ESK :: Volume #24

#2355: Retribution

The Yun Zhu say/way „the status about this Gravekeeper, I must go back to ask Imperial Father, goes to the library to glance through some ancient book materials again, looks to be related in this person's record.” 云竹道“关于这位守墓人的身份,我得回去问一问父皇,再去藏书楼中翻阅一些古籍资料,看有没有关于此人的记载。” This place is not suitable stays for a long time, we first leave.” “此地不宜久留,我们先离开。” The Su Zimo sinking sound said. 苏子墨沉声说道。 Although Gravekeeper has vanished disappears without a trace, but three people feel disturbed. 虽说守墓人早已消失得无影无踪,但三人还是觉得心中不安。 Three people leave instantly, in a while, arrives in distance place recent transmission formation. 三人即刻动身,没过多久,就抵达距离此地最近的一处传送阵 Su Zimo looks to Yun Zhu, say/way I and senior sister goes the same way, the fellow daoist first invited.” 苏子墨看向云竹,道“我与师姐同路,道友先请吧。” Yun Zhu has not declined, shows a faint smile, said submissively „the tour of this hell, knows two fellow daoist fortunately, in the heart likes very much, leaves now, does not know when meets see again/goodbye.” 云竹也没有推辞,微微一笑,拱手道“这次地狱之行,有幸结识两位道友,心中欢喜得很,今番一别,又不知何时才会再见。” Leaves Avici Hell, Yun Zhu the delicacy of body, as if vanishes does not see, were on the contrary many several points of heroic spirit to be free and easy. 离开阿鼻地狱,云竹的身上的柔弱,似乎消失不见,反倒多了几分英气洒脱。 Although Four Great Fairies already famous biography Heavenly World, but among four people, does not have too to contact, is far from knows well. 四大仙子虽然早就名传天界,但四人之间,却没有太多接触,更谈不上熟识。 In Avici Hell these days, although is not long, but there is this common adversity, spends together the experience of disaster, between two big fairy maidens, the sentimental nature is deeper. 阿鼻地狱中的这段时间虽然不长,但有过这种共同患难,共度劫难的经历,两大仙子之间,感情自然深厚许多。 Let alone, this experience, conduct disposition that can also see the opposite party. 更何况,这次经历,也都能看出对方的品行心性。 Mo Qing will not speak greatly, she holds on the palm of Yun Zhu gently, in the beautiful pupil reveals one not to abandon. 墨倾不大会说话,她只是轻轻拉住云竹的手掌,美眸中流露出一丝不舍。 Since she practices, no friend. 她修行至今,也没有什么朋友。 But after today, Mo Qing actually regards as the only friend Yun Zhu. 但今日之后,墨倾却将云竹视为自己唯一的知己。 „The tour of this hell, I not only knows an elder sister, as if also meets one......” Mo Qing to lower the head slightly, in the mind is indulging in flights of fancy. “这次地狱之行,我不但认识一位姐姐,似乎还遇到一位……”墨倾微微垂首,脑海中胡思乱想着。 Also can see again/goodbye.” “还能再见的。” The Su Zimo say/way other did not say, on Divine Firmament's Immortal Assembly, the major sect influences get together, is the Divine Firmament Immortal Territory biggest grand meeting.” 苏子墨道“其他不说,神霄仙会上,各大宗门势力齐聚,乃是神霄仙域最大的盛会。” In Mo Qing eye one bright, nods again and again. 墨倾眼中一亮,连连点头。 Su Zimo is looking at Yun Zhu, said with a smile when the time comes, the contention of Head of the Heaven List, I and your younger brother must fight one, won't you always absent?” 苏子墨望着云竹,笑着说道“到时候,天榜之首的角逐,我与你弟弟还要打一架,你总不会缺席吧?” „, I had not planned to observe.” “原本,我是没打算观战的。” The Yun Zhu red lips have a smile, seems saying of profound meaning „, but, since is you and Yun Ting fights, I cannot miss.” 云竹朱唇含笑,似有深意的说道“不过,既然是你与云霆打架,我可不能错过。” During the Yun Zhu speeches, the double pupil is looking at Su Zimo, looks about the fresh splendor, brilliant. 云竹说话之间,双眸望着苏子墨,顾盼生辉,光彩照人。 Su Zimo somewhat does not beat, the vision moves aside, light coughing say/way „, if I beat savagely Yun Ting, should not be angry well.” 苏子墨有些不敌,目光躲闪一下,轻咳道“若是我将云霆暴打一顿,你不要生气就好。” ah, you cannot teach him is also good.” “不会,你能教训教训他也好。” Yun Zhu said with a smile his temper to be proud, if can receive some setbacks, was actually meddlesome.” 