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#402: The command of general

The extraction skill, explores the command of dungeon Chapter 402 general 抽取技能,探索地牢第402章将军之令 Winter winter winter!” “冬冬冬!” Hears knock, is chatting Kain who they to turn the head in the living room. 听到门外的敲门声,正在客厅聊天的凯恩他们转过头来。 A Li path path twinkle appeared on the doorknob, the door opened. 莉路路一个闪烁出现在了门把上,将门打开。 When Bernard outside house, sees only the door to open a slit has doubts, a small head from the crack in a door searched. 房屋外的伯纳德,只见房门打开一个缝隙正疑惑时,一个小脑袋从门缝里探了出来。 What matter has?” Li path path looks at steward, asking of doubts. “有什么事吗?”莉路路看着门外的管家,疑惑的问道。 Hears this saying, Bernard said immediately: „The time of dining arrived, I come to here to lead everyone to go to the restaurant to dine.” 听到这话,伯纳德立马说道:“用餐的时间到了,我来这里带领各位去餐厅就餐。” Good, Li path path knew.” Said that Li groups of then take back the head, bang a door closes. “好的,莉路路知道了。”说完莉路路便收回脑袋,砰的一声将门关上。 Corridor nearby window has blown cold wind, swayed on Bernard's face, ignorant his face compelled looks at the again closed door. 走廊旁边的窗户吹过一阵寒风,吹拂在了伯纳德的脸上,他一脸懵逼的看着重新被关上的房门。 Li path path in his steward profession, made the cannot erase impression on him. 莉路路在他的管家生涯上,给他留下了不可磨灭的印象。 Kain in room asked: Who is, Li path path?” 房间内的凯恩问道:“是谁呀,莉路路?” Is the steward of family/home, he called us to eat meal.” “是克蕾雅家的管家,他叫我们去吃饭了。” Hears the Li path path words, Kain sets out, they went out of the door with Lombe. 听到莉路路的话,凯恩起身,和隆贝他们一起走出了房门。 In Bernard who out of the door waits , after seeing Kain they to come out, said: Please come with me, everyone.” 正在门外等候的伯纳德,看见凯恩他们出来后,说道:“请跟我来吧,各位。” Follows Bernard, roved a while after the house, finally arrived at restaurants that are hanging various portraits, the middle of restaurant is suspending a leaf of spacious long table. 跟着伯纳德,在房屋内转来转去走了一会儿后,终于来到了一处挂着各种画像的餐厅,餐厅的中间摆着一扇宽大的长桌。 Around the long table besides several chairs, spreads in the ground cushioning rug one after another. 长桌周围除了几个椅子外,都是铺在地上一块一块的软垫地毯。 At this time Ford Lena has sat on the seat of honor, but near her right hand is, at this time, is standard is waving to them. 此时福特丽娜已经坐在了主位上,而她的右手边就是克蕾雅,此时,克蕾雅正在向他们招手。 Elder Sister.” A Li path path twinkle appeared in side, held her neck. “克蕾雅姐姐。”莉路路一个闪烁就出现在了克蕾雅的旁边,抱了抱她的脖子。 Afterward quietly said in her ear: You are really attractive today.” 随后悄悄的在她的耳边说道:“你今天真漂亮。” At this time on puts on no longer is the armor or is the daily civilian clothes, but is graceful magnificent and expensive formal clothes, in addition her accessory, as well as in the hairstyle slightly the gem of rotation, appears extremely beautiful. 此时克蕾雅身上穿着的不再是铠甲或者是日常便服,而是一身优雅华贵的礼服,再加上她身上的饰品,以及发型上微微转动的宝石,显得极其的美丽。 Kain stayed, later brazenly arrived around position to sit down, was known in any case, had no necessity of hidden. 凯恩呆了呆,随后厚着脸皮走到了克蕾雅旁边的位置坐下,反正都被知道了,也就没什么好隐藏的必要了。 Afterward constructed a small chair to float in two people middle in in the air, enabling Li groups to sit above, but can also depend on the desktop. 随后在两人的中间构造起了一个小椅子漂浮在空中,使得莉路路能够坐在上面,还能靠着桌面。 „, You are really attractive today.” Kain close to cheeks saying quietly. “克蕾雅,你今天真漂亮。”凯恩靠近克蕾雅的脸颊悄声的说道。 Slanting Kain eyes, later made a fist to beat his thigh under the table. 克蕾雅斜了凯恩一眼,随后在桌下握拳捶了一下他的大腿。 Ford Lena opens the eye on this slightly, looks that these two flirt with one another before oneself. 