ESK :: Volume #25

#2441: Friendly because of good results

Is Su Zimo.” “是苏子墨。” Lin Luo said. 林落说道。 Hears this name, Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong two people looks at each other one, looks the unusual look. 听到这个名字,林战玲珑仙子两人对视一眼,面露异色。 Two people naturally know that who Su Zimo is, but their how didn’t expect, this inside can have the relations with Su Zimo. 两人自然知道苏子墨是谁,但他们怎么都没想到,这里面会与苏子墨扯上关系。 Lin Luo then the matter in Three Purities Jade Book secret realm, narrate systematically and in full detail said. 林落便将三清玉册秘境中发生的事,一五一十的说了一遍。 Lin Luo said: If not there is a Su Zimo's help, I seize less than nine revolutions to return from the grave radically pill, this Worryless Fruit, is he gives to me directly.” 林落道:“若非有苏子墨的帮忙,我根本夺不到九转还阳丹,这颗无忧果,也是他直接送给我的。” Fairy Linglong said: didn’t expect, this child has done obeisance into Universe Academy, cultivation realm is also good, but also has Worryless Fruit such treasure.” 玲珑仙子道:“没想到,这孩子已经拜入乾坤书院,修为境界也不错,还拥有无忧果这样的宝物。” Is ah.” “是。” Lin Zhan also looks happily, said: It seems like he in Upper Realm, is stands firm.” 林战也面露欣慰,道:“看来他在上界,已经算是站稳脚跟了。” Snort!” “哼!” Lin Lei light snort/hum, mumbled: I look at that person ordinarily very much, he helps the younger sister, 80% are also has other fish to fry.” 林磊轻哼一声,嘟囔道:“我看那人平常的很,他帮助妹妹,八成也是另有图谋。” Lin Zhan vision one horizontal, said: What must say, is frank and upright, is broad and level saying, what in the back discussion?” 林战目光一横,道:“要说什么,就光明正大,坦坦荡荡的说出来,在背后议论算什么?” Lin Lei said: You asked Lin Luo, she related with that boy anything. I felt in any case that person cannot be joined to the younger sister!” 林磊道:“你们自己问林落,她跟那小子什么关系。反正我感觉,那人配不上妹妹!” Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong listen to the Lin Lei implication, two people look simultaneously to Lin Luo. 林战玲珑仙子都听出林磊的言外之意,两人同时看向林落 Don’t tell me oneself daughter really has with Su Zimo...... 难道自己的女儿真跟苏子墨有…… A Lin Luo face is confused, is looking at Lin Lei, asked: Elder Brother, what are you saying? I and fellow daoist Su meet by chance, she has helped me, what relations do both of us have?” 林落一脸迷茫,望着林磊,问道:“哥,你在说什么?我与苏道友萍水相逢,她又帮助过我,我俩还有什么关系?” You, you did not say, he is your dao companion?” “你,你不是说,他是你道侣吗?” Lin Lei said hastily. 林磊连忙说道。 Lin Luo shows the whites of the eyes, the whole face is helpless, said: At that time Song Xuan compelled me to get married with his younger brother, I spoke thoughtlessly a saying, my silly Elder Brother, your also seriously ah?” 林落翻了个白眼,满脸无奈,道:“当时宋玄逼着我跟他弟弟成亲,我就随口一说,我的傻哥哥,你还当真?” Lin Lei must redden all over the face by the resentment, coughs lightly, said: You do not have the meaning to him, that is correct, but the boy looks at your look, definitely has the issue......” 林磊被怼得满脸通红,轻咳一声,道:“你对他没意思,这是对的,但那小子看你的眼神,肯定有问题……” Fairy Linglong one hear, knows that in this little misunderstands. 玲珑仙子一听,就知道这里面是有点误会。 But quick, she knits the brows gently, suddenly asked: Falls, you said a moment ago Song Xuan compels you to get married, what's the matter?” 但很快,她轻轻皱眉,突然问道:“落儿,你刚才说宋玄逼着你成亲,是怎么回事?” Mentioned this matter, Lin Lei and Lin Luo looked at each other one. 提及此事,林磊林落对视一眼。 In two people mind, appears simultaneously that purple robe person who brings silver mask, stands sky over Langfeng City, the demon flame is dreadful, scene of being insufferably arrogant! 两人的脑海中,同时浮现出那个带着银色面具的紫袍人,站在阆风城上空,魔焰滔天,不可一世的场景! In two people eyes, passed over gently and swiftly an alarmed and afraid color. 