DMWG :: Volume #29

#2802: Who can laugh last

A'Mo Kehan expression one cold, is fighting intent is strong, but he knows himself with the Mo Fangzhou strength also about the same, his take action words , cannot belittle the match decidedly, otherwise, only embarrassed. 阿莫克汗神色一寒,也是战意浓烈,不过他知道自己跟墨方舟的实力也是在伯仲之间,他出手的话,也是断然不能够小觑对手,否则的话,只会更加的难堪。 Words that naturally, wants to begin, is not I fights you, the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out copes with me, such matter, not exist(ence).” “当然,想要动手的话,也不是我跟你们动手,车轮战对付我,这样的事情,可不存在。” Wu Yue shrugs to say. 吴越耸耸肩说道。 The big hand wields, ten God King Realm expert, appeared in Wu Yue behind, at that moment, even if were the Mo Ling Dongchen complexion, was thorough changed, ten God King Realm expert, that was not the common person can cope, what was more important is present Mo Fangzhou had been injured, their three coped with 11, was extremely was really difficult, will have the life risk, even if were Mo Ling Dongchen can self-confidently by an enemy three, was A'Mo Kehan with Mo Fangzhou? Their two, will fall into ling to be whole surely. 大手一挥,十个神王境强者,出现在了吴越身后,那一刻,即便是墨凌东辰的脸色,也是彻底的变了,十个神王境强者,那可不是寻常人能够对付得了的,更重要的是如今的墨方舟已经受了伤,他们三个对付11个,实在是太过于困难了,甚至会有性命之虞,即便是墨凌东辰自信能够以一敌三,可是阿莫克汗墨方舟呢?他们两个,必定会身陷囹囵的。 This moment aspect, by the Wu Yue fundamental change, he gradually is also understood, a moment ago this war, but is Wu Yue gives their demonstration of authority, making him understand that own strength is not a vegetarian absolutely, will therefore have this war, unfavorable situation of Mo Fangzhou, has increased his confidence, 11 God King Realm expert brave generals, this grade of strength, sweeps away quite many strengths sufficiently, even if God King Realm middle stage , is hard to reverse the universe. 这一刻的局面,被吴越彻底扭转,他也渐渐明白,刚才这一战,只不过是吴越给他们的下马威而已,让他明白自己的实力绝对不是吃素的,所以才会有此一战,墨方舟的失利,也更增添了他的信心,11员神王境强者的猛将,这等实力,足以横扫相当多的实力,即便是神王境中期,也是难以逆转乾坤。 Let alone, although their strengths are God King Realm initial stage, but said that does not permit to be able to contend with God King Realm middle stage expert exist(ence), this absolutely not rumor, above expert, evildoer/monstrous talent able to move unhindered, startled certainly colorful person, is many. 更何况,虽然他们的实力是神王境初期,但是说不准就有可以抗衡神王境中期高手存在,这绝非空穴来风,强者之上,妖孽纵横,惊才绝艳之人,更是不乏。 Leaves behind Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree, your three people, can depart safely.” “留下雷击沉香木,你们三人,便可安然离去。” Wu Yue indifferently said, an extremely elegant demeanor, lets A'Mo Kehan incomparable constraining, because of the present, if take action, obviously they are much weaker, the opposite party must beat them, even does not need too for a long time. 吴越淡淡说道,一股绝顶风采,更是让阿莫克汗无比的压抑,因为现在如若出手的话,明显他们要弱得多,对方要击垮他们,甚至不需要太久。 Mo Ling Dongchen is is extremely not willingly, but is that also useful? Although Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree is precious, but can be more precious than their lives again preciously? Does not have including the life, what is also entitled to enjoy Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree? Under the balance, their goals, only remaining draw back to ask next, in order to protects oneself. 墨凌东辰也是极不甘心,可是那又有什么用呢?雷击沉香木虽然珍贵,但是再珍贵能比他们的性命珍贵吗?连命都没有,还有什么资格享受雷击沉香木呢?权衡之下,他们的目的,就只剩下退而求其次,以求自保了。 After all, 11 God King Realm expert, such lineup, is not anybody can with it be an enemy, the price is very possible is they are hard to withstand. 