EDAH :: Volume #12 极·七宗罪

#1136: Saint partner

Preventive inoculation: Looks at this chapter, you will deeply feel zero to hurt, because the extreme zero of this Mars code hurts......】 【预防针:看完这章,你们会深感〇疼,因为本火星码的灰常之〇疼……】 Profound Spirit Snow Fox( Yao Yao): Saint Destroyer level Pet, Level: 100 levels. The root of unknown origin, 70 million years ago by the Dragon God seal in Stone of Dragon God, latter was rescued by Xie Tian, still has not restored at present the peak the strength. The build is exquisite, is docile, ornamental, will not send out the active threat to the random life extremely. Master: Xie Tian. Because signs Soul Blood Contract, will never betray. 玄灵雪狐夭夭):圣灭宠物,等级:100级。根源来历不明,70000000年前被龙神封印于龙神之石中,后被邪天所救,目前依然没有恢复巅峰的实力。体型玲珑,性情温顺,极其观赏性,不会对任意生灵发出主动攻击。主人:邪天。因签订灵魂血契,永不背叛。 Attributes: Life / HP: 110000, Magic/MP: 300000, Physical Attack: 10500, Magic Attack: 25000, Defense: 5000, Evasion: 1060, Accuracy: 1000, Attack Speed: 150, Movement Speed: 280. 属性:生命:110000,魔法:300000,物理攻击力:10500,魔法攻击力:25000,防御:5000,回避:1060,命中:1000,攻击速度:150,移动速度:280。 Innate Skill: The special mysterious physique that Profound Spirit Body, is unable to annotate, can counter-balance all the injury from outside spontaneously, the physical attack and Magic/MP that comes under attack counter-balance 50% completely. Entire abnormal state and ability drop condition immunity, every second of self-recovery 5% HP and MP. 天赋:玄灵之体,无法诠释的特殊玄奥体质,能自发抵消所有来自外界的伤害,受到的物理攻击、魔法攻击全部抵消50%。全异常状态、能力下降状态免疫,每秒自动恢复5%的生命值魔法值 Profound Spirit Rebirth: The strength of profound spirit granted the Profound Spirit Snow Fox heaven-defying privilege, after the death, had 50% probabilities to reactivate same place, the condition was complete. 玄灵复生:玄灵之力赐予玄灵雪狐逆天特权,死亡后有50%的概率原地复活,状态全满。 Skill: Profound Spirit Self-recovery Technique, Profound Spirit Healing Technique, Profound Spirit Restore Technique and Profound Spirit's Wall revenge and Profound Spirit's Wall day barrier and Profound Spirit's Wall day Ze, profound spirit resuscitation and Profound Spirit's Wall great power 技能:玄灵自愈术玄灵治愈术玄灵恢复术玄灵之壁•复仇、玄灵之壁•天障、玄灵之壁•天泽、玄灵复苏术、玄灵之壁•回天 Masterstroke Light of Origin: 神技•根源之光: The light of profound spirit Saint prays: Profound Spirit Snow Fox takes own Life / HP and Spirit as the sacrifice, sprinkles glow of the most sacred pray to cover the surrounding 300 meters regions. All bathes when beasts Item Quality in glow of Saint praying promotes first-level , to continue for ten minutes, release consumes Magic/MP 120000, is insufficient because of the ability at present, after the use , the Life / HP strength and Magic/MP strength permanent drop 1000, may use one time every ten days. 玄灵之光•圣祈:玄灵雪狐以自己的生命精神为祭,洒下最神圣的祈祷之芒笼罩周围300米的区域。所有沐浴在圣祈之芒中的兽类品级提升一级,持续十分钟,释放时消耗魔法120000,因目前能力不足,使用后生命力、魔法力永久下降1000,每十天可使用一次。 Saint technique Origin Barrier 圣技•根源屏障 Holy Spirit changes: Changes to makes the female's of profound spirit shape, and breaks out of the Destiny world rule fetter, the strength restores to the normal state. Under the Saint Destroyer condition may transform freely. 