DMWG :: Volume #52

#5041: Tries pill

Chen fine jade has prepared death, but she dies finally continually cannot die, at this time, she was the true despair. 辰璐已经做好了死亡的准备,可是她最终连死都死不了,这个时候,她才是真正的绝望。 Big brother Jiang Chen appears now, regarding Chen fine jade, indeed is gives opportune help to be the same, but Chen fine jade becomes looks deathly pale suddenly. 江尘大哥现在出现,对于辰璐来说,的确是雪中送炭一样,但是辰璐突然间又变得脸色惨白。 Big brother Jiang Chen strength only then Half Step nebula level, but their two are actually nebula level expert, this war, big brother Jiang Chen has almost not fresh, his appearance, to them, is completely the happiest matter. 江尘大哥的实力只有半步星云级,而他们两个却是星云级强者,这一战,江尘大哥几乎是有死无生,他的出现,对于他们来说,完全是最开心的事情。 Person who they wait, is big brother Jiang Chen, at this time was no different walks into a trap. 他们等待的人,就是江尘大哥,这个时候无异于是自投罗网了。 Chen fine jade feared, in the look is full of the fear, big brother Jiang Chen, are you so silly? Knew perfectly well that the mountain has the tiger, is partial to the Hushan line. 辰璐怕了,眼神之中充满恐惧,江尘大哥,你怎么这么傻呢?明知山有虎,偏向虎山行。 At this time appeared, being no different from own life, is contending with them. 这个时候出现,无异于是在用自己的生命,跟他们抗衡。 Big brother Jiang Chen, I am not worth doing that...... 江尘大哥,我不值得你这么做…… You also so many things must be done, you must look for your child, I cannot become your fetters. 你还有那么多的事情要去做,你还要去寻找你的孩子,我不能成为你的羁绊呀。 Chen fine jade incomparable remorse, the incomparable regret, is big brother Jiang Chen, has appeared in their front. 辰璐无比的自责,无比的懊悔,可是江尘大哥,已经出现在了他们的面前。 This life and death struggle, there is no choice. 这场生死战,已经没有任何的选择可言了。 Big brother Jiang Chen, you should not appear, you should not......” 江尘大哥,你不该出现的,你不该……” Chen fine jade feels like a knife twisting in the heart, she fears this moment, becomes the life and death of two people certainly. 辰璐心如刀割,她怕这一刻,成为两个人的生死绝地。 We met.” “我们又见面了。” cluster Cloud Dragon said with a smile, in the look filled blazingly, has high morale, this war, they have not waited in vain finally. 丛云龙笑着说道,眼神之中充满了炽热,斗志昂扬,这一战,他们总算是没有白等。 This time, you cannot escape!” “这一次,你插翅难逃!” cluster Yunhu looks at Jiang Chen, corner of the mouth incomparable gentle and reserved. 丛云虎看着江尘,嘴角无比的阴柔 I do not come, you will then suffer hardships for me, my Jiang Chen, will not let own woman absolutely, by little wound.” “我不来,你便会替我受苦,我江尘,绝对不会让自己的女人,受一点点伤。” The Jiang Chen sinking sound said, gaze like the electricity, murderous aura vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, these two fellows, actually wants to take Chen fine jade to vent one's anger, oneself cannot tolerate, the promptness that he comes back fortunately, otherwise, a tragedy, is inconceivable. 江尘沉声说道,目光如电,杀气纵横,这两个家伙,竟然想要拿辰璐撒火,自己决不能容忍,还好他回来的及时,否则的话,一场惨剧,难以想象。 Jiang Chen has not expected, these two fellows , the tribulation kill themselves unexpectedly here, evidently Palace Master of this Damingfu, is to kill oneself in this completely, will not make him continue to enter the dark Heicheng range. 江尘也没有料到,这两个家伙,竟然还在这里劫杀自己,看样子这个大名府的府主,是要将自己完全狙杀于此了,绝不会让他继续进入暗黑城范围的。 Above, Jiang Chen killed his many people, this big enmity, has to report evidently. 一路之上,江尘杀了他不少人,这个大仇,看样子不得不报了。 Initially if were not Long Shisan even appeared, perhaps oneself also really came the big cropper, but is now different, these two people, Jiang Chen does not place in the eye. 当初如果不是龙十三即使出现,或许自己还真就栽了大跟头了,但是现在不同了,这两个人,江尘已经不放在眼中了。 Chen fine jade gaze tender feelings like water, silently looked at big brother Jiang Chen, in the heart was filling remorse, she, big brother Jiang Chen will not fall into ling to be whole, now their two have been surrounded completely, could not escape from here completely, can such situation, how not make Chen fine jade feel like a knife twisting in the heart? 