ED :: Volume #5

#24: Mission

Chapter 928 mission 第928章使团 The meeting with Order of the Secrets has not made Beirrogo wait/etc. too long, moreover before the meeting, Beirrogo received the jurisdiction change notice from decision room. 诸秘之团的会面没有让伯洛戈等太久,而且在会面之前,伯洛戈收到了来自决策室的权限变动通知。 The decision room raised several levels the Beirrogo jurisdiction, according to the Bureau of Order regulations, now Beirrogo is with the section Changping level of each department, the jurisdiction is next to anti- Sanier, as well as other old things in Bureau of Order. This point made Beirrogo be surprised, he has not thought of so many of oneself jurisdiction unexpectedly increase. 决策室把伯洛戈的权限上调了数级,按照秩序局的条例,现在伯洛戈算是与各个部门的部长平级,权限仅次于耐萨尼尔,以及秩序局内的其他老东西们。这一点令伯洛戈倍感意外,他没想到自己的权限居然提升的这么多。 The increase of jurisdiction, naturally is more secret intelligence opens wide to Beirrogo, but to be honest, with Beirrogo compared with the ether story, now secret file of Bureau of Order preservation, to the Beirrogo not slight attraction. 权限的提升,自然便是更多秘密情报向伯洛戈敞开,但说实话,和伯洛戈在以太界的见闻相比,如今秩序局保存的秘密档案,对伯洛戈没有丝毫的吸引力。 Beirrogo most looks at some special secret in official record to be able, contract, knew very well these characteristics, is helpful to Beirrogo in the following fight, speculates the ability nature of enemy fast. 伯洛戈最多看一看官方记录里的一些特殊秘能、契约物等,熟知这些特性,有助于伯洛戈在接下来的战斗里,快速推测出敌人的能力性质。 Then, with time that Order of the Secrets met with. 然后,与诸秘之团会面的时刻到了。 This time meeting place is located in the cultivation room, does not need to be worried that has the foreign enemy to disrupt the conference, does not need to be worried that Order of the Secrets has the evil intent. 这次的会面地点位于垦室之内,不必担心有外敌扰乱会议,也不必担心诸秘之团藏有祸心。 The person of Beirrogo awaiting impeachment order and conference said that Bureau of Order had previously held the multiple talks with Order of the Secrets, but has not obtained one to let the both sides satisfactory result, Beirrogo was inserts horizontally, no one held the opinion. 伯洛戈听参与会议的人讲,先前秩序局已经与诸秘之团进行了多次会谈,但始终都没有得出一个让双方满意的结果,伯洛戈算是横插进来的,没人对此抱有意见。 Indoor enters, Beirrogo follows the personnel of other participation conferences to take a seat side in room, another side prepares for Order of the Secrets. 进入室内,伯洛戈跟随着其他参与会议的人员落座在房间的一边,另一边则是为诸秘之团们准备的。 Beirrogo looked at eye person, mostly is the familiar faces, for example Yas and Gauld these team leaders. 伯洛戈看了眼身边的人,大多都是熟悉的面孔,例如亚斯、高尔德这些组长。 The present is the war eve, the strike forces of field personnel subordinate, like small-scale regiments, the team leader are the commanders of regiment, the special period, the team leaders become in Bureau of Order even more important, all parts give way for it unified. 现在是战争前夜,外勤部下的行动组们,就像一支支小型军团,组长则是军团的指挥官,特殊时期,组长们在秩序局内变得越发重要,所有的部分都统一为其让行。 Beirrogo starts to fantasize, if negotiations broke down, these team leaders can draw a sword suddenly, hews the fragment Order of the Secrets that these do not coordinate. 伯洛戈开始幻想,如果谈判破裂,这些组长们会不会突然拔剑而起,把这些不配合的诸秘之团砍成碎片。 This is not implausible, if Order of the Secrets wants to split the Rhine Alliance strength, then they will become will also want compared with King's Secret Sword hatefully. 这并非没有可能,如果诸秘之团想分裂莱茵同盟的力量,那么他们将变得比国王秘剑还要可恶至极。 