Myriad Dao Valley investigates, they may be unable to take on. 这是他们带的路,万一万道谷弟子有什么三长两短,万道谷追究起来,他们可担当不起。 I have not said that must go, look at a while.” Li Tianming said with a smile. “我没说要进去,看一会儿罢了。”李天命笑道。 That is good.” Yue Lanfeng then relaxes. “那就好。”樾澜枫这才松了一口气。 Li Tianming stands in this cavern entrance, this cavern is more peaceful than other caverns, without the sound that the wind sound/rumor and Dark Demon shout transmits, but the smell of blood of that evil spirit, instead must be more boundless, heads on. 李天命站在这洞窟门口,这洞窟比其他洞窟要安静很多,没有风声、暗魔嘶吼的声音传来,但是那一股凶煞的血腥味,反而要更加磅礴,扑面而来。 Soul strength!” “灵魂力量!” Li Tianming felt, Heavenly Spirit Tower on his head, was quite sensitive, in the soul strength of that cholera, shivered slightly, is equivalent is warning Li Tianming. 李天命感受到了,他脑袋上的天灵塔,对此比较敏感,在那霍乱的灵魂力量当中,微微颤抖,相当于在警告李天命了。 Feeling, is a little terrifying.” “感觉,有点恐怖。” Li Tianming stands on this blood-color inner wall, in his Companion Space, massive Yin Chen (silver dust) change to the invisible cockroach, welled up, starts to go toward this blood-color cavern. 李天命就站在这血色的内壁上,他的伴生空间内,大量的银尘化作无形蟑螂,涌了出来,开始朝着这血色洞窟内而去。 Yin Chen (silver dust) just came out, but also without going in many, told Li Tianming. 银尘刚刚出来呢,还没进去多少,就告诉李天命 Has the person!” “有人!” Has the person?” “有人?” Li Tianming raised the head, looks toward this blood-color cavern in, sees only in the next quarter, altogether four person's shadows clash from that blood fog, with Li Tianming direct right putting in an appearance. 李天命抬起头,往这血色洞窟里面看去,只见就在下一刻,一共有四个人影从那血雾当中冲出来,和李天命直接对了照面。 Is you?” “是你们?” Li Tianming was startled slightly. 李天命微微怔了一下。 Person who in this blood-color cavern comes out, is Cang Jue, Mo Guhe, Sun Xiaoyue and that Jiang Xiu'er. 这血色洞窟里出来的人,正是苍绝莫孤河孙小跃和那姜秀儿 Before separated, Li Tianming had to make some Yin Chen (silver dust) follow they, but, Yin Chen (silver dust) did not track the expert after all, the coverage scope was not very broad, it with losing. 之前分开的时候,李天命有让部分银尘跟着他们,不过,银尘毕竟不是跟踪能手,覆盖范围不够广阔,它就跟丢了。 Li Tianming has not truly thought, they will know this bloody road, moreover happen to at this time came out. 李天命确实没想到,他们会知道这血路,而且正好这时候出来。 „Does silver thief, you track us?” After Jiang Xiu'er sees him, ascended at heart immediately a anger, she bound tightly the clothing, shrank to Cang Jue and Sun Xiaoyue behind. “银贼,你跟踪我们?”姜秀儿看到他后,心里顿时升腾起了一股怒火,她裹紧了衣物,缩到苍绝孙小跃的后面去。 Also made impertinent remarks? Hasn't my previous time frightened you?” Li Tianming cold sound said with a smile. “还出言不逊是吧?我上次没把你打怕?”李天命冷声笑道。 Sun Xiaoyue this period of time, more wants to be angry, however really bumps into Li Tianming, he clenches teeth, endured, said to Jiang Xiu'er: Do not lower oneself to the same level with this trash person, he will be extinguished by Huangdao Aristocratic Family sooner or later, regarded as the deceased person him on the line.” 