毕竟,11个神王境强者,这样的阵容,可不是任何人都能够与之为敌的,代价很可能是他们难以承受的。 Mo Ling Dongchen clenches teeth, this and other valuable rarities, is they discovered first, now, actually must surrender something submissively, who trades to do is, who can not hate bitterly? 墨凌东辰咬着牙,这等稀世珍宝,是他们先发现的,如今,却是要拱手让人,换做是谁,谁能不痛心疾首呢? „Do we want to give them this Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree really?” “我们真的要把这雷击沉香木给他们吗?” Mo Fangzhou clenches teeth saying that incomparable anger. 墨方舟咬牙说道,无比的愤怒。 „Do you have what better means?” “难道你有什么更好的办法吗?” A'Mo Kehan said. 阿莫克汗说道。 Original black ink attacks the technique is preparation, when the final moment competes for Nine Boundaries first trump card that uses, now looks like, needed the beneficial occupancy.” “本来墨攻术是准备在最后关头争夺九界第一的时候使用的杀手锏,现在看来,必须要提前使用了。” The consideration over and over, in the Mo Ling Dongchen heart dark under decided finally that this time, does not put together words, this Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree surrenders something submissively, is really unworthy, even if that so-called Great Bright King Relic, does not have this Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree to be precious, do they why go round the sun to meet the moon? Takes this Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree, is most important. 思虑再三,墨凌东辰心中终于暗下决定,这一次,不拼一次的话,这雷击沉香木拱手让人,实在不值,而且即便是那所谓的大明王舍利,也是没有这雷击沉香木珍贵,他们又何必舍近求远呢?拿下这雷击沉香木,才是重中之重。 Spells! If not beat, cannot prolong contact, retreats rapidly,” “拼一把!如若不敌,不可恋战,迅速撤退,” The Mo Ling Dongchen sinking sound said. 墨凌东辰沉声说道。 Good.” “好。” A'Mo Kehan and Mo Fangzhou also nod, the thing that because their not willingly oneself found, surrenders something submissively, they will sleep on pins and needles surely, even above cultivating a way, will cast the enormous shadow. 阿莫克汗墨方舟都是同时点头,因为他们也不甘心自己找到的东西,拱手让人,那他们必定会寝食难安的,甚至在修炼一途之上,都会留下极大的阴影。 This war must meet head-on, this is in the A'Mo Kehan heart must should, although he is not the Mo Family person, but is actually Mo Family trains it, now was considered as on is half Mo Family person, Mo Family face, can he not attend to? Moreover these have oneself benefit exist(ence), A'Mo Kehan naturally is not willing to give up in light of this. 此战必须要迎战,这是阿莫克汗心中必应的,虽然他不是墨家人,可是却是墨家将其培养起来的,如今已经算得上是半个墨家人了,墨家颜面,他怎能不顾呢?而且这其中还有自己的利益存在,阿莫克汗自然不肯就此罢休。 What's wrong, but also idea revolt?” “怎么,还想法反抗吗?” Wu Yue brow tight wrinkle, does the fellow of this crowd of being unappreciative, want fight in which both sides perish really? This to them, not having the half minute advantage to say, moreover oneself definitely have the confidence to wipe out them! 吴越眉头紧皱,这群不识抬举的家伙,难道真的要鱼死网破吗?这对于他们而言,没有半分好处可言,而且自己绝对有信心将他们全歼! Own take action punishes Mo Fangzhou, for makes the suppresive effect, when the time comes also omitted has hit take action greatly, maintained the strength is they should do only, at this time with a match at risk of life war, was not the good sign, if their luck were not good, had been copied the escape route by others, then on gain does not equal the loss, moreover lost may be more. 自己出手制裁墨方舟,为的就是打出压制性的效果,到时候也省去了大打出手,保存实力才是他们唯一应该做的,这个时候跟对手拼死一战,可不是什么好兆头,万一他们的运气不好,被别人抄了后路,那就得不偿失了,而且失去的可能会更多。 Achieves the most perfect effect with the simplest way, is nothing less, what a pity Mo Ling Dongchen and the others that the Wu Yue abacus hits does not want to give up in light of this, because this Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree was extremely was really attractive, even was worth wrestling with the life. 