The traitors are always worth hating compared with the enemy. 背叛者总比敌人更值得憎恨。 What are the main contents of negotiations?” “谈判的主要内容是什么?” The Order of the Secrets envoys have not entered the stadium, Beirrogo was saying to Yas in a low voice. 诸秘之团的使者们还未入场,伯洛戈对着身边的亚斯低声道。 Also can be anything, Bureau of Order wants to unite Order of the Secrets, temporarily establishes the war union, dismisses after the war, and promised that it can continue after this maintains highly independent,” Yas replied in a low voice, „, but Order of the Secrets does not want to join what war union.” “还能是些什么,秩序局想团结起诸秘之团,暂时成立战争同盟,在战争后再解散,并许诺其可以在这之后继续保持高度独立,”亚斯低声回答,“但诸秘之团不想加入什么战争同盟。” They want to stay out.” “他们想置身事外。” „, Yas said incessantly, they also thought this is one thoroughly gets out of the Bureau of Order opportunity, tries to coerce us with own tendency, to obtain a bigger freedom.” “不止如此,”亚斯说,“他们还觉得这是一个彻底摆脱秩序局的机会,试着拿自身的倾向来要挟我们,以获得更大的自由。” Beirrogo asked, they don't fear exerting pressure of Bureau of Order?” 伯洛戈问,“他们不怕秩序局的施压吗?” They think probably, Bureau of Order is attacked front and rear, does not have the energy to process them, can only compromise to them unceasingly.” “他们大概是以为,秩序局腹背受敌,已经没有精力去处理他们了,只能不断地向他们妥协。” Yas said in a low voice, this point, can understand actually, Bureau of Order almost must with all make war with the devil related organization, does not favor us is also normal.” 亚斯低声道,“这一点,倒是可以理解,秩序局几乎要与所有与魔鬼有关的组织开战了,不看好我们也正常。” This was too shortsighted.” “这太短视了。” Beirrogo sighed, he is the present rare sobriety, knew the fearful crisis that material then must face, no one can stay out in this disaster. No one is good. 伯洛戈叹气道,他是如今少有的“清醒者”,知晓物质界接下来要面对的可怕危机,在这场灾难中无人可以置身事外。谁都不行。 Temporarily not clear Bureau of Order regarding the information of day foreign visitor, must conduct the security of what degree, Beirrogo only hopes, if this information can transmit to the Order of the Secrets high level, they can therefore change the mind. 暂时不清楚秩序局对于天外来客的情报,要进行何种程度的保密,伯洛戈只希望于,这份情报如果能传达给诸秘之团的高层,他们能因此改变心意。 Beirrogo not every matter wants to solve in the method of violence. 伯洛戈并不是每件事都想以暴力的手段来解决。 What's wrong, did you start to worry about these high-level matters?” Yas teased with a smile. “怎么,你开始操心这些高层的事了?”亚斯笑着调侃道。 It‘s nothing, no......” “没什么,没什么……” Beirrogo was perfunctory at will, the body depends backward, seemingly dispirited is not good. 伯洛戈随意地敷衍了过去,身子向后靠,看起来颓丧的不行。 The information of day foreign visitor, the core secret of material, Beirrogo has it can be said that thought that made public without distinction this information, compulsive united others by this. Only if they have extremely serious self-destruction tendency, wants to tear to pieces material with the devil together, otherwise, Beirrogo thought that everyone will make the most sane choice. 天外来客的情报,可以说是物质界的核心秘密了,伯洛戈有想过,把这份情报无差别地公布出去,以此强迫性地团结起其他人。除非他们有极为严重的自毁倾向,想与魔鬼一同撕烂物质界,不然,伯洛戈觉得每个人都会做出最为理智的选择。 It is a pity that this idea just braved shortly, to be overruled by Beirrogo. 遗憾的是,这种想法刚冒出来没多久,就被伯洛戈自己否决了。 Beirrogo realized, when he ejects the information of day of foreign visitor, makes everyone unite forcefully while, this also being no different made the devils stand in one, showed no external differences. 