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#673: Can't be victorious a chair?

The Profound Heaven City entrance, some do unexpectedly people dare to assassinate? 玄天城门口,竟然有人敢刺杀? Commandant Hong flies into a rage, will command the city gate guard detains, finds the Shen Zhenyi faint smile the appearance, in the heart is startled, not anxiously making a move. 洪都尉勃然大怒,正要喝令城门守卫拦阻,瞧见沈振衣似笑非笑的模样,心中一怔,并未急着出手。 Has Shen Zhenyi moved. 沈振衣一动未动。 Scoff! Scoff! 嗤!嗤! Several azure light, have rushed to the Shen Zhenyi body week, saw that the next second then must cut up the chest and abdominal cavities to rip open the stomach him, in deep sorrow! 数道青光,已经冲到沈振衣身周,眼看下一秒便要将他开膛破腹,万箭穿心! Master!” 师父!” Chu Huoluo and the others called out in alarm, actually sees the crystal throne under Shen Zhenyi place, suddenly radiance greatly hold, imitating, if the conflagration is ordinary, emits the dazzling ray! 楚火萝等人惊叫,却见沈振衣座下的水晶王座,陡然间光华大盛,仿若爆燃一般,放出刺眼光芒! ! 呼! The ray light/only curled that several azure, at once hears consecutively several to shout miserably, when settled down, saw Shen Zhenyi still to sit respectfully, but under of crystal throne, even white/in vain several azure clothes corpses! 光芒将那几道青光卷了进去,旋即听到连续数声惨呼,等到尘埃落定,就见沈振衣依然是正襟危坐,而在水晶王座的下方,平白多了几具青衣尸体! This is......” “这是……” Commandant Hong stared in a big way the eye suddenly. 洪都尉陡然瞪大了眼睛。 Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends!” 青衣十六煞!” He held breath cold air, with a look that looks at the monster is staring at Shen Zhenyi. 他倒吸了一口凉气,用一种看妖怪的眼神盯着沈振衣 Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends. 青衣十六煞 Avoids an inauspicious direction no one to turn over. 出煞无人归。 The Beast Heart hall is used in the Military Array military force directly, as the Profound Heaven City city gate guard, he hears certainly, has seen with own eyes really closely. 兽心堂正面用于军阵的武力,身为玄天城的城门守卫,他当然耳闻,甚至亲眼见过。 Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends has the strength of Army Destroying, is Profound Heaven City Personal Guard , the composition battlefield, can resist. 青衣十六煞破军之力,便是玄天城亲卫,也得组成战阵,方能抵挡。 Shen Zhenyi has the skill to slaughter City Lord of southern territory 19 cities, cultivation base is not naturally weak, but is Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer peak-- but in any event, he is also a person! 沈振衣有本事屠戮南域十九城的诸位城主,修为自然不弱,可算是神人境第六重巅峰——但无论如何,他也不过是一个人! Let alone, he simply has not acted. 更何况,他根本没有出手。 Commandant Hong in side, the clarity that he looks. 洪都尉就在旁边,他看的清清楚楚。 Strikes facing Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends Army Destroying, the Shen Zhenyi gearing has not moved, the eye hides has not winked. 面对青衣十六煞破军一击,沈振衣连动都没动,眼皮子都没眨一下。 -- seems like several small insects to fly to oneself, even is disinclined to wave to drive away. ——就好像是几只小虫子飞向自己,甚至都懒得挥手驱赶。 Defeats to kill in Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends these, is that chair! 击败杀死青衣十六煞中这几位的,是那张椅子! -- in this suddenly, the Shen Zhenyi crystal throne protects the lord automatically, emits everywhere Divine Light, repels Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends Army Destroying to strike, but also at a mysterious infinite strength, will rebound. ——在这一刹那间,沈振衣的水晶王座自动护主,放出漫天神光,击退青衣十六煞破军一击,还以一种玄妙无穷的力量,将之反弹了回去。 Several people early, are wounded to escape according to the circumstances, slightly slow, turned into the corpse under throne. 有几人见机得早,带伤逃出,稍微慢了一步的,变成了王座下的尸体。 In other words, becomes famous for a long time Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, lost to a chair. 也就是说,成名已久的青衣十六煞,败给了一张椅子。 Commandant Hong twisted the mouth sidewise the mouth, does not dare to believe. 洪都尉咧开了嘴,万般不敢置信。 