DSED :: Volume #5

#403: Entry

The extraction skill, explores dungeon Chapter 403 to enter 抽取技能,探索地牢第403章进入 In the morning. 清晨。 A payment to a tutor resplendent sunlight, by the elegant flower frame glass, shines to the magnificent bed that near the window that gold thread lumber carves carefully weakly. 一束金灿的阳光,透过典雅的花框玻璃,照射到窗边那金丝木材精心凋刻的华丽大床。 The feather quilt that the white sex fiend silk weaves, covers in a float on the white soft object on bed. 白色魔蚕丝编织成的羽被,盖在一个漂浮在床上的白色柔软物体上。 Because the sunlight of out of the window shines, making the jet black room bright cool, makes Kain be forced from the sleep to wake up. 由于窗外的阳光照射进来,使得原本漆黑的房间变得明凉,也使得凯恩被迫从睡梦中醒来。 Looks at the window curtains of pulled open white silk cotton material careful knitting, Kain's static sighing. 看着被拉开的白丝布料精心编织的窗帘,凯恩静静的叹了一口气。 The cotton candy opened the window curtains arbitrarily, before Kain slept drew in the window curtains obviously in the evening, when got up in the morning will be waked by the sunlight. 棉花糖又擅自拉开了窗帘,之前凯恩睡觉时明明晚上就将窗帘拉上了,但早上起来时还是会被阳光弄醒。 Afterward Kain knew, this is the cotton candy dry/does good deed, when every morning the sunlight raised, he will open the window curtains secretly, because he liked the morning sunlight shining on oneself body. 后来凯恩知道了,这就是棉花糖干的好事,每天早晨当阳光升起时,他就会将窗帘偷偷拉开,就因为他非常喜欢早晨的阳光照射在自己的身上。 If which day, Kain is just the reversed direction rests, that early morning sunlight straight illumination on his face. 如果哪天,凯恩刚好头是反方向睡的话,那清晨的阳光就会直直的照射在他的脸上。 Is forced starting Kain, has to get out of bed, wears the slipper to move toward nearby washing pond. 被迫开机的凯恩,不得不起床,穿上拖鞋就走向旁边的洗漱池。 Worthily is the rich people, the area of toilet caught up with half of room quickly. 不愧是大户人家,洗漱间的面积都快赶上房间的一半了。 A huge bathtub embed on the ground, to be honest, this gadget cannot be called the bathtub, can call the small-scale swimming pool, absolutely does not have the issue. 一个巨大的浴缸镶嵌在地上,说实话,这玩意儿都不能叫浴缸了,可以叫小型游泳池,完全没问题。 After tidying up, wears the clothes to go to the small living room. 收拾好后,穿好衣服来到小客厅内。 On the table of living room has suspended the breakfast, is loaded with the dinner plate of good food to seem like some type of simple magic item, is transmitting the temperature slightly, is conducting the heat preservation to the above food. 客厅的桌上已经摆好了早餐,装有美食的餐盘似乎是某种简单的魔法道具,微微的传递着温度,对上面的食品进行着保温。 Quite high-level. 好高级。 Kain passes to sit on the table, the 1st matter does not eat meal, but studies the dinner plate, looks at its operation principle. 凯恩过去坐在餐桌上,第一件事情并不是吃饭,而是研究起餐盘,看一看它的运作原理。 Although Kain can also make the effect same, but if the interior constructs differently, perhaps such small thing can bring the big inspiration to him. 虽然凯恩也能制造出效果相同的,但万一内部构造不一样呢,说不定这样小小的东西就能给他带来大大的启发。 Bewildered, Kain also had some occupational disease. 莫名其妙的,凯恩也染上了某种职业病。 Good brothers, you not to have the breakfast, looks at the tray to do there.” Lombe also walked from his room. “好兄弟,你不吃早饭,在那里看盘子干什么。”隆贝也从他的房间里走了出来。 Kain has not lifted, takes single-handedly is eating earlier, another hand takes the dinner plate to toss about looks to reply: Studying, this tray is very interesting.” 凯恩头也没抬,一手拿着早点吃着,另一只手拿着餐盘翻来覆去的看着回答道:“研究研究,这盘子挺有意思的。” Right?” Lombe also walks, in front of oneself the breakfast on dinner plate in hand, eats also follows looks. “是吗?”隆贝也走过来,将自己面前餐盘上的早餐拿在手中,边吃也跟着边看。 When shoves open the door walks, just sees two grown men to stare at the tray, looking around to be similar this gadget is what treasure is the same. 当克蕾雅推开房门走进来时,刚好就看见了两个大男人盯着盘子,看来看去彷佛这玩意儿是什么宝贝一样。 Helpless held the forehead. 无奈的扶了扶额头。 