伯洛戈意识到,当他抛出天外来客的情报,强行让所有人团结在一起的同时,这也无异于让魔鬼们站在了一起,一致对外。 Since a lot of years, human can in the resistance with devil, achieve certain success, to a great extent must thank, among the devils do not unite, and even mutually hostile, under their mutual internal frictions, human obtained the leeway of barely managing to maintain a feeble existence. 千百年以来,人类之所以能在与魔鬼的抗争中,获得一定的胜利,很大程度上要感谢于,魔鬼们之间并不团结,乃至相互敌对,在他们的互相内耗下,人类获得了苟延残喘的余地。 Once the devils choose put down each other contradiction temporarily, shows no external differences, first did not say that these are under the unusual organization of devil, is only these hates incomparable world calamity to be wicked, sufficing was hard to process. 一旦魔鬼们选择暂时放下彼此的矛盾,一致对外,先不说那些隶属于魔鬼的超凡组织,光是那些憎恶无比的此世祸恶,就够难以处理了。 Like one skewer of fatal suspicion chains. 如同一串致命的猜疑链。 Beirrogo cannot make the devils realize, human had known the truth of the world, launches two decisive battles by this ahead of time, and he must under avoiding the line of sight of devil, relates other influences. 伯洛戈不能让魔鬼们意识到,人类已经知晓了世界的真相,以此提前展开两界的决战,并且他又必须在避开魔鬼的视线下,联系起其他势力。 The devils are ever changing, Bureau of Order hides a first place for Bell Finger's devil, Beirrogo was not determining that in other influences, whether also has the informer of devil. 魔鬼千变万化,就连秩序局内部都藏着一头名为贝尔芬格的魔鬼,伯洛戈不确定其他的势力之中,是否也有魔鬼的眼线。 If the devil has known human to know the truth of the world’, now pretends not to know, in has assembled the army secretly? 如果魔鬼已经知晓了‘人类知晓了世界的真相’,现在只是装作不知道,在暗地里已经调集了军队呢? If...... if...... 如果……如果…… More and more suspicions produce when the Beirrogo mind, in they soon explode the head of Beirrogo crowded, the clear sound of footsteps entered the Beirrogo mind, interrupted these myriad trains of thought. 越来越多的猜疑在伯洛戈的脑海里生成,就在它们快要挤爆伯洛戈的脑袋时,清晰的脚步声闯入了伯洛戈的脑海,打断了这万千的思绪。 Beirrogo as if awakening from a dream looks to the entrance place, he saw these clothing mysterious and lead several points of magnificent and expensive people, they like the aristocrat of old time, are incompatible with Bureau of Order. 伯洛戈如梦初醒般看向门口处,他见到了那些衣装神秘并带着几分华贵的人们,他们就像旧时代的贵族,与秩序局格格不入。 They came,” Yas said, you first time person who sees Order of the Secrets?” “他们来了,”亚斯说道,“你还是第一次见到诸秘之团的人吧?” Beirrogo nods, does not say a word. 伯洛戈点头,一言不发。 Unless it is absolutely necessary, they never visit this mortal world,” Yas answered, in overwhelming majority time, they lived in the within the earth of secret.” “除非必要,他们从不踏足尘世,”亚斯解释道,“绝大部分的时间里,他们都生活在隐秘之土中。” That?” “那是哪?” Order of the Secrets city, is the only city, it is said that city conceals in the primitive jungle, is one completely by the sublimation rule city.” 诸秘之团的城市,也是唯一的城市,据说那座城市藏于原始的丛林之中,是一座完全由凝华者统治的城市。” „Have you gone?” “你去过吗?” No, they are antiforeign, in Bureau of Order only then the small number of people have gone to that but the concrete details, have gone to the person said nothing.” “没有,他们非常排外,秩序局内只有少数人去过那,但具体详情,去过的人都闭口不谈。” Yas then mumbled, what can know, many people have praised the beauty of earth of secret, but on the other hand, they loathed that city very much, as for the specific reason, I was not clear.” 