EDAH :: Volume #12 极·七宗罪

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One minute of past two minutes passed by 一分钟过去两分钟过去 The Origin Barrier duration is getting more and more short, gradually is approaching the dissipation edge, after Origin Barrier vanishes, if Xing Li again comes fearful attack before a next best, they then must all extinguish here. These days, he and Xiao Bei have attacked to Xing Li time and time again, even used flickering of many illusory bead to move, but was approaching her moment, maliciously was flown by her sweeping, not having the moment to be able nearly to her body. Dragon Soul Roar Strength, by her Strength isolation. 根源屏障的持续时间越来越短,逐渐靠近着消散的边缘,根源屏障消失之后,如果星璃再来一次之前的可怕攻击,他们便要全灭在这里。这段时间里,他和小贝星璃冲击了一次又一次,甚至使用了很多次空幻珠的瞬移,但都在靠近她的那一刻,被她狠狠的扫飞,没有一刻能近到她的身体。就连龙魂咆哮力量,也一次次的被她的力量隔绝。 The Ye Tianxie respite becomes loud, his side, was pounded the Xiao Bei mood of flying by times also obviously somewhat loses control, the confusedness in Indigo color eye pupil turned into more and more deep ominous light, two cat ears also high stand, closes right up against her body, Ye Tianxie can feel from her anger clearly. 叶天邪喘息变得粗重,他的身边,被一次次砸飞的小贝情绪也明显的有些失控起来,色眼瞳中的迷茫化成了越来越深的凶光,两只猫耳也高高立起,靠着她的身体,叶天邪能清楚的感觉到来自她的怒气。 Xiao Bei, once let the true God trembles with frightened Nightmare Beast, her dignity, how allows to offend. 小贝,一个曾经让真神都战栗和恐惧的“噩梦之兽”,她的尊严,岂容触犯。 Yao Yao, tries hypnosis, although is unlikely successfully, but this was the Unique method.” Ye Tianxie knits the eyebrows tightly, said in a low voice. 夭夭,尝试一下催眠虽然不太可能成功,但这是唯一的方法了。”叶天邪紧锁着眉头,低声说道。 Um Yao Yao complies with one gently, both hands about in the front, has closed the eye, the snow general long hair light dance, the holy white corona releases from her body together, the spread goes “嗯”夭夭轻轻答应一声,双手合在胸前,闭上了眼睛,雪一般的长发轻舞而起,一道圣洁的白色光环从她的身上释放,蔓延而去 The light of profound spirit falls asleep. 玄灵之光入梦。 White corona spread goes, the next second has achieved the Xing Li position, from her body vine, has left behind the white ray slightly on her body gently, but this white light has preserved that the flash merely, then dissipated in invisible. Xing Li still stays in airborne, without any unusuality. 白色的光环蔓延而去,下一秒已经达到星璃的位置,从她的身上轻轻蔓过,在她的身上留下了些微的白色光芒,但这白光仅仅存留了那么一瞬间,便已经消散于无形。星璃依然停留在空中,没有任何的异常。 The light of profound spirit falls asleep, is completely invalid to Xing Li. 玄灵之光•入梦,对星璃完全无效。 Master, the Yao Yao hypnosis simply does not have the means to affect her.” Yao Yao supple saying. Her sound excessively gentle delightful, acoustic fidelity even not weakly in Mu Xiao Yao. Hears her sound, simply is greatest enjoyment. “主人,夭夭的催眠根本没有办法影响到她。”夭夭柔柔的说道。她的声音过分的柔和甜美,音质甚至不会弱于慕小妖。听她的声音,简直是一种莫大的享受。 Long exhalation one breath, Ye Tianxie sighed was saying: Spells. If not really good, can only use the Kaka Saint mark changed Xiao Bei, on us!!” 长长的呼出一口气,叶天邪叹息着说道:“拼吧。