DMWG :: Volume #52

#5039: The tribulation kills

I knew the master, your nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill, are two revolutions of two marks, in other words, exceeded revolution of medicine pill completely, was over one revolution, can definitely call it two revolutions of soaring dragon pill, what although you refine is a revolution of soaring dragon pill, but you actually surpassed its original effect completely.” “我知道了师父,你这九转腾龙丹,是二转二纹,也就是说,完全超越了一转丹药,超过了一转,完全可以称之为二转腾龙丹了,虽然你炼制的是一转腾龙丹,但是你却完全超出了它原本的功效。” Chen Chang Qing look moves said. 常青眼神一动道。 During the Jiang Chen hesitation moment, fell into pondered over, but he knows, oneself will definitely not be defeated, moreover oneself wanted to refine these nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill, achieved nine revolutions, was almost not possible, he actually refined truly, was a revolution of soaring dragon pill, but this revolution of soaring dragon pill incautiously, refine two revolutions of medicine pill directly. 江尘沉吟片刻,陷入了思忖之中,不过他知道,自己肯定不会失败的,而且自己想要炼制这九转腾龙丹,达到九转,几乎是不可能的,他其实真正炼制的,就是一转腾龙丹,但是这一转腾龙丹一不小心,直接炼到了二转丹药 Master, your was equivalent to refine Divine Tier medicine pill of 12 mark directly.” “师父,你这相当于直接炼制出了十二纹的神级丹药呀。” Shock in Chen Chang Qing heart, it can be imagined, moreover at this time, he could not imagine completely, master the technique of concocting pills went to the situation that the fairy has so measured not, even he himself was scared. 常青心中的震撼,可想而知,而且这个时候,他完全想象不到,师父的炼丹之术已经达到了如此神鬼莫测的地步,连他自己都傻眼了。 Fortunately, I also really think I refined two mark medicine pill, shouted-- “还好,我还真以为我炼制出了二纹丹药呢,呼—— Jiang Chen deep is so, but at this time, completed the idea in innermost feelings finally, two revolutions of Soaring Dragon pill, was gave itself a confession, but the drug efficacies in these two revolutions of soaring dragon pill, let Jiang Chen incomparable shock, even after nebula level expert ate, it is estimated that quite terrifying, quite will still shock, the effect of receives, was unquantifiable. 江尘深以为然,不过这个时候,总算是完成了内心之中的想法,二转龙腾丹,也算是给了自己一个交代,不过这二转腾龙丹之中的药效,却是让江尘无比的震撼,就算是星云级强者吃了之后,估计也会相当恐怖,相当震撼的,所受到的效果,也是难以估量的。 Although is only two revolutions, but regarding present him, complete foot enough, moreover if really refined nine revolutions of medicine pill, it is estimated that Jiang Chen does not dare to eat, moreover these medicinal ingredients years with drug efficacy, has not achieved the top-grade condition. 虽然只是二转,但是对于现在的他,完全足够了,而且真要是炼制出了九转丹药,估计江尘也不敢吃了,而且这些药材的年份跟药效,也都没有达到极品状态。 Six......” “六颗……” Nearby Chen Chang Qing cannot bear swallow the saliva, six soaring dragon pill, this thing is priceless, compared with maintaining life medicine pill, it is estimated that goes beyond. 一旁的辰常青忍不住咽了咽口水,六颗腾龙丹,这玩意儿价值连城,比起保命丹药,估计都是有过之而无不及。 Oneself in the future, it seems like must also probably refine well, so long as can achieve revolution of seven marks, Chen Chang Qing is well satisfied. 自己日后,看来一定要也要好好炼制一番,只要能够达到一转七纹,辰常青就已经心满意足了。 This medicine pill gives you.” “这颗丹药给你。” Jiang Chen threw a soaring dragon pill to Chen Chang Qing directly, Chen Chang Qing at the scene, cannot believe. 