辰璐目光柔情如水,默默的望着江尘大哥,心中充满了自责,要不是她,江尘大哥也不会身陷囹囵的,现在他们两个完全都已经被包围了,完全逃不出这里了,这样的处境,怎能不让辰璐心如刀绞呢? She does not fear death, but she does not hope own beloved person , during gets sucked is exhausted, is unable to extricate oneself. 她不怕死,但是她不希望自己心爱之人,也深陷困顿之中,无法自拔。 Chen fine jade can arrive at today step by step, help of big brother Jiang Chen, indisputable, if not big brother Jiang Chen, perhaps oneself do not have the opportunity to step into to Chen family/home Ancestral Land. 辰璐能够一步步走到今天,江尘大哥的帮助,无可厚非,如果不是江尘大哥,或许自己都没有机会踏入到辰家祖地 Now, they have not entered in Chen family/home Ancestral Land to conduct the trial, without thinking must end in this, regarding Chen fine jade, this perhaps is the greatest sorrow. 现在,他们还没有进入辰家祖地之中进行试炼,没想到就要终结于此了,对于辰璐来说,这或许是莫大的悲哀。 The lifetime, cannot lead the father with grandfather's desire, entered Chen family/home Ancestral Land, that was she biggest unfilial. 有生之年,没能带着父亲跟爷爷的愿望,进入辰家祖地,那是她最大的不孝。 However at this moment, is contrary to what expects, choice that she has no. 但是事到如今,事与愿违,她已经没有任何的选择了。 However, can die with big brother Jiang Chen together, is final was gratified. 不过,能够跟江尘大哥一块死去,也算是最后的欣慰了。 Chen fine jade gaze brilliant, is unafraid of death. 辰璐目光灼灼,视死如归。 I and big brothers Jiang Chen, live and die together.” “我与江尘大哥,同生共死。” Chen fine jade shows a faint smile, smiled is so bright, just like to all flowers bloom together to be the same, the gaze connection of two people, let cluster Yunhu the violent temper, anger. 辰璐微微一笑,笑的那么灿烂,犹如百花齐放一样,两个人的目光交汇,让丛云虎的暴脾气,更加的愤怒起来。 Boy, were you really regard the air father? Today I make you two Celestial separate forever, you died, your youngest sister, was my, gā gā gā. Suffers to death!” “小子,你是真把老子当成空气了吗?今天我就让你们两个天人永隔,你死了,你的小妹妹,也就是我的了,嘎嘎嘎。受死吧!” cluster Yunhu the sinking sound shouted, flies high leaps, the flying, Jiang Chen looked at steadily is looking at him, was critical situation. 丛云虎沉声喝道,凌空一跃,飞身而起,江尘目不转睛的望着他,如临大敌。 Although own strength had the enormous promotion, but after all this fellow is nebula level expert, therefore Jiang Chen is cautious, the fire of stars, eight flame flame fires, are his trump card, Jiang Chen are not possible to cause casually, is big to his influence, therefore time unless it is absolutely essential, Jiang Chen is not possible to put forth eight steps flame flame fires. 尽管自己的实力有了极大的提升,但是毕竟这个家伙是星云级强者,所以江尘还是要小心翼翼,星辰之火,八步焱焱火,毕竟是他的杀手锏,江尘不可能随便使出来的,对他的影响不小,所以不到万不得已的时候,江尘是不可能使出八步焱焱火的。 That looked at you to have this skill, my Jiang Chen, will not lose to the same person, twice!” “那就看你有没有这个本事了,我江尘,不会输给同一个人,两次!” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth is indifferent, draws a sword, attacks together with cluster Yunhu, the terrifying strength, to together, Jiang Chen used the complete method unceasingly, Sword of No Realm, unscrupulous cutting falls, his strength also promoted peak, although has not arrived at the nebula level, but has also approached infinitely. 江尘嘴角冷漠,拔剑而起,与丛云虎冲击在一起,恐怖的力量,不断对在一起,江尘使出了全部的手段,无境之剑,肆无忌惮的斩落下来,他的实力也提升到了巅峰,虽然还没有到星云级,但是也已经是无限逼近了。 Blending of Dragon Transformation and Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, the Stars Tyrannical Body wild strength, Jiang Chen facing cluster Yunhu domineering, goes smoothly everywhere. 龙变上古龙腾术的交融,星辰霸体的狂暴之力,江尘面对丛云虎十分的强势,无往不利。 cluster Yunhu also shocks greatly, the Jiang Chen's strength, indeed was beyond his expectation, now fights between two people, do not have so simply to be initially calm. 