FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3111: The eye of Dark Demon!

She does not want to say that Li Tianming has not continued to ask, their dialogues are next to the time, Li Tianming no longer said, stares at this big Dark Demon Star Cave, the flying is going. 她不想说,李天命也没继续问,他们的对话仅次于次,李天命不再多说,盯着这偌大的暗魔星窟,飞身而去。 Does not remove Dark Demon Star Cave, has a possibility, that is-, although in present no, but later, what may have?” “不除掉暗魔星窟,是不是存在一种可能,那就是-虽然现在里面没什么,但是以后,可能就会有什么?” Li Tianming also suspects, in fact he does not have the evidence, is only a legitimate suspicion. 李天命也就怀疑一下,实际上他并没有证据,只是一次合法猜想。 After all, Myriad Dao Valley is this morality. 毕竟,万道谷一直都是这种德性。 Looks at mountain run the dead horse! 望山跑死马! Only by speed, but must bring Jian Qinghe, Li Tianming probably more than ten days later, arrives at this Dark Demon Star Cave surface truly, obviously this Dark Demon Star Cave big. 光靠速度,还得带一个简青禾,李天命大概十几天后,才真正到达这暗魔星窟的表面,可见这暗魔星窟有多大。 Dark Demon Star Cave, is the world that a cavern composes! 暗魔星窟,是一个洞窟组成的世界! Li Tianming now, falls on a bottomless pit inner wall, inside is surging the black red blood fog, that blood fog deep place full is the air/Qi of ominous offense! 李天命现在,就落在了一个无底洞的内壁上,里面涌动着黑红色的血雾,那血雾深处满是凶戾之气! Roar roar roar. 吼吼吼。 Dark Demon that hearing that even if in this Dark Demon Star Cave surface, can be clear about, the most deep place of this cavern spreads shouts, this is one crowd of evil spirits monster, after Stars Protection Barrier start of Blue Maple Star, they were compelled insanely, more has not resulted in eats, they are savage. 哪怕是在这暗魔星窟的表面,都能清楚的听到,这洞窟的最深处传开的暗魔嘶吼,这是一群凶煞的怪物,当枫蓝星星辰守护结界启动后,它们都被逼疯了,越是没得吃,它们越是凶残。 These days, only then Blue Maple World Territory comes to strangle to death the Dark Demon warrior, brings dessert to them. 这一段时间,只有枫蓝界域前来绞杀暗魔的勇士,给它们带来‘点心’。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Because of shouting, the heavy/thick inner wall of entire cavern, is trembling. 因为嘶吼,整个洞窟的厚重内壁,都在震颤。 Entire Dark Demon Star Cave, this bottomless pit minimum hundreds of thousands of! 整个暗魔星窟,这种无底洞起码数十万! Too many. 太多了。 Thus it can be seen, some Dark Demon many. 由此可见,暗魔到底有多少。 Now some so many Dark Demon, they are dormant outside Blue Maple Star, Dark Demon has to be equivalent to Universe Chart Realm battle strength at least, this means that Blue Maple Star Cultivator, usually must go on a journey and move, goes to other Star Source World, is quite not convenient. 现在都有这么多暗魔,它们蛰伏在枫蓝星外,暗魔起码都有相当于宇宙图境战力,这意味着枫蓝星修炼者,平时要出行、移动,前往其他恒星源世界,都相当不方便。 Even can say, Dark Demon Star Cave, hindered the exchange of Blue Maple World Territory! 甚至可以说,暗魔星窟,阻碍了枫蓝界域的交流! Enough several thousand years. 足足数千年时间。 Myriad Dao Valley also only makes the disciple come to kill several Dark Demon, from exterminating Dark Demon, does not know far. 万道谷也就只让弟子前来杀几头暗魔,距离灭绝暗魔,不知道有多远呢。 Therefore Li Tianming estimated that Blue Maple Star Cultivator, mainly depends on itself! 所以李天命估计,枫蓝星修炼者,还是主要靠自己! Yin Chen (silver dust) !” 银尘,出发!” Arrives here, Li Tianming are not acting anxiously, but releases Yin Chen (silver dust). 来到这里,李天命不急着自己行动,而是将银尘释放出去。 This Dark Demon Star Cave does not have existence of stars gravity, therefore Yin Chen (silver dust) can maintain the smallest body, Li Tianming only needs to let out part, they can penetrate Dark Demon Star Cave. 