EN :: Volume #19 复生

#2100: Equality of the sexes

brothers, I am Chen Sheng.” I am Wu Guang.” 兄弟们,我是陈胜。”“我是吴广。” After the two|tael person looks one mutually, says decisively. The sound is very loud, covers the entire manor directly, in their sounds, a very|10 points unusual power, lets the person unconscious giving birth trust and being intimate with. 人相互对望一眼后,断然开口说道。声音很大,直接笼罩整个庄园,他们的声音中,有一种十分奇特的感染力,让人不自觉的生出信任与亲近。 Now, in all around people, no matter the caucasian or the black people, and even are people of Asian descent, eyes look to their two|tael, reveals a blazing ray, before then, the prestige of two|tael person is extremely high. In the peripheral region, who does not know the Chen Sheng Wu Guang name. 现在,在四周的人们,不管是白种人还是黑种人,乃至是黄种人,一个个眼睛都看向他们个,流露出一种炽热的光芒,在这之前,人的威信就极高。周边区域内,谁不知道陈胜吴广的名字。 Usually, but obtains their help a lot. 平日里,可没有少得到他们的帮助。 Is convinced to them very much. 一个个都对他们很是服气。 Otherwise will not calmly listen to them to speak here. 要不然也不会在这里静静听他们讲话。 brothers, these years, what everyone crosses is what life, my Chen Sheng is also very clear, here, our men simply are not the person, but is the slave of woman, the servant, does not fear to tell everyone, my Chen Sheng and Wu Guang come from outside, in other region, we have also seen, always takes our men as to revere, man outside, woman inside, we get married, is the man marries the woman. At home, is the woman takes care of our men.” 兄弟们,这些年,大家过的是什么样的生活,我陈胜也是很清楚,在这里,我们男人简直就不是人,而是女人的奴隶,仆人,不怕告诉大家,我陈胜吴广都是从外面过来的,在别的界域中,我们也看到过,向来都是以我们男人为尊,男主外,女主内,我们娶亲,是男人娶女人。在家里,是女人服侍我们男人。” Chen Sheng, observed the situation all around, can see, in one's eyes of peripheral man, emits a light, light of the masculine dignity, then said: However in this sorceress region, I sees, but female to revere, the position of our man, are continually lower than pigs and dogs. Here, the female becomes the bridegroom, our men are the brides . Moreover, in home, the position was inferior compared with the slaves, on the bed must satisfy them, is sad, to beating and scolding, pitches oppressively. Pitches the oppressive compatriots until death, every day is unceasing, everyone is resigned, sweet heart piece for the birth tools of these sorceresses.” 陈胜顿了顿,环视四周,能看到,周边男子的眼中,都冒出一种光,一种男性的尊严之光,接着说道:“而在这女巫界域中,我看到的,只是女子为尊,我们男人的地位,连猪狗都不如。在这里,女子当新郎,我们男人是新娘,而且,在家中,地位比奴隶都不如,床上要满足她们,心情不好,任由打骂,蹂虐。蹂虐至死的同胞们,每日不绝,大家甘心吗,甘心轮为那些女巫的生育工具吗。” Is unwilling, we cannot submit absolutely.” “不甘心,我们绝对不能屈服。” Wu Guang bellows is brandishing the fist to say. 吴广大吼着挥舞拳头道。 Is unwilling, we are unwilling.” “不甘心,我们不甘心。” Does not submit, cannot submit absolutely.” “不屈服,绝对不能屈服。” common people that the surroundings gather round, in one's eyes emit the humiliation and unwilling ray. Thinks of bitter experience always. 周围围着的百姓,一个个眼中冒出屈辱与不甘的光芒。想到一直以来的遭遇。 The position of female, aloof and remote, is not good, is beats and scolds to pitch oppressively regarding the man, even is cripples lethal, that finds at everywhere, even if this, they do not need to pay any price. Always, the live ratio dog was inferior. The females can three wife four concubines, the man be the position are despicable, child who gives birth to continually, does not know that is own. This is also only part, female within the body has sorceress bloodline, once bloodline awakens. Desire very|10 points in that aspect is intense. 女子的地位,高高在上,一个不好,对于男子就是打骂蹂虐,甚至是致残致死,那都是随处可见,哪怕是这样,她们都不需要付出任何代价。一直以来,活的比狗都不如。女子可以三妻四妾的,男子是地位卑劣,连生出的孩子,都不知道是不是自己的。这还只是一部分,女子体内具有女巫血脉,一旦血脉觉醒。那方面的欲望十分强烈。 