亚斯接着嘟囔道,“不过可以知道的是,许多人都赞美过隐秘之土的美丽,可另一方面,他们又很厌恶那座城市,至于具体原因,我也不清楚。” When Beirrogo is puzzled, small sound said of Yas near his ear, possibly in the eye of Order of the Secrets, we are the country folk who sends out the soil stink?” 正当伯洛戈困惑之际,亚斯在他的耳边小声道,“可能在诸秘之团的眼里,我们都是身上散发泥土臭味的乡下人吧?” Country folk?” “乡下人?” Beirrogo provoked laughter by this word, he cannot think, in sublimation also has the status to discriminate against this type of thing. 伯洛戈被这个词逗笑了,他怎么也想不到,凝华者中也有身份歧视这种东西。 Order of the Secrets take a seat, Beirrogo turns head to take a look at them, each of them fine does not make sense, keeps a serious look indifferently, brings a mask probably. 诸秘之团们入座,伯洛戈扭头打量着他们,他们每个人都精致的不像话,表情严肃冷漠,像是带着一张面具。 Who is she?” Beirrogo asked in a low voice. “她是谁?”伯洛戈低声问道。 Yas does not need to look, knows Beirrogo refers to anyone, which the dazzling person in is very dazzling. 亚斯不用去看,就知道伯洛戈指的是谁,耀眼的人在哪都很耀眼。 Sana, defending building of Order of the Secrets, is the leader of new generation sublimation, is this Order of the Secrets envoy,” Yas said, these old things place the great expectations on her.” “奥萨娜,诸秘之团的守垒者,是新一代凝华者的领头人,也是这次诸秘之团的使者,”亚斯说,“那些老东西对她寄予厚望。” Beirrogo took a look at several Sana, compares in her colleagues, Sana has not kept aloof to the first feeling of person, seem to be able to be easy getting along with, and her brown red short hair is quite striking, very easy to distinguish in the crowd. 伯洛戈多打量了几眼奥萨娜,相较于她的同僚们,奥萨娜给人的第一感觉没那么高高在上,看起来能好相处些,并且她那头棕红色的短发极为醒目,很容易在人群之中分辨出来。 Convenience you understood that some words, she position in Order of the Secrets, is the same in Bureau of Order with Hoult.” “方便伱理解些的话,她在诸秘之团内的地位,就跟霍尔特在秩序局内一样。” Hoult? He in Bureau of Order is special?” “霍尔特?他在秩序局内算是特殊的吗?” Beirrogo still remembers fellow who that mouthful strange joke, probably is the powerful person, external appears some is not far-fetched, Serez is this, crouches/submits En is this, anti- Sanier is so. 伯洛戈还记得那个满嘴奇怪笑话的家伙,好像越是强大的人,外在都显得有些不靠谱,瑟雷是这样,伏恩是这样,耐萨尼尔更是如此。 Yas squinted Beirrogo, he wants to say anything, the words have not said that also sighed reluctantly. 亚斯斜视了伯洛戈一眼,他想说些什么,话没说出口,又无奈地叹气。 Person who Hoult is Bureau of Order most has the talent in recent years, is in us, youngest defending building, the decision room regards as important Hoult very much, in our discussions in private, we once felt, Hoult can be the successor of deputy director, after he promotes honor, he will also be the Bureau of Order strongest strength in the following 30 years.” “霍尔特是秩序局近些年最具天赋的人,也是我们之中,最为年轻的守垒者,决策室很看重霍尔特,在我们的私下讨论中,我们一度觉得,霍尔特会是副局长的接班人,待他晋升荣光者后,他也将是秩序局在接下来30年内的最强战力。” I think that I am youngest defending building.” Beirrogo cracks a joke to say. “我以为我才是最年轻的守垒者。”伯洛戈开玩笑道。 According to the work age, this point your steamroll Hoult,” Yas had truly said that „, but you are the non- dead, this is cheating radically.” “按照工作年龄来讲,这一点你确实碾压过霍尔特了,”亚斯说,“但你是不死者,这根本就是在作弊。” How on the mouth not to prefer again, but in the heart, Yas envies the non- dead very much, many people are so. 嘴上再怎么不情愿,但在心底,亚斯还是很羡慕不死者的,许多人都是如此。 Beirrogo smiles, has not continued to discuss again, because another person walked, his arrival made indoor atmosphere enforce instantaneously much, some people even became the scant of breath, like facing some type of invisible terrifying thing. 