如果实在不行,就只能动用卡卡的圣痕变了小贝,我们上!!” Hugs Xiao Bei, Ye Tianxie has condensed all attention, stubbornly tightens the attack of Xing Li each nerve destroys the purple light, rapid peerless. Even if by Ye Tianxie Innate Skill, the possibility of also almost not having avoided. This time, he can only concentrate all attention to spell 一把搂过小贝,叶天邪凝聚起自己所有的注意力,将每一根神经都死死绷紧星璃的攻击是毁灭紫光,迅疾绝伦。纵然以叶天邪天赋,也几乎没有避开的可能。这次,他只能集中所有的注意力去拼了 Promotes the speed to instantaneously most greatly, such as the rapid thunder and lightning has fired into the front generally. 瞬间将速度提升到最大,如迅疾的雷电一般冲向了前方。 Origin Barrier effect, but also remaining final dozens seconds, once were exhausted, is equal to at the hope and miracle that exhausting Yao Yao has entrusted with. 根源屏障的效果,还剩下最后的几十秒一旦被耗尽,也就等同于耗尽了夭夭所赋予的希望与奇迹。 The Xing Li destruction light sword front surface cuts, the huge purple light fox forms instantaneously, by average man's naked eye, can only catch the purple light to flash past together, is impossible to react with enough time. 星璃的毁灭光剑迎面切来,巨大的紫色光狐瞬间形成,以常人之肉眼,只能捕捉到一道紫光一闪而过,根本不可能来得及做出反应。 When the purple light appears in the pupil, Ye Tianxie clenches teeth fiercely, body by Sovereign Dragon God Pierce upwards fierce flees 当紫光在瞳孔中出现时,叶天邪猛一咬牙,身体以“帝皇龙神刺”向上方猛的一窜 …… The sound of cutting space has swept from his body, space trembling by belt was made the body of Ye Tianxie tremble to swing several times, but he succeeded finally has avoided the Xing Li destruction light to cut. The vision is imposing, under the body Kaka eats delicacies lowly, flew from out of the blue to Xing Li. The right hand that Xing Li wields takes back, unemotionally promotes the left hand, immediately, hundred meters high, hundred meters wide purple barrier twinkling formation, kept off in front of Ye Tianxie at the same time, Ye Tianxie brunted invariably, by the Destiny Moment tangential purple barrier, in the green light that Green Wave flashed, purple barrier stiffly cut a giant gap, passed safely. 切割空间的声音从他的身下扫过,被带起的空间战栗让叶天邪的身体颤荡了数次,但他总算是成功了躲避过了星璃的毁灭光斩。目光凛然,身下卡卡一声低啸,破空飞向了星璃星璃挥出的右手收回,面无表情的将左手推出,顿时,一面百米之高,百米之宽的紫色屏障瞬息形成,挡在了叶天邪面前,叶天邪冲势不变,以命运之刻切向紫色屏障,在绿波闪动的绿光之中,将紫色屏障硬生生的切出一个巨大的缺口,安然通过。 But he has not come and respite, his body suddenly one stiff, whole person framed completely in airborne, is unable to move again. 但他还没来及喘息,他的身体忽然一僵,整个人完全定格在了空中,再也无法动弹。 This is 这是 Space blockade!! 空间封锁!! Bad!! 糟了!! Ye Tianxie innermost feelings startled however, this is the space blockade that he is unable to work loose in any event, before shatter of space blockade, from Xiao Bei the claw of nihility, but the release of claw of nihility has Cooldown that very plants, present Xiao Bei is unable to display the claw of second time nihility. 叶天邪内心一阵惊然,这是他无论如何都无法挣脱的空间封锁,之前空间封锁的破碎,源自小贝的虚无之爪,但虚无之爪的释放有着十分种的冷却,现在的小贝根本无法施展第二次的虚无之爪。 Ye Tianxie, Yao Yao and Xiao Bei. Qiuqiu and Kaka, by space blockade firmly, could not all be moved. 叶天邪夭夭小贝球球卡卡,全部被空间牢牢的封锁,动弹不得。 