圣灵变:化做玄灵之女的形态,并摆脱命运世界规则束缚,实力恢复至正常状态。圣灭状态下可自由幻化。 Holy Spirit changes under the condition Attributes: Level: 100, Item Quality: Saint Destroyer, Life / HP: 21,000,000,000, Magic/MP: 60,000,000,000, Physical Attack: 210,500, Magic Attack: 1,080,000, Defense: 50,000, Evasion: 5,000, Accuracy: 3000, Attack Speed: 150, Movement Speed: 280. The entire skill is equal to the silver fox condition.】 圣灵变状态下属性:等级:100,品级:圣灭,生命:21,000,000,000,魔法:60,000,000,000,物理攻击力:210,500,魔法攻击力:1,080,000,防御:50,000,回避:5,000,命中:3000,攻击速度:150,移动速度:280。全技能等同玄狐状态。】 ........................ …………………… Xiao Bei: Saint Destroyer level Pet, Level: 100 levels, Master: Xie Tian, race unknown, category unknown, origin unknown, determines to initially appear suddenly in the Lost Continent different world life, has incomparably astonishing destructive capability. 小贝:圣灭宠物,等级:100级,主人:邪天,种族未知,类别未知,来历未知,初步判定为忽然出现在迷失大陆的异世界生灵,有着无比惊人的破坏能力。 Attributes: Life / HP: 320000, Magic/MP: 0, Physical Attack: 50000, Magic Attack: 0, Defense strength: 9000, Accuracy: 6000, Evasion: 200, Attack Speed: 150, Movement Speed: 200, entire Magic/MP Resistance: 0%. 属性:生命:320000,魔法:0,物理攻击力:50000,魔法攻击力:0,防御力:9000,命中:6000,回避:200,攻击速度:150,移动速度:200,全魔法抗性:0%。 Innate Skill: Does not have. 天赋:无。 Meow meow fist: Brandishes the cat claw, launches a wild attack to the single enemy instantaneously continuously, the when injury of attack is equal to ordinary attack 120% each time, the attack must consume 2% HP, non- skill Cooldown time. 喵喵拳:挥舞猫爪,瞬间对单个敌人连续进行次狂暴攻击,每次攻击的伤害等同于普通攻击的120%,攻击时需消耗2%的生命值,无技能冷却时间。 Meow meow kicks: Jumps high, moves the cat foot, carries on the violence to the isolated target, the foundation attack injury is equal to ordinary attack 400%, can Magic/MP of 100% interruption goals recite or the skill gathers the strength, 100% kick the goal, and 20% probabilities attach 3-5 seconds of stun(ned) conditions. When starts must consume 2% Life / HP, the skill Cooldown time 5 seconds. 喵喵踢:高高跳起,甩动猫足,对单个目标进行暴力踢踏,基础攻击伤害等同于普通攻击的400%,能100%打断目标的魔法吟唱或技能蓄力,100%将目标踢飞出去,并有20%的概率附加3-5秒的眩晕状态。发动时需消耗2%的生命,技能冷却时间5秒。 Meow meow claw: Jumps high, gathers the strength above the sharp cat claw, occupies a commanding position the claw to strike the body of goal by the cat claw maliciously, foundation injury for ordinary attack 500%, if Defense Attributes of goal is lower than Xiao Bei attack Attributes, then 100% will be attached the force the wound tearing condition, the following 5 seconds fall to be equal to every second in the injury of Xiao Bei Attack Power. When starts must consume 3% HP, the skill Cooldown time 10 seconds. 喵喵爪:高高跳起,蓄力于锋利的猫爪之上,以猫爪居高临下狠狠爪击目标的身体,基础伤害为普通攻击的500%,若目标的防御属性低于小贝的攻击属性,则会被100%附加强力的伤口撕裂状态,接下来的5秒每秒掉落等同于小贝攻击力的伤害。发动时需消耗3%的生命值,技能冷却时间10秒。 