Moreover, once is excited, magic power in within the body will have out-of-control, will have the enormous injury regarding the man. 而且,一旦激动起来,体内的法力都会产生失控,对于男子会产生极大的伤害。 Therefore, in sorceress region, the male death frequency, very|10 points is high. 所以,在女巫界域中,男性的死亡频率,十分高。 Man on cultivator, in strength, no means compared with sorceress, what the sorceress depends upon is bloodline, bloodline of their within the body is inheritance, bloodline awakens, growing to be astonishing on very|10 points, when the strength is low, one year can break through 1~2 realm. Develops bloodline to grow, bloodline powerful, inborn is King. Compared with normal cultivator, the path of sorceress, can say, opened hanging completely. 只是,男子在修士上,实力上,没办法跟女巫相比,女巫依靠的是血脉,她们体内的血脉就是传承,血脉一觉醒,成长起来就十分惊人,在实力低时,一年就能突破一两境界。开发血脉就能成长,血脉强大的,天生就是王者。跟正常修士相比,女巫的道路,可以说,完全就是开了挂。 The strength could not compare, that position could be imagined. 实力比不了,那地位可想而知。 Before had the person to revolt, was only, the resister, was struck to kill, was burnt. 以前不是没有人反抗过,只是,反抗者,统统都被击杀,被烧死。 The resistance is basic(ally) is useless, what brought is only death. 反抗是根本没有用,带来的只是死亡 Is, no one takes the lead, no one has such rallying point. 还有就是,没有人带头,没有人有那样的号召力。 At this moment, under the Chen Sheng Wu Guang spoken language affects, thinks that in other region, the position of man, thinks again oneself and the others position. This immense contrast, lets in all person hearts all of a sudden the suppressed anger and unwillingness, was stimulated rapidly. 此刻,在陈胜吴广的言语牵动下,想到别的界域中,男子的地位,再想想自己等人的身份地位。这种巨大的反差,一下子就让所有人心中被压制的愤怒与不甘,迅速被激发出来。 Our men should not become the dependency of woman, becomes the slave, becomes the servant, we want the dignity, we want the status, we want the equality of the sexes.” “我们男人不应该成为女人的附庸,成为奴隶,成为仆人,我们要尊严,我们要身份,我们要男女平等。” Chen Sheng continues to send out the call to say. 陈胜继续发出呐喊道。 We want the dignity, we want the status, we want the equality of the sexes.” “我们要尊严,我们要身份,我们要男女平等。” Famous male eyes start to shine, becomes blazing. 一名名男子眼睛都开始发光,变得炽热起来。 They did not expect that can achieve to reverse the position of men and women, turns into the treatment of women as inferiors, their only Hope can achieve the equality of the sexes, does not need to be the same like the past, whatever the insult kills, like slave. 他们不奢望可以做到逆转男女的身份地位,变成男尊女卑,他们只希望可以做到男女平等,再也不需要如以往一样,任由辱骂打杀,如同奴隶。 So long as can achieve the equality of the sexes, they satisfied. 只要能做到男女平等,他们就满足了。 Even does not dare to imagine, what beautiful picture that can be. 甚至不敢想象,那会是什么样的美好画面。 That is an anticipation, is yearning. 那是一种期待,也是一种向往。 Under the Chen Sheng spoken language, becomes ready to make trouble. 一个个,在陈胜的言语下,变得蠢蠢欲动起来。 as if (similar), so long as Chen Sheng Wu Guang orders, they will closely follow immediately, wrestles at risk of life. 仿佛,只要陈胜吴广一声令下,他们立即就会紧紧跟随,拼死一搏。 It is not free, rather dies. 不自由,宁愿去死。 Before is very depressing, now knows that the outside world (external) with for a masculine life contrast, immediately, the entire mentality exploded. 以前已经很压抑了,现在知道外界同为男性的生活一对比,立即,整个心态都炸了。 How this can endure, did not endure completely. 这怎么能忍,完全忍不了。 who made kings, nobles, generals, and officials exist, is not free, rather death. For our dignity, for our future, for our posterity no longer receive this treatment, follows me, overthrows the sorceress empire's rule, overthrows Empress hold the country.” 王侯将相宁有种乎,不自由,毋宁死。为了我们的尊严,为了我们的未来,为了我们子孙后代不再受到这种待遇,跟随我,推翻女巫帝国的统治,打倒盛女帝国。” Chen Sheng sends out the manifesto loudly. 陈胜大声发出宣言。 