孙小跃这段时间,越想越是恼怒,然而真碰上李天命,他咬咬牙,还是忍了,对姜秀儿道:“别和这种垃圾人一般见识,他迟早会被黄道世家灭了,把他看成死人就行了。” Ok! You instigated in any case, definitely fears him.” Jiang Xiu'er very uncomfortable say/way. “行吧!反正你这么怂,肯定怕他。”姜秀儿很不爽道。 You!” Sun Xiaoyue is infuriated! “你!”孙小跃火冒三丈! His speed is fast, I am feared that this lunatic really kills you!” Sun Xiaoyue said. “他速度快,我是怕这疯子真的杀你!”孙小跃道。 I, no matter, I were bullied in any case, is you are incompetent.” Jiang Xiu'er coldly said. “我不管,反正我被欺负,就是你无能。”姜秀儿冷冷道。 Good do not quarrel.” Cang Jue acts, Jiang Xiu'er then showed due respect for the feelings saying: Yes, big brother Cang Jue.” “行了别吵了。”苍绝出面,姜秀儿这才给面子说:“是,苍绝大哥。” Li Tianming has not said anything, their lovers are also quarrelling. 李天命都没说啥呢,他们这情侣又在吵。 However, he is really disinclined to be a companion with this group of people, access road/simply said: Hurries to roll, is an eyesore!” 不过,他是真懒得和这批人为伍,便道:“赶紧滚吧,碍眼!” You!” The Jiang Xiu'er air/Qi results in the chest and belly to fluctuate, clenches jaws. “你!”姜秀儿气得胸腹起伏,咬牙切齿。 Cang Jue said: Li Tianming, you track us, actually wants to do? Your I with am the Myriad Dao Valley disciple, carries out the task in this, some front conflicts, calculated to solve, does not need to make life and death, was not good to everyone.” 苍绝道:“李天命,你跟踪我们,到底想干什么?你我同为万道谷弟子,在这执行任务,前面有些争端,也算解决了,没必要闹得你死我活,对大家都不好。” Who tracked you?” “谁跟踪你们了?” Li Tianming is really tired of them. 李天命真烦他们。 He in this laying eggs! 他在这‘下蛋’呢! This bloody road, you can look, added that isn't the track? Hehe.” Jiang Xiu'er does not believe in any case. “这血路,你都能找上来,还说不是跟踪?呵呵。”姜秀儿反正不相信。 At this time, she and Sun Xiaoyue vision, saw the Blue Maple Sword Valley sword of not far away cultivates, Jian Qinghe. 就在这时候,她和孙小跃的目光,都看到了不远处的枫蓝剑谷剑修,还有简青禾 Jian Qinghe and Yue Lanfeng and the others were away from not far. 简青禾樾澜枫等人距离不远。 This explanation, this Li Tianming, really does not track us, but was brought to come to here by this Blue Maple Star person.” Cang Jue said. “这说明,这李天命,真的不是跟踪我们,而是被这枫蓝星的人带到这里来的。”苍绝道。 „!” Jiang Xiu'er then curls the lip. “哦!”姜秀儿这才撇撇嘴。 In any case, she will not acknowledge oneself are wrong. 反正,她不会承认自己是错误的。 Xiu'er.” Mo Guhe bumped Jiang Xiu'er with the elbow gently, the look had suggested, this made the Jiang Xiu'er eye one bright, said: Big brother Cang Jue, we just does not dare to penetrate, but currently has guide, or makes them lead the way , to continue to have a look thoroughly?” 秀儿。”莫孤河用手肘轻轻碰了一下姜秀儿,眼神有所暗示,这让姜秀儿眼睛一亮,道:“苍绝大哥,我们刚刚不敢深入,但现在有向导耶,要不让他们开路,继续深入看看?” Right!” Sun Xiaoyue nods, said: My family Xiu'er is intelligent!” “对啊!”孙小跃点头,道:“还是我家秀儿聪慧!” Ok.” Cang Jue looked at Li Tianming one, he does not know that this fellow does do in this, did not care. “行。”苍绝看了李天命一眼,他不知道这家伙在这干嘛,也不关心。 He has other three people, instead toward Yue Lanfeng. 他带着其他三人,反而往樾澜枫这边来。 Yue Lanfeng looked, really also has four Myriad Dao Valley disciples! 樾澜枫一看,竟然又有四个万道谷弟子! Moreover, two Gold Braclet disciple! 