ESG :: Volume #7

#672: The crime imprisons ties up!

Young Lady Yuan asked weakly: Does not know that what matter Third Young Master Shen offended, if...... has anything to trouble, when Myriad Sages Office also helps one another.” 袁小姐弱弱地问道:“不知沈三公子触犯了何事,若是……有什么麻烦,万贤局也当鼎力相助。” Must Latvia's from the place Profound Heaven City to the trouble that interpellates, that is not the small matter. 要被从地方上拉到玄天城来质询的麻烦,那可不是小事儿。 Myriad Sages Office the clay buddha crosses the river to be unable to defend oneself now, the minor matter could find the person to help, important matter that may please excuse my inability to comply. 万贤局现在泥菩萨过江自身难保,小事也许能找人帮帮忙,大事那可就敬谢不敏。 Also no important matter.” “也没什么大事。” Shen Zhenyi shrugs: Killed Profound Heaven City Personal Guard.” 沈振衣耸肩:“不过是杀了个玄天城亲卫。” What thing? 啥玩意? Young Lady Yuan only thought that the ear bank buzzes. 袁小姐只觉得耳畔嗡嗡作响。 Killed Profound Heaven City Personal Guard, you me told that is just? 杀了玄天城亲卫,你跟我说是“只不过”? Patrols the four directions Personal Guard, might as well be stationed in Personal Guard in city to be honored, but said no matter how that is in the Profound Heaven City system is also passing the day character, who isn't the noble descent juniors? 巡行四方的亲卫,不如驻扎城中的亲卫尊贵,但不管怎么说,那也是玄天城体系中通着天的人物,谁不是贵胄子弟? Prince Yuan that even if Young Lady Yuan dreads, status in fact is still the first-grade health/guard in Personal Guard. 就算是袁小姐忌惮的元王爷,实际上的身份也不过是亲卫中的一等卫。 This was not the contradiction that offended dead, Myriad Sages Office is almost also with one's family broken up and decimated. 这还不是得罪到死的矛盾,万贤局就差点家破人亡了。 You say that now your wild juniors, unexpectedly killed Profound Heaven City Personal Guard? 你现在说你一个蛮荒子弟,居然杀了一个玄天城亲卫 Do you also dare to come? 那你还敢来? Courts death? 是找死? Young Lady Yuan nie long time, bites white/shell Chidao lightly: Third Young Master Shen, my lunch does not know, you hurry to run away! By your skill, can survive in the wilderness, day high Emperor is far, the Ominous Beast offensive is also anxious, perhaps in Profound Heaven City the person is also not necessarily able to stare at you not to put-- this also to escape the life.” 袁小姐嗫喏半晌,轻咬贝齿道:“沈三公子,我便当不知道,你赶紧逃走吧!以你的身手,在荒野中亦能生存,天高皇帝远,凶兽攻势又急,玄天城中人也未必会盯着你不放——这样或许还能逃得性命。” She thought for quite a while, can support Shen Zhenyi to run away, is loyal. 她想了半天,能够支持沈振衣逃走,已经算是讲义气。 Shen Zhenyi laughs. 沈振衣大笑。 Young Lady Yuan does not need to be worried, I have the position.” 袁小姐不必担心,我自有主张。” He beckons gently, that crystal throne holds him to be floating, but before, becomes the city gate. 他轻轻一招手,那水晶王座托着他飘然而前,直趋城门。 Before the city gate, has the powerful black clothes armed soldier, the horizontal halberd stops. 城门前有威风凛凛的黑衣甲士,横戟阻拦。 Shen Zhenyi does not stay, the clear and resonant voice shouted: Please inform in the city, then said southern territory Overlord City Shen Zhenyi to!” 沈振衣也不停留,朗声喝道:“请告知城中,便说南域霸王城沈振衣到了!” Two armed soldiers look at each other one, does not have the impression to this name, but opposite party, since called so self-confidently, moreover sat well above this crystal throne, perhaps was seemingly imposing, has what background, does not dare to neglect, in the law of heart light pass on message, reported to the higher authority hastily. 两名甲士对视一眼,对这名字全无印象,不过对方既然叫得这般自信,而且端坐在这水晶王座之上,看上去气势非凡,说不定有什么来头,不敢怠慢,连忙以心光传讯之法,向上级报告。 Before long replies to transmit, two armed soldiers look dumbfoundedly. 不一会儿回复传来,两甲士一看目瞪口呆。 Originally is a crime imprisons unexpectedly, but also dares is so rampant!” “原来竟然是个罪囚,还敢如此嚣张!” Be careful, this person strikes to kill in the city Personal Guard, the danger is unusual, cannot be negligent!” “小心,此人击杀城中亲卫,危险非常,不可大意!” These two armed soldiers are only the gatekeepers, must lower compared with the Profound Heaven City Personal Guard position a lot, looks at the Shen Zhenyi secure appearance, in the heart dreads, is afraid him to want the violence to resist arrest, only shouted by far: That crime imprisons, since comes Profound Heaven City to appear before court, has not unloaded the weapon, is without a fight? If the attitude is clever, perhaps the Sirs can also forgive your poor life, making you redeem oneself through good works!” 