两人的眼中,都掠过一丝惊惧之色。 Lin Luo deeply inspires, then and Su Zimo leaves after Jade Purity Jade Book, goes to the matter of Langfeng City to describe. 林落深吸一口气,便将自己与苏子墨玉清玉册离开之后,前往阆风城发生的事描述一遍。 When hears two people were put under house arrest, Fairy Linglong speculates, the scheme of opposite party, definitely for Lin family and Warring States! 听到两人被软禁之时,玲珑仙子就推测出来,对方的图谋,肯定是为了林家和战国! Such being the case, Jade Firmament Immortal Territory will plan surely carefully, absolutely safe, how also to make these two children come back? 既然如此,玉霄仙域必定会仔细谋划,万无一失,又怎会让这两个孩子回来? Lin Luo continued, when speaking of Lin Lei was sneak attacked by Song Xuan, move of Jade Breaking Palm time, the Fairy Linglong look was dignified. 林落继续说着,当说到林磊宋玄偷袭,中了一招玉碎掌的时候,玲珑仙子神色凝重。 This aspect, should be she deduces, that worst result. 这个局面,应该就是她推演出来,那个最坏的结果。 Properly speaking, two people have not possibly fled Langfeng City absolutely, but afterward, as if had what uncertainties. 按理来说,两人绝对没有可能逃离阆风城,但后来,似乎出现了什么变数。 At this point, Lin Luo lives suddenly, looks to Lin Lei of not far away. 说到这里,林落突然顿住,看向不远处的林磊 Lin Lei deeply inspires, said: At this time, a main hall external person, changed the entire situation! This person came from Demon Territory, Great Devil that in recent years rose, Heavenly Desolate Sect Sect Master Huang Wu (Desolate Martial)!” 林磊深吸一口气,道:“就在这个时候,大殿外来个一个人,改变了整个局势!此人来自魔域,近年来崛起的大魔头,天荒宗宗主荒武!” Un?” “嗯?” Hears here, Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong are light well one, the look somewhat are strange. 听到这里,林战玲珑仙子都是轻咦一声,神色有些古怪。 Lin Zhan once Lower Realm, naturally knows that Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) stands said that the matter of arrange/cloth military common people. 林战曾经下界,自然知道荒武立道,布武苍生之事。 He is also clear, this Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) is Su Zimo's Dao name. 他也清楚,这个荒武就是苏子墨的道号 Regarding this matter, Fairy Linglong is also clear. 对于这件事,玲珑仙子也一清二楚。 Lin Lei sees Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong look has different, then subconscious asking: „Has father, mother, you also listened to this person? He establishes Heavenly Desolate Sect, was related with your once Heavenly Desolate Continent?” 林磊林战玲珑仙子神色有异,便下意识的问道:“父亲,母亲,你们也听过此人?他创立天荒宗,是不是与你们曾经的天荒大陆有关?” Un......” “嗯……” Fairy Linglong ambiguous returned to one, said: You continued.” 玲珑仙子模棱两可的回了一句,道:“你继续说。” Lin Lei then acts Huang Wu (Desolate Martial), lord with five immortal cities, several thousand True Immortal expert war, told. 林磊便将荒武出手,与五大仙城之主,数千位真仙强者大战一事,讲述出来。 Lin Lei said: Mentioned strangely, this Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) acted savage, indifferent brutal, but he acted each time, as if intended to avoid me and younger sister......” 林磊道:“说来奇怪,这个荒武出手凶残,冷漠无情,但他每次出手,似乎都有意避开我和妹妹……” Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong look at each other one. 林战玲珑仙子对视一眼。 In two people of hearts secretly thought: Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) is Su Zimo, he knows that your two children's status, how will harm you.” 两人心中暗道:“荒武就是苏子墨,他知道你们这两个孩子的身份,怎会伤害你们。” Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong realized, as if the Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) status, is a secret in Upper Realm. 林战玲珑仙子意识到,似乎荒武的身份,在上界属于一个隐秘。 But during the description of Lin Lei, Su Zimo and Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) has no relation, two people have not divulged this matter, conceals. 