EDAH :: Volume #12 极·七宗罪

#1141: Defeat demon god ( Part 2 )

The speed of light meow kills the fist, perfect Insta-kill Ye Tianxie in the virtual gaming world has seen all attack skills! He is unable to imagine in Xiao Bei that exquisite body, actually to be containing how formidable Strength, how fearful potential! Even if because is Destiny Moment, even if Xing Li, cannot release the so terrifying attack. Initially, in second smelting trial the place of smelting trial, Xiao Bei to just broken 3000 foundation Attack Power, in own violent walked the technique and under the assistance of Yao Yao Light of Origin, has destroyed completely beast of scarlet deep pool 20 million Life / HP Mysterious God. After that is Ye Tianxie enters the game world, most shocking one time. First what that time he thought that can achieve that degree by the Pet condition of Heaven's End level, if it were not Pet, but was the normal BOSS shape, then, it of Heaven's End level, even can have with the ability of beast of resistance Saint Destroyer. 光速喵杀拳,完美的秒杀叶天邪在虚拟游戏世界所见过的所有攻击技能!他无法想象小贝那小巧的身体里,究竟蕴藏着多么强大的力量,多么可怕的潜力!因为即使是命运之刻,即使是星璃,都不能释放出如此恐怖的攻击。当初,在第二次试炼的试炼之地,小贝以刚破3000的基础攻击力,在自身暴走技和夭夭根源之光的辅助下,灭掉了神玄之兽赤渊20000000的生命。那是叶天邪进入游戏世界后最震惊的一次。那时的他最先想到的是,以天绝级的宠物状态都可以做到那种程度,如果它不是宠物,而是正常的BOSS形态,那么,天绝级的它,甚至能有着和圣灭之兽对抗的能力。 But she of Saint Destroyer rank, can definitely with Level not pay attention to the ordinary Saint Destroyer beast of...... The speed of light meow killed fist, the emperor will do this Lost Continent strongest beast Insta-kill dozens sufficiently times. 圣灭级别的她,完全可以把同等级的普通圣灭之兽不放在眼里……刚才的这光速喵杀拳,足以将帝乾这迷失大陆的最强之兽都秒杀数十次。 Good fearful Xiao Bei...... Is its origin, actually what? If it grows completely, will be what kind of astonishing degree. 好可怕的小贝……它的来历,究竟是什么?如果它完全成长起来,到底会达到怎样一个惊人的程度。 !!! 哧!!! Sound of the space torn separate, grating letting person whole body incomparable discomfort. In a flash, the network of crowded dazzling remnant shade vanishes all of a sudden...... After the light, Ye Tianxie sees, is the body of Xing Li high departs...... That is not she drifts voluntarily, but by Xiao Bei finally by having huge shake strength finally strikes the institute to hit hard again flies. But Xiao Bei oneself instead is shaking under strength also maliciously was flung to fly, head innumerable yellow small Xing Xing are revolving, both eyes of micro Red are also Xing Xing continually transfer, obviously already stun(ned) past. 一声空间被撕裂的割裂之音,刺耳的让人全身上下无比的难受。一瞬之间,密集耀眼的残影之网一下子消失……光影之后,叶天邪所看到的,是星璃的身体高高的飞出……那不是她自行飘浮,而是被小贝最后以带着巨大震荡力的最后一击所重重击飞。而小贝自身在反震力之下也狠狠的被甩飞了出去,头上无数颗黄色小星星在旋转着,微赤色的双目也是星星连转,显然已经眩晕了过去。 After Heaven enters the conceited universe invincible super meow to kill the fist displays, oneself will fall into at least ten seconds of stun(ned) conditions. But...... Starts this fearful unique skill from Xiao Bei to the present, altogether also passed for five seconds...... 上天入地唯我独尊宇宙无敌超级喵杀拳施展之后,自身会陷入至少十秒的眩晕状态。而……从小贝发动这个可怕的绝招到现在,一共也才过去了五秒的时间…… Five seconds...... Double hit 2000 times! One second of continuous attack 400 times! Such Attack Speed, does not believe gods simply. 五秒……连击2000次!一秒连续攻击400次!这样的攻击速度,简直连神都不会相信。 