Overthrows Empress hold the country, the equality of the sexes!!” “打倒盛女帝国,男女平等!!” Wu Guang sends out the call. 吴广发出呐喊。 Overthrows Empress hold the country, the equality of the sexes!!” “打倒盛女帝国,男女平等!!” All around common people sends out to angrily roar simultaneously. 四周百姓同时发出怒吼。 brothers, we together, overthrow Empress hold the country, starts from present this Baker city, starting today, told the entire world, told everyone, our men, stood henceforth.” 兄弟们,我们一起,推翻盛女帝国,就从现在这座贝克城开始,从今天起,告诉整个天下,告诉所有人,我们男人,从此站起来了。” Chen Sheng sends out together the call. Follows, when first before, walks toward outside, is at the position that to tread toward Baker city City Lord Residence. 陈胜发出一道呐喊。跟着,当先在前,向着外面走去,向着贝克城城主府所在的位置踏过去。 Equality of the sexes!” “男女平等!” Wu Guang sends out the call. 吴广发出呐喊。 Equality of the sexes.” “男女平等。” With common people also without hesitation follows to shout. This is the aspiration of heart. 身后跟着的百姓也都毫不犹豫的跟着呼喊。这是属于他们内心深处的心声。 Entire team, that slogan that covers the entire city, shocks the entire Baker city instantaneously. 整个队伍,那一声声覆盖全城的呐喊声,瞬间震动整个贝克城。 In farmland, the men of industrious practical training, raised the head, look to the city, originally the numb innermost feelings, were touched instantaneously, an inexplicable impulsion appears in within the body. in one's eyes reveals to struggle with the hesitant color, but after the moment, was replaced by the firmness, lifts up the hoe, takes up the sickle, breaks in the city. 田地中,辛勤劳作的男人们,纷纷抬起头,看向城中,本来麻木的内心,瞬间被触动,一种莫名的冲动出现在体内。眼中露出挣扎与犹豫之色,但在片刻后,就被坚定所取代,扛起锄头,拿起镰刀,就冲入城中。 In the mouth sends out to shout. 口中纷纷发出呼喊。 Equality of the sexes, overthrows Empress hold the country.” “男女平等,打倒盛女帝国。” Equality of the sexes, we want the equality of the sexes, overthrows Empress hold the country.” “男女平等,我们要男女平等,打倒盛女帝国。” A famous man joins the team unceasingly, outside the city, in the city, originally only then several thousand teams, make a snowman all of a sudden expand equally crazily, projects on over ten thousand directly, even is nearly 100,000. Entire region man, constrained was too long , like a powder keg, so long as a sparks/Mars, can detonate directly, blasts out thoroughly. 一名名男子不断加入队伍,城外,城内,本来只有几名的队伍,一下子就滚雪球一样疯狂壮大,直接打到上万,甚至是十几万。整个界域的男子,都被压抑的太久了,就跟一个火药桶一样,只要一点火星,就能直接引爆,彻底炸开。 Equality of the sexes these words, hit in all male hearts thoroughly a biggest soft rib. 男女平等这句话,彻底击中所有男子心中最大的一块软肋。 They are not willing to continue silence, they need to revolt. 他们不甘愿继续沉默,他们需要反抗。 They by like this discriminatory treatment, this were been why unfair. 他们凭什么受到这样的歧视待遇,这不公平。 In Baker city City Lord Residence. 贝克城城主府内。 city lord is called Liz, is a sorceress . Moreover, a sorceress who achieves fifth step. The fifth step sorceress, that is Origin Divinity Realm powerhouse. Such sorceress, has been able to assume a side. 城主叫做奥莉丝,是一名女巫,而且,还是一名达到五阶的女巫。五阶女巫,那就是一名元神境强者。这样的女巫,已经可以坐镇一方。 Can see, this Liz appearance very|10 points is enchanting, an intense impulsion, rouses the opposite sex desire. 能看出,这奥莉丝样貌十分妖娆漂亮,给人一种强烈的冲动,勾动异性的欲望。 A hair of golden increases several points of charm. 一头金色的头发更加增添几分魅力。 At this moment, the complexion is actually a paleness, outside hears one to shock the firmaments slogan intermittently, the in one's eyes anger, is almost not restrainable emerges. In her in one's eyes, the man is only one crowd of tool that's all that satisfies the desire, is only one group of slaves, is not their tool people well, dares to jump unexpectedly, shouts what equality of the sexes, this is courting death, is clearly provoking. 