福特丽娜就这样微微睁大眼睛,看着这两人在自己面前打情骂俏起来。 Obviously daytime time for was also not discovered to hide by oneself, was discovered, like this was directly flagrant. 明明白天的时候还为了不让自己发现躲躲藏藏,被发现后直接就这样明目张胆了。 At this time continuously the cotton candy that followed Kain to come, fluttered gently, position just in Ford Lena on hand. 这时候一直跟着凯恩过来的棉花糖,轻轻的飘了下来,位置刚好就在福特丽娜的手边。 Mother was attracted the attention directly, searched to pinch pinching with the hand. 克蕾雅的母亲直接被吸引了注意力,用手探过去捏了捏。 But the cotton candy under Kain deliberately order, is also intimate with Ford Lena. 而棉花糖也在凯恩刻意的命令下,和福特丽娜亲近。 Does attractively! 干得漂亮! It is very lovable, Mom.” Said with a smile. “它很可爱吧,妈妈。”克蕾雅笑着说道。 Ford Lena nods, later stretched out to rub the cheeks of cotton candy both hands made an effort. 福特丽娜点点头,随后伸出双手使劲的揉了揉棉花糖的脸颊。 At this time another side door place, maids carried the sumptuous food to walk, was placed on the table. 此时另外一边的小门处,一个又一个的女仆端着丰盛的菜肴走了进来,摆在了餐桌上。 2 k novel 2k小说 At this time Ford Lena also took back oneself both hands, clears throat saying: Then everyone starts to dine, tastes our culinary specialty.” 这时候福特丽娜也收回了自己的双手,清了清嗓子说道:“那么各位就开始用餐吧,尝尝我们这里的特色美食。” Kain they looks at the good food on table, here each they can say the name, even can also know most methods of manufacturing. 凯恩他们看着桌上的美食,这里每一道他们都能说出名字,甚至还能知道大部分的制作方法。 Without means that before , most adept was these vegetables/dishes. 没办法,克蕾雅以前最拿手的就是这些菜了。 However in these hearts knows that was OK. 不过这些心里面知道就可以了。 Suddenly father who dining Kain, thinks. 正在用餐的凯恩,突然想到克蕾雅的父亲呢。 Is thinking, makes noise suddenly. 正在想着,克蕾雅突然出声。 Mother, the father, how does not have to see him. “母亲,父亲呢,怎么没有看见他。 Hears daughter's question, Ford Lena scratched oneself mouth to reply with nearby napkin. ”听到自己女儿的问话,福特丽娜用旁边的餐巾擦了擦自己的嘴巴回答道。 Your father should still discuss the matter in the kings now, in the future for these years he very busy, not necessarily has the time to come back to look at you, but I will urge his.” “你父亲现在应该还在王都商量事情吧,未来这几年他都会非常的忙碌,不一定有时间回来看你,不过我会催促他的。” Hears mother's words, nods, she generally also knows that is because anything will make own father bustle about such long time. 听到自己母亲的话,克蕾雅点点头,她大致也知道是因为什么事情让自己的父亲会忙碌这么久的时间。 This time all influences are bustling about. 这个时间段所有的势力都在忙碌着。 After using up the meal, has not followed oneself mother to leave, but was Kain they returned to their room. 用完餐后克蕾雅并没有跟着自己的母亲离开,而是和凯恩他们回到了他们的房间内。 Finally relaxed.” Enters on room to present a ray, the body magnificent formal clothes also turned into the daily clothing of casual. “终于是放松了。”一进入房间克蕾雅身上就出现一道光芒,身上华丽的礼服也变成了休闲的日常着装。 Body that noble graceful makings were instantaneous, later arrives by the sofa cushioning to lie down, by sofa. 身上那股原本高贵优雅的气质瞬间荡然无存,随后来到沙发旁的软垫边躺下,靠在沙发上。 Kain comes to look that this asked: Your mother as if looks severely to your etiquette.” 凯恩进来看着这一幕问道:“你母亲似乎对你的礼仪方面看得非常的严厉呢。” Hears Kain's words, nods saying: Yes, other mother aspects are very good, is requests to this aspect very severely, is really upsetting.” 听到凯恩的话,克蕾雅点点头说道:“是的,母亲其他方面都很好,就是对这方面要求非常的严厉,真让人苦恼。” Lombe sat on the sofa at this time asks: Your family as if in this national very powerful appearance?” 隆贝这时候坐在沙发上问道:“你们家似乎在这个国家很有势力的样子?” Hears Lombe's issue, Kain they cast the curious vision, time of this day later, they also discovered such issue, Kerry family/home, not only rich was so simple. 