All was framed, one seconds second of winding through of time one. in such framing. Ye Tianxie is releasing complete Strength, once more strongly is dashing the surrounding space, but was the same with before, his full release, is unable to shake this blockade the space to be tiny bit. Weeping Feather Ice Qilin under his body maintains the posture of sprint is being fully motionless, is similar to a true ice sculpture, the body side, Xiao Bei abuts his body, in the Indigo color eye pupil is being full more and more wild ray, Ye Tianxie can feel the Strength aura that its anger, it is assigned away from the capital strongly, obviously, she is also releasing complete Strength to attack the space of block system. 所有的一切都被定格,时间在这样的定格中一秒一秒的流过。叶天邪释放着自己全部的力量,再次竭力的去冲撞着周围的空间,但和之前一样,他的全力释放,都无法撼动这封锁的空间一丝一毫。他身下的泣羽冰麟保持着全力冲刺的姿势一动不动,如同一具真正的冰雕,身侧,小贝紧靠着他的身体,色眼瞳中充盈着越来越狂暴的光芒,叶天邪可以感觉到它的怒火,还有它在竭力外放的力量气息,显然,她也在释放着全部的力量去冲击着闭锁的空间。 This space, he is unable to tear his current strongest Strength that has, is the origin from Destiny Moment. The body was blocked, he is unable to use Destiny Moment, can only depend upon the strength of Dragon Soul, golden Dragon Soul that but just took shape, how can also compared with space blockade under this true God Strength. 这个空间,他无法撕裂他目前的所拥有的最强力量,都是来源自命运之刻。身体被封锁,他无法动用命运之刻,只能依靠龙魂之力,但刚刚成型的金色龙魂,又怎能和这真神力量下的空间封锁相比。 Only can depend upon Xiao Bei 只能依靠小贝 Follows itself after Xiao Bei, she can always bring the huge pleasant surprise in the difficult position to herself 小贝跟随自己后,她总是能在困境中给自己带来着巨大的惊喜 For example initially on the Tower of Destiny zero level, for example initially was facing that to let beast of scarlet deep pool he almost desperate Mysterious God 比如当初在命运之塔的第零层,比如当初在面对那个让他几乎绝望的神玄之兽赤渊 He felt that Xiao Bei anger, but the eruption of each Xiao Bei, follows her anger. As once strongest beast, she has the greatly strengthened dignity, the biggest taboo, was offended the dignity. When her anger erupts under the stimulation, Strength of deep sleep, in the violent will walk awakens. 他感觉到了小贝的怒气,而每一次小贝的爆发,都伴随着她的怒火。作为曾经的最强之兽,她有着极强的尊严,最大的忌讳,就是被触犯到尊严。当她的怒火在刺激下爆发时,沉睡的力量,也会在暴走中觉醒。 Xiao Bei Ye Tianxie was summoning one at heart. 小贝叶天邪在心里呼唤了一声。 Xiao Bei: 小贝: Times were repelled, is unable to approach including the body of match, its anger burnt, now is blocked the body, do not say the attack, moves the body unable. Once Nightmare Beast, so will be incapable unexpectedly, was oppressed to divert this degree by a person 一次次的被打退,连对手的身体都无法靠近,它的怒火本就燃烧,现在又被封锁住身体,不要说攻击,连移动身体都不能。曾经的噩梦之兽,竟然会如此的无力,被一个人压迫牵制到了这种程度 Ye Tianxie felt that blazing of Xiao Bei body, as if one group of flame in her body, spread her body surface. 叶天邪感觉到了小贝身体的炽热,仿佛有一团火焰在她的身体内部,蔓延到了她的体表。 Xiao Bei!!!” 小贝!!!” Shouted!! 呼!! One group of white flame, burn suddenly from the body of Xiao Bei, the flame has wrapped her entire body, the high temperature is firing the body of Ye Tianxie. This burns suddenly, but the flame on the sacred flame that such as on Ye Tianxie burns, stated differently Ye Tianxie sees, in the white flame, the Xiao Bei pale Indigo color double pupil, turned into the shallow red unexpectedly! 一团白色的火焰,忽然从小贝的身上燃烧起来,火焰包裹了她的整个身体,高温灼烧着叶天邪的身体。