暗魔星窟并没有星辰重力的存在,所以银尘可以保持最小的身体,李天命只需要放出去一部分,它们就能深入暗魔星窟 Short time, they definitely have no way to cover entire Dark Demon Star Cave, but my front road first illumination, the issue should not be big.” “短时间,它们肯定没法覆盖整个暗魔星窟,但将我前面的路先‘照亮’,问题应该不大。” Li Tianming is narrowing the eye. 李天命眯着眼睛。 Yin Chen (silver dust) advances, can assure the greatest security. 银尘先行,可以保证最大程度的安全。 He does not walk, Jian Qinghe does not walk, she is relaxes, walks to shake everywhere near Li Tianming, probably does not exist, a point has the feeling not to have. 他不走,简青禾也不走,她是来散心的,在李天命附近到处走走晃晃,像是不存在似的,一点存在感都没有。 Approximately after half of the day ! 大约半天后! Li Tianming felt similarly. 李天命感觉差不多了。 Moreover, Yin Chen (silver dust) told him, it has seen Dark Demon. 而且,银尘告诉他,它已经看到暗魔了。 You said, under my cavern, has Cultivator to fight with Dark Demon?” “你说,我这个洞窟下面,就有修炼者正在和暗魔战斗?” Yes.” “是的。” Dark Demon how?” 暗魔如何?” A little, probably, antique, demon.” “有点,像是,太古,邪魔。” This and Li Tianming almost guessed. 这和李天命猜测得差不多。 He no longer said, the flying falls into this bottomless cavern, this cavern is winding, he on the inner wall of this cavern downward, after nine curves 18 curved, that hole wall is the soil mounts moistly and very much, because fused First Ancestor Source Power, therefore also and universe mineral lode is equally tenacious, the Li Tianming foot steps on above, but also stucked effects, once falls into, will be similar to the swamp. 他不再多说,飞身落入这无底洞窟,这洞窟是曲折的,他在这洞窟的内壁上往下,经过九曲十八弯,那洞壁是泥土潮湿、很黏,因为融合了始祖源力,所以也和宇宙矿脉一样强韧,李天命脚踩在上面,还会有一种被黏住的效果,一旦陷入其中,就会如同沼泽。 Some boundary low Star God, if the strength is insufficient, may sink to this hole wall very much, cannot crawl, was extruded dead directly. 一些境界低的星神,要是实力不够,很有可能沉入这洞壁,就爬不出来,直接被挤压而死。 Looking at it like this, this entire Dark Demon Star Cave, looks like big life.” “这样看来,这整个暗魔星窟,就像是一个大生命似的。” Disgusting, mounts the person! 恶心、黏人! This made Li Tianming remember Illusion Heaven Realm actually, that Purple Luminary Star Illusion Heaven Realm, was a butterfly, this feeling. 这倒是让李天命想起了幻天之境,那紫曜星幻天之境,乃是一只蝴蝶,也给人这种感觉。 Naturally, Dark Demon Star Cave from Ancestral world, should be different essentially. 当然,暗魔星窟来自祖界,本质上应该不同。 Blue Maple Star are Cultivator in this Dark Demon Star Cave many?” Li Tianming asked. “这暗魔星窟内的枫蓝星修炼者多吗?”李天命问。 „! Everywhere, yes!” “很多!到处,都是!” This does not have/leave Li Tianming to expect. 这不出李天命所料。 Dark Demon is the Blue Maple Star Cultivator life and death foe, the desire of their lifetime, should exterminates Dark Demon. 暗魔枫蓝星修炼者的生死仇敌,他们毕生的愿望,应该就是灭绝暗魔 The Myriad Dao Valley disciple, is not. 万道谷弟子,可不是。 They come the Blue Maple Star traveling on the way, kills Dark Demon conveniently, goes back to trade Dao Merit. 他们顺道是来枫蓝星旅游的,随手杀杀暗魔,回去换一点道绩 „The place of fighting goes to you to say a moment ago ‚’.” “就去你刚才说的‘打斗之地’。” Li Tianming makes Yin Chen (silver dust) guide. 李天命银尘带路。 He picked up the speed, used Five Sides Thunderbolt, then looked that Jian Qinghe like a piece is fluttering the azure bamboo leaves, is light follows. 他加快了速度,使用了一下五方奔雷,回头一看,那简青禾如同一片飘着的青色竹叶,轻飘飘得跟着。 Can follow unexpectedly? Really is not simple!” “竟然能跟上?果然不简单!” Li Tianming then picked up some speeds. 