What ghost chair is-- this? ——这是一张什么鬼椅子? Master!” Chu Huoluo rushes to front of Shen Zhenyi, under the foot dances in circles, kicks that several azure clothes corpses, gets angry and hate said: Any person dares to assassinate Master in the Profound Heaven City entrance, really dies pities insufficient!” 师父!”楚火萝冲到沈振衣面前,足下旋舞,将那几句青衣尸体踢飞,恼恨道:“什么人竟敢在玄天城门口刺杀师父,真是死不足惜!” Above the wilderness the safe/without matter, has not thought met the assassination in the Profound Heaven City entrance unexpectedly, these sons of bitches are haunted by the ghost, defeat person interest. 荒野之上一路无事,没想到竟然是在玄天城门口遇到了刺杀,这些狗东西阴魂不散,败人兴致。 Shen Zhenyi shakes the head slightly: Approximately is Beast Heart Person, might as well matter, naturally.” 沈振衣微微摇头:“大约是兽心人,不妨事,理所当然。” He does not know these killer assassins, but recognized Fiendish Qi-- Divine Person Boundary martial arts to use Divine Light from their martial arts as the base, can change into the attack using Fiendish Qi, naturally only had Beast Heart Person. 他不认识这些杀手刺客,不过从他们的武学中认出了煞气——神人境武学神光为基,能够运用煞气化为攻击的,当然只有兽心人 He prevented several times the Beast Heart Person plot in the south territory, changed the beast tide to extinguish the world the situation, encountering the assassination was simply normal. 他在南域阻止数次兽心人阴谋,改变了兽潮灭世的大势,遭遇刺杀简直再正常不过。 Shen Zhenyi think little. 沈振衣自己都不以为意。 Why as for begins in the Profound Heaven City entrance, this detail, he is also disinclined to investigate. 至于为什么在玄天城门口动手,这种细节,他也懒得去追究。 Enters a city.” “进城吧。” He looks at the palatial city gate, the interest is waning. 他瞧了瞧巍峨城门,意兴阑珊。 Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends that the distant place mountain top, returns to distressedly rolls remainingly falls to the ground, did not have the beforehand high-spiritedness. 远处山头,狼狈逃回的青衣十六煞残余滚倒在地,一个个都没了之前的意气风发。 Old Chan of Beast Heart hall stands in the summit, the big sleeve shivers, is nervous. 兽心堂的禅老站在山巅,大袖颤动,神色紧张。 Before opposed that he to the black-clothed person who Shen Zhenyi began, now is also the facial color in a panic. 之前反对他对沈振衣动手的黑衣人,如今也是面色仓皇。 The attack of Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, Old Chan expected that may be defeated, but has not thought will be defeated is so thorough. 青衣十六煞的攻击,禅老预料到可能会失败,但怎么也没想到过会失败到那么彻底。 Chooses this time, this thinks that Shen Zhenyi treats the body of crime, will enter Profound Heaven City naturally to be fettered Divine Light, the strength sells at a discount greatly. In Profound Heaven City person, will not really strive to maintain. Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends acted at one fell swoop, there are 70-80% opportunities to want his life directly.” “选择这个时机,本以为沈振衣是待罪之身,进玄天城自然会被束缚神光,实力大打折扣。玄天城中人,也不会真的出力维护。青衣十六煞一举出手,有七八成机会可以直接要了他的性命。” Old Chan analyzes slowly. 禅老缓缓分析。 Result person of tyrannical, had not been fettered, but unexpected, Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends acts full power, I think, should have opportunity half and half.” “结果此人强横,未曾被束缚,但是猝不及防之下,青衣十六煞全力出手,我本来以为,怎么也应该有一半一半的机会。” Now where is half and half? 现在哪里是一半一半? Old Chan and black-clothed person look at each other in blank dismay, on the forehead is completely the cold sweat. 禅老与黑衣人面面相觑,额头上尽是冷汗。 Let alone is Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, perhaps even 100 times of Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, 1600 people together, could not kill this Shen Zhenyi! 别说是青衣十六煞,就算是一百倍的青衣十六煞,一千六百人一起,恐怕也杀不了这个沈振衣 Without looking at these worthless fellows, couldn't an chair under opposite party place cope? 没看这些酒囊饭袋,就连对方座下的一张椅子都对付不了么? What strange thing is this throne?” “这张王座是什么奇物?” The black-clothed person wrinkled the brow: Actually can rebound Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends Army Destroying strike, has this treasure guard, is Shen Zhenyi in invincible with the boundary in? Even under arrange/cloth Inescapable Net, impossible wound to his soft body hair!” 