ESK :: Volume #25

#2440: Variable that is unable to deduce

Azure Firmament Immortal Territory, Warring States royal palace. 青霄仙域,战国王宫。 In a bedroom palace, the medicine fills the air fragrant, a middle-aged man sits cross-legged to sit on the cot, the long hair draws in the bunch in the back, reveals a withered and yellow face, as if big sickness has not recovered. 一处寝殿中,药香弥漫,一位中年男子盘膝坐在榻上,长发收拢起来束在背后,露出一张枯黄的脸庞,似乎大病未愈。 Before the cot, is setting upright jet black great halberd, the male facial features are resolute, the chest is horizontally extravagant, the figure is tall and straight, as if with fighting halberd unified whole, has vigorous heroic air/Qi. 榻前竖着一杆漆黑大戟,男子面容刚毅,胸膛横阔,身形挺拔,仿佛与战戟浑然一体,自有一股雄浑豪迈之气。 Not far away, is graceful, in a sad beautiful woman hand holds a tortoise shell thing, above ray twinkle. 不远处,一位体态优美,面带愁容的美妇一手中托着一面龟甲似的东西,上面光芒闪烁。 beautiful woman another hand paddles in void unceasingly, leaves behind paths, seems deducing anything. 美妇另一只手不断在虚空中划动,留下一道道轨迹,似乎在推演着什么。 After little, the middle-aged man opens the eyes, the sinking sound said: Linglong (exquisite), if the deduction, you leave Jade Firmament Immortal Territory to walk one.” 少许之后,中年男子睁开双眼,沉声道:“玲珑,若是推演不出,你还是动身去玉霄仙域走一趟吧。” The beautiful women maintain total silence, with total concentration, does not dare to divert attention, on the tip of the nose seeps to wipe the close beads of sweat, as if this deduction consumes enormously to her. 美妇一语不发,聚精会神,不敢分心,鼻尖上沁出一抹细密汗珠,似乎这次推演对她消耗极大。 Also after a while, tortoise shell in beautiful woman hand shoots suddenly, crashes on the ground, above ray, is rapidly gloomy. 又过了一会儿,美妇手中的龟甲突然弹起,坠落在地上,上面的光芒,也迅速暗淡下来。 The beautiful women are panting for breath slightly, in the eye pupil worried that the color does not reduce. 美妇微微喘息着,眼眸中愁色不减。 The middle-aged man sees this, knows that the result of deduction is not wonderful, in the heart sighed, said: Linglong (exquisite), I know that you most worried rock pile and fall, you go to Jade Firmament Immortal Territory to come back these two child belts.” 中年男子看到这一幕,就知道推演的结果不妙,心中一叹,道:“玲珑,我知道你最担心磊儿和落儿,你去玉霄仙域将这两个孩子带回来。” But......” “可是……” The beautiful woman look hesitates, is looking at the middle-aged man, worried completely, said: But in the past I was because left azure clouds, intended to save Heavenly Desolate ascend that child, caused the Warring States almost destruction.” 美妇神色迟疑,望着中年男子,满是担忧,道:“可是当年我就是因为离开青霄,出手救下天荒飞升的那个孩子,才导致战国差点覆灭。” This Jade Firmament Immortal Territory is obviously rushing to the Warring States and you comes, once I leave here, Warring States and you......” “这次玉霄仙域明显是奔着战国和你来的,一旦我离开这里,战国和你……” The middle-aged man shows a faint smile, consoles saying: Does not need to be worried, this to me, is the best home to return. If I can protect the Warring States to arrive finally, even if died in battle in this, does not have regrettably.” 中年男子微微一笑,劝慰道:“不必担心,这对我而言,是最好的归宿。若是我能守护战国到最后,纵然战死于此,也无遗憾。” You lead two children, if comes back, saw that the Warring States have perished, do not stop over, Warring States game is as good as lost, leading the child to go to Demon Territory directly.” “你带着两个孩子,若是回来的时候,看到战国已亡,千万不要逗留,战国大势已去,带着孩子直接去魔域吧。” The middle-aged man stretches out the thick palm, strokes great halberd before cot, in the eye pupil does not have the least bit to draw back intent and fear, instead fights intent to be soaring, said in a soft voice: I can with it, accompany each people of Warring States, fights at the last minute!” 