EH :: Volume #9

#34: Siti Branch Envoy

„ After the 15 th century, Schicksal Church completes to expand by the Previous Civilization Era vestige, forms the Valkyrie regiment for the first time, making the Honkai knight group that one is panic at the news step down to the second line. “十五世纪以后,天命教廷凭借上个文明纪元的遗迹完成壮大,第一次组建女武神军团,令人闻风丧胆的崩坏骑士团退居二线。 By the Valkyrie outstanding resistance, in addition resists the Honkai Beast special weapon, human quick obtains victory in the fight of first Honkai. Later the Blood Knight cultivation law of system rises, human suppresses Honkai at one fell swoop. 凭借女武神优秀的抗性,加之对抗崩坏兽的特殊武器,人类很快在第一次崩坏的战斗中取得优胜。之后系统的血脉骑士修炼法崛起,人类更是一举压制崩坏 With strength of Schicksal Church, the idea of protection homeland turned into the protection European, the protection world. Extending of idea touches the interests of another, has the politics * on resistance. The Schicksal Church domineering makes other countries' powerful officials nurse hatred in the heart, they use Zombie, refugee and Honkai Cube, shoulders the Honkai Beast group and fight between Valkyrie regiments time and time again. 随着天命教廷的壮大,守护家园的理念变成了守护欧陆、守护世界。理念的延伸触及他人利益,产生政*上的对抗。天命教廷的强势让别国权贵含恨在心,他们利用死士、流民、崩坏能结晶,一次又一次挑起崩坏兽群与女武神军团之间的战斗。 At this time, several big beast tide have completed the preliminary gathering, accelerated this event advancement close to Church Honkai of Siti Region. Schicksal Church will face human largest ever beast tide. ” 此时,数股大兽潮已完成初步汇聚,靠近教廷西蒂区发生的崩坏加速了这一事件进程。天命教廷将面对人类有史以来最大规模的兽潮。” Hears „the little elf the introduction, Kiana flexure the head, she is not really interested in the history, in fact her contradictory point has not understood, only knows that seemingly must go to war. 听到“小精灵”的介绍,琪亚娜挠了挠脑袋,她实在是对历史不感兴趣,事实上她连个矛盾点都没听懂,只知道貌似是要打仗了。 This phase of history was actually beautified.” Bronya whispered, simultaneously waits and sees this lively harbor back and forth. “这段历史其实是被美化了。”布洛妮娅嘀咕了一句,同时来回观望这个繁华的港口。 Siti Region by the sea, the economy was developed, Sakura and Rin Commerce also builds up in this, the source was holding the post of Siti Region Branch Envoy Yae Ji at that time! 西蒂区靠海,经济本就发达,樱凛商会也是在此起家,源头是当时正在担任西蒂区分察使八重霁! Bronya recalls the content that consults, if material not wrong, this time Yae Branch Envoy, does not have greatly her many probably. 布洛妮娅回忆起查阅到的内容,如果资料没有错的话,此时的八重分察使,好像也没大她多少。 The small age controls a Schicksal Church subordinate extremely lively area, obviously legendary of character. 小小年纪掌控天命教廷下属极为繁华的一区,可见人物的传奇性。 The harbor place is stopping the merchant ship from other country, there is a merchant ship from Sakura and Rin Commerce, possibly by the Honkai influence that recently had frequently, the number of ships are not many. 港口处停着来自别国的商船,也有来自樱凛商会的商船,可能是受最近频繁发生的崩坏影响,船只的数量并不多。 When Bronya has turned the head, discovered Kiana does not have the shadow! 布洛妮娅转过头时,发现了琪亚娜已经没影了! Kiana looks familiar very much the Sakura and Rin Commerce trademark, trading the word is logo, she remembers that in the Sakura and Rin's Onigiri shop that oneself work, has seen this sign. 琪亚娜很眼熟樱凛商会的商标,换言就是logo,她记得在自己打工的樱凛饭团店铺中,也见到过这种标志。 „The symbol and this exactly the same ei of Sakura elder sister shop.” Kiana touches the harbor to locate the symbol of Sakura and Rin Commerce office... 樱姐店铺的标志和这个一模一样欸。”