Bites...... Your Pet Xiao Bei, because used skill Heaven to enter the conceited universe invincible super meow to kill fist, forced the stun(ned) 10 seconds, in the stun(ned) process was not recallable.” “叮……您的宠物小贝’因为使用了技能‘上天入地唯我独尊宇宙无敌超级喵杀拳’,强制眩晕10秒,眩晕过程中不可召回。” Bites...... Your Pet Xiao Bei, because used skill to burn soul, entered three days of lethargic sleep conditions. Under the lethargic sleep condition is not convenable, cannot awaken, cannot obtain experience points.” “叮……您的宠物小贝’因为使用了技能‘焚魂’,进入三天的昏睡状态。昏睡状态下不可召唤,不可唤醒,不可获得经验值。” Twined Xiao Bei body the glow of violent walking to vanish, stun(ned) Xiao Bei from airborne fell to fall, the Ye Tianxie body moved, the rapid migration to the Xiao Bei body, fell the body to grasp her, exclaimed in surprise, but looked at her one eyes take pity on, said in a soft voice: Xiao Bei, does was good...... The rest, remaining, gives me well.” 缠绕着小贝身体的暴走之芒消失了,眩晕小贝从空中摔落了下去,叶天邪身体一动,迅疾的移动到小贝身下,将她下落中的身体抱住,惊叹而怜惜的看了她一眼,轻声说道:“小贝,做的太好了……好好休息吧,剩下的,交给我。” The speed of light meow kills the fist finally strikes extremely overbearingly, such as the heaven checks general irresistible. Burns under the soul condition, the continuous attack of Xiao Bei altogether has destroyed completely Xing Li about 1% Life / HP...... Destroys completely True God 1% Life / HP strength by the Saint Destroyer stance in dozens seconds, even if this is a god, is unable to achieve. The gods have long-time Life / HP, with extremely huge Life / HP strength, therefore, any god is not easily is destroyed, in the fragment of crag tablet gives in his memory, a fight between gods must decide the victory and defeat to require several days of even longer time frequently, Xiao Bei is actually the short 30 seconds, extinguished Xing Li 1% Life / HP...... Even if, such injury to Xing Li is really not anything, but this is huge great. 光速喵杀拳的最后一击极其霸道,如天堂之刹一般不可抗拒。焚魂状态下,小贝的连续攻击一共灭掉了星璃近1的生命……以圣灭姿态在几十秒内灭掉一个真神1的生命力,这即使是神,也根本无法做到。神有着长久的生命,和极其庞大的生命力,所以,任何一个神都不是那么容易被毁灭,在岩碑的碎片所给予他的记忆中,神之间的一场战斗要分出胜负经常要几天甚至更久的时间,小贝却是短短30秒,灭了星璃1的生命……即使,这样的伤害对星璃来说真的不算什么,但这已经是天大的了不起。 The purple ray flashes past in the line of sight, Xing Li has stood in his body first 50 meters distances, Origin Barrier Effect vanished, Ye Tianxie Life / HP also only then 1 point, Xing Li has not attacked, but is some being shocked looks at stupor past Xiao Bei, the interlabial sends out the slight three characters: Good fierce......” 紫色的光芒在视线中一闪而过,星璃已重新站在了他身前50米的距离,根源屏障效果已经消失,叶天邪生命也只有“1”点,星璃没有攻击,而是有些惊呆的看着昏迷过去的小贝,唇间发出轻微的三个字:“好厉害……” Um, Xiao Bei has been very great...... But, cannot ruin your crystal clothes.” Ye Tianxie said in a soft voice. “嗯,小贝一直都很了不起……可是,还是没有能毁掉你的水晶衣。”叶天邪轻声说道。 Even if Xiao Bei has the tearing ability greatly strengthened sharp claws, the beforehand attack, still cannot make Xing Li the clothes of amethyst present the fissure. Moreover on face of Xing Li except for surprised, without any other unusual places...... After all, 0% Life / HP wounds, are equal to for her basically not having. 纵然小贝有着撕裂能力极强的利爪,之前的攻击,依然没有能让星璃的紫水晶之衣出现裂痕。而且星璃的脸上除了惊奇,没有任何其他异样的地方……毕竟,0一生命的创伤,对她来说基本等同于无。 Only can use that method really...... 