这两名甲士只是看门人,比起玄天城亲卫地位要低得多了,看沈振衣有恃无恐的模样,心中畏惧,害怕他要暴力拒捕,只远远喝道:“那罪囚,既然来玄天城投案,还不卸下武器,束手就擒?若是态度乖觉,大人们说不定还能饶你一条小命,让你戴罪立功!” Can kill the person of Profound Heaven City Personal Guard, Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer. 能够杀玄天城亲卫之人,怎么也得神人境第六重 Now Human Race is on the decline, in Profound Heaven City Expert, although emerges one after another incessantly, but is the water without a source tree without roots, as long as has above Divine Person Boundary Sixth Layer of natural achievement, is far from eagerly seeks people of talent, but also many several points of privilege. 如今人族衰微,玄天城高手虽然还是层出不穷,但到底是无源之水无本之木,所以但凡有自然成就的神人境第六重以上者,谈不上求贤若渴,但也会多几分特权。 If Shen Zhenyi submits to punishment to acknowledge guilt honestly, holds the post with the person ready dead who Ominous Beast resists the first line, several years get down, if can not die, when may redeem in full the crime. 沈振衣若是老实伏法认罪,担任与凶兽对抗第一线的死士,几年下来若能不死,当可赎清罪过。 Any crime imprisons!” “什么罪囚!” Chu Huoluo follows in Shen Zhenyi behind, hears annoyedly, yelled: My Master complies with that concealed someone who shrinks the tail, comes Profound Heaven City to meet, who acknowledged guilty? Clearly is Profound Heaven City Personal Guard does not distinguish between right and wrong, begins carelessly, was killed by my Master also got what one deserves!” 楚火萝跟在沈振衣身后,听得恼火,大叫道:“我师父只是答应那藏头缩尾的谁谁谁,前来玄天城一晤,谁承认有罪了?分明是玄天城亲卫不分青红皂白,胡乱动手,被我师父杀了也是活该!” She is explodes the coal temperament, where no matter, depended Shen Zhenyi to support, is shouts five to drink six securely. 她是个爆炭脾气,不管到了什么地方,仗着有沈振衣撑腰,都是呼五喝六有恃无恐。 Two armed soldiers shrink, knowing the opposite party is Expert, does not dare to use strongly, naturally does not dare easily to put several people to enter a city, only drags there, waits for the higher authority to support, makes the plan again. 两名甲士畏畏缩缩,知道对方是高手,也不敢用强,当然也不敢轻易放几人进城,只拖在那里,等着上级支援,再作打算。 Shen Zhenyi wait/etc. impatient, will open the mouth, the Profound Heaven City city gate guards the efficiency to be high luckily, after his status notifies, before long came one group of people, is headed by a tall and strong man of whole face dragon fine beard. 沈振衣等得不耐烦,正要开口,幸好玄天城的城门守卫效率还算高,他的身份通报上去之后,不一会儿就来了呼啦啦一群人,以一个满脸虬髯的魁梧汉子为首。 The entrance two armed soldiers see this person, this relaxes, goes forward to salute upon meeting with him: Commandant Hong, is this person. He is not willing to tie up, how deserves, but also asked Commandant to decide.” 门口俩甲士看见此人,这才松了口气,上前与他见礼:“洪都尉,就是此人。他不肯受缚,该当如何,还请都尉定夺。” That dragon fine beard man was not angry, looks at Shen Zhenyi one, in the mouth expressed admiration, went forward to say with a smile: „Are you then big demon Shen Zhenyi of that south territory? Heard you not only butchered my Profound Heaven City Personal Guard, but also killed more than ten south territory City Lord, made a south territory depression, to Ominous Beast by the opportunity, the reality was my Human Race big criminal?” 那虬髯汉子倒不生气,看了沈振衣一眼,口中啧啧称奇,上前笑道:“你便是那个南域的大魔头沈振衣?听说你不但宰了我玄天城亲卫,还一手杀了十几个南域城主,令得南域一片萧条,给凶兽以可乘之机,实是我人族的大罪人?” But Shen Zhenyi slowly the line goes to Profound Heaven City, the news naturally compared with the rapidness that the person walks, he before leaving Overlord City slaughters the southern territory City Lord news, has spread over, in the Profound Heaven City city gate guard also knows. 沈振衣缓缓而行前往玄天城,消息当然比人走的快,他在离开霸王城之前屠戮南域城主的消息,早就传遍了,玄天城城门守卫中也有知晓。 That two guarding a gate armed soldier is the whole body that frightens trembles. 那两个守门的甲士更是吓的浑身发抖。 They have also heard this legend, only works as that devil inevitably is the three heads and six arms fearful character, without thinking unexpectedly then at present. 