中年男子伸出粗大的手掌,抚摸着榻前的大戟,眼眸中没有半点退意和畏惧,反而战意高昂,轻声道:“我会与它,陪战国的每一个子民,战斗到最后一刻!” great halberd as if feels the determination of middle-aged man, buzz the cry shivers. 大戟似乎感受到中年男子的决心,嗡鸣颤抖起来。 The beautiful woman eye socket is red, sobs does not speak. 美妇眼眶通红,哽咽不语。 She knows, the middle-aged man is saying goodbye to her. 她知道,中年男子是在向她道别。 Moreover among two people, possibly bids farewell! 而且两人之间,可能是诀别! The beautiful women deeply inspire, said: Waits again, result that I just deduced, although is not very good, but as if has what variable.” 美妇深吸一口气,道:“再等等,我刚刚推演的结果,虽然很不好,但似乎有什么变数。” Variable?” “变数?” The middle-aged man shakes the head slightly, the forced smile said: Opposite party, since under supposing such bureau, what variable can also have? That two children could not deal with.” 中年男子微微摇头,苦笑道:“对方既然设下这样的局,又能有什么变数?那两个孩子根本应付不了。” Furthermore, by your ability, what variable having is you do not deduce?” “再者说,以你的能力,有什么变数是你推演不到的?” The middle-aged man thinks that is only the beautiful woman is comforting him. 中年男子以为只是美妇在安慰他而已。 In the eyes of beautiful woman, passed over gently and swiftly wipes to confuse, said: I am not clear, this variable cannot catch completely, is fleeting. Existence of this variable, even can the bracelet have my traditional fortune telling god class.” 美妇的眼中,掠过一抹迷惑,道:“我也不清楚,这个变数完全捕捉不到,稍纵即逝。这个变数的存在,甚至能跳脱出我的‘六壬神课’。” Oh? This grade of matter?” ?还有这等事?” The middle-aged man slightly has surprised. 中年男子略有惊讶。 In the meantime, not far away hears two clothes sleeve sounds air-splitting, the two forms, speed away toward this place. 就在此时,不远处传来两道衣袂破空之声,正有两道身影,朝此地疾驰而来。 Un?” “嗯?” The beautiful women just about to send out divine consciousness, outside hears shout. 美妇刚要散发神识,外面就传来一阵呼喊声。 Father, mother, we came back!” “父亲,母亲,我们回来了!” This sound is slightly sincere, is Lin Lei. 这声音略显厚重,正是林磊 The middle-aged man in main hall was lord of Lin Zhan Warring States, that beautiful woman was Lower Realm Fairy Linglong, present Linglong (exquisite) Immortal King! 大殿中的中年男子便是战国之主林战,那个美妇便是下界玲珑仙子,如今的玲珑仙王 The face of Lin Zhan and on Fairy Linglong, emerges the wild with joy color. 林战玲珑仙子的脸上,涌现出狂喜之色。 Lin Zhan even wants to stand up, goes out to greet outside these two children, but he attempts to set out to be defeated, can only helpless sat. 林战甚至想要站起身来,出去迎接一下外面的这两个孩子,但他尝试起身失败,只能无奈的坐了回去。 In an instant, resting palace outside to/clashes two forms, Lin Lei and Lin Luo that brother and sister from Jade Firmament Immortal Territory returns. 转眼间,寝宫外面冲进来两道身影,正是从玉霄仙域归来的林磊林落兄妹。 Fairy Linglong goes forward hastily, hugs two people in the bosom, weeps. 玲珑仙子连忙上前,将两个人搂在怀中,喜极而泣。 Experiences this major rises, then as Immortal King, cannot control the innermost feelings fluctuation and mood. 经历这种大起大落,便是身为仙王,也控制不住内心波动和情绪。 Comes back well, comes back well.” “回来就好,回来就好。” Lin Zhan grows the one breath, returning to normal mind as far as possible, in mouth softly muttered. 林战长出一口气,尽可能的平复心神,口中轻喃着。 Father, mother, making you be worried.” “父亲,母亲,让你们担心了。” Lin Luo sees the Fairy Linglong sob, in the heart guilty, timid saying. 林落玲珑仙子哭泣,心中愧疚,怯生生的说道。 Fairy Linglong loosened two people hastily, the vision hit an revolutions on two people bodies. 玲珑仙子连忙松开两人,目光在两人的的身上打了个转儿。 Lin Lei seems to be injured, but by his body and spirit bloodlines, some training date and time, can restore such as beginning. 