Sometimes she did not understand how the circuits in these male human brains revolve, can always make some he completely incomprehensible things. 她有时候不太懂得这些男人脑中的回路到底是怎样运转的,总能做出一些他完全不能理解的事情。 At this time the Li road and Medsker also walked from the respective room. 这时候莉路路和梅兹克也从各自的房间里走了出来。 You came, Elder Sister Li path Lurou rubbed the eye that has a drowsy look. “你来了,克蕾雅姐姐”莉路路揉了揉睡眼惺忪的眼睛。 Afterward the squad whole staff sit in the respective position, starts to enjoy the breakfast. 随后小队全员都坐在各自的位置上,开始享用着早餐。 Feeds in cakes and pastries oneself mouth, after chewing a while, was saying to the people: Finish breakfast we prepared the dungeon.” 克蕾雅将一份糕点送进自己的嘴巴里,嘴嚼了一会儿后,对着众人说道:“吃完早饭我们就准备准备去地牢吧。” Worries?” Kain somewhat strange asking. “这么着急吗?”凯恩有些奇怪的问道。 After all according to their past customs, after going a place, generally first will rest for 1-2 days, was familiar with the environment, will explore the dungeon. 毕竟按照他们以往的习惯,到达一个地方后,一般都会先休息1-2,熟悉熟悉环境,才会去探索地牢。 Regarding Kain's question, solves to reply: Because the energy of this dungeon are not many, possibly soon dissipated, if two days, the luck is not perhaps good not to have, that did not run a fruitless errand one.” 对于凯恩的疑问,克蕾雅解答道:“因为这地牢的能量不多了,可能就快要消散了,如果过两天的话,说不定运气不好就没了,那不就白跑一趟了吗。” This.” Hears words, Kain then nods, if so, that truly cannot delay. “这样啊。”听到克蕾雅的话,凯恩这才点点头,如果是这样的话,那确实不能拖延。 The people rapid finish breakfast, tidied up to arrive at the manor entrance with. 众人迅速吃完早饭,收拾好就跟着克蕾雅来到了庄园门口。 In a cabin in garden, Ford Lena is sitting in inside static drinking tea. 花园里的一处小亭里,福特丽娜正坐在里面静静的喝着茶。 Kain who sees they, this set out the past. 看见出来的凯恩他们,这才起身走了过去。 Mother.” “母亲。” „Is your the preparation explores the dungeon?” “你们这是准备去探索地牢吗?” Yes. “是的。 Hears daughter's reply, Ford Lena carefully looked saying: You carefully, when you explore to come back, similar your father will also come back.” ”听到自己女儿的回答,福特丽娜仔细的看了看说道:“那你小心一点,等你探索完回来,差不多你父亲也会回来一趟。” Finally turns the head, they were saying to Kain: My daughter asked you.” 最后又转过头来,对着凯恩他们说道:“我女儿就拜托你们了。” Relax, Madame.” “放心吧,夫人。” Hears Kain's words, Ford Lena holds the face to say single-handed: Called the madame such estranged?” 听到凯恩的话,福特丽娜单手扶着脸说道:“叫夫人这么生分的吗?” Nearby just wants to prevent oneself mother, hears Kain to say. 旁边的克蕾雅刚想去阻止自己的母亲,就听见凯恩说道。 Aunt.” “伯母。” Looks own daughter's expression, Ford Lena's helpless saying: Good, this is also good, at least the ratio listened to the madame to be intimate with much, then wished your military to transport prosperously.” 看着自己女儿的表情,福特丽娜无奈的说道:“好吧,这也行,至少比听着夫人亲近了不少,那么就祝你们武运昌隆。” After saying goodbye to mother, they arrived at outside the front door of manor, comes out pleasant is the prairie of stretching as far as eye can see. 告别了克蕾雅的母亲后,他们来到了庄园的大门外,一出来入眼的便是一望无尽的草原。 Is far from the dungeon entrance?” Kain asked. “距离地牢的入口远吗?”凯恩问道。 Put out a map to give Kain to say from oneself space equipment: Is quite far, requires the spend some time to pass.” 克蕾雅从自己的空间装备里拿出一张地图递给了凯恩说道:“比较远,需要花点时间过去。” Kain received the map, looked to call later leisurely: Scans in the map your equipment leisurely, then conducts the guidance for us.” 凯恩接过地图,看了看随后将悠悠叫了过来:“悠悠将地图扫描进你的设备中,然后为我们进行导航。” Good, master.” Slides leisurely, in the eye the blue beam to Kain hand in map, high and low is scanning, after without after a while, scans successfully. “好的,主人。”悠悠滑过来,眼中头出蓝色的射线对着凯恩手中的地图,上下扫描着,没过一会儿后就扫描成功。 Input is completed.” “录入完成。” Kain then returned the map. 凯恩这才将地图交还给了克蕾雅。 The charm gushes out from the hand, constructed a saloon car in the front, before comparing, had the different changes, the tire of saloon car conducted raised thickens. 