DMWG :: Volume #36

#3590: Has your place conveniently is family/home

Waking up time, Long Ying'er as before is very quiet extravagant defending in his side, motionless, corner of the mouth is having the gentle happy expression, lets in the Jiang Chen heart the incomparable warmth. 醒来的时候,龙影儿依旧是十分恬阔的守在他的身边,一动不动,嘴角带着温柔的笑意,让江尘心中无比的温暖。 Walks, we leave here now!” “走吧,我们现在就离开这里!” Jiang Chen has rubbed the Long Ying'er fine incomparable elegant face, smiles was saying, at this time his strength, has achieved God Sovereign Realm middle stage Great Perfection, is away from God Sovereign Realm late stage, is only the one pace, but Jiang Chen could not wait, he wants first to rush to Buddha Pagoda, he must make entire Buddha Pagoda pay the price, perhaps although, by his present strength, is not enough to complete the impact on Buddha Pagoda. 江尘揉了揉龙影儿精致无比的俏脸,微笑着说道,此时他的实力,也已经达到了神皇境中期大圆满,距离神皇境后期,也只是一步之遥,但是江尘已经等不了了,他要第一时间赶往浮屠塔,他一定要让整个浮屠塔付出代价的,尽管,以他现在的实力,或许并不足以完成对浮屠塔的冲击。 Leaves that moment of old city in Jiang Chen and Long Ying'er, was actually attracted by the person's of under dialogue. 就在江尘龙影儿离开古城的那一刻,却被下方之人的对话吸引了。 How do these many people rush to Mountain Sea Sect? What important matter difficult to be inadequate has to occur?” “怎么这么多人都赶往山海宗?难不成是有什么大事要发生吗?” Heard that is because Mountain Sea Sect Sect Master has pushed his entering the inner rooms girl student, carries on the martial arts contest to live with the bride's family, therefore countless people are catching up of advancing uninterruptedly to there.” “听说是因为山海宗宗主将他的入室女弟子推了出来,进行比武招亲,所以无数人都是前赴后继的赶向那里。” Right? Such words, I should also have a look seriously, perhaps Hahaha, can hug the beautiful woman to turn over.” “是吗?当真如此的话,我也该去看看了,哈哈哈,说不定能够抱得美人归呢。” „, You? Wants not to think that innumerable God Sovereign Realm expert will be cast aside the head, depends on you? No way! It is said that Mountain Sea Sect Goddess, devastatingly beautiful, is above Central Region Divine Land, outstandingly beautiful fragrant flower character. Probably called anything...... Ling Yun!” “切,就你?想都别想,无数神皇境强者都会被挤掉脑袋的,就凭你?没戏!据说那个山海宗女神,倾国倾城,乃是中州神土之上,绝色芳华的人物。好像叫什么……凌昀!” The Jiang Chen's complexion excitedly changes, rays of light that in look glittering is hard to be depressing, whole body blood, in this time boiling. 江尘的脸色勃然而变,眼神之中闪烁着难以压抑的光芒,浑身血液,也是在这个时候沸腾了起来。 Jiang Chen changes to stream of light, soars to the heavens, expert of 45 God Venerate Realm ranks, feels the Jiang Chen unsurpassed pressure, is the complexion bowel movement, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe heavily, the whole body shivers, sweat directing current, because of the potential of Jiang Chen's oppression, has covered them completely. 江尘化作一道流光,冲天而下,45个神尊境级别的高手,感受到江尘无上的威压,全都是面色大便,大气也不敢喘,浑身颤抖,汗水直流,因为江尘的压迫之势,完全笼罩了他们。 Person who you anyone, that Mountain Sea Sect martial arts contest lived with the bride's family a moment ago, is who?” “你们刚才谁,那个山海宗比武招亲的人,是谁?” The Jiang Chen sinking sound asked. 江尘沉声问道。 Yes...... Ling Yun! The Mountain Sea Sect first goddess, above Central Region Divine Land the lovable girl of most dazzling day, Ling Yun, is she.” “是……凌昀山海宗第一神女,中州神土之上最为耀眼的天之娇女,凌昀,就是她。” A man of keeping silent said in a low voice that as if not dare to have slight neglecting, lest Jiang Chen will execute them completely, this thinks that the God Venerate Realm rank the strength, rides roughshod sufficiently, in the entire old city, takes them as Venerable, who once thinks that in this small old city, is hiding such powerful incomparable expert unexpectedly. 