听到隆贝的问题,凯恩他们都投过来了好奇的目光,这一天的时间下来,他们也同样发现了这样的问题,克里雅家并不只是富有那么简单。 Hears Lombe's words, has nothing to cover-up, then starts to reply. 听到隆贝的话,克蕾雅也没什么好藏着掖着的,便开始回答起来。 Yes, before this me, has said with you, the kings in United Kingdom are the election systems, altogether 13 elect the marquis, our families then hold a seat. “是的,这个我之前和你们说过,联合王国的国王是选举制的,一共有13个选侯,我们家族便占有其中一个席位。 My grandfather is previous generation's king, but the king cannot appear in same continuously elects Hou, this prairie is the fiefdom of our family/home. ” 我的爷爷便是上一代的国王,不过国王并不能够连续出现在同一个选侯家里,这片草原便是我们家的封地。” Listens to explanation, the people nod. 听完克蕾雅的解释,众人都点点头。 Said words that could also be the princess. 这么说起来的话,克蕾雅也算得上是公主了。 Ok, did not say these.” Then, put out a files tuart bag from oneself space equipment, placed on the table. “好了,不说这些了。”说完,克蕾雅从自己的空间装备里拿出了一个档桉袋,放在了桌子上。 These materials are I the dungeon information obtained from mother there, is the internal complete information very comprehensive.” “这些资料就是我从母亲那里获得的地牢信息,是内部的完整信息非常的全面。” Kain's their attention instantaneously by words attracting, to achieve by the table in the past look at the above material. 凯恩他们的注意力瞬间就被克蕾雅的话给吸引了,过去为做到桌子旁看着上面的资料。 Disassembles the files tuart bag, takes part to examine respectively. 将档桉袋拆开,各自拿取一部分查看起来。 Also took up part, she has not examined, but wanted one to come from own mother there. 克蕾雅也拿起了一部分,她并没有查看,只是从自己母亲那里要了一份儿过来。 Then, the people examine peacefully, crossed to examine some little time completely these materials. 就这样,众人都安静的查看起来,过了好一会儿才将这些资料全部查看完毕。 This dungeon a little meaning.” Kain said. “这地牢有点意思啊。”凯恩说道。 The name of this dungeon is 【The command of general 这地牢的名称是【将军之令】 In this dungeon is similar to Kain had played the unparalleled game. 这地牢里面类似于曾经凯恩玩过的无双游戏。 The entire dungeon is one piece situated in the area of flames of war, trim area not civilians, is various soldiers and auxiliary soldiers. 整个地牢就是一片处于战火的地区,整片地区没有一个平民,全是各种士兵以及辅兵。 All influences go on a punitive expedition against mutually, these influences vary, does not have any development requirement, the only goal the domain that is to get rid of other influence makes itself seize is bigger. 所有的势力相互征伐,这些势力有大有小,没有任何的发展需求,唯一的目标就是干掉别的势力使自己占领的地盘更大。 These influences have a rear to provide the soldier and supplies in the rear area for them, they only need to seize more domains in this region, massacres more enemies. 这些势力在后方都有一个的大后方为他们提供士兵和补给,他们只需要在这片区域占领更多的地盘,杀掉更多的敌人。 Continues at this war not long, the world destroyed, but this stretch of battlefield just became a whole to flutter shatter to the dense fog, formed such mechanism. 就在这场互相之间的战争持续没有多久,世界就毁灭了,而这片战场刚好破碎成了一块整体飘向了迷雾,也就形成了这样的机制。 If there is a seeker to join this location to be firm, the initial period must choose an influence, each influence conducted the simple rating choice by the dense fog, preliminarily smaller and weaker influence, once helped him wipe out other influences, arrived finally, the harvest were more. 而如果有探索者加入这场地牢的话,初期就要选择一处势力,每个势力都被迷雾进行了简单的评级选择,越低级越弱小的势力,一旦帮助他消灭了其他势力,走到了最后,收获就越多。 The seekers must do follows own influence on kill more enemies, all enemies who oneself can bump into get rid of completely, from frontal battlefield. 探索者要做的就是跟随着自己的势力去杀更多的敌人,将自己能碰到的所有敌人全部干掉,从正面战场上。 The entire battlefield tiny bit scheme, completely has not been the upfront combat, depends entirely on bravely. 