伯洛戈笑了笑,没有继续再讨论下去,因为另一个人走了进来,他的到来令室内的氛围瞬间严肃了不少,有些人甚至变得呼吸困难,如同面对着某种无形的恐怖之物。 „Was everyone in attendance?” “各位都到齐了吗?” Anti- Sanier stands before everyone, the vision takes a fast look around on face, fell stopped on the Beirrogo face, then continued to transfer. 耐萨尼尔站在所有人之前,目光在一张张脸庞上扫视而过,落在伯洛戈脸上停顿了一下,接着继续挪移。 I think that first several discussions, should be enough.” “我想前几次的讨论,应该足够了吧。” Anti- Sanier flips the document, in the tone has a impatient feeling. 耐萨尼尔翻了翻文件,语气里带着一种不耐烦的感觉。 I thought that continues to refuse to compromise, does not have a result.” He was saying looked to Sana. “我觉得继续僵持下去,也没有个结果是吧。”他说着看向了奥萨娜。 Sana has not made concessions, she is looking straight ahead the anti- Sanier vision, responded strongly, „the Order of the Secrets condition will not change, we requested the independent purity.” 奥萨娜没有退让,她直视着耐萨尼尔的目光,强硬地回应道,“诸秘之团的条件不会改变,我们要求自身独立的纯洁性。” The anti- Sanier corners of the mouth shoulder slightly, probably provoked laughter by Sana was the same. 耐萨尼尔的嘴角微微挑起,像是被奥萨娜逗笑了一样。 Doesn't have the possibility of making concessions certainly?” “绝无退让的可能?” Naturally so.” “自然如此。” Sana, such robust stand, will only make among us have the difference.” Anti- Sanier also tries to persuade. “奥萨娜,这样强硬的态度,只会令我们之间产生分歧。”耐萨尼尔还试图劝说。 Does not have the difference and misunderstanding, the Order of the Secrets attitude has been very clear.” “没有分歧与误解,诸秘之团的态度一直很明确。” Sana also becomes some is not impatient, for these days similar dialogue had repeated many were times, she has been weary of the negotiations. 奥萨娜也变得有些不耐烦,这几天类似的对话已经重复很多次了,她已经厌倦了谈判。 If we are not willing to compromise...... you to know that what will have?” Anti- Sanier said. “如果我们双方都不肯妥协的话……你应该知道会发生些什么吧?”耐萨尼尔说。 „Are you threatening us?” “你是在威胁我们吗?” Sana remains unmoved, she really has several diverting attention. 奥萨娜不为所动,她确实有几分心性在。 „It is not the threat, I want to talk clearly the advantages.” “算不上威胁,我只是想把利弊说清楚。” Some anti- Sanier headaches, both all are the Rhine Alliance influences, for this reason looks in the Bureau of Order angle, Order of the Secrets only then two choices, join the war union either, either vanishes. 耐萨尼尔有些头疼,两者皆为莱茵同盟的势力,为此在秩序局的角度去看,诸秘之团只有两个选择,要么加入战争同盟,要么消失。 Now persuades hopelessly, anti- Sanier in pondering disappearance this part, really must before the war starts, first conducts a civil war in the Rhine Alliance interior? 现在劝说无望,耐萨尼尔不禁在思考“消失”这部分,难道真的要在战争开始前,先在莱茵同盟的内部进行一场内战吗? Even the anti- Sanier how repugnant civil war, he also approves again very much, a fighting a battle to force a quick decision civil war is important. 即便耐萨尼尔再怎么讨厌内战,他同样很认可,一场速战速决的内战有多么重要。 ...... 还有…… I am not clear, before the negotiations were very smooth, why this you so resist time . Moreover the attitude is so strong,” anti- Sanier probes saying that is similar you is not worried completely, with consequence of our breakdown of negotiation.” “我不明白,之前我们的谈判都很顺利,为什么这一次你们如此抗拒,而且态度这么强硬,”耐萨尼尔试探道,“仿佛你们完全不担心,与我们谈判破裂的后果。” We do not want by the Bureau of Order bunch on the chariot, to be hit a meaningless war,” Sana is without turning a hair saying that in so many years, Order of the Secrets shuns the world does not struggle, smooth that very we develop, all are also very peaceful, we hope that such peace can continue.” “我们只是不想被秩序局捆在战车上,去打一场毫无意义的战争,”奥萨娜面不改色道,“这么多年里,诸秘之团避世不争,我们发展的很顺利,一切也很和平,我们希望这样的和平能继续下去。” Maintains the absolute neutrality? Sounding may too idealize.” “保持绝对的中立吗?