一个噤若寒蝉的男子低声说道,似乎不敢有丝毫的怠慢,唯恐江尘会将他们全部格杀,本以为神尊境级别的实力,足以横行无忌,在整个古城,都是以他们为尊,可是谁曾想到,这小小的古城之中,竟然隐藏着这么一个强势无匹的高手 You walk.” “你们走吧。” Jiang Chen silent moment, after all has not felt embarrassed them, if several people attain the pardon, is withdraws to go, complexion pale, being too busy under escaped from the Jiang Chen's eye to hide. 江尘沉默了片刻,终归是没有为难他们,几个人如获大赦,全部都是退后而去,脸色苍白,忙不迭的逃出了江尘的眼皮子底下。 Jiang Chen stares at the distant place, in the heart is having mixed emotions, feels helpless. 江尘凝视着远方,心中百感交集,不知所措。 Ling Yun, Ling Yun......” 凌昀,凌昀……” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, in the world, really that skillful matter? Is the same surname of the same name, so splendid? 江尘喃喃着说道,天底下,难道真的会那么巧的事情吗?同名同姓,却又那么出色吗? Jiang Chen does not believe that he closely grips the fist, in the heart is having mixed emotions, initially Ling Yun left without saying good-bye, left itself, left Northern Cold Divine Region, Jiang Chen is has guilty, oneself are not does not love her, will not be the heart has the subordinate to keep them out it, but will be in his innermost feelings has too many guilty, is unable to extricate oneself, he worried that cannot give her enough security sense. 江尘不信,他紧紧的攥着拳头,心中百感交集,当初凌昀不辞而别,离开了自己,离开了北凉神州,江尘便是心存愧疚,自己并非是不爱她,也并非是心有所属才会将其拒之门外,而是他内心之中有着太多的愧疚,无法自拔,他担心的,是不能给她足够的安全感。 Once, reappeared in the hearts, the Jiang Chen's innermost feelings, have flowed a warm current, from entering Divine World started, person who he met, was Ling Yun, was acquainted from two people, falls in love, the dear friend, in the nonchalance, he cared about her staying or going, where cared about her to be, has not gone to seek for Ling Yun, because Jiang Chen wants to her a calmness and steadiness, he to know that was a man this is spiritless, but his no other choice. 曾经的一幕幕,重现心间,江尘的内心,流淌过一丝暖流,从进入神界开始,他遇见的人,便是凌昀,从两个人相识,相爱,相知,都在不经意之间,他在乎她的去留,在乎她身在何方,没有去寻找凌昀,只是因为江尘想给她一份安稳,他知道身为一个男人这是懦弱的,但是他别无选择 If there is such one day, she still , the heart also still, Jiang Chen found Little Yu they, certainly will go to retrieve Ling Yun again, although to her, this is unfair, but Jiang Chen can achieve, that is all. 如果有那么一天,她还在,心也还在,江尘找到小雨她们,一定会去再找回凌昀的,虽然对她而言,这并不公平,可是江尘能够做到的,仅此而已。 But at this moment, was different, Ling Yun even is the martial arts contest lives with the bride's family, imminent, Jiang Chen wants to depart in light of this, but can he achieve really? Answer negative, in the flash, his heart shrank suddenly tightened, his innumerable asked itself: If, Ling Yun marries to be other people woman, he can accept really? 但这一刻,不同了,凌昀甚至是比武招亲,迫在眉睫,江尘想要就此离去,可是他真的能够做到吗?答案是否定的,在那么一瞬间,他的心突然间缩紧了,他无数次的问自己:如果,凌昀真的嫁作他人妇,他真的能够接受吗? Crazy in Jiang Chen innermost feelings, has given his enough reply, cannot, unable! 江尘内心之中的疯狂,已经给了他足够的回答,不能,绝不能! He has a deficit Ling Yun, was too many were too many, she does not know by many pain, carrying/sustaining many years, drifted about destitute, he knows, if were she, even if were the martial arts contest lives with the bride's family, she will not agree that absolutely, Jiang Chen must believe her compared with anybody. 他亏欠凌昀的,实在是太多太多了,她不知道受了多少的苦,承载了多少的岁月,颠沛流离,他知道,如果是她,即便是比武招亲,她也绝对不会同意的,江尘比任何人都要相信她。 