DMWS :: Volume #13

#1227: Earth present situation 2

Also chatted a while after J.A.R.V.I.S, Lin Rui left. But from Asgard return Peter and the others of naturally also left with Lin Rui, their this Asgard execution harvest a great deal, at this time also required the time to digest. 又和贾维斯聊了一会儿后,林锐就离开了。而跟着林锐阿斯加德归来的彼得等人自然也是离开了,他们这次的阿斯加德执行收获良多,这时候也是需要时间去消化的。 Since establishing the Earth Federation the matter was suspended to the floor, S.H.I.E.L.D. entered the super busy time. As Captain America Steve of chief Rogers is also the useless slight idle time, actually as Tony of Earth Federation another key personnel Stark is more relaxed. 自从建立地球联邦的事情被摆到台面上之后,神盾局就进入了超级繁忙的时候。作为局长的美国队长史蒂夫罗杰斯也是没用丝毫的空闲时间,倒是作为地球联邦另外一个主要人员的托尼斯塔克要轻松很多。 Although from the beginning Tony in several conferences arrived, however following conference Tony absented. Compares wrangles and these politicians, Tony might as well studies these new science and technology with Dr. Banner in the laboratory together. The Earth Federation established besides conforming with the resources of entire Earth, but also needed producing and popularizations of various high tech. At this time, the top scientists and technicians like Tony and Dr. Banner appeared especially important. 虽然在一开始的几次会议中托尼都到场了,但是后面的会议托尼都缺席了。相比于和那些政客扯皮,托尼还不如和班纳博士一起在实验室里研究那些新的科技。地球联邦建立除了整合了整个地球的资源外,还需要各种高科技的出产和普及。这个时候,像托尼和班纳博士这样的顶级科技人才就显得格外重要了。 But Tony after has been experiencing outside these formidable civilization and Dormammu this terrifying dimension living thing unceasingly, his sincere awareness depends upon Iron Man that now continually promotes unable by oneself to become the super powerhouse of Mirage Knight that assuming sole responsibility for an important task alone. However, Tony quickly looked for own localization. The promotion of Iron Man possibly cannot follow the even more formidable enemy who Earth encounters, but he will catch up with every effort, and quality insufficiently can pile with the quantity. 托尼在不断见识了地外的那些强大文明和多玛姆这种恐怖的维度生物后,他深切的知道单独依靠现在不断升级的钢铁侠是无法让自己成为幻影骑士那种独当一面的超级强者。不过,托尼很快就找准了自己的定位。钢铁侠的升级可能跟不上地球遭遇的越发强大的敌人,但是他会尽力赶上,并且质量不够可以用数量来堆啊。 Moreover, besides promotion Iron Man armor, Tony last present research project also really many. Except that with Dr. Banner as well as that midway Dr. Erik, because the proposition of Jackson joins studies beyond the magic cube space energy together, before resisted the Dormammu invasion Lin Rui in the Tony super military equipment fought that little thing that on armor installed is also the key point that Tony studies now. 而且,除了升级钢铁战甲外,托尼手上现在的研究项目还真的不少。除了和班纳博士以及那位中途因为杰克森的提议加入进来的艾瑞克博士一起研究魔方的空间能量以外,之前在抵抗多玛姆入侵的时候林锐托尼超级武装战甲身上安装的那个小东西也是托尼现在研究的重点。 After the Dormammu event ended, where his super military equipment Tony inquiry Lin Rui more than once about fights armor to enlarge several hundred times of technologies to come from instantaneously. However because Lin Rui is having scruples Professor Pym and Tony the long standing grudge between father Howard, directly had not replied actually. Finally, by unceasing questioning of Tony, Lin Rui can only give Tony small Pym particle. However has not told the Tony this Pym particle origin, but Tony also directly took this Pym particle to study. 多玛姆事件结束后,托尼不止一次的询问林锐关于把他的超级武装战甲瞬间放大几百倍的技术到底来自哪里。但是林锐因为顾忌着皮姆教授和托尼父亲霍华德之间的旧怨,倒是一直没正面回答。最后,挨不住托尼的不断追问,林锐只能给了托尼一小份皮姆粒子。但是却没告诉托尼这份皮姆粒子的来历,而托尼也直接拿着这份皮姆粒子自己去研究了。 Actually, Tony this also fell into under the lamp in the black strange theory. Although Professor Pym research keeps secret very much, but beforehand Scott has used the Antman technology to submerge Tony to make in aerospace Warship that base. Truly speaking, so long as he can some mental association be able to know the fellow who at that time that submerged increases changes the small ability is not the mutated ability, but is a science and technology. 其实,托尼这也是陷入了灯下黑的怪论里了。皮姆教授的研究虽然很保密,但是之前斯科特已经使用了蚁人技术潜入过托尼制造空天战舰的那个基地里。说实在的,只要他能有些联想就能知道当时那个潜入进来的家伙变大变小的能力并不是什么变种能力而是一种科技。 Naturally, when perhaps Tony starts to study Pym particle the time can think once that matter of J.A.R.V.I.S report. When the time comes, Professor Pym was their new and old two generations of Antman is or impossible to continue to hide again. In the situation of this global influence science and technology big set, the technology of Professor Pym can bring the big help to establishment of Earth Federation, this is a fool can think. 当然,或许等到托尼开始研究皮姆粒子的时候就能想起来曾经贾维斯报告的那件事情了。到时候,皮姆教授或者说是他们的这新老两代蚁人就不可能再继续隐藏下去了。在这种全球势力科技大集合的情况下,皮姆教授的技术能给地球联邦的建立带来多大的帮助,这是一个傻子都能想到的。 