FGOAA :: Volume #32

#3110: Dark Demon Star Cave that Ancestral world grows

Sun Xiaoyue is just now laughing, now the grief and indignation lowers the head, grips the double fist, clenches teeth saying: Xiu'er, this cheap person somewhat escapes the skill, he asks you to work as the breach unexpectedly shameless, we feared that he really killed you...... you to be able rest assured that had the opportunity, understood?” 孙小跃方才嘻嘻哈哈,现在悲愤低下头,握住双拳,咬牙道:“秀儿,这贱人有些逃命本事,他竟无耻找你当突破口,我们怕他真的杀了你……不过你放心,有机会的,懂吗?” Last, he said near the Jiang Xiu'er ear. 最后一句,他在姜秀儿耳边道。 I and others!” Jiang Xiu'er angry say/way. “我等不了!”姜秀儿恼怒道。 Xiu'er, obedient, the security is a lord, following we said again.” Cang Jue then said. 秀儿,听话,安全为主,后续咱们再说。”苍绝回头道。 Good, big brother Cang Jue!” “好吧,苍绝大哥!” Jiang Xiu'er then lowers the head, although nurses hatred, but no longer was also rampant. 姜秀儿这才低下头,虽然含恨,但也不再嚣张了。 This?” “这?” Sun Xiaoyue sees the girlfriend, then listens to the Cang Jue words, this did him very much not to have the face , he was not worse than Cang Jue, was only the age is smaller. 孙小跃见自己女友,那么听苍绝的话,这搞得他很没面子了,要知道,他并不比苍绝差,只是岁数更小一些。 Li Tianming sees them finally to be aggrieved, honest, closed the mouth, he is also disinclined to pester with these people, wastes the time simply. 李天命见他们终于憋屈、老实,把嘴巴闭上了,他也懒得和这些人纠缠,简直浪费时间。 Really, hitting one was honest.” “果然,打一顿就老实了。” He sneers, turns around directly, he had seen the Dark Demon Star Cave direction, is disinclined to be a companion with this group of people, then goes toward that Dark Demon Star Cave directly, compared with them, Li Tianming feels that Dark Demon, is more interesting. 他冷笑一声,直接转身,他已经看到了暗魔星窟的方向,也懒得和这帮人为伍,便直接往那暗魔星窟而去,比起他们,李天命感觉那暗魔,都要有趣许多。 His departs swaggering, Cang Jue and other people, can only the complexion be dreary and aggrieved, forcefully this one breath, swallowing, that Jiang Xiu'er, hurt the tears crash-bang downward to flow particularly, cries rendingly, often to say bids good-bye, has not made Sun Xiaoyue bump, may Sun Xiaoyue worrying. 他就这样大摇大摆离去,苍绝等四人,只能面色阴郁、憋屈,硬生生将这一口气,给咽了下去,尤其是那姜秀儿,疼得眼泪哗啦啦的往下流,哭得撕心裂肺,动不动就说分手,还不让孙小跃碰,可把孙小跃给愁死了。 Li Tianming, is those words, does not kill you, my Sun Xiaoyue oath is not a person!” 李天命,还是那句话,不杀你,我孙小跃誓不为人!” He does not want to understand actually, this time, was Li Tianming forgave his girlfriend life. 他倒是没想明白,这一次,是李天命饶了他女友一命。 ...... …… Li Tianming in the Dark Demon Star Cave direction, without walking far, the discovery person follows he. 李天命暗魔星窟的方向,没走多远呢,就发现有一个人跟着他。 Then looked, most has not had the feeling Jian Qinghe. 回头一看,正是最没存在感的简青禾 Just now Li Tianming and that four people conflict time, she in side, but she to the Blue Maple Star direction, has not as if cared about here battle completely. 方才李天命和那四个人呢冲突的时候,她就在旁边,不过她面向枫蓝星的方向,似乎完全没关心这边的争斗。 Is peaceful does not seem to exist. 安静得好像不存在。 What do you follow I to make?” Li Tianming turns head, spoke the first few words to her. “你跟着我做什么?”李天命回头,跟她说了第一句话。 „The Dark Demon Star Cave duty, stipulates in the squad, must two people above group, to far, Myriad Dao Bracelet will warn.” Jian Qinghe said in a soft voice. 暗魔星窟任务,规定小队内,必须两人以上一小组,离得远了,万道环会警示。”简青禾轻声说。 Her sound is very light, making one sound very comfortable. 她的声音很轻,让人听起来很舒服。 