而且,还有两个金环弟子! That shining Myriad Dao Bracelet, means that a higher status, cannot provoke. 那金灿灿的万道环,意味着更高的身份,更加不能招惹。 Villain Blue Maple Sword Valley Yue Lanfeng, with Blue Maple Sword Valley fellow Junior Brother Junior Sisters, pays a visit fellow Sir Myriad Dao Valley together!” “小人枫蓝剑谷樾澜枫’,和枫蓝剑谷各位师弟师妹,一起拜见各位万道谷大人!” Yue Lanfeng as tenth Universe Chart, naturally knows that Cang Jue is strongest of this team. Although he is tenth Universe Chart, but very possible is not this Cang Jue opponent. 樾澜枫身为第十宙图,自然知道苍绝是这个队伍的最强者。他虽然是第十宙图,但很可能不是这苍绝对手。 Naturally, even he is stronger than Cang Jue, still can only kneel down, is in the same old way respectful to Cang Jue. 当然,就算他比苍绝强,也只能跪下,照样对苍绝毕恭毕敬。 Un.” Cang Jue nods, the vision is faint, said: I took over for use you.” “嗯。”苍绝点头,目光淡漠,道:“我征用你们了。” The Cang Jue speech tone and attitude, are completely different from Li Tianming. 苍绝的说话语气、态度,和李天命完全不同。 This, is the Myriad Dao Valley disciple who Yue Lanfeng in their impression keeps aloof! 这,才是樾澜枫他们印象中高高在上的万道谷弟子! Overbearing and rampant, even...... has complete disregard for human life. 霸道、嚣张,甚至……草菅人命。 Taking over for use? 征用? This word, itself has the humiliation. 这一个词,本身就带着欺凌。 However, Yue Lanfeng also can only bow the nod, cultivates with other swords said together: Yes! Can work for Sir Myriad Dao Valley, is I and other being honored.” 然而,樾澜枫也只能躬身点头,和其他剑修一起道:“是!能为万道谷大人效劳,乃是我等的荣幸。” Knows the limitation on the line!” Jiang Xiu'er says, is bossy to tell: A while enters the bloody road time, you take the lead, the situation to does not report immediately, knows?” “识相就行!”姜秀儿接过话,颐指气使吩咐道:“一会儿进血路的时候,你们打头阵,情况不对就马上汇报,知道吗?” Enters the bloody road?” Yue Lanfeng one startled, other Blue Maple Sword Valley swords cultivate/repair, frowns, the complexion is somewhat pale. “进血路?”樾澜枫一惊,其他枫蓝剑谷剑修,一个个都皱起了眉头,脸色有些苍白。 Yue Lanfeng said hastily: Sir, with all due respect, bloody road, although Dark Demon are not many, but is extremely dangerous! Even if existence of Xu Realm does not dare the depth! Even if many people enter the shallow part, after coming out, brain star organ was damaged, becomes the fool!” 樾澜枫连忙道:“大人,恕我直言,血路虽然暗魔不多,但是极其危险!哪怕是垿境的存在都不敢进深!很多人哪怕进到浅处,出来后大脑星脏都受到了破坏,成为了傻子!” Sun Xiaoyue laughs at one, said: „Is this scary lie that your Blue Maple Star person compiles? How I heard, some people going in shallow parts, not only has not become silly, instead Order had the growth, direct breakthrough?” 孙小跃嗤笑一声,道:“这是你们枫蓝星人编造的吓人谎话吧?我怎么听人说,有人进去浅处,非但没有变傻,反而秩序有了成长,直接突破了?” The Yue Lanfeng forced smile said: Sir, your is the rumor. Has not thought that this rumor passed to Myriad Dao Valley. This rumor has made tens of thousands of people enter this bloody road to lose the life. At least in Blue Maple Star, is no one, grows Order because of this bloody road.” 樾澜枫苦笑道:“大人,你这个才是谣言。没想到这谣言传到了万道谷。这谣言已经让数以万计的人进这血路丧了性命了。至少在枫蓝星,是没有一个人,因为这血路而得到秩序成长的。”
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