黑衣人皱紧了眉头:“竟然能够反弹青衣十六煞破军一击,有此宝物护身,沈振衣岂不是在同境界之中已然无敌?甚至布下天罗地网,也不可能伤到他一根毫毛!” Jointly attacking of Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, in Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer is the peak, this by rebound--, only if this chair has the limit, so long as otherwise Shen Zhenyi peaceful above throne, is the impact of mighty force, so long as the boundary is not higher than him, he is in an impregnable position! 青衣十六煞的合击,在神人境第六重中已经算是巅峰,这样都被反弹——除非这张椅子有极限,否则只要沈振衣安于王座之上,便是千军万马的冲击,只要境界不高于他,他就立于不败之地! The Old Chan look is dignified: This thing is he obtains in Heavenly Capital Stupa, before we had not cared, has not thought that is so unexpectedly fierce.” 禅老神色凝重:“此物是他在天京浮屠中得到,之前我们未曾在意,没想到竟然这么厉害。” He, said: In brief Shen Zhenyi this person must die, the failure of this Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends, I will report in detail, making Hall Lord know the harm of this person. In Profound Heaven City, even if please leave consecrates greatly, must remove him as soon as possible!” 他顿了顿,又道:“总之沈振衣此人必须要死,这次青衣十六煞的失败,我会详详细细禀告,让堂主知道此人的危害。玄天城中,哪怕是请出大供奉,也要尽快除掉他!” black-clothed person trembles, the facial color said pallidly: Old Chan, were you muddled? This time you transfer the Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends murder to be inadequate forcefully, has violated in the hall the taboo, but also is thinking can please consecrate to act greatly? How is this possible?” 黑衣人一个哆嗦,面色煞白道:“禅老,你是糊涂了吧?这次你强行调动青衣十六煞杀人不成,已经犯了堂中大忌,还想着要请大供奉出手?这怎么可能?” This failure, the survey of Old Chan definitely will be suspected, later gets the crime to become the captives to have the possibility greatly. 这一次失败,禅老的测算必然会受到怀疑,之后领罪成为阶下囚都大有可能。 If before, the black-clothed person looked at him to lose power, will also take pleasure in others' misfortunes, but why did not know, after witnessed the Shen Zhenyi invincible might together, he really had feeling of the like grieve for like. 若是以前,黑衣人看他失势,还会幸灾乐祸,但不知为何,在一起目睹了沈振衣的神威之后,他竟然有种兔死狐悲之感。 This is not their levels can butt in the matter, why can also force? 这已经不是他们的层次能够置喙之事,何必还要强行? Ok...... 算了吧…… The black-clothed person are such idea. 黑衣人心里就是这么个想法。 In hall consecrates greatly is Divine Person Boundary Seventh Layer Expert, they keep aloof, how possible, for only Shen Zhenyi acts. 堂中的大供奉都是神人境第七重高手,他们高高在上,又怎么可能为了区区一个沈振衣出手。 You must believe me, Shen Zhenyi inevitably is the archenemy in my Beast Heart hall.” “你要相信我,沈振衣必然是我兽心堂的大敌。” The beast always lowers the head the cough, both eyes blood red, looks at Shen Zhenyi to overstep the Azure Clothed Sixteen Fiends corpse helplessly, enters Profound Heaven City floating. 兽老低头咳嗽,双目血红,眼睁睁地瞧着沈振衣踏过青衣十六煞的尸体,飘然而入玄天城 This person does not eliminate, the important matter of Beast Heart hall definitely will be hindered. 此人不除,兽心堂的大计必然会受到阻碍。 He is considered as clearly. 他算得清清楚楚。 I later naturally can go to the total hall to get the crime, even if meets a cruel death, I must request earnestly to consecrate to act greatly, if not strangle this person, that really late!” “我之后自然会去总堂领罪,不过就算是粉身碎骨,我也一定要恳请大供奉出手,若再不将此人扼杀,那就真的晚了!” He beats the breast and stamps the feet, if the shape is crazy. 他捶胸顿足,状若疯狂。 The black-clothed person sympathize visit him, the heart has the intimacy, actually does not know that should say any good. 黑衣人同情地看着他,心有戚戚,却又不知道该说些什么好。 His vision is also looking at the Shen Zhenyi back, arises spontaneously frightened from the bottom of the heart. 他的目光也瞧着沈振衣的背影,恐惧从心底油然而生。 To chat «Ten thousand ancient sword Gods» with the person who has a common goal together, WeChat pays attentionreads the literature superiorly 想和更多志同道合的人一起聊《万古剑神》,微信关注“优读文学 Reads the novel, chatted the life, sought the friend ~ ”看小说,聊人生,寻知己~
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