Li Tianming in Myriad Dao Valley, bumping into was too rampant the person who domineering, had ulterior motives, said no matter how, this named Jian Qinghe the strange miss, feeling was very good, such as the emerald green azure bamboo, unhappy was not noisy, simple, nature, was very pure. 李天命万道谷,碰到太多嚣张跋扈、心怀鬼胎的人了,不管怎么说,这个叫‘简青禾’的奇怪姑娘,给人的感觉很好,就如翠绿青竹,不喜不闹,简单、自然,很清净。 Ok. You must follow.” Li Tianming said. “行。那你得跟上。”李天命道。 In the duty list, recording this Jian Qinghe is also the eighth Universe Chart boundary, but Li Tianming felt that her aura somewhat is slightly strange. 任务名单上,记录这简青禾也是第八宙图境界,但李天命感觉她的气息稍微有些古怪。 This is one, on the face is deceiving the person of barrier shackles veil after all. 这毕竟是一个,脸上蒙着结界枷锁面纱的人。 That sweeping the floor Sir, was imprisoned, disciplinary punishment probably, this miss is also, she with the dialogue of that black clothes middle age, talked about shackles, obviously she and that sweeping the floor Sir knew, I have the interest in that shackles, brought to their attention......” “那个扫地大爷,好像是被囚禁、惩戒,这姑娘也是,她和那黑衣中年的对话中,谈到了‘镣铐’,显然她和那扫地大爷认识,我对那镣铐产生兴趣,引起了他们的注意……” All these, Li Tianming understands. 这一切,李天命都懂。 Myriad Dao Valley, the water was too deep, I do not first be interested in this shackles and veil, otherwise, Myriad Dao Spring has not been bumping, possibly the life must lose in this.” 万道谷,水太深了,我还是先别对这镣铐、面纱感兴趣,要不然,万道源泉没碰着,可能命都得丢在这。” Therefore the entire process, Li Tianming has not cared about her veil on own initiative. 所以整个过程,李天命都没主动在意她的面纱。 „Can she monitor you specially, understands your?” Ying Huo (Firefly) asked. “她会不会是专程来监视你,了解你的?”荧火问。 I also think from the beginning like this, but the issue is, she has the assignment before me, I am in the list last, therefore, I and she appear in this, is a coincidence. Moreover she with that black clothes middle age dialogue time also said that thinks that a person comes out to relax.” Li Tianming said. “我一开始也是这样想的,但问题是,她接任务在我之前,我是名单上最后一个,所以,我和她出现在这,是一种巧合。而且她和那黑衣中年对话的时候也说了,想一个人出来散散心。”李天命道。 Because of this, he not to this miss, without hostility. 正因为如此,他才不对这姑娘,没敌意。 If knows, she is monitors oneself, Li Tianming will certainly stake her. 要是知道,她就是来监视自己的,李天命一定会盯死她。 Whistling! 呼呼! Li Tianming continues to proceed. 李天命继续往前走。 After they forgave one slightly next, crosses Blue Maple Star this magnificent stars slightly, can see Dark Demon Star Cave clearly! 当他们稍微饶了一下后,稍微越过枫蓝星这瑰丽的星辰,就能清楚的看到暗魔星窟了! Let the Blue Maple Star grief the place of several thousand years of disaster! 一个让枫蓝星伤痛了数千年的灾难之地! This is!” “这是!” The Li Tianming vision institute and place, in the front starry sky, presented a giant starry sky devil's lair. 李天命目光所及之处,在前方的星空中,出现了一个巨大的星空魔窟。 The starry sky of that place, split billions of space slits! 那一块地方的星空,裂开了数以亿计的空间缝隙! Like the insect lair same devil's lair, long comes out from these slits, congeals darkness and demon air/Qi dreadful cavern, grotesque and irregular, probably a distortion honey-comb! 一个如同昆虫巢穴一样的魔窟,从这些缝隙当中‘长’出来,凝结成一个个黑暗、魔气滔天的洞窟,奇形怪状、不规则,像是一个扭曲的蜂巢! Blood fog and thick smoke, fills the air. 血雾、浓烟,在其中弥漫。 The low and deep and fierce howling sound, passes on unceasingly from this starry sky devil's lair. 低沉、狰狞的吼叫声音,不断从这星空魔窟当中传出来。 That devil's lair stretches out like tentacle one thing, disperses in the sky, making it mount in the starry sky outside this Blue Maple Star. 那魔窟伸出一根根如同触手一样的东西,在天空飞散,让它镶嵌在这枫蓝星外的星空中。 