林磊似乎受了点伤,但以他的体魄血脉,修养些时日,就能恢复如初。 But Lin Luo returns safe and sound, came back completely! 林落更是毫发未损,完完整整的回来了! Although two children are travel-worn, but is good to return safely. 两个孩子虽然风尘仆仆,但好在安全归来。 Fairy Linglong patted the shoulder of Lin Lei, praised one with a smile: Rock pile is really good, can come back younger sister complete well belt/bring.” 玲珑仙子拍了拍林磊的肩头,笑着夸奖一句:“磊儿真不错,能将妹妹完好无恙的带回来。” The Lin Lei look embarrasedly, as to explain. 林磊神色讪讪,似乎想要解释一下。 Another side, Lin Zhan berated one suddenly: Falls, you were too innocent! Runs in secret, has not heard from, making everyone be worried!” 另一边,林战突然喝斥一声:“落儿,你太不懂事了!私下里跑出去,杳无音信,让大家担心!” Because Lin Luo leaves home in private, Lin Zhan originally filled with fury. 因为林落私下离家出走,林战原本满腔怒火。 But now, saw that two children come back perfectly, the anger in his heart, has disappeared does not see. 但如今,看到两个孩子完好无损的回来,他心中的怒气,早就消失不见。 Just, he is not willing to reveal that before two children what joy, plans taking this opportunity, to teach Lin Luo well. 只不过,他不愿在两个孩子面前表露出什么喜悦,打算借此机会,好好教训一下林落 Father, the daughter knew wrong.” “父亲,女儿知错了。” Before Lin Luo arrives at the cot, kneels in the Lin Zhan front, is lowering the head lowly, puts in great inconvenience to saying anxiously. 林落来到榻前,跪在林战的面前,低垂着头,委屈巴巴的说道。 Lin Zhan prepared a lot of words, must reprove well. 林战原本准备了一肚子的话,要好好训斥一番。 But sees Lin Luo this pitiful appearance, his heart one soft, coughs lightly, said: „It is not to a precedent, gets up! I have not been worried about you, is your mother is always keeping thinking!” 但看见林落这个可怜样子,他心头一软,轻咳一声,道:“下不为例,起来吧!我是没担心你们,就是你娘总惦记着!” Fairy Linglong smiles. 玲珑仙子莞尔一笑。 Lin Luo spat under the tongue, grinning standing up, goes forward to pull the arm of Lin Zhan, depended, the look is affectionate. 林落吐了下舌头,笑嘻嘻的站起身来,上前挽住林战的手臂,靠了上去,神色亲昵。 What's the matter?” “到底怎么回事?” Fairy Linglong looks at Lin Luo, asked: Your this child is usually very clever, how to leave home suddenly, hasn't kept letter/believes to everyone?” 玲珑仙子看着林落,问道:“你这孩子平时挺乖的,怎么突然离家出走呢,也没给大家留个信儿?” Lin Luo suddenly, as if thought of anything, puts out the two kinds thing from storage bag hastily. 林落恍然,似乎想到了什么,连忙从储物袋中拿出两样东西。 A medicine bottle also has a fruit. 一个药瓶还有一颗果实。 Father, you returned from the grave quickly pill this grain of nine revolutions and Worryless Fruit ate, looked whether to restore the injury!” Lin Luo delivers to front of the elixir and Worryless Fruit Lin Zhan. “父亲,你快将这粒九转还阳丹和无忧果吃了,看能否修复伤势!”林落将仙药和无忧果送到林战面前。 Nine revolutions return from the grave pill! 九转还阳丹! Worryless Fruit! 无忧果 Lin Zhan and Fairy Linglong hear these two things, is the mind shakes, looks startled to accommodate. 林战玲珑仙子听到这两件东西,都是心神一震,面露惊容。 These nine revolutions return from the grave pill are king grade immortal pill, where can you come?” “这九转还阳丹乃是王品仙丹,你从哪里得来的?” Fairy Linglong frowns greatly. 玲珑仙子大皱眉头。 Has not waited for Lin Luo to answer, she also said: What chance even if you have, in some vestige secret realm, obtains nine revolutions to return from the grave pill, but where this Worryless Fruit do you also obtain?” 没等林落回话,她又说道:“就算你有什么机缘,在某种遗迹秘境中,得到九转还阳丹,可这无忧果你又是从哪里得到的?” As far as I know, after Worryless Tree disruption, only then in Avici Hell, may have existence of Worryless Fruit, you how......” “据我所知,无忧树碎裂之后,只有在阿鼻地狱中,才有可能有无忧果的存在,你怎么……”
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