真的只能用那个方法了吗…… Destiny Moment, looked your!! 命运之刻,看你的了!! Present he, can only hope in Destiny Moment the strength of poisonous eclipse. 现在的他,只能寄望于命运之刻的毒蚀之力。 Ten seconds pass by, Xiao Bei from the stun(ned) condition, transfer the lethargic sleep condition, Ye Tianxie take back Xiao Bei, both hands ban to grasp Destiny Moment, above the right hand, Demon Seal releases the strong jet black glow...... 十秒过去,小贝的从眩晕状态,转为昏睡状态,叶天邪小贝收回,双手禁握命运之刻,右手之上,魔印释放出浓烈的漆黑之芒…… Dying remnant war casualty!!” “绝命残殇!!” Bang!! 砰!! One group of blood fog burn to blast out on the body of Ye Tianxie fiercely, after blood fog, is the scarlet corona appears together, is centered on the body of Ye Tianxie, spreads instantaneously, has proliferated beyond hundred meters...... The proliferation of scarlet corona wonderful quick incomparable, merely is the flash then spreads before the body of Xing Li, from her body one sweeps...... 一团血雾在叶天邪的身上猛燃炸开,血雾之后,是一道血色的光环出现,然后以叶天邪的身体为中心,瞬间扩散,一直扩散到了百米之外……血色光环的扩散奇快无比,仅仅是一瞬间便扩散到星璃的身前,从她的身上一扫而过…… -1,836,000,000! -1,836,000,000! After body of Xing Li slightly, but the second completely same scarlet corona at this time spread suddenly, but. 星璃的身体稍稍后顿了一下,而第二道完全相同的血色光环在这时猛然蔓延而至。 Dying remnant war casualty!!” “绝命残殇!!” -1,836,000,000! -1,836,000,000! Dying remnant war casualty, Ye Tianxie at present abatement Destiny 7 Kills and Destiny's Judgement the strongest attack technique outside day crime, to this time, he will not have any retention again, if own strongest attack technique still cannot ruin Xing Li the clothes of amethyst, then on only energy...... 绝命残殇,叶天邪目前除却命运七杀命运之裁・天罪之外的最强攻击技,到了这个时候,他已经不会再有任何的保留,如果自己的最强攻击技依然不能毁掉星璃的紫水晶之衣,那么就只能…… Destiny's Judgement day crime!!” 命运之裁天罪!!” In the low roar, Ye Tianxie has held up Destiny Moment by both hands high, points to the sky. On Destiny Moment, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue and purple seven colors of the spectrum ray twinkle, in seven color light of interweaving, above Blood Feather the scarlet glow explodes shoots, said innumerably the Red ray lasing, fired into the remote upper air, above Orange Ivory the innumerable [say / way] orange photoemission left, above Abysmal Yellow the innumerable [say / way] orange photoemission left, above Green Wave the innumerable [say / way] green lights to project, above Blue Spirit the innumerable [say / way] azure photoemission to leave, above Indigo Soul the innumerable [say / way] blue light to project, above Will of Heaven the innumerable [say / way] purple light to project...... 低吼声中,叶天邪以双手高高举起了命运之刻,直指天空。命运之刻上,赤橙黄绿青蓝紫七色光芒闪烁而起,在交织的七色彩光中,血羽之上赤芒爆射,无数道赤色光芒激射而出,冲向了遥远的高空,橙牙之上无数道橙光射出,黄渊之上无数道橙光射出、绿波之上无数道绿光射出、青魂之上无数道青光射出、蓝魄之上无数道蓝光射出、天心之上无数道紫光射出…… The lasing of seven colors of the spectrum rays in the upper air, interweaving, are mapping a set the earth the colors of seven color rocked unceasingly. Finally, the seven colors of the spectrum rays have covered the entire sky, when Ye Tianxie bites the mandibular joint tightly, when will aim the sky Destiny Moment layer on layer wields next, the glow of airborne innumerable seven color turn into the light of innumerable [say / way] destruction, in trembling of space, all flew to Xing Li...... 