Meow meow step: Xiao Bei homemade meow meow flickers the body step, when the target proximity, can transform the position of oneself body with the aid of the goal body surrounding air current, can the instantaneous free migration to before and after and left and right of goal, making the enemy eyes cannot take it all, is completely muddled. Is a greatly strengthened sneak attack, fends, the diversion technique. Starts each time must consume 1% HP, non- skill Cooldown time. 喵喵步:小贝自创的喵喵瞬身步,在靠近目标时,能借助目标身体周围的气流来转换自己身体的方位,能瞬间自由的移动至目标的前、后、左、右,让敌人目不暇接,晕头转向。是一种极强的偷袭、闪避、牵制技。每次发动需消耗1%的生命值,无技能冷却时间。 Crack violent. The chaotic light, extinguishes the claw of misfortune, extinguishes Nightmare Claw( No changes) 裂•暴.乱之光、灭•厄运之爪、灭•噩梦之爪无变化 Paradise Fighting Glow: Xiao Bei exclusive, the glow of Strength is unable to annotate, after the stimulation, every time launches an attack, oneself will increase together the Strength corona, every time increases the Strength corona, the attack increases 10% together, most may increase to 20 Strength corona, when Paradise Fighting Glow saves is enough, can start the formidable heaven to fight the technique. The technique of Innate Skill, may stimulate at any time, momentarily cancels, does not have any restriction on use. 天堂战芒:小贝专属,无法诠释的力量之芒,激发之后,每发动一次攻击,自身就会增加一道力量光环,每增加一道力量光环,攻击增加10%,最多可增至20道力量光环,当天堂战芒积蓄足够时,便可发动强大的天堂战技。天赋之技,可随时激发,随时取消,无任何使用限制。 Fist of Paradise: Is containing the strength of heaven wild strikes, is having incomparably fearful destruction Strength, when starts hits hard the ground, initiates the wide scope the ground to crack, in all enemies to front 50 meters scopes causes the ruinous damage. The foundation lethality is equal to 1000% , 15% probabilities of ordinary attack supplements 35 seconds of dizzy Effect. Must consume 15 Paradise Fighting Glow Strength corona. 天堂之拳:蕴藏着天堂之力的狂暴一击,带有着无比可怕的破坏力量,发动时重击地面,引发大范围的地面崩裂,对前方50米范围内的所有敌人造成毁灭性伤害。基础杀伤力等同于普通攻击的1000%,15%的概率附带35秒的晕眩效果。需消耗15道天堂战芒力量光环。 Checking of heaven: From heaven wild, when starts hits hard the enemy by the strength of heaven airborne, the foundation lethality is equal to ordinary attack 500% , 100% breaks Magic/MP to chant with the skill gathers the strength, will be at the spatial enemy to be at before landing cannot receive the hard straight condition of body. Must consume 20 Paradise Fighting Glow Strength corona. 天堂之刹:来自天堂的狂暴踢踏,发动时以天堂之力将敌人重击到空中,基础杀伤力等同于普通攻击的500%,100%打断魔法咏唱和技能蓄力,处于空的敌人在落地之前将处于不可受身的硬直状态。需消耗20道天堂战芒力量光环。 Burns the soul: The Xiao Bei ultimate violent walks the technique, takes burning own Life / HP and soul received exchange for the most terrorist destructive power as the price, under the angry condition may start, after starting, Life / HP every second of whereabouts extremely 5%, the injury that oneself receives doubles, all skill Effect double, all skills disregard Cooldown. Duration 30 seconds, in continuing process cannot stop voluntarily, after the use, oneself falls into 3 days of comatose conditions. 焚魂:小贝终极暴走技,以燃烧自己的生命和灵魂为代价来换取最恐怖的破坏力,极怒状态下方可发动,发动后生命每秒下落5%,自身受到的伤害加倍,所有的技能效果加倍,所有的技能无视冷却。持续时间30秒,持续过程中不可自行中止,使用后自身陷入3天的昏迷状态。 