云竹笑道“他性子骄傲,若是能受些挫折,倒是好事。” Mo Qing also said originally, I did not like these grand meetings greatly, always thought that the person were too many, was too noisy. However, if the elder sister is willing to go, I will have a look.” 墨倾也说道“原本,我不大喜欢这些盛会,总觉得人太多,太吵。不过,若是姐姐肯去,我也会去看看的。” Good, now says goodbye, we come to day to narrate again.” “好,今番就此别过,我们来日再叙。” Yun Zhu said goodbye submissively, turns around to step into transmission formation, went natural. 云竹拱手道别,转身踏入传送阵,潇洒而去。 senior sister, we also walk.” 师姐,我们也走吧。” Su Zimo said that steps into transmission formation, Mo Qing nods, steps into. 苏子墨说了一声,踏入传送阵,墨倾点点头,也踏入其中。 Two people start transmission formation, returns to Universe Academy. 两人启动传送阵,返回乾坤书院 ...... …… Avici Hell. 阿鼻地狱 Three buddha sect(s) Heavenly King crash, as if falls into a giant complex labyrinth, everywhere is the roads. 三位佛门天王坠落下来,仿佛陷入一座巨大复杂的迷宫之中,到处都是甬道。 Some road end are the dead ends, some roads, connect more roads. 有的甬道尽头是死路一条,有的甬道,连接更多的甬道。 Three Heavenly King fall into this place, cannot walk, unceasing around circle. 三位天王陷入此地,根本走不出去,不断的绕着圈子。 This is also not most terrifying. 这还不是最恐怖的。 What is more fearful, in this road, strange ants appear and disappear, once formed ant colony of small scale, launches the attack to them. 更为可怕的是,这处甬道之中,有一种诡异蚂蚁出没,曾形成一股小规模的蚁群,对他们发动攻击。 Three big Heavenly King collaborate, supports reluctantly. 三大天王联手,勉强支撑下来。 But this place is unable to use primordial spirit, can only rely on fleshly body qi and blood, if comes several such ant colonies again, how long they could not insist! 但此地无法动用元神,只能凭借着肉身气血,若是再来几股这样的蚁群,他们也坚持不了多久! Moreover, these ants are even more powerful. 而且,这些蚂蚁越发强大。 The ant that at first comes, bites on them, but thought that somewhat itches. 最初现身的蚂蚁,咬在他们身上,只是觉得有些发痒。 But finally, has the ant to break by biting their flesh! 但最后,已经有蚂蚁能咬破他们的血肉! Perhaps if tens of millions, trillion such ant accumulations in groups, less than the quarter of an hour, three people do not gnaw only to eat have three white bones! 若是数千万,亿万只这样的蚂蚁聚集成群,恐怕不到一刻钟,三人就会别啃食得只剩下三具白骨! Three big Heavenly King in this labyrinth, scurry about everywhere, could not find the outlet. 三大天王在这处迷宫之中,到处乱窜,始终找不到出路。 In a while, three big Heavenly King come to a end of road! 没过多久,三大天王就走到一处甬道的尽头! Three people can only turn head, the moment of but in them turning around, three people see giant ant colony, surges to come toward them, just like a huge black mighty current, irresistible! 三人只能回头,但就在他们转身的一刻,三人看到一股巨大的蚁群,朝着他们涌动而来,犹如一股巨大的黑色洪流,势不可挡! ah!” !” Draws back does not have to draw back, three big Heavenly King angry roar, stimulates to movement qi and blood, wrestles furiously. 退无可退,三大天王怒吼一声,催动气血,奋力一搏。 But three people under this black mighty current, seem incomparably tiny, is only several breath, three people of figure were submerged. 但三人在这股黑色洪流之下,显得无比渺小,只是几个呼吸,三人的身形就被淹没。 Three people of bodies, crawled completely the hell ant, unceasing gnawing ate their flesh! 三人的身上,爬满了地狱蚂蚁,不断的啃食他们的血肉! In an instant, three people are cut and bruised, bloody! 转眼间,三人已是遍体鳞伤,血流如注! Three people of angry roaring, are gradually low and deep, transform into the pitiful yell. 三人的怒吼,渐渐低沉,转变为惨叫。 Three people of qi and blood, rapid deterioration. 三人的气血,迅速的衰败。 Even Heavenly King expert, cannot resist besieging of so many hell creatures. 即便是天王强者,也抵挡不住这么多地狱生灵的围攻。 Let alone, three big Heavenly King are late in life. 更何况,三大天王都已迟暮。 