这个忽然燃烧而起的火焰就如叶天邪身上所燃烧的神圣之炎,不同的是叶天邪看到,在白色的火焰之中,小贝原本淡色的双瞳,竟变成了浅赤色! Ding! Your Pet Xiao Bei anger combustion, started the ultimate violent to walk technique to burn soul, in the following 30 seconds, Life / HP dropped 5% every second, all injuries of receiving doubled. All skill effects double, all skills disregard Cooldown.” 叮你的宠物小贝’怒火燃烧,发动了终极暴走技‘焚魂’,接下来30秒内,生命每秒下降5%,受到的所有伤害加倍。所有技能效果加倍,所有技能无视冷却。” This is Xiao Bei burns the soul in the ultimate skill that the angry condition can release! 这是小贝在愤怒状态才能释放的终极技能焚魂! The clear ray presents on the Xiao Bei cat claw glove, can tear all „the claw of nihility, blocked space cuns (2.5cm) rupturing, until the complete avalanche, Ye Tianxie regained the freedom, but he has not come and motion body, the stiff feeling raids once more, in Xing Li terrifying the strength of Strength, just torn block system space, once again by blockade firmly. 晶莹的光芒在小贝的猫爪手套上呈现,能撕裂一切的“虚无之爪”下,被封锁的空间寸寸爆裂,直至完全崩塌,叶天邪恢复了自由,但他还没来及的移动身体,僵硬的感觉再次袭来,在星璃恐怖的力量之力,刚刚被撕裂的闭锁空间,又一次被牢牢的封锁。 Pingpong!!! 乒!!! Just the blocked space cracked once again, under burning soul, Xiao Bei all skills will disregard Cooldown including its masterstroke and Saint technique, once again „the claw of nihility has destroyed the blocked space. Its body, wild ray glitters with the wild aura one after another. 刚刚被封锁的空间又一次崩裂,在焚魂之下,小贝的所有技能包括它的神技和圣技都将无视冷却,又一次“虚无之爪”摧毁了被封锁的空间。它的身上,狂暴的光芒伴随着狂暴的气息接连闪烁而起。 Your Pet Xiao Bei started the violent to walk technique violent. Chaotic light, in burns soul under effect, violent. Chaotic light effect doubles, Movement Speed + 800%, Attack Speed + 200% “你的宠物小贝’发动了暴走技‘暴.乱之光’,在‘焚魂’效果下,‘暴.乱之光’效果加倍,移动速度+800%,攻击速度+200%” Your Pet Xiao Bei started the violent to walk technique Nightmare Claw, in burnt soul under effect, Nightmare Claw effect doubled, Attack Power + 198%, critical hit / sudden attack rate + 140% “你的宠物小贝’发动了暴走技‘噩梦之爪’,在‘焚魂’效果下,‘噩梦之爪’效果加倍,攻击力+198%,暴击率+140%” Your Pet Xiao Bei started the violent to walk technique ‚the claw of misfortune “你的宠物小贝’发动了暴走技‘厄运之爪’” Your Pet Xiao Bei started special technique Paradise Fighting Glow, in burns soul under effect, Paradise Fighting Glow effect doubles, each attack may produce two Paradise Fighting Glow, every time increases together Paradise Fighting Glow, Attack Power + 20% “你的宠物小贝’发动了特殊技‘天堂战芒’,在‘焚魂’效果下,‘天堂战芒’效果加倍,每一次攻击可生成两道天堂战芒,每增加一道天堂战芒,攻击力+20%” This time Xiao Bei, the incarnation has become incomparably fearful destruction. The exquisite body, adorable semblance who endures to withstand a such her simple attack. 此时的小贝,化身成了一个无比可怕的毁灭者。玲珑的身体,可爱的外表但谁堪承受这样的她简单的一次攻击。 Xiao Bei has fired into Xing Li, double storms. Chaotic light effect, her speed seriously the wild aura that if quickly the time, comes suddenly makes Xing Li lock the eyebrow slightly, her both hands wield, the consecutively three destruction purple light pounded successively to her body. 小贝冲向了星璃,双倍的暴.乱之光效果,她的速度当真快若流光,忽然而来的狂暴气息让星璃微微锁眉,她双手一挥,连续三道毁灭紫光先后砸向了她的身体。 Three purple glow near bodies, Xiao Bei has not moved aside, but raises the cat claw glove, having the dazzling crystal ray to grasp to three purple light impressively is the claw of nihility. 