Nihility it claw( not completely): One of Xiao Bei ultimate destruction techniques, was known as can tear in society all thing extremely the claw, has not awakened because of the Xiao Bei ability finally completely, is unable to control freely to the claw of nihility, the might is extremely unstable, foundation injury fluctuation in 25,005% In the middle, the supplementary completely destroys Effect, starts must consume 30% Life / HP, the Cooldown time 10 minutes. 虚无之爪(不完全):小贝终极毁灭技之一,号称能撕裂世间一切之物的终极之爪,因小贝能力未完全觉醒,对虚无之爪无法掌控自如,威力极不稳定,基础伤害浮动在【25005】之间,附带完全摧毁效果,发动需消耗30%的生命,冷却时间10分钟。 Dream Immortal Transformation: Transforms the shape of conduct oneself, and breaks out of the fetter of Destiny world rule, the strength restores to the normal state. Under the Saint Destroyer condition may transform freely. 梦仙变:幻化做人之形态,并摆脱命运世界规则的束缚,实力恢复至正常状态。圣灭状态下可自由幻化。 Under Dream Immortal Transformation condition Basic Attributes: Level: 100, Item Quality: Saint Destroyer, Life / HP: 68,000,000,000, Magic/MP: 0, Physical Attack: 500,0000, Magic Attack: 0, Defense strength: 50000, Accuracy: 6000, Evasion: 200, Attack Speed: 150, Movement Speed: 200, entire Magic/MP Resistance: 0%.】 梦仙变状态下基本属性:等级:100,品级:圣灭,生命:68,000,000,000,魔法:0,物理攻击力:500,0000,魔法攻击力:0,防御力:50000,命中:6000,回避:200,攻击速度:150,移动速度:200,全魔法抗性:0%。】 The Saint bans the technique: Heaven enters the conceited universe invincible super meow to kill the fist: The Xiao Bei exclusive Saint bans the technique, old name meow meow the speed of light fist, latter was changed name to as Heaven to enter the conceited universe invincible super meow to kill fist because of the unknown reason. Xiao Bei breaks through oneself limit extremely the technique, was known as can tear finally including the space, including fearful attack that the speed of light can pursue. When starts, releases own complete Strength , to promote the limit the speed, carries on the multi-stage double hit to the isolated target, the double hit number of times was equal to Level × 10 Attack intensity that every strikes is equal to the ordinary attack, when starts must consume 80% Life / HP strength, after the use, oneself will fall into at least 10 seconds of stun(ned) conditions, under the angry condition may start, and a day most may use one time. 圣禁技:上天入地唯我独尊宇宙无敌超级喵杀拳:小贝专属圣禁技,原名“喵喵光速拳”,后因未知原因被改名为“上天入地唯我独尊宇宙无敌超级喵杀拳”。小贝突破自己极限的终极之技,是号称连空间都能撕裂,连光速都能追击的可怕攻击。发动之时,释放自己的全部力量,将速度提升到极限,对单个目标进行多段连击,连击次数等于【等级×10】,每一击的攻击强度等同普通攻击,发动时需消耗80%的生命力,使用后自身将陷入至少10秒的眩晕状态,愤怒状态下方可发动,且一天最多可使用一次。 ..................... ………………… Qiuqiu( Demonic Spirit): Saint Destroyer level Pet, Level: 100 levels, Master: Xie Tian, the body and soul attachment, will never betray. The life of unknown origin, attaches to Demon Seal to exist, has the incomparable terror element control ability. At present condition: Does not have. 球球魔灵):圣灭宠物,等级:100级,主人:邪天,身体与灵魂依附,永不背叛。未知来历的生灵,依附魔印而存在,有着无比恐怖的元素操纵能力。目前状态:无。 Attributes: Life / HP: 22000, Magic/MP: 880000, Physical Attack: 500, Magic Attack: 44000, Defense: 300, Accuracy: 300, Evasion: 300, Movement Speed: 200, Attack Speed: 150. 