听起来可太理想化了。” Anti- Sanier is not a child, he does not believe that what absolute neutrality,...... the treaty is used to break as for the signing treaty that Sana once proposed, anti- Sanier will also not believe the slightest. 耐萨尼尔不是小孩子,他根本不相信什么绝对的中立,至于奥萨娜曾提议的签订条约……条约就是用来打破的,耐萨尼尔同样不会相信分毫。 We cannot obtain what result evidently today.” Anti- Sanier complained. “看样子我们今天还是得不出什么结果。”耐萨尼尔抱怨道。 Sana deals silent, secretly, she has gripped tightened the fist. 奥萨娜沉默应对,暗地里,她已攥紧了拳头。 Before arriving in Bureau of Order, Sana realized trip is not easy, Order of the Secrets foresaw the arrival of war, but the worthy people of former times parliament does not want to mix, when like Wrath of the Scorched Earth such. 抵达秩序局前,奥萨娜就意识到了此行的不易,诸秘之团预见了战争的到来,但先贤议会并不想掺和进其中,就像焦土之怒时那样。 The anti- Sanier deep breath, he closed the document, the high sound said, that makes us change more sincere negotiations way.” 耐萨尼尔深呼吸,他合上了文件,高声道,“那让我们换个更有诚意的谈判方式吧。” For example?” “比如?” Sana relaxes, anti- Sanier maintains the restraint as before, has not been inferior to the intention because of the result, but choice more radical method. 奥萨娜松了口气,耐萨尼尔依旧保持克制,没有因结果不如心意,而选择更为激进的手段。 I will lead a mission to return to the earth of secret with you together,” anti- Sanier said, sees right in front of one worthy people of former times parliament personally, discussed with them directly.” “我将带领一支使团与你一同返回隐秘之土,”耐萨尼尔说道,“亲自面见先贤议会,直接与他们进行商谈。” Sana complexion changes, she just wants to say anything, anti- Sanier hits to block the way. 奥萨娜脸色微变,她刚想说些什么,耐萨尼尔打断道。 We are sublimation , there is nothing to isolate, moreover...... do not try to enrage us again ?” “我们都是凝华者,没什么好隔绝的,况且……别再试图激怒我们了,好吗?” Anti- Sanier stared to tighten Sana indifferently, tranquil filled with the fearsome aura, pressed everyone could not speak. 耐萨尼尔冷漠地盯紧了奥萨娜,平静中充满了可怖的气息,压的所有人说不出话。 You refuse to implement the agreement, but also tries to stay out, has made us very discontented, if in the past, we will not go into one's past, may in this special period, you only make me feel disappointed.” “你们拒绝履行协议,还试图置身事外,已经令我们很不满了,如果是在往日,我们会既往不咎,可在这个特殊时期,你们只会让我倍感失望。” Sana adjusted oneself mood quickly, she as before was that wind light cloud Dan appearance, „the earth of secret never foreign public, I needed a mission list.” 奥萨娜很快就调整好了自己的情绪,她依旧是那副风轻云淡的样子,“隐秘之土从不对外公开,我需要一份使团名单。” Anti- Sanier nods gently, then patted clapping, breaks up, everyone.” 耐萨尼尔轻轻地点头,然后拍了拍手,“那么散会吧,各位。” Maintained quietly for several seconds, later people like escaping, set out to leave the conference room. 静谧又维持了数秒,随后人们像逃一样,起身离开了会议室。 Anti- Sanier stands by the stage as before, lowers the head, does not know that is thinking anything, when Sana passes through him, he opens the mouth to say suddenly. 耐萨尼尔依旧站在台前,微低着头,不知道在想些什么,当奥萨娜经过他时,他突然开口道。 What does Order of the Secrets have to depend on? Felt oneself have the capital and Bureau of Order opposition.” 诸秘之团是有什么倚仗吗?