In they in despair, their black mighty currents, the unexpectedly rapid retreat, vanishes quickly does not see. 就在他们绝望之际,他们身上的黑色洪流,竟然迅速的退去,很快消失不见。 Three people can only lie in the ground, stands continually cannot halt, body many positions, were gnawed to eat by the hell ant reveal the countless white bones, shocking! 三人只能趴在地面上,连站都站不住,身上许多位置,都被地狱蚂蚁啃食得露出累累白骨,触目惊心! Internal organs in three human body, were gnawed to eat tattered and torn by the hell ant. 三人体内的脏腑,都被地狱蚂蚁啃食得千疮百孔。 What's wrong?” “怎么了?” What had?” “发生了什么?” Three big Heavenly King are panting for breath in gulps, raising the head of diligently, wanted to have a look to have anything. 三大天王大口大口喘息着,努力的抬起头来,想要看看发生了什么。 In three people of fuzzy lines of sight, another end of road, walks two forms slowly. 在三人模糊的视线中,甬道的另一端,缓缓走来两道身影。 Is the person of head wears the purple long gown, on the face wears silver mask, just like coming from the envoy in hell deep place, the whole body is lending the gloomy terrifying aura. 为首之人穿着紫色长袍,脸上戴着银色面具,宛如来自地狱深处的使者,浑身散发着阴森恐怖的气息。 As if because of the appearance of this person, these terrifying ant colonies will be vanishing does not see! 似乎正因为这个人的出现,那些恐怖蚁群才会消失不见! In purple robe man behind, but also follows young monk. 在紫袍男子的身后,还跟着一位年轻僧人 You, you are the Vaisravana Temple disciple!” “你,你是多闻寺的弟子!” Heavenly King sees young monk frock, recognizes his origin, the outstretch arm diligently, respite say/wayI am Vaisravana Temple not spatial Heavenly King, rescues, saves me! „ 一位天王看到年轻僧人身上的僧袍,认出他的来历,努力的伸出手臂,喘息道“我是多闻寺的不空天王,救,救我!“ He as Vaisravana Temple Heavenly King, is naturally impossible to know the young monk like this common disciple. 他身为多闻寺天王,自然不可能认识年轻僧人这样的寻常弟子。 But he believes that so long as is the Vaisravana Temple disciple, definitely recognizes him! 但他相信,只要是多闻寺弟子,肯定认得他! Young monk lowers the head not to speak. 年轻僧人垂首不语。 Fellow Daoist, the fellow daoist saves us.” “道友,道友救救我们。” Another Heavenly King is struggling, crawling, wants to be close to the purple robe man slowly. 另外一位天王挣扎着,缓缓爬行,想要接近紫袍男子。 The purple robe man opens the mouth suddenly, say/way I had once asked that your buddhist cultivation cultivates this situation, doesn't fear karmic retribution?” 紫袍男子突然开口,道“我曾问过,你们修佛修到这个地步,就不怕因果报应吗?” Three big Heavenly King are shocked. 三大天王愣住。 These words listen somewhat to be truly familiar-sounding, as if some time ago, where has listened. 这句话听来确实有些耳熟,似乎不久前,在什么地方听过。 But three people are under hell ant attack, the body is badly-damaged, the severe pain is hard to endure, in the mind a confusion, cannot think suddenly. 但三人遭遇地狱蚂蚁这番攻击,身躯残破不堪,剧痛难忍,脑海中一片混乱,一时间想不起来。 Also good, makes you die to understand.” “也好,就让你们死个明白。” Purple robe man is saying, while stretches out the palm, takes off the mask on face, reveals a having delicate features face. 紫袍男子一边说着,一边伸出手掌,摘下脸上的面具,露出一张眉目清秀的脸庞。 Is you......” “是你……” Three big Heavenly King pupil contractions, such as see the ghosts and gods! 三大天王瞳孔收缩,如见鬼神! At this moment, at present this purple robe man takes to their fear, but must exceed the ant colony in hell! 这一刻,眼前这位紫袍男子带给他们的恐惧,还要胜过地狱中的蚁群! Martial Dao main body puts on silver mask, turns around to depart, light saying karma cycle, the retribution is uncomfortable.” 武道本尊重新戴上银色面具,转身离去,淡淡的说道“因果循环,报应不爽。” Under the gazes of three big Heavenly King, the Martial Dao main body form, disappears in the road end gradually. 在三大天王的注视下,武道本尊的身影,渐渐消失在甬道尽头。 In a while, their lines of sight, were occupied by the black mighty current again!. 没过多久,他们的视线,重新被黑色洪流占据!。
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