琪亚娜触摸上港口处樱凛商会办事处的标志... Landing name: Kiana Kaslana 登陆者姓名:琪亚娜卡斯兰娜 Confirmation landing is four clan bloodlines, starts to broadcast the hidden to record- 确认登陆者为四族血脉,开始播放隐藏记录-- In a daze the time of god in Kiana, front symbol transmits a suction suddenly, must run upon the symbol shortly, Kiana rushes to close the eyes, who knows the body one lightly, passes through suddenly! 琪亚娜发呆愣神的功夫,面前的标志突然传来一股吸力,眼看就要撞上标志,琪亚娜赶忙闭上双眼,谁知身体一轻,猛然穿了过去! Bronya catches up, only sees the average not wonderful symbol...... 布洛妮娅赶来,只看到平平无奇的标志...... Aaaahhhh-” 啊啊啊啊-” Kiana that from the sky spins frightens yelled, is good because of under is a lawn, is insufficient to fall two halves the buttocks. 在空中打转的琪亚娜吓得哇哇大叫,好在下方是一块草坪,不至于把屁股摔成两半。 Bang- 砰- Law law ~ 唏律律~ The speeding away warhorse also has a scare by the unclear species that the front presents, the first hoof treads, is backward supine. 正在疾驰的战马也被面前出现的不明物种吓了一跳,前蹄蹬起,向后仰去。 pū tōng ~ 噗通~ The blood red form on horseback falls to fall, after all is has trained the warhorse, after being frightened, quick slow the god has come, to gather round the form that drops to keep spinning. 马背上的血红身影摔落下来,毕竟是训练过的战马,受到惊吓后很快缓过神来,围着跌落的身影不停打转。 By heaven and earth and my conscience, it is only a horse, really does not know the person who should how let a severe wound rides in it conducts the back. 天地良心,它只是一匹马,实在不知道该怎么让一个重伤的人骑在它背上。 Hiss It huuurts!” “嘶~疼疼疼!” Pounds a Kiana hand-held volume of small pit in the ground, rubs soon to fall two halves single-handedly PP, the speed of getting back one's composure also takes on the slow 3-5 second compared with the warhorse. 在地面上砸出一个小坑的琪亚娜一手扶额,一手揉着快要摔成两半的PP,回神的速度比战马还要慢上三五秒。 This?” The Kiana standing up body, looks to the region of wilderness appearance, the front except for a horse..., the person's shadow that also whole body bloodlines cover. “这是哪?”琪亚娜站起身子,望向原野模样的地带,面前除了一匹马...哦,还有一个浑身血脉覆盖的人影。 Kiana does not want is too many, forwards quickly. 琪亚娜没想太多,快步向前。 Hey ~ are you good? Hey ~ “喂~你还好吧?喂~” The Kiana squatting down body, the present female whole body was covered by the blood stain, the every large or small wound attaches the full whole body, is still somewhat flowed the blood by the place that the bandage entangles. If not the chest that the female often fluctuates once for a while, Kiana also thinks that she died! 琪亚娜蹲下身子,眼前的女子浑身被血污覆盖,大大小小的创口附满全身,有些被绷带缠死的地方还在流淌鲜血。如果不是女子时不时不时起伏的胸口,琪亚娜还以为她死了! The Bonnie condition is very bad, the team only then she lived, the Siti nearby region also had Honkai Outbreak, this is not a good sign, 波妮的状态很差,全队只有她自己一个人活了下来,西蒂就近区域也发生了崩坏事件,这可不是一个好兆头, She needs blurry immediately the information transmit to Branch Envoy-sama..., she sees the Kaslana Family soldier of white bluing pupil, in the heart relaxes silently. 她需要在第一时间将消息传递给分察使大人...迷糊中,她看到白发蓝眸的卡斯兰娜家族战士,心中默默松了一口气。 Suddenly puts out a hand to catch the wrist/skill of Kiana! 突然伸手拽住琪亚娜的手腕! Nearby... Honkai... wants... to tell... Branch Envoy-sama!” “附近...崩坏...一定要...告诉...分察使大人!” The females shivered saying that the chest cavity fluctuated is fiercer, but the blood of wound place also dripped happier. 女子颤抖着说完,胸腔起伏更为剧烈,但伤口处的血液也淌的更欢。 Let alone let alone, said again you are dying!” Kiana is thrown into confusion, suddenly the medical knowledge that learns in the academy all gives back to the teacher. “别说了别说了,再说你就要死了!”琪亚娜手忙脚乱,一时间在学园学到的医疗知识全都还给老师。 Under after simple treatment wound, Kiana realized quickly this is not the means. 简单处理下伤口后,琪亚娜很快认识到这不是办法。 Is Branch Envoy that you said where at? How your?” Kiana is anxious. “你说的分察使在哪啊?