七色的光芒在高空之中激射,交织着,将大地都映成了不断晃动的七彩之色。终于,七色的光芒笼罩了整个天空,当叶天邪紧咬牙关,将指向天空的命运之刻重重挥下时,空中无数的七彩之芒化成无数道毁灭之光,在空间的战栗中,全部飞向了星璃…… The day crime can be the ultra-large range destruction attack, similarly can also only attack one person...... The attack range, is assigned by user completely. Otherwise, this came from Destiny Moment the glow of destruction, turns into the ruins that Lost City the blade of grass all does not have sufficiently. 天罪可以是超大范围毁灭攻击,同样也可以只攻击一人……其攻击范围,完全由使用者来指定。否则,这来自命运之刻的毁灭之芒,足以将迷失之城化成寸草皆无的废墟。 Xing Li gains ground slightly, the double pupil looked to the airborne whereabouts innumerable color light, was unexpectedly motionless, seemed attracted by the glow of these seven colors, has put behind in the appreciation the strength of destruction contained, or...... 星璃微微抬头,双眸看向了空中下落的无数彩光,竟然一动不动,仿佛被这七彩之芒所吸引,在欣赏中忘却了其中所蕴藏的毁灭之力,也或者…… Disaster the glow of seven color fall, the complete impact on the body of Xing Li, the destruction rays from seven Core of Destiny did not know many [say / way], is unable to count clear, overspread entire heaven the glow of seven color almost to attack within one second completely on the same person, this made people all panic-stricken. Do not say that is the destruction glow of Destiny Moment, even if such many arrow arrow falls , many people can under such impact safe and sound. 灾难的七彩之芒落下,全部冲击在了星璃的身体上,来自七个命运之核的毁灭光芒不知有多少道,也根本无法数清,铺满了整个天堂的七彩之芒几乎在一秒之内全部冲击在了同一个人身上,这一幕让人无不惊骇。不要说那是来自命运之刻的毁灭之芒,就算是如此之多的箭矢落下,又有多少人可以在这样的冲击下安然无恙。 This is the destruction from Destiny Moment cuts...... But by the Ye Tianxie present ability, Xing Li that can adjudicate...... 这是来自命运之刻的毁灭之裁……但以叶天邪现在的能力,能否裁决的了星璃…… Bang ~~~~~~ 轰~~~~~~ The glow of Strength is blasting out at the sad incomparable bellow, Ye Tianxie can see Xing Li form that in clearly the color light explosion often appears, under the sanctions of glow of seven color, she is unexpectedly motionless throughout, not only has not gone to Evasion, has not resisted with any Strength...... 力量之芒的在沉闷无比的轰鸣声炸开着,叶天邪可以清楚的看到彩光爆炸中不时显现的星璃的身影,在七彩之芒的制裁之下,她竟然始终一动不动,不但没有去回避,更没有用任何力量去抵御…… As if, is she in desirably was hit by oneself, withstanding such attack desirably...... 仿佛,是她在刻意的让自己被击中,也刻意的承受这样的攻击…… -5508000000! -5508000000! The huge injury was brought, this is also Ye Tianxie besides Destiny 7 Kills, the strongest injury of can ejecting. Sufficiently the injuries of imaginary beast four god direct Insta-kill. 庞大的伤害被带起,这也是叶天邪除了命运七杀外,所能击出的最强伤害。足以将幻兽四神直接秒杀的伤害。 However, when punishes color glow that dissipates, Xing Li as before stays in the original position, does not have the slight migration, the posture does not have any change. Both eyes are looking straight ahead Ye Tianxie, no one is able to see clearly in her vision to contain anything. 但是,当制裁的彩芒消散之时,星璃依旧停留在原来的位置,没有丝毫的移动,就连姿势都没有任何的变化。双目直视着叶天邪,谁也无法看清她的目光中蕴藏着什么。 Twice the remnant life dies young certainly, Destiny's Judgement day crime, has not made Xing Li the clothes of amethyst appear as before any...... Even if trivial wound. 两次残命绝殇,一次命运之裁・天罪,依旧没有让星璃的紫水晶之衣出现任何……哪怕丝微的创伤。
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