而在林磊的描述之中,苏子墨荒武没有任何联系,两人也没有将此事说破,隐瞒下来。 didn’t expect, this Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) grows to so the situation unexpectedly.” 没想到,这个荒武竟然成长到这般地步。” Fairy Linglong sighs with emotion one. 玲珑仙子感慨一声。 Lin Zhan also nods, somewhat sobbed. 林战也点点头,有些唏嘘。 Initially Lin Zhan Lower Realm, rescued Human Race, Fairy Linglong had once acted, has rescued Su Zimo in ascend. 当初林战下界,救过人族,玲珑仙子曾出手,救过飞升中的苏子墨 Then two people, who didn’t expect, once planted good, because, will obtain such return today. 当时的两人,谁都没想到,曾经种下的善因,会在今日得到这样的回报。 Because of Huang Wu (Desolate Martial), the Lin Lei brother and sister come back perfectly. 因为荒武,林磊兄妹两人完好无损的回来。 But Lin Zhan also obtains nine revolutions to return from the grave pill and Worryless Fruit two treasures. 林战又得到九转还阳丹和无忧果两件宝物。 Lin Zhan said: Is only several thousand years of ah, is really unable to imagine, what kind of boundary in the future he will achieve.” 林战道:“只是数千年的时间,真是无法想象,未来他会达到怎样的境界。” Having Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong is clear, since Su Zimo ascend, but also less than ten thousand years! 只有林战玲珑仙子清楚,苏子墨飞升至今,还不到万年时间! Fairy Linglong looked at Lin Lei, said with a smile: Rock pile, you usually in heart proud, takes lightly under the Heavens True Immortal, now meets Huang Wu (Desolate Martial), knows the disparity.” 玲珑仙子看了一眼林磊,笑道:“磊儿,你平时心中自傲,看轻天下真仙,如今遇到荒武,才知道差距吧。” Lin Lei long time, said silent: „To this person, I truly cannot stand off. Since this person has been I practices, has run into the most powerful opponent!” 林磊沉默半晌,才道:“对上此人,我确实敌不过。此人是我修行以来,遇到过最强大的对手!” Is only, although his battle strength is strong, but the method is extremely savage, not my correct path. Otherwise, I really want to know him.” “只是,他的战力虽强,但手段却太过凶残,非我正道。要不然,我真想与他认识一下。” Where his was flagitious?” “他哪里凶残了?” Nearby Lin Luo said suddenly: „ You had not discovered that dies in his hands, was these ate blood peach True Immortal. „ 旁边的林落突然说道:“你没有发现吗,死在他手中的,都是那些吃了血桃的真仙。“ Even finally that said in Fire of Hell, many True Immortal had not been affected by Fire of Hell, I paid attention, these True Immortal have not touched the blood peach.” “即便是最后那道地狱之火中,也有不少真仙没被地狱之火波及,我有留意,这些真仙都没碰血桃。” In the Lin Lei heart shakes, said: „, These people were also deserve to be damned.” 林磊心中一震,道:“如此说来,那些人倒也算是死有余辜了。” In the meantime, Lin Zhan asked suddenly: You two run over, that Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) what to do? Did you keep Langfeng City Huang Wu (Desolate Martial)?” 就在此时,林战突然问道:“你们两个跑过来,那荒武怎么办了?你们将荒武留在阆风城了?” Mentioned this matter, Lin Lei felt weak at heart, does not dare to raise the head. 提及此事,林磊心里发虚,不敢抬头。 Speech!” “说话!” Lin Zhan looks the scowl, loudly shouts. 林战面露怒容,大喝一声。 Lin Lei kneels on the ground hastily, explained: Father appeases anger, I worried, Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) will kill so many people, Jade Firmament Immortal Territory will definitely not give up.” 林磊连忙跪在地上,解释道:“父亲息怒,我只是担心,荒武杀了那么多人,玉霄仙域肯定不会善罢甘休。” I, if brings Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) to come back, he to us Lin family, will bring total destruction ah to the Warring States!” “我若带着荒武回来,他会给我们林家,给战国带来灭顶之灾!” In the Lin Zhan eye the anger does not reduce, said: Therefore, others saved your life, do you treat your savior?” 林战眼中怒气不减,道:“所以,人家救了你们的性命,你就这么对待自己的救命恩人?”
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