Mountain Sea Sect, is next to Martial Pill Palace and Buddha Pagoda one of the three big sect, a tower palace occupies the two sides, the film world octupole octopole mountain before, dares to rush including Buddha Pagoda, trivial Mountain Sea Sect, what was also considered as? 山海宗,仅次于武丹殿浮屠塔的三大宗门之一,一塔一殿占两边,银海八极山在前,连浮屠塔自己都敢闯,区区的山海宗,又算得了什么? If is really you, then this time, I will not make you leave me absolutely again, in the Jiang Chen heart pledged secretly. 如果真的是你,那么这一次,我绝对不会再让你离开我,江尘心中暗暗发誓。 You? Elder Brother Jiang Chen.” “你怎么了?江尘哥哥。” Long Ying'er saw Jiang Chen's absent-minded, at that moment, her heart has a feeling, perhaps, that so-called Mountain Sea Sect woman, should have the complicated relations with Elder Brother Jiang Chen, the nerve of woman is very sensitive, sixth sense, is, therefore did not need Jiang Chen to say one, being with good intention Long Ying'er, has been fully correct all. Present she, no longer is that ancient spirit essence strange young girl, she compared with anybody, longs for understanding Jiang Chen, the entire life, when he such as beginning. 龙影儿看出了江尘的失神,那一刻,她心有所感,或许,那个所谓的山海宗的女人,应该是跟江尘哥哥有着千丝万缕的关系,女人的神经是很敏感的,第六感,也是非常之强的,所以无须江尘多说一句,善解人意的龙影儿,已经猜透了一切。如今的她,已不再是那个古灵精怪的少女,她比任何人,都渴望更加了解江尘,一生一世,待他如初。 Jiang Chen looked at Long Ying'er one, sighed. 江尘看了龙影儿一眼,叹息一声。 Which no matter you go, Ying'er accompanies you to go together. Do not hesitate, wants to do does, in this world has not regretted after the fact, does not want, when lost, regrets not.” “不管你去哪,影儿都陪你一起去。不要犹豫,想做就去做,这个世界上没有后悔药,不要等到失去了,才追悔莫及。” Long Ying'er smiling face incomparable mellowness, the intellectuality and elegance between eyebrow corners/horns, already even more calm, compared with initially, won thousands of times, she was never Jiang Chen adds to stop up, is only thinking how to make Elder Brother Jiang Chen happy, this was her heart, so long as can make Elder Brother Jiang Chen happy, then in Yuanzu. 龙影儿笑容无比的醇厚,眉角之间的知性与典雅,已经是越发的从容,比起当初,更胜千万倍,她从不为江尘添堵,只想着如何让江尘哥哥开心,这便是她的心,只要能让江尘哥哥开心起来,那么于愿足矣。 Thank you, Ying'er, we walk, go to Mountain Sea Sect!” “谢谢你,影儿,我们走,去山海宗!” Jiang Chen incomparably firm saying, expression is dignified, this goes, does not know the homeward journey, but he will be doomed not to stay behind by himself regretted, just like Long Ying'er said that since choice, do not have regrettably, in the world has not regretted after the fact. 江尘无比坚定的说道,神色凝重,这一去,不知归途,但是他注定不会让自己留下遗憾,正如龙影儿所说,既然选择了,就不要心存遗憾,世界上没有后悔药。 Good, so long as there is Elder Brother Jiang Chen in place, is the family/home. To me, hugely big, is inferior to you to be big.” “好,只要有江尘哥哥在的地方,就是家。对我而言,天大地大,亦不及你大。” The Long Ying'er gallant and chivalrous frame of mind tender feelings, let in the Jiang Chen heart are incomparable gratified, loving tenderly of ten points, results in the wife so, a man has anything to demand? 龙影儿的侠骨柔情,让江尘心中更是无比的欣慰,十分的怜爱,得妻如此,夫复何求 Mountain Sea Sect, my Jiang Chen came! 山海宗,我江尘来了! Ling Yun, this time, I will not put you to walk, even if the ends of the earth, I must lead you, rushes toward together, nobody, can separate your me again! 凌昀,这一次,我绝不会放你走,即便是天涯海角,我也要带着你,一同奔赴,再没有人,能够隔断你我! Jiang Chen tight is gripping the fist, the rigid faith of innermost feelings, has been full of the expectation finally! 江尘紧紧的攥着拳头,内心的执着信念,终于是充满了期望! The Jiang Chen heart such as turns over to the arrow, directly soars Mountain Sea Sect to go, does not want to let her, waits for the moment again. 江尘心如归箭,直奔山海宗而去,不想让她,再多等待一刻。
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