怎么就你一个?”琪亚娜急到。 Bonnie is injured too heavily, pondered without enough time, rides and rides a horse...” 波妮受伤太重,来不及思考,“骑、骑马...” Rides a horse?” Kiana turns the head, that warhorse in the surroundings, has not departed. “骑马?”琪亚娜转头,那匹战马还在周围,并未离去。 Kiana clenches teeth, holds the whole body blood stain Bonnie, its anti- to the horseback on, turns over/stands up leaps, steps up to the horses. 琪亚娜一咬牙,抱起满身血污的波妮,将其抗到马背上,翻身一跃,跨上马匹。 A student as Valkyrie academy, various skilled types of vehicles are also one of the required courses, but how she has not studied from the start has ridden a horse! 身为女武神学园的一名学生,熟练各种载具也是必修课之一,可是她压根没学过如何骑马! However hasn't eaten the pork not to see the pig to run? Kiana is recalling the picture in television, entrains the reins, clamps the horseback. 不过没吃过猪肉还没见过猪跑吗?琪亚娜回想着电视中的画面,拽起缰绳,一夹马背。 Harnesses ~ “驾~” Automatic cruise the warhorse the bluing pupil of Kiana belt/bring to the Siti Region city, rides the warhorse white/in vain, on the horseback is also hanging half-dead Valkyrie, guards does not dare to block this big shot from the start, however Kiana actually stopped. “自动巡航”的战马将琪亚娜带到西蒂区城内白发蓝眸,骑着战马,马背上还挂着个半死不活的女武神,守卫压根不敢拦这种大佬,然而琪亚娜却停了下来。 Where is Branch Envoy at?!” 分察使在哪?!” Was being stared by the Kaslana Family clansman of whole body blood stain, the guarded pressure is very big . Moreover the opposite party has not added on Sir behind the name two characters, wants to come the position in Kaslana Family is not low. 被满身血污的卡斯兰娜家族族人瞪着,守卫的压力很大,而且对方并未在称呼后面加上“大人”二字,想来在卡斯兰娜家族中的地位不低。 Minute and Branch Envoy-sama are possibly processing the thing in the mansion...” “分、分察使大人可能正在府邸中处理事物...” A Kiana brow wrinkle, where is mansion at?” 琪亚娜眉头一皱,“府邸在哪?” At this time, being in charge runs over, is busy at leading this „the Kaslana Family great person to go to the Branch Envoy mansion. 这时,管事的一路跑了过来,忙领着这位“卡斯兰娜家族的大人物”去分察使府邸。 Kiana rushes to the so-called Branch Envoy mansion, some brain blanks. 琪亚娜一路赶到所谓的分察使府邸,大脑都有些空白。 She does not even know that which such dry/does significance, only knows was asked the matter, must complete. 她甚至不知道这样干的意义在哪,只知道被人拜托了事情,就一定要完成。 „Isn't that Sir Bonnie? Doctor? Doctor! Asked the doctor to come quickly!” “那不是波妮大人吗?医师呢?医师!快叫医师来!” In the mansion some people recognized the Bonnie identity, immediately is a tumult. 府邸内有人认出了波妮的身份,顿时又是一阵骚动。 Saw that Bonnie carried off by the doctor, Kiana relaxes temporarily. The strength of few pity of opposite party bloodlines, the self-recovery ability is extremely low, will delay one soon dead again. 见到波妮被医师抬走,琪亚娜暂时松了一口气。对方身上的血脉之力少的可怜,自愈能力更是极低,再耽误一会就快要死了。 This Kaslana-sama, please come with me.” The old man of steward appearance bows to Kiana, this lets Kiana is not very comfortable, where has she received this treatment? “这位卡斯兰娜大人,请跟我来。”管家模样的老者向琪亚娜躬身,这让琪亚娜不是很自在,她哪里受到过这种待遇? The situation is urgent, Kiana wants to tell that Branch Envoy the news as soon as possible. 只是情况紧急,琪亚娜很想尽快把消息告诉那名分察使 This is with the news that the human life has! 这可是用人命带出来的消息! Your that anything minute...” “你们那什么分...” Without Kiana said, the corner of the eye split vision shot a look at a familiar form...... 没等琪亚娜说完,眼角余光就瞥到了一个熟悉的身影...... https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address:. Lamp pen novel net cell phone version reading website: 天才一秒记住本站地址:。灯笔小说网手机版阅读网址:
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