整个战场没有一丝一毫的计谋,全部都是正面作战,全靠勇武。 Only then kills a lot matches to have more resources and a bigger domain. 只有杀得多的才配拥有更多的资源和更大的地盘。 This dungeon is selected as the characteristics dungeon of this area, and simple blocking the passage of information. 这地牢之所以被选为这个地区的特色地牢,并简单的封锁消息。 Is because this dungeon in shortly after appearing was changed, many influences that in the battlefield preserved, only left behind two finally. 是因为这地牢在出现后不久被改变了,原本战场上存留的很多势力,最后只留下了两家。 Seized the map 95 domains, another only has 5 domains and resources, meaning all seekers who enter the dungeon start at high difficulty directly. 一家占领了地图95的地盘,另外一家只剩下五的地盘和资源,意思就是说所有进入地牢的探索者直接以最高难度起步。 This causes the enemy quantity in this dungeon to increase courageous, before also because the respective influence different and mutually will be the war, now turns into all people to attack your one directly. According to the material in said, by the existing silver dungeon computation, the enemy in this dungeon, the words on by quantity is most. 这就导致这地牢里的敌人数量勐增,之前还会因为各自势力不同而相互为战,现在直接变成了所有的人都在攻打你一个。根据资料上所说,根据现有的银色地牢计算,这地牢里的敌人,就以数量而言的话是最多的。 Moreover compares by far other must be much more much. 而且远远比其他的要多得多得多。 The vast quantity gap brings is the huge harvest, must know that each enemy, will blow out the magic object. 巨大的数量差距带来的就是巨大的收获,要知道每一个敌人,都会爆出魔法物品。 If only this, naturally will not have been called the characteristics dungeon to be blocked off the flow of news, what is main after was each enemy died, will blow out the gold coin surely. 如果只是这样的话,当然还并不会被称为特色地牢而被封锁消息,最主要的是每个敌人死亡后必定会爆出金币。 At least 10 golds, set no ceiling limit. 至少10金,上不封顶。 After the huge enemy number added the death , the falling gold coin, this dungeon turned into the gold ore surely. 巨大的敌人数量加死亡后必定掉落金币,这地牢就变成了金矿。 When as a result of this huge harvest, goes through customs this dungeon, many people are willing to surpass the limits of 5 people of squads, composes 10 people of 15 people, even is 20 people of squads. 由于这巨大的收获,通关这地牢时,有许多人愿意超出五人小队的限制,组成十人15人,甚至是20人的小队。 Although will cause to assign person increase of doubled and re-doubled spoils of war, but could not support the spoils of war is too many, dungeon actually danger extremely. 虽然会导致分配战利品的人成倍的增多,但是架不住战利品太多了,地牢却又太过的危险。 This dungeon Li path path will certainly go through customs.” After reading all materials, Li groups of got hold of wielded wielding that the fist made an effort. “这地牢莉路路一定会通关的。”当看完所有资料后,莉路路握紧拳头用力的挥了挥。 This simply is a Wangqing spring in desert. 这简直就是沙漠之中的一汪清泉。 No one can understand that Li path path now is being short of money how, her fairy tale world, cannot call it the fairy tale world now, now should be called to commit suicide the giant beast. 没人能够理解莉路路现在是多么的缺钱,她的童话世界,现在根本不能称之为童话世界,现在应该叫做吞金巨兽。 All harvests that she and Kain under them the dungeon obtains are divided, all put into the construction of fairy tale world, once for a while also steals the material from the dungeon. 她和凯恩他们下地牢获得的所有收获分成,全部投入了童话世界的构建中,时不时还从地牢中偷材料。 According to the material in said, the gold coin harvest of this dungeon, can definitely surpass them to go through customs the sum total that all money of dungeon harvest add to be many until now. 根据资料上所说,就这一个这地牢的金币收获,就完全能够超过他们至今通关所有地牢收获的金钱加起来的总和还要多。 What isn't this gold ore this is? 这不是金矿这是什么? + joins the bookmark + +加入书签+
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