觉得自己有资本和秩序局对立。” Sana stopped the footsteps, the visual front, I am only responsible for transmitting the worthy people of former times the will of parliament, remaining I do not know totally.” 奥萨娜停下了脚步,目视前方,“我只负责传达先贤议会的意志,剩下的我一概不知。” Your best vigilant worthy people of former times parliament, these fellows live was too long.” Anti- Sanier spooky say/way. “那你最好警惕一下先贤议会,那些家伙都活的太久了。”耐萨尼尔幽幽道。 Sana has doubts has turned the head, only listens to anti- Sanier to continue to say. 奥萨娜疑惑地转过头,只听耐萨尼尔继续说道。 I have felt the person should not live is too long, even if honor is also so, can deteriorate like food, the person was exactly long, unavoidably so.” “我一直觉得人不该活的太久,哪怕是荣光者也是如此,就像食物会变质一样,人活久了,也难免如此。” Sana no longer talks too much, leaves to leave directly, she could not have waited to return to the earth of secret. 奥萨娜不再多言,直接动身离开,她已经等不及地想回到隐秘之土了。 The person in conference room are getting fewer and fewer, to remains such 1-2 finally, anti- Sanier looked that to also stays Beirrogo on seat seat, he shows the frank happy expression. 会议室内的人越来越少,到最后就剩那么1-2,耐萨尼尔看向还呆在座位席上的伯洛戈,他露出爽朗的笑意。 Yo, Beirrogo, the nova of our field personnel section.” “呦,伯洛戈,我们外勤部的新星。” Beirrogo sighed, light/only listens to anti- Sanier this rough praise, he knows that had troublesome. 伯洛戈叹了口气,光是听耐萨尼尔这粗糙的赞美,他就知道有麻烦了。 Is good because, Beirrogo regarding troublesome is not repugnant, even said, he will look to trouble on own initiative. 好在,伯洛戈对于麻烦并不反感,甚至说,他会主动找上麻烦。 What idea do you have?” Anti- Sanier caused signaling with the eyes toward out of the door. “你有什么想法吗?”耐萨尼尔向着门外使了使眼色。 I the understanding Order of the Secrets am not many, but according to the past negotiation, they was so suddenly strong, certainly was the interior had some changes,” Beirrogo knew the business very much, knows that anti- Sanier is asking anything, stopped on for example King's Secret Sword suddenly with our confrontation, was because waited on king Dunwei to cause the unrest to be the same in the boundaries.” “我对诸秘之团的了解并不多,但按照以往的交涉来看,他们突然如此强硬,一定是内部出现了一些变化,”伯洛戈很懂行,知道耐萨尼尔在问些什么,“就比如国王秘剑突然停止了与我们的交锋,是因为侍王盾卫正在境内引起骚乱一样。” You thought that some people are helping Order of the Secrets, the assistance they be separated from our controls.” Anti- Sanier said. “你觉得有人在帮助诸秘之团,协助他们脱离我们的掌控。”耐萨尼尔说。 „...... In the list will have my name probably?” Beirrogo asked. “大概吧……名单上会有我的名字吗?”伯洛戈问。 Naturally,” anti- Sanier sits on the table, you are our key potential leaders.” “当然,”耐萨尼尔坐在桌子上,“你可是我们的重点培养对象。” Like Hoult such?” “就像霍尔特那样?” Almost, but it is a pity that regardless of you will achieve how great achievement in the future, your position were most is also a deputy director.” “差不多,但遗憾的是,无论你未来取得了多么大的成就,你的职位最多也就是副局长了。” Anti- Sanier was saying pulled out a cigarette to hold in the mouth from bosom on the mouth, after all the non- dead may have no way to connect numerous.” 耐萨尼尔说着从里怀里掏出一根香烟叼在了嘴上,“毕竟不死者可没法接入众者。” „......” “哦……” Beirrogo just wants to sigh several, suddenly he realized anything, Beirrogo is sizing up the anti- Sanier face, in the facial features of vicissitudes, writes an indifferent attitude. 伯洛戈刚想感叹几句,忽然间他意识到了什么,伯洛戈打量着耐萨尼尔的脸,沧桑的面容上,写着一副无所谓的态度。 Should walk, Beirrogo.” “该走了,伯洛戈。” () ()
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