就连丛云虎也是大为震撼,江尘的实力,的确是出乎了他的预料,现在两个人之间的战斗,已经是没有当初那么简单从容了。 However, in his eyes, Jiang Chen as before is the Half Step nebula level, disparities between two people, forever are irreparable. 但是,在他眼中,江尘依旧是半步星云级,两个人之间的差距,永远都是无法弥补的。 Today, I make you have a look, the nebula level, is not you can compare favorably absolutely.” “今天,我就让你看看,星云级,绝对不是你能媲美的。” cluster Yunhu violent rage, double fights with the fists, everything may become vulnerable, above the sky is overshadowed. 丛云虎暴怒而起,双拳打出,地动山摇,天空之上都是黯然失色。 Fierce tiger cracks spatially, the day falls!” “猛虎裂空,天降!” cluster Yunhu drops from the clouds, is ordinary like the fierce tiger, attacks with heavy blows, wyvern in the potential of day, sweeps across the expansive sky. 丛云虎从天而降,如同猛虎一般,重拳出击,飞龙在天之势,席卷长空。 Tiger fist disintegration heaven and earth, overbearing of nebula level expert, an show/unfolds with nothing left. 虎拳崩碎天地,星云级强者的霸道,一展无遗。 Big brother Jiang Chen, be careful!” 江尘大哥,小心呐!” The heart of Chen fine jade, had mentioned the throat, at this time, she knows, big brother Jiang Chen in own at heart, has how importantly, he is oneself all. 辰璐的心,已经提到了嗓子眼,这个时候,她才知道,江尘大哥在自己的心里,到底有多么的重要,他就是自己的一切。 She is afraid, will be afraid big brother Jiang Chen therefore to depart, but things have gotten to this point, her anything will also be undoable, can only become big brother Jiang Chen burden. 她害怕,害怕江尘大哥会因此而离去,但是事已至此,她却什么也不能做,只能够成为江尘大哥的包袱。 At that moment, Chen fine jade pledged secretly, one day, oneself must become can stand before big brother Jiang Chen, protects his woman personally, she must let big brother Jiang Chen, becomes this world's happiest man, she does not want to become the burden, does not want to make big brother Jiang Chen shut out. 那一刻,辰璐暗暗发誓,总有一天,自己一定要成为可以站在江尘大哥面前,亲手保护他的女人,她要让江尘大哥,成为这个世界上最幸福的男人,她绝不想成为累赘,绝不想让江尘大哥嫌弃。 Sword 34!” “剑三十四!” Jiang Chen holds a sword, sword-light cold 14 continents, Sword of No Realm prestige cold sword glow, blends with heaven and earth, with cluster Yunhu collapse fist to together, heaven and earth look changes, but Jiang Chen at this time, withdraws more than ten steps, complexion incomparable pale. 江尘仗剑而起,一剑光寒十四洲,无境之剑的威凛剑芒,与天地交融,与丛云虎的崩拳对在一起,天地色变,不过江尘这个时候,还是退后十余步,脸色无比的苍白 Blood that wipes corner of the mouth, the form is swaying, as if very difficult, is hard to start. 一把揩去嘴角的鲜血,身影摇晃着,似乎十分的艰难,举步维艰。 The Jiang Chen's complexion, becomes dignified, fighting intent is full. 江尘的脸色,变得更加的凝重,更加的战意十足。 Good, compared with the previous time, the strength promoted actually much, but compares with this Seat, you were the difference were far, Hahaha.” “不错嘛,比起上一次,实力倒是提升了不少,不过跟本座比,你还是差远了,哈哈哈。” Saying of cluster Yunhu domineering, filled self-confidently, the Jiang Chen's strength, indeed makes him feel shocking, but also that is all. 丛云虎霸气的说道,充满了自信,江尘的实力,的确让他感到震惊,但是也仅此而已。 The Half Step nebula level, after all is not the true nebula level, even if his method completely leaves, even if he acts full power, is finally, isn't same? 半步星云级,终归不是真正的星云级,哪怕是他手段尽出,哪怕是他全力施为,可是结果,不还是一样吗? The Jiang Chen's body, stood slowly, the long sword points to cluster Yunhu indifferently, corner of the mouth. 江尘的身体,缓缓的站了起来,长剑直指丛云虎,嘴角十分的冷漠。 Fight, just started. Who will be the winner, is uncertain.” “战斗,才刚刚开始。鹿死谁手,还不一定呢。” Jiang Chen said with a smile, at once turns the hand, pulled out medicine pill, forced in the mouth directly. 江尘笑道,旋即翻手之间,掏出了一颗丹药,直接塞进了嘴里。 Two revolutions of soaring dragon pill, Jiang Chen this time, happen to have a look at this medicine pill effect, strong. 二转腾龙丹,江尘这一次,正好看看这丹药的效果,到底有多强。
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