属性:生命:22000,魔法:880000,物理攻击力:500,魔法攻击力:44000,防御:300,命中:300,回避:300,移动速度:200,攻击速度:150。 innate attribute: The body of Demonic Spirit. Soul of banning and the Demonic Spirit Demonic Spirit 天赋属性:魔灵之身。魔灵之禁、魔灵之魂 Demon technique:( Abbreviation......) 魔技:(省略……) Special technique: Demonic Spirit offers sacrifices, the Demonic Spirit protection and wild Demonic Spirit, to destroy Demonic Spirit 特殊技:魔灵献祭、魔灵守护、狂暴魔灵、毁灭魔灵 The demon god changes: The spirit water, explodes the flame, thunder clouds, to be bright to the wind and earth, the strength of Saint light and dark demon completely over 240% may open. Transformed is the ancient times demon god from Sin abyss, the demon god ability was unclear, Saint Destroyer condition next every day sustainable 3 minutes of transforming in society. 魔神变:灵水、爆炎、雷云、离风、土煌、圣光、暗魔之力全部超过240%可开启。幻化做来自罪恶深渊的远古魔神,魔神能力不明,圣灭状态下每天可持续3分钟的幻化世间。 Abyss Demonic Spirit Saint demon changes:???? The spirit water, explodes the flame, thunder clouds, to be bright to the wind and earth, the strength of Saint light and dark demon achieves 500% to open. 深渊的魔灵•圣魔变:????灵水、爆炎、雷云、离风、土煌、圣光、暗魔之力全部达到500%可开启。 The strength of Demonic Spirit: 魔灵之力: The strength of spirit water: 356% \; 灵水之力:356%\; Explodes the strength of flame: 320% \; 爆炎之力:320%\; The strength of thunder clouds: 315% \; 雷云之力:315%\; To the strength of wind: 315% \; 离风之力:315%\; earth bright strength: 329% \; 土煌之力:329%\; The strength of Saint light: 319% \; 圣光之力:319%\; The strength of dark demon: 320% \; 暗魔之力:320%\; Kaka( Saint Mark Beast), Saint Destroyer level Mount, Level: 100 levels \; Master: Xie Tian, Saint Mark Beast of Imaginary Beast Clan generation protection, the root of unknown origin, has incomparably profound wonderful transforming ability. 卡卡圣痕兽),圣灭坐骑,等级:100级\;主人:邪天,幻兽族世代守护的圣痕兽,根源来历不明,有着无比玄奇的幻化能力。 Attributes: Life / HP: 164000, Magic/MP: 183000, attack: 16200, Magic Attack: 19050, Defense strength: 17000, Accuracy: 1400, Evasion: 950, Movement Speed: 80 th, Attack Speed: 50. 属性:生命:164000,魔法:183000,攻击:16200,魔法攻击力:19050,防御力:17000,命中:1400,回避:950,移动速度:80,攻击速度:50。 Innate Skill: Imaginary Spirit Transformation 天赋:幻灵变 Skill: Saint Mark bites 技能:圣痕 Special technique: Saint Mark changes: Takes the strength of Saint Mark as the source, takes the bell of Saint Mark as, letting Saint Mark Beast may the freedom occur with the aid of the strength of Saint Mark imaginary changes. Saint Mark Beast is Saint Mark lives, with the Saint Mark Strength homogeneity a common origin, Saint Mark Beast will draw support imaginary changes compared with it Saint Mark owner who Saint Mark will occur will take person the body for imaginary changes will continue a longer time that the source will occur, and will not have any negative impact. At present may imaginary change the shape: Holy Sword War God Carrow \; Abyss Knight Dragon Yuan \; Annihilation Asura Lang Ya and Dark Blue Magic Emperor Cang Ming \; Ultimate Imaginary God Transformation Su Ye. 