魔力从手中涌出,在面前构建出了一辆房车,相比之前又有了不一样的改变,房车的轮胎进行了加高加厚。 The cross country and anti-shock system was better. 越野和防震系统更好了。 The people mount the compartment, had obtained the dungeon place leisurely, drives the saloon car then to gallop, running quickly of does not have any obstacle on the prairie, only needs the feeling that the straight line accelerates so happily. 众人登上车厢,悠悠已经获得了地牢的所处地点,驾驶着房车便在草原上驰骋着,没有任何障碍物的奔驰,只需直线加速的感觉是如此的痛快。 Kain looks at the out of the window fast retreat the scenery, is asking to: In your father's territory doesn't have too many residents?” 凯恩看着窗外快速后退的景色,对着克蕾雅问道:“你父亲的领地上没有很太多的居民吗?” Kain stared at out of the window to look was so long, has not seen too many constructions. 凯恩盯着窗外看了这么久,就没有见到太多的建筑。 Has, in our pilot's sailing direction another side, is the transmission stands around that prairie capital not far away in manor.” Said. “有啊,不过在我们航行方向的另一边,也就是传送站那周围,草原的首府就在庄园的不远处。”克蕾雅说道。 Afterward she referred to out of the window: Reason that here such few residents and buildings, are because from this in the future region will be the herding areas, only then the herdsman will live here, because there is a dungeon to appear in this direction, can therefore see at this time often building, but around the dungeon also formed a small town.” 随后她指了指窗外:“这里之所以这么少的居民和建筑,是因为从这往后的区域都是放牧区,只有牧民才会在这里居住,但是因为有地牢出现在了这个方向,所以才能看见这时不时的建筑物,而地牢周围也形成了一个小镇。” Hears explanation, nod that Kain they understand clearly. 听到克蕾雅的解答,凯恩他们才了然的点点头。 According to the region on map, the entire United Kingdom was divided into 12 regions, divides to be each different electing marquis, but each race influence that elects the marquis to represent is also various. 根据地图上的区域,整个联合王国被分为了12片区域,分属于每个不同的选侯,而每个选侯所代表的种族势力也各不相同。 For example the territory that father holds is this prairie, is in all territories the biggest that same place, after all here resources are few, therefore apportions his area also to want on many on relative others many. 比如克蕾雅的父亲所占有的领地便是这片草原,也是所有领地中最大的那一块,毕竟这里资源较少,所以分给他的面积也就相对别人来说要多上不少。 What in addition father represents is in the middle of the terrestrial half-length type four hooves plants, is also big to the demand of prairie woods, therefore this block is just also just right. 再加上克蕾雅的父亲所代表的是陆生半身种当中的四蹄种,对草原树林的需求也同样较大,所以这片区也正正好。 Is really far from the dungeon position, even Kain they go by the straight line, still still spent for about three hours to arrive. 距离地牢的位置果然较远,即使凯恩他们以直线行驶,也依然花费了将近三个小时才到达。 After the car(riage) stops, Kain they get down see not far away that small town. 待车停止后,凯恩他们下来就看见不远处那片小镇。 The small town area is not very big, as around the small town has many being similar in the yurt same big tent. 小镇占地面积并不是很大,但随着小镇周围有着非常多的类似于蒙古包一样的大帐篷。 This surroundings have the dense and numerous horse groups, the herd, with flock of sheep. 这周围有着密密麻麻的马群,牛群,和羊群。 Although these animals have half to look very similarly with their these half-length types, but they do not think that this thing and they have what sibship. 这些动物虽然和克蕾雅他们这些半身种有一半看着非常的相似,但是他们不会认为这东西和他们有什么亲缘关系。 With human does not think that the monkey is the same race is like oneself. 就和人类不会认为猴子和自己是同一种族一样。 Kain they walks toward that small town. 凯恩他们向着那个小镇走去。 Distant saw above the small town the flag of that dense fog parliament, can see around the small town to have many seekers, although majority is all kinds of half-length, but also has the both feet erectness race. 远远的就看见了小镇上方那杆迷雾议会的旗帜,能够看见小镇周围有着不少的探索者,虽然大部分都是各种各样的半身种,但同样有着双脚直立的种族。 After entering the small town, besides seeing seeker, can see many shops to start to tidy up the cargo, seems preparing to move. 