However, Professor Pym initially can get angry that appearance with Howard, even if has when the time comes exposed, he is also not necessarily able to agree to join S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Earth Federation. These old people actually have oneself temperament . Moreover the temperament is not small. These were the following matter. Perhaps Tony can study the Pym particle secret quickly, when the time comes did not need Professor Pym and Scott their these two generations of Antman. 不过,皮姆教授当初都能和霍华德翻脸成那个样子,就算到时候暴露了,他也未必会同意加入神盾局或者地球联邦。这些老人其实都有自己的脾气,而且脾气还不小。只是,这些都是后面的事情了。或许托尼很快就能研究出皮姆粒子的秘密呢,到时候也就不需要皮姆教授和斯科特他们这两代蚁人了。 Venom that besides the magic cube space energy and outside Pym particle, Tony has not given up also having the research of Extremis before is very long obtains. Moreover raising Venom was so long, Tony had discovered Venom had very big change. From the beginning only then the strength of thought and independent evolution of very pure swallowing energy , to promote to the present thought that presented similar intelligent race behavior movement gradually. 除了魔方的空间能量和皮姆粒子外,托尼也没有放弃对很久之前就得到的毒液还有绝境病毒的研究。而且“养”了毒液这么久,托尼发现了毒液有了很大的变化。从一开始只有很单纯的吞噬能量的思维和自主进化的力量,到现在思维升级,渐渐出现了类似智慧种族的行为动作。 Venom these change Tony to watch, has the corresponding dealing method. After own science and technology had the large scale promotion, the Venom characteristics actually become dispensable. Naturally, the Venom biological characteristics have much the place that is worth researching actually, if can with the Extremis perfect union, perhaps be is really not inferior to the invention of nanotechnology. 毒液的这些变化托尼都看在眼里,也都有相应的应对手段。在自身的科技已经有了大幅度的升级后,毒液的特性倒是变得可有可无。当然,毒液的生物特性倒是还有不少值得研究的地方,如果真的能和绝境病毒完美结合的话,或许是一项不亚于纳米技术的发明。 In a such situation, even if Tony knows that Lin Rui led some people to go to Asgard to do the matter not to care. By the Lin Rui present strength, will not meet anything to be dangerous in Asgard in any case. 在这样的一个情况下,就算托尼知道林锐带着一些人去阿斯加德搞事情了也没有太在意。反正以林锐现在的实力,在阿斯加德也不会遇到什么危险了。 Let alone, Tony is also few person who knows the Lin Rui plan. Must guarantee that this play can develop normally, then Earth must speed up the development of science and technology. At least when Loki will lead the Chery tower army to return next time nine Greater World arrive at Earth, Earth must be able to prevent even wipes out the strength of Chery tower army. Only by doing so, this play is ends perfectly. 更何况,托尼也是为数不多的知道林锐计划的人。要确保这场戏能正常的演下去,那么地球这边必须要加快科技的发展。至少在洛基下次带着奇瑞塔大军回归九大世界来到地球的时候,地球要有能阻挡甚至全歼奇瑞塔军队的实力。只有这样,这场戏才算是完美落幕。 Therefore, in J.A.R.V.I.S reminded oneself Lin Rui they already came back after Asgard, Tony has not left the laboratory, but expressed oneself knew. Lin Rui they come back safely, had finished on the first high tide of superficial play. How the remaining actor's pays must look, but Earth that Loki develops so long as prepared complete being good. 所以,在贾维斯提醒自己林锐他们已经从阿斯加德回来后,托尼并没有离开实验室,只是表示自己知道了。林锐他们安全的回来,也就表面这场戏的第一幕高潮已经结束。剩下的戏份就要看洛基演的怎么样了,而地球这边只要做好完全的准备就好了。 It seems like...... Jackson that boy already had a complete plan!...... However, such plan also Earth needs, will establish Earth Federation not continuously such running free with the current, must always come to select the difficulty to smooth by grinding some water.” “看来……杰克森那小子早就有了一个完整的计划啊!……不过,这样的计划也正是地球所需要的,成立地球联邦可不会一直这么顺风顺水,总是要来点困难磨平一些菱角的。” Was kept magic cube of Earth to accept various examinations by Lin Rui in the Thor present airtight laboratory, but Tony is analyzing the data on screen while is thinking at heart silently. 林锐留在地球的魔方正在托尔眼前的密闭实验室里接受各种检测,而托尼一边分析着屏幕上的数据一边在心里默默地想着。 When Peter they went home respectively, Lin Rui nonstop rushed to Star Lord once hometown Colorado. After is seeking S.H.I.E.L.D. brigade Captain of seed chatted the meeting, Lin Rui has also understood their present progress. Also does not know that is seed itself does not have very good covert function in Colorado that seed, at least these S.H.I.E.L.D. teams did not have what discovery. 就在彼得他们都已经各自回家的时候,林锐已经马不停蹄地赶到了星爵曾经的故乡科罗拉多州。跟正在寻找伊戈种子的神盾局大队队长聊了会后,林锐也了解了他们现在的进度。也不知道是伊戈的种子本身就不在科罗拉多州还是那个种子具有很好的隐蔽功能,至少这些神盾局的队伍还没有什么发现。 Un, was laborious you, if that region has not harvested you to receive the team finally, remaining I came.” “嗯,辛苦你们了,如果最后那片区域也没收获的话你们就收队吧,剩下的我自己来。” In the Lin Rui guess the situation about seed hidden, he favors the latter type, is the seed has very strong covert effect. In this case, even if S.H.I.E.L.D. leafed through the world is also very possible anything unable to find. Therefore, Lin Rui decided that rest of the time look personally. 林锐猜测的关于种子隐藏的情况,他更倾向于后一种,也就是种子拥有很强的隐蔽效果。这样的话,就算神盾局把全球翻个遍也很可能什么都找不到。所以,林锐还是决定剩下的时间自己亲自来找。 : :
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