三道紫芒近身,小贝没有躲闪,而是扬起猫爪手套,带着刺目的水晶光芒抓向了三道紫光赫然是虚无之爪。 ! 哧! ! 哧! ! 哧! Shocking presents at present, these fearful Strength glow of demon god Xing Li, was bumping into that moment torn distortion of Xiao Bei cat claw glove unexpectedly, was torn several sections, dispersed has been firing into other directions, cannot attack the body of Xiao Bei. 让人震惊的一幕呈现在了眼前,这几道来自魔神星璃的可怕力量之芒,竟在碰到小贝猫爪手套的那一刻被撕裂的变形,然后又被撕裂成了数段,分散着冲向了其他方向,没有一个能冲击到小贝的身体。 Xiao Bei the claw of nihility can tear the material, tears the space even also to tear the element and Strength! Claw of might Xiao Bei current nihility is unstable, but the tearing ability exists inevitably. A might of claw of nihility is astonishing, but the claw of nihility can display continuously, its formidable degree is unable to describe. 小贝的虚无之爪能撕裂物质,撕毁空间甚至还可以撕毁元素和力量小贝目前的虚无之爪威力不稳定,但撕裂能力必然存在。一次虚无之爪的威力惊人无比,而能连续施展的虚无之爪,其强大程度无从形容。 Was struck the loose attack to make Xing Li stunned, her purple glow dodges, seven purple light arrows take shape in the air, then simultaneously flew to Xiao Bei 被击散的攻击让星璃错愕,她身上紫芒一闪,七道紫色光箭在空气中成型,然后齐齐飞向了小贝 …… 哧哧哧哧哧哧哧 Tearing! Tearing! Tearing! Tearing 撕裂!撕裂!撕裂!撕裂 Seven Daoguang arrows, its attack intensity could be imagined, the average man had to tear the Strength ability, how possible to attack these seven receives fully, but, this time Xiao Bei Attack Speed reached as high as 450, two seconds can launch the entire nine attacks, under the fingernails of consecutively seven times nihility, seven Daoguang arrows were torn the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group dance completely the purple light cotton wool. Xiao Bei also rushed to the Xing Li front at this time, the body, is 20 Paradise Fighting Glow that under ten attacks accumulates. 七道光箭,其攻击密集程度可想而知,常人就算拥有撕裂力量的能力,又怎么可能将这七道攻击全力接下,但是,此时的小贝攻击速度高达450,两秒可以发动整整九次攻击,在连续七次的虚无之爪下,七道光箭全部被撕裂成飞舞的紫色光絮。小贝也在这时冲到了星璃的面前,身上,是十次攻击之下所积累起的20道天堂战芒 Bang!!!! 轰!!!! In a huge deafening sound sound, who cat claw shoes treading of Xiao Bei maliciously endured the imagination on the body of Xing Li, so exquisite young girl such one kicks, brings is actually the landslide Tsunami huge sound. 在一声巨大的震响声中,小贝的猫爪鞋狠狠的踏在了星璃的身上谁堪想象,如此小巧少女的这样一踢,带起的却是山崩海啸般的巨大声响。 Checking of heaven! 天堂之刹! -900000000! -900000000! When Xing Li caused heavy losses to by Destiny 7 Kills, finally after being earnest, Ye Tianxie most storm shoots down on her body , can only make her body slight after merely, supine. But Xiao Bei " checking of heaven ”, actually struck to fly the remote upper air Xing Li, the purple light went under the huge impulse distantly, almost must vanish in the line of sight. 星璃命运七杀重创,终于认真起来之后,叶天邪的最强攻击落在她的身上,也仅仅只能让她的身体轻微后仰。而小贝的这一记“天堂之刹”,却将星璃击飞到了遥远的高空,紫色的光影在巨大的冲击力下遥遥而去,几乎要消失在视线之中。 The body of Xiao Bei with the aid of instead shakes strength to fall to the ground, the right foot when landing treads the ground, then has the howling rumor to jump high, pursues Xing Li of upper air to go 小贝的身体借助反震力落向地面,在落地之时右脚一踏地面,然后带着呼啸的风声高高跃起,直追高空的星璃而去
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