进入小镇后,除了看见探索者外,能够看见许多的店铺都开始在收拾货物,似乎正准备进行搬迁。 Because the parliament has issued the notice that the dungeon soon dissipated, making these business prepare early. 因为议会已经下达了地牢快要消散的通知,让这些商家早做准备。 These shop majorities are the hotel, the tavern, the magic equips the medicament shop these, only then the seeker will have the shop of demand. 这些店铺大部分都是旅馆,酒馆,还有魔法装备药剂店等这些只有探索者才会有需求的店铺。 Whom remote didn't such place have seeker these things to sell to? Cannot sell to the herdsman who these herd. 这么偏远的地方没了探索者这些东西卖给谁呀?总不能卖给这些放牧的牧民吧。 However they have not closed directly, but tidies up the thing pack, waits for the dungeon to dissipate completely, when the time comes can also catch the bandwagon of dense fog parliament. 不过他们也并没有直接关门,只是将东西打包收拾好,等待着地牢完全消散,到时候还可以搭上迷雾议会的顺风车。 Can see very many seekers, has packed the baggage, walked toward the small town again. 能够看见有非常多的探索者,已经收拾好行李,再向小镇外走去了。 In them entry dungeon. 他们中的很多并没有通关地牢。 However the dungeon soon dissipated, only if now is confident to own strength, otherwise no one dares at this time the entry dungeon. 但是地牢快要消散了,现在除非对自己的实力非常的有信心,不然没人敢在这个时候去通关地牢。 After all if the luck not the dungeon shatter that last raid of good is just meets, that wasn't finished? Obtains dungeon monster that strengthens, they not necessarily can stir up. 毕竟如果运气不好刚好是遇见的地牢破碎的那最后一个批次,那不就完蛋了吗?获得加强的地牢怪物,他们可不一定惹得起。 Let alone in this dungeon that monster exaggerating quantity. Can look for first hotel? ” Lombe asked. 更别说这地牢中那怪物夸张的数量了。要找个先旅馆吗?”隆贝问道。 Does not use.” Kain shakes the head: This dungeon, only then an opportunity of coming out, can use momentarily, but I felt us should fast this dungeon entry.” “不用。”凯恩摇摇头:“这地牢只有一次出来的机会,随时都能动用,但是我还是觉得我们应该快速将这地牢通关了。” Must come out also to make Kain rest through the manufacture log cabin, and Kain's supernatural might regards is conducting some indication to Kain. 要出来也能让凯恩通过制造木屋来休息,并且凯恩的神武视正在给凯恩进行着某种预示。 This indication makes Kain feel, they should fast went through customs this dungeon, why although does not know, but this is Kain's intuition, has the supernatural might to regard Kain to decide to trust own intuition. 这种预示让凯恩觉得,他们应该快速的将这个地牢通关了,虽然不知道为什么,但这就是凯恩的直觉,有神武视凯恩决定相信自己的直觉。 In addition this dungeon is true very difficultly they to result in the too tremendous pressure on Kain, after all Kain they now all are the clearout experts. 再加上这地牢属实很难给凯恩他们造成太大的压力,毕竟凯恩他们现在全是清场好手。 The quantity are many, so long as the quality cannot reach certain altitude, to them that is unparalleled cuts grass. 数量再多,只要质量不能达到一定的高度,对于他们来说那就是无双割草。 Kain their trip rushes is mining to come. 凯恩他们此行就是奔着挖矿而来的。 In addition so many quantities, must blow out many magic materials, can give Kain's demon stone sufficient energy. 再加上这么多的数量,怎么也得爆出不少的魔法材料,又能给凯恩的魔石充能。 Kain has indicated, this time he can conduct exaggerating drawing. 凯恩已经预示到,这次他又能进行夸张的抽奖了。 When they arrive at the dense fog entrance, after nearby staff register, and conducted the warning to them. 当他们来到迷雾入口时,旁边的工作人员登记后,并对他们进行了警告。 This dungeon must dissipate, you should know as the silver seeker, when a dungeon soon dissipates, he will conduct final bidding farewell, when the time comes the monster in dungeon can obtain to strengthen.” “这地牢就要消散了,你们身为银色的探索者应该知道,如果一个地牢快要消散时,那他就会进行最后的诀别,到时候地牢里的怪物都会获得加强。” Relax, we know these dangers.” “放心吧,我们知道这些危险。” Hears Kain their words, the staff nods. 听到凯恩他们的话,工作人员点点头。 Kain they stand on the transmission stage later, vanished in the blue light beam. 凯恩他们随后站在传送台上,消失在了蓝色的光束中。 + joins the bookmark + +加入书签+
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