Is equivalent simply, outside a magnificent gem, presented gate of the hell. 简直相当于,一个瑰丽的宝石外,出现了一个地狱之门。 This Dark Demon Star Cave, is born baseless, seeming like, it looks like from another world is long, takes root in another world, extends in Order Starry Sky...... that is this another world, what?” “这暗魔星窟,是凭空诞生的,看起来,它就像是从另一个世界里长出来的,扎根另一个世界,在秩序星空延伸……那么,这另一个世界,是什么?” Li Tianming more approaches, more discovers the fierceness of this Dark Demon Star Cave. 李天命越是靠近,越是发现这暗魔星窟的狰狞。 First Ancestor Source Power!” 始祖源力!” He distinguished! 他分辨出来了! This Dark Demon Star Cave, gushed out massive First Ancestor Source Power unexpectedly. 暗魔星窟,竟然涌出了大量的始祖源力 This is the Ancestral world strength! 这是属于祖界的力量! In other words, this Dark Demon Star Cave, from Ancestral world, rips open space barrier unexpectedly, as long comes as Order Starry Sky?” “也就是说,这暗魔星窟,竟然是从祖界,撕开空间障壁,长到秩序星空来的?” That said, goes from these cracks, can arrive at Ancestral world?” “那岂不是说,从这些裂缝当中进去,能够到达祖界?” Although the crack had been filled up by Dark Demon Star Cave, but Li Tianming thinks, tears a Dark Demon Star Cave opening, should be able to go in? 虽然裂缝都已经被暗魔星窟填满,但李天命想,撕裂暗魔星窟一个口子,应该能进去吧? He has doubts very much. 他对此很疑惑。 The issue is, person who the surroundings cannot ask, if Li Fan, has a guide actually. 问题是,周围也没有能问的人,如果李凡在,倒是有个向导。 Also no one, Li Tianming then refuses to abandon hope in any case, asked that Jian Qinghe said: Dark Demon Star Cave is long from Ancestral world?” 反正也没人,李天命便死马当做活马医,问那‘简青禾’道:“暗魔星窟是从祖界长出来的吗?” Jian Qinghe nods. 简青禾点头。 She is also willing to exchange, that is the good deed. 她还愿意互通,那是好事。 Li Tianming then continues to ask: „Do some people through Dark Demon Star Cave, arrive at Ancestral world to go?” 李天命便继续问:“有人通过暗魔星窟,到达祖界去吗?” Ancestral world that Li Tianming knows, is a three middle most mystical world, Earth Billows World and Ancestral world honey-comb, is actually only a part of Ancestral world. 李天命认识的祖界,是三界当中最神秘的一个世界,坤澜界祖界蜂巢,其实都只是祖界的一部分。 Has. However, that side also has nothing.” Jian Qinghe said. “有。不过,那边也没什么。”简青禾道。 Why said like this?” “为什么这样说?” Ancestral world is not the connection, Ancestral world that but, enters from this one after another, inside space is also limited, except for First Ancestor Source Power, without other things.” Jian Qinghe said in a soft voice. 祖界并不是连通的,而是一块一块的,从这进的祖界,里面空间也有限,除了始祖源力,没其他东西。”简青禾轻声说。 Li Tianming understood! 李天命懂了! Order Starry Sky is the connection. 秩序星空是连通的。 Bizarre World, does not have the illusory space of distance. 异度界,是没有距离的虚幻空间。 Ancestral world, is, Earth Billows World and Ancestral world honey-comb, has this Dark Demon Star Cave following world, independent, with other combinations, has not connected. 祖界,是一块块的,坤澜界祖界蜂巢、还有这暗魔星窟后面的世界,都是单独的,和其他组合,并没有连通。 Naturally, First Ancestor Source Power is the connection, therefore this Dark Demon Star Cave First Ancestor Source Power, continuously. 当然,始祖源力是连通的,所以这暗魔星窟始祖源力,源源不断。 Really no?” “真的没什么?” Several generations of Valley Lord have gone, truly has nothing.” Jian Qinghe said. “有几代谷主进去过了,确实没什么。”简青禾道。 Valley Lord came, has not extinguished the light Dark Demon while convenient, but also a Cultivator purity of Blue Maple Star?” Li Tianming said. 谷主都来了,还不顺便把暗魔灭光,还枫蓝星修炼者一个清净?”李天命道。 Jian Qinghe lowers the head, without answering this issue. 简青禾低下头,没有回答这个问题。
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