用最简单的方式达到最完美的效果,吴越的算盘打的不可谓不好,可惜墨凌东辰等人并不想就此罢手,因为这雷击沉香木实在是太过于诱人了,甚至值得用性命一搏。 Does not give a try, knows who can laugh last? This was you says.” “不试试看,怎么知道谁才能够笑到最后呢?这可是你说的。” Saying that A'Mo Kehan smiles, since choice fighting to win or die, then absolutely will not show mercy. 阿莫克汗笑眯眯的说道,既然选择了背水一战,那么就绝对不会手下留情。 Mo Family expert like clouds, the generation of strength powerful, is as numerous as the hairs of an ox, however A'Mo Kehan can be selected into this time Nine Boundaries contend for supremacy, foresees his strength as well as the talent in Mo Family eye sufficiently. 墨家强者如云,实力强悍之辈,也是多如牛毛,然而阿莫克汗能够被选入这一次的九界争雄,足以预见他的实力以及在墨家眼中的天赋。 The short these years can actually achieve God King Realm, moreover he is big will who the Immortal World promotion comes, the future achievement, will be limitless, can say that in common God King Realm, A'Mo Kehan early had by an enemy three, even many battle strength! 短短这些年竟然能够达到神王境,而且他还是仙界晋升而来的大毅力者,未来的成就,更是不可限量,可以说在寻常的神王境之中,阿莫克汗早已经有了以一敌三,甚至更多的战力 Proposes a toast does not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, is good, that makes you know, fierce of my Fangshan Boundary. everyone, since they are unappreciative, we also only then the blade soldier has met, does not die, continuous!” “敬酒不吃吃罚酒,也好,那就让你们知道一下,我房山界的厉害。诸位,既然他们不识抬举,那我们也只有刀兵相见了,不死,不休!” The Wu Yue words, are bringing murderous aura, in its behind ten people, is the incomparable dignity, at this moment, will erupt war of the life and death inevitably, these fellows are the Fangshan Boundary people, their cohesive forces, but also is really not general big. 吴越的话,带着一股杀气,在其身后的十个人,也都是无比的凝重,这一刻,势必会爆发出一场生死之战,这些家伙都是房山界的人,他们的凝聚力,还真不是一般的大。 Said uselessly, wants Thunderbolt Agarwood Tree in our hand, first passed our pass/test.” “多说无益,想要我们手中的雷击沉香木,就先过了我们三人这一关。” Mo Ling Dongchen indifferently said, he has prepared giving it all. 墨凌东辰淡淡说道,他已经准备好了放手一搏。 as you wish.” 如你所愿。” Wu Yue look one cold, killing intent surges, gets hold of nine chi (0.33 m) ice front once more, the sword refers to Mo Ling Dongchen, because he knows that in three people, is fiercest, but also is this fellow. Shoots the person to shoot the horse first, captures the ringleader first, only then defeats him, can logical takes other people completely. 吴越眼神一寒,杀机涌动,再次握紧九尺冰锋,剑指墨凌东辰,因为他知道,三人之中,最厉害的,还要数这个家伙。射人先射马,擒贼先擒王,只有击败他,才能够顺理成章的将其他人全部拿下。 Mo Ling Dongchen treadons void, hand dance folding fan, the wind and cloud surges, the atmosphere is boundless, two people almost fight instantaneously, the nine chi (0.33 m) ice front in Wu Yue hand, is quite strong, makes the attack of terrifying unceasingly, the heaven and earth changes countenance, black clouds occurred repeatedly. 墨凌东辰脚踏虚空,手舞折扇,风云涌动,大气磅礴,两人几乎瞬间交手,吴越手中的九尺冰锋,相当强势,不断打出恐怖的攻击,天地变色,乌云迭起。 Even if Mo Fangzhou were injured , to three God King Realm initial stage expert, but A'Mo Kehan, then to four, has compared in Mo Ling Dongchen, is so, but there is making first move and getting control of Wu Yue, other three big God King Realm expert, oppression to Mo Ling Dongchen, remarkable, by an enemy four, Mo Ling Dongchen complexion, extremely dignified, what is most important, this Wu Yue is hardest to deal with. 墨方舟即便是受了伤,也是对上了三个神王境初期高手,而阿莫克汗,则是对上了四个,相比于墨凌东辰,也是如此,不过有吴越的先发制人,其余三大神王境强者,对墨凌东辰的压迫,也更加的显著,以一敌四,墨凌东辰的脸色,极为的凝重,最重要的是,这个吴越才是最为难缠的。
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