李天命便加快了一些速度。 „The eye of Immemorial Evil Demon, can unearth my Heaven-Stealing Eye, does not know that the eye of this Dark Demon, does have this function? Even if the level is worse, if the quantity enough, can be effective?” 太古邪魔之眼,能挖掘我的窃天之眼,不知道这暗魔的眼睛,有没有这功能?哪怕是层次差一些,要是数量够,会不会有效?” This idea, is actually Li Tianming comes this Dark Demon Star Cave main reason. 这个想法,其实才是李天命来这暗魔星窟最主要的原因。 His Heaven-Stealing Eye, for sometime has not progressed. 他的窃天之眼,有一段时间没进步了。 That Myriad Dao Valley, everywhere is the barrier shackles, no matter sweeping the floor old person's shackles, is the Jian Qinghe veil, that Myriad Dao Divine Tablet, in fact is the barrier lock! 万道谷,到处都是结界枷锁,不管是扫地老人的镣铐,还是简青禾的面纱,还有那万道神碑,实际上都是结界锁! Heaven-Stealing Hand, is very essential. 窃天之手,很关键。 Roar roar! 吼吼! Shortly, Li Tianming had heard the Dark Demon roar. 不久后,李天命已经听到了暗魔的吼声。 In there!” “在那里!” He had entered the Dark Demon Star Cave deep place, at present is the black red dense fog, this dense fog has the effect of confused spirit, is equally strong like the mire, even if Li Tianming in this, the Five Sides Thunderbolt speed encountered some hindrance. 他已经进入了暗魔星窟的深处,眼前全是黑红色的迷雾,这迷雾本身就带着迷乱精神的效果,如同泥沼一样浓重,哪怕是李天命在这里面,五方奔雷的速度都遭到了一些阻碍。 Buzz humming sound! 嗡嗡嗡! Thunder twinkle. 雷霆闪烁。 He saw! 他看到了! In the deep place of this dense fog, about eight dark giant beasts, their bodies are erupting the blood-color soul thunder, is fighting! 在这迷雾的深处,大约有八头黑暗巨兽,它们身上爆发着血色的灵魂雷霆,正在战斗! On them is throwing over the heavy/thick black scales, the head like dragon head, but wants to be fiercer, has more spurs, his body is huge, the hind legs are especially sturdy, the back row of spur is extremely sharp, a pair of giant meat wing launches, above thunder proliferates! 它们身上披着厚重的黑色鳞甲,脑袋如龙首,但要狰狞许多,有更多的骨刺,其身体庞大,后肢尤其粗壮,背后一排骨刺极其锋利,一对巨大的肉翼展开,上面雷霆遍布! Really! Very similar to Immemorial Evil Demon! It seems like with Wu You probably also similar?” “果然!和太古邪魔很相似!看起来和妩幽好像也差不多?” Li Tianming knows, Wu You they were also same as Ying Huo (Firefly), changed, therefore it is not considered as that now the Immemorial Evil Demon strongest condition, strongest Immemorial Evil Demon, should be much stronger than present Wu You, that naturally also compared with these Dark Demon. 李天命知道,妩幽也和荧火它们一样,发生了变化,所以它现在也不算是太古邪魔最强状态,最强太古邪魔,应该比现在的妩幽强得多,那自然也比这些暗魔强多了。 Because of this, these Dark Demon, seeming like truly more flagitious than Wu You! 正因为如此,这些暗魔,看起来确实比妩幽还凶残! They live in groups the lifeform, has the exchange, therefore obviously can see, although they are flagitious, but fights has the methodicalness, although in that look the blood-color thunder proliferates, but they and ordinary Ominous Beast, has very significant difference! 它们是群居生物,彼此之间是有交流的,所以很明显可以看出,它们虽然凶残,但是战斗是有章法的,那眼神上虽然血色雷霆遍布,但它们和普通的凶兽,有非常明显的区别! That is, ordinary Ominous Beast, in the look is aggressive and murders to kill and eat food. 那就是,普通凶兽,眼神里只有凶悍、弑杀、进食。 But they are maneating, but there is a look! 而它们虽然凶悍,但是有眼神! The look, is the mind. 眼神,就是心灵。 Roar roar roar! 吼吼吼! Eight Dark Demon are closing right up against the terrain the advantage, depends on Dark Demon Star Cave, encircles kills one group of people! 八头暗魔正靠着地形的优势,靠着暗魔星窟,围杀一群人!
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