他们也听过这传说,只当那恶魔必然是三头六臂的可怕人物,没想到居然便在眼前。 Although they are in Profound Heaven City the person, but also knows that place City Lord each has its strong points, is not affable, this person can butcher more than ten, they may be unable to stir up absolutely! 他们虽然是玄天城中人,但也知道地方城主各有所长,绝不好惹,这人能一口气宰掉十几个,他们可万万惹不起! Shen Zhenyi said indifferently: Ominous Beast forces already extremely, they as various city most powerhouses, do not think to protect the common people to counter-attack, instead also can only attend to engaging in factional strife to manipulate strategically, if I do not kill them, the internal friction gets up, to Ominous Beast by opportunity.” 沈振衣淡然道:“凶兽逼迫已极,他们身为各城最强者,不思保护百姓反攻,反而还只顾得上倾轧勾心斗角,我若不杀了他们,内耗起来,才是给凶兽以可乘之机。” If the Martial Dao seed, he always shows mercy. 如果是武道种子,他一向都是手下留情。 City Lord that but these have a high and respected position, depended on resources pile of until now cultivation base, the potential already completely, did not have fights against the heart of Ominous Beast full power, that might as well kill, but also south territory ringing emptied, let be willing altogether the governing foreign aggression person high-rank, this perhaps also many. 但这些养尊处优的城主,靠着资源堆到如今的修为,潜力已尽,又无全力抗击凶兽之心,那不如杀了,还南域一个朗朗清空,让更愿意共御外侮的人上位,这或许还更好些。 Kills these people, he has a clear conscience. 杀这些人,他问心无愧。 Photo!” “照啊!” Commandant Hong pats the thigh, said excitedly: Brother Shen this saying, said in my heart to think. I had thought that these people hold a job without doing any work, occupy the latrine pit not to defecate. Is faced with an archenemy obviously, but must hit own small 99, if can unite, how to go so far as to does let Ominous Beast rampant hence?” 洪都尉一拍大腿,兴奋道:“沈兄这话,说出了我心中所想。我早就觉得这些人尸位素餐,占着茅坑不拉屎。明明大敌当前,还要打着自己的小九九,若是能够团结一心,何至于让凶兽猖獗至此?” Brother Shen felt relieved! The high level hoodwinks, our these dozen of Ominous Beast brothers, actually understand your thoughts. Was Personal Guard that these think oneself infallible what considered as? The brothers I escort you to enter the city personally, vertical cannot guarantee your life, will not make you be insulted in the prison guard!” 沈兄放心!高层蒙蔽,咱们这些打凶兽的兄弟,却明白你的心思。那些自以为是的亲卫又算得了什么?兄弟我亲自护送你入城,纵不能保得你的性命,也不会让你受辱于狱卒!” These cutting edges lick the city gate guard of blood, Profound Heaven City Personal Guard that also often the outgoing field operation, slight increases unlike the position. Usually is brings death they to go, leading merit Personal Guard to come, contradiction is really deep. 这些刀口舔血的城门守卫,也时常出城野战,与地位高企的玄天城亲卫不同。通常是送死他们去,领功亲卫来,这其中矛盾甚深。 Commandant Hong is also a warm-blooded person, withdrew the situation of defense to be discontented to present Human Race. 洪都尉也是个热血之人,对如今人族龟缩防御的态势早就不满。 If discussed by the situation, Ominous Beast truly occupied completely the winning side, if Human Race Zhucheng City Lord joined up, the surprise attack counter-attacked such several times, may obtain the Warring States. 如以大势而论,凶兽确实占尽上风,但是若人族诸城城主联合起来,突袭反攻那么几次,也可获得战国。 Result several hundred years had not heard that these City Lord assemble, gathers together with great difficulty, actually to cope with a same clan? 结果几百年没听说这些城主集会,好不容易聚在一起,却是为了对付一个同族? How Commandant Hong looks down upon. 洪都尉怎么都看不起。 He admires the Shen Zhenyi heroic spirit actually, laughs, then must open the city gate for him. 他倒是佩服沈振衣的豪气,哈哈大笑,便要为他打开城门。 In the meantime, listens to whiz whiz the sound, four sides have several a azure light suddenly, just like the poisonous snake is ordinary, toward Shen Zhenyi various strategic points, speeds along! 就在此时,就听嗖嗖声响,四面忽有数道青光,犹如毒蛇一般,向着沈振衣的各处要害,飞驰而来! To chat «Ten thousand ancient sword Gods» with the person who has a common goal together, WeChat pays attentionreads the literature superiorly 想和更多志同道合的人一起聊《万古剑神》,微信关注“优读文学 Reads the novel, chatted the life, sought the friend ~ ”看小说,聊人生,寻知己~
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