此刻,脸色却是一片铁青,听到外面一阵阵震破苍穹的呐喊声,眼中的怒火,几乎是不可抑制的涌现出来。在她眼中,男人只是一群满足自身欲望的工具而已,只是一群奴隶,不好好的做他们的工具人,竟然敢跳出来,呼喊什么男女平等,这是在找死,分明就是在挑衅。 Is hitting her face. 更是在打她的脸。 Has not placed the eyeground her completely. 完全就是没有将她放在眼底。 This wants ........ the rebellion. 这是要........造反啊。 city lord, what to do, kills these inexpensive men now directly entirely.” 城主,现在怎么办,直接将这些贱男人统统杀了么。” Has the sorceress to ask. 有女巫开口询问道。 In the voice disclosed a biting cold chill in the air. 话音中却透露出一种让人彻骨的寒意。 As if has not cared the lives of these men. 似乎一点没有将那些男人的性命放在心上。 Must kill, that killed completely. Is so simplest directly. 要杀,那就全部都杀了。如此最简单直接。 Notice blood rose guard, the preparation begins, these bums, exterminates completely, their leader, this city lord must entertain personally well. Let him enjoy the pinnacle in the joy dead. Dares to make the old lady instead, really ate the bear heart leopard guts.” “通知血玫瑰卫队,准备动手,将这些贱骨头,全部剿灭,他们的首领,本城主要亲自好好招待。让他享受到极致的快乐中死去。敢造老娘的反,真是吃了熊心豹子胆。” Liz sends out to sneer to say. 奥莉丝发出冷笑道。 Shuā!! 刷! Then, high in the sky without hesitation has flown, appears sky over the Baker city. 说完,已经毫不犹豫的凌空飞起,出现在贝克城上空。 Your this crowd of outcastes, want to revolt.” “你们这群贱民,想要造反么。” Liz sneers is looking to more and more big team, looks to team front Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, in eyes ice-cold, where will unable to see, this clearly by the two|tael artificial head. Others, are instigated by them. Simply is the heinous crime. 奥莉丝冷笑着看向越来越大的队伍,看向队伍前面的陈胜吴广,眼眸中更加的冰冷,哪里会看不出,这分明就是以人为首。其他人,都是由他们煽动起来。简直就是罪该万死。 We do not want to revolt, we want the dignity, wants the proper dignity.” “我们不是想要造反,我们是想要尊严,想要得到应有的尊严。” Chen Sheng saw that Liz said loudly: „, brothers.” 陈胜看到奥莉丝大声说道:“是不是,兄弟们。” Yes, we want the dignity, we are equal.” “是,我们要尊严,我们要平等。” Counts the 100,000 man to send out the call simultaneously. 十万男子同时发出呐喊。 Chen Sheng said their aspiration. 陈胜说出了他们的心声。 Snort, you are one crowd of outcastes, wants the equality, why you, have what qualifications to make such request.” “哼,你们就是一群贱民,想要平等,你们凭什么,有什么资格做出这样的要求。” Liz sneers was looking that is obvious to the following team, this is the rejection of bare naked. They are impossible to comply, Empress hold the country is impossible to acknowledge this point. 奥莉丝冷笑着看向下面的队伍显然,这是赤果果的拒绝。她们不可能答应,盛女帝国不可能承认这一点。 Since does not comply, that does not give us the means of livelihood.” “既然不答应,那就是不给我们活路。” Chen Sheng sneers was saying: Without discussed that asked you ........ dead!!” 陈胜冷笑着说道:“既然没得谈,那就请你........去死!!” The voice falls, sees impressively, in his hands, when does not know, are many a stick, this stick excrement yellow excrement yellow, exaggerates the charming color. Grasps in the hand, reveals wipes to grin fiendishly, loudly exclaimed: Eats your Grandpa Chen a stick.” 话音落下间,赫然看到,在其手中,不知道何时,多出一根棍子,这根棍子屎黄屎黄的,渲染出迷人的色彩。握在手中,露出一抹狞笑,大吼道:“吃你陈爷爷一棍。” This stick, was really quick . Moreover, the club wielded, yellow light also appeared together. 这一棍,实在是太快了,而且,棒子一挥,一道黄光随之浮现。 This is anything.” “这是什么东西。” Liz witnessed, just started also to reveal one to sneer, thought that is overreaches oneself, but the next second changes on the heart, felt when yellow light blooms, the entire mind is shivering, felt that has one is not steady, as if (similar), magic power in joined bodies is unable to transfer, oneself such as a woman is no use. 奥莉丝目睹,刚开始还想要露出一丝冷笑,觉得那是不自量力,但下一秒就心中大变,感觉到在黄光绽放时,整个心神都在颤动,感觉有着一丝不稳,仿佛,连体内的法力都无法调动,自己如一个弱女子般无助。
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