特殊技:圣痕变:以圣痕之力为源,以圣痕之铃为介,让圣痕兽可自由借助圣痕之力来发生幻变。圣痕兽圣痕而生,与圣痕力量同质同源,圣痕兽所借助圣痕发生的幻变将比之圣痕拥有者以“人”的身体为源所发生的幻变将持续更长的时间,且不会有任何负面影响。目前可幻变形态:圣剑战神卡罗南迪斯\;深渊骑士龙渊\;破灭修罗琅琊苍蓝魔帝沧溟\;终极幻神变溯夜 Ultimate Imaginary God Transformation Su Ye: Before the Flood, Saint Mark Beast awakened with the aid of the child of Su Ye ancient times Desolate God ability, Su Ye also therefore became Saint Mark Beast first Master, after child of Su Ye Desolate God died, Saint Mark Beast within the body still preserved is belonging to his Strength, deep sleep the strength of Desolate God can awaken under the summon of Saint Mark bell, making Saint Mark Beast transform with the aid of Strength of child of Desolate God makes the child of Su Ye Desolate God shape, and had his initial complete Strength. The Su Ye ability is unclear, transforms each time continues for 30 seconds, may transform life-long three times.】 【终极幻神变溯夜:上古时代,圣痕兽是借助远古荒神之子溯夜的能力而觉醒,溯夜也因此成为圣痕兽第一个主人,荒神之子溯夜死后,圣痕兽体内依然存留着属于他的力量,沉睡的荒神之力能在圣痕铃的召唤下觉醒,让圣痕兽借助荒神之子的力量幻化做荒神之子溯夜的形态,并拥有他当初的全部力量溯夜能力不明,每次幻化持续30秒,终生可幻化三次。】 PS1: Previous chapter of Qiuqiu Item Quality makes a mistake, 1091 chapters have evolved to Mysterious God, this Mars gave to forget obstinately, after the Saint prayed, should be Saint Destroyer, thanked the baby shoes to remind.】 【PS1:上一章球球品级搞错,1091章已进化至神玄,本火星愣是给忘了,圣祈之后应该是圣灭,感谢童鞋们提醒。】 PS2: Recently was arranging Novice, observed and emulated the work of N big god, last night symbol Spirit was absent-minded, causing the lead famous metropolis to write about other book to come up, this Nyima 2, thanks baby shoes reminded similarly.】 【PS2:最近在筹备新手,观摩了N多大神之作,昨晚码字精神恍惚,导致主角名都写到别的书上去了,这尼玛2的,同样感谢童鞋们提醒。】 PS3: Above proof, this Mars to each month several days.】 【PS3:以上证明,本火星又到了每个月的那几天了。】 PS4: Some baby shoes asked why Tianxie Life / HP locks in 1, but has not restored voluntarily. Tianxie indeed has self-recovery Life / HP Attributes, but this Attributes some will not open. Before had the blood sacrifice, returned to blood unable, now has the dying remnant war casualty...... Moreover, that HP of self-recovery is really few can ignore ( ╯▽╰) 【PS4:有童鞋问天邪生命为什么锁定在‘1’,而没有自行恢复。天邪的确有自动恢复生命属性,但这个属性某叶是不会开启的。以前有血祭在,回血是万万不能的,现在有绝命残殇……而且,自动恢复的那点生命值实在是少的可以忽略不计啊╮(╯▽╰)╭】 PS5: Looked that this chapter of your zero hurts, non- zero hurts to show that you is a woman! This chapter of this Mars code three hours you have believed ( o ) ~ zZ 【PS5:看完这章你〇疼么,不〇疼证明你是女人!这章本火星码了三个小时你信么(o)~zZ】 PS6: Welcome everybody often to come our YY to play: 551160 【PS6:欢迎大家常来我们的YY玩:551160】 PS6: Welcome everybody often to come our hundred degree celsius posts to stroll: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%E7%BD%91%E6%B8%B8%E4%B9%8B%E9%82%AA%E9%BE%99%E9%80%86%E5%A4%A9&\;ie=utf-8&\;fr=wwwt 【PS6:欢迎大家常来我们的百度贴吧逛逛:http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%E7%BD%91%E6%B8%B8%E4%B9%8B%E9%82%AA%E9%BE%99%E9%80%86%E5%A4%A9&\;ie=utf-8&\;fr=wwwt】
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