江尘直接将一颗腾龙丹扔给了辰常青,辰常青愣在当场,根本不敢相信。 Master, this...... this was too precious.” “师父,这……这太贵重了。” Chen Chang Qing lip wriggles, this medicine pill, cannot refine absolutely, two revolutions of medicine pill, it is estimated that these elders of Chen family/home, see this medicine pill even, the eyeball will be vivid. 常青嘴唇蠕动,这丹药,绝对是自己炼制不出来的,二转丹药,估计就算是辰家的那些长老,看到这丹药,眼珠子都会呼之欲出的。 You looked for so many medicinal ingredients to me, this medicine pill was you earns.” “你给我找来了这么多的药材,这丹药是你应得的。” Jiang Chen said with a smile, has not had the half a point hypocrisy slightly. 江尘笑道,丝毫不曾有半分虚情假意。 Chen Chang Qing is excited, seven day first Alchemist of solemn nebula level, at this moment, in front of Jiang Chen's, is actually the decision is like a child. 常青激动不已,堂堂星云级的七线天第一炼丹师,此时此刻,在江尘的面前,却是决定的跟一个孩子一样。 The hand holds soaring dragon pill, Chen Chang Qing deeply is inspiring, this is own example, one day, oneself must become Master concocting pills like master, soaring dragon pill's such medicine pill, has words at fingertips and writes with facility, moreover resists pill that was makes him complete subduing to the master thoroughly. 手捧着腾龙丹,辰常青深吸了一口气,这就是自己的榜样,总有一天,自己也要成为像师父一样的炼丹宗师,腾龙丹这样的丹药,信手拈来,而且对抗丹雷那一幕,是彻彻底底让他对师父完成了折服。 Then, prepares medicinal ingredients, I help you refine several medicine pill again.” “接下来,准备好药材,我再帮你炼制几颗丹药。” Jiang Chen said. 江尘说道。 Master, does not use, today a view, the technique of my concocting pills, I believe that has a more further idea, you did not need to work with the heart to take the trouble, I know that you possibly also had a more important matter to do, how can I delay the master your time?” “师父,不用了,今日一观,我的炼丹之术,我相信已经有了更进一步的想法,你不用劳心费神了,我知道你可能还有更重要的事情要去做,我怎么能耽误师父你的时间呢?” Chen Chang Qing said. 常青说道。 This time, I will close up wholeheartedly, then refines true ju que pill, completes the transformation, master the technique of concocting pills, has made me have the explanation of deeper level, I know my time, certainly can improved.” “这一次,我会全心全意闭关,然后炼制出真正的巨阙丹,完成蜕变,师父的炼丹之术,已经让我有了更深层次的解读,我知道我这一次,一定能够有所改进的。” Insistence of Chen Chang Qing, very self-confident, moreover he also to experiment own strength. 常青的坚持,非常的自信,而且他也是为了试验一下自己的实力。 Jiang Chen nods, has not rejected again. 江尘点点头,也就没有再拒绝。 Such being the case, you have this heart, I also felt relieved, I should also walk, should meet Chen family/home Ancestral Land.” “既然如此,你有这份心,我也就放心了,我也该走了,该会辰家祖地了。” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 江尘笑道。 Master, I deliver you.” “师父,我送你。” Chen Chang Qing regarding this strength was far less than that own master, was full of the admiration, studying the military reached is the master, the Jiang Chen's strength, lets he truly this exist(ence). 常青对于这个实力远不如自己的师父,充满了敬佩,学武先后达者为师,江尘的实力,就是让他真正这副的存在 Under send-off of Chen Chang Qing, Jiang Chen returns, directly soars dark Heicheng to go, before they agreed with Chen clouds, was dark Heicheng. 在辰常青的送别之下,江尘一路回归,直奔暗黑城而去,之前跟辰云霄他们约定的,就是暗黑城。 Agreed good six months to arrive, Jiang Chen also somewhat thought of but actually Chen fine jade, how does not know her now. 约定好的半年时间就要到了,江尘倒也有些想念辰璐了,不知道她现在怎样呢。 ............ ………… Dark Heicheng. 暗黑城。 Outside city 500 li (0.5 km). 城外五百里。 Chen fine jade form like swallow, flying, but at this time, two forms blocked suddenly in own front, let Chen fine jade the complexion, became extremely gloomy. 辰璐身影如燕,飞身而过,不过就在这个时候,两道身影突然之间拦在了自己的面前,让辰璐的脸色,变得极其阴沉。 Who?” “谁?” Chen fine jade anger shouted. 辰璐怒喝道。 Hehe , does not have, when Chen Jiang, waited for your Beautiful woman actually.” “呵呵呵,没想到啊,没等到辰江,倒是等来了你这个小美人儿。” gā gā gā! Yes, has evidently tonight lucky in love.” 嘎嘎嘎!是呀,看样子今晚有艳福了。” Two people look at each other one, filled teased the ambiguous color, delighted, is staring at Chen fine jade. 两人对视一眼,充满了调笑暧昧之色,眉飞色舞,盯着辰璐。 Chen fine jade retreat several steps, gaze narrows the eyes, these two people, closed off oneself escape route completely, making her feel that pressure incomparable big, does not have to hide. 辰璐后退数步,目光微眯,这两个人,完全封锁了自己的退路,让她感觉到压力无比之大,根本无所遁形。 Speaking of Chen Jiang, Chen fine jade knows, they certainly were big brother Jiang Chen personal enemies. 提起辰江,辰璐知道,他们一定是江尘大哥的仇人。 „Are you people in Damingfu?” “你们是大名府的人?” Chen fine jade low and deep say/way. 辰璐低沉道。 „, Not is too fortunately stupid, but, knows these now, was too rather late, a point, hehehe, we had waited there for some time in this, since Chen Jiang does not appear, you were his scapegoat. However, before, our men, must let at the point of death your refreshed well, gā gā gā.” “还好,不算太蠢,只不过,现在知道这些,未免太晚了,一点,嘿嘿嘿,我们已经在此恭候多时了,既然辰江不出现,那你就是他的替死鬼了。不过,在临死之前,咱们爷们,必须要让你好好的爽快一番,嘎嘎嘎。” cluster Cloud Dragon whole face the color of Yin vulture, in Chen fine jade heart incomparable depression, she, encountered many dangers in the half year, the strength also promoted much, to resist at present this nebula level expert, was is completely not possible, moreover presented two nebula level expert directly here, couldn't this escape? 丛云龙满脸的阴鹫之色,辰璐心中无比的郁闷,她这半年来,遇到了不少的危险,实力也是提升了不少,但是要想对抗眼前这个星云级强者,却是完全不可能的,而且直接在这里出现了两个星云级强者,这不是插翅难逃了吗? „Don't your group of despicable people, fear the penalty of Chen family/home?” “你们这群卑鄙之徒,就不怕辰家的惩罚吗?” Saying that Chen fine jade clenches jaws. 辰璐咬牙切齿的说道。 Here is dark Heicheng 500 miles away . Moreover, you died, who will care? We must kill you, is the meanings of Palace Master, don't we have the means to defy are not? Knows the limitation, obeying of your obediently, is exempt from the physical suffering, otherwise, your result, should very miserable, humph humph.” “这里已经是暗黑城500里之外了,而且,你死了,谁会在意呢?我们要杀你,都是府主的意思,我们也没办法违抗不是?识相的,你就乖乖的就范吧,免受皮肉之苦,否则的话,你的结局,应该会非常之惨,哼哼。” cluster Yunhu a face indifferent say/way. 丛云虎一脸冷漠的道。 Your these two waste, I, even if dies, will not submit absolutely Ylha and others.” “你们这两个人渣,我就算是死,也绝对不会屈服于尔等。” Chen fine jade steadfast saying, tight is gripping the sword in hand, she knows that she has been possible to draw back roadless, at this time, she only hopes that big brother Jiang Chen do not come back, otherwise, these two nebula level expert, are his nightmare. 辰璐坚定不移的说道,紧紧的攥着手中的剑,她知道自己已经无路可退了,这个时候,她只希望江尘大哥千万不要回来,否则的话,这两个星云级高手,将会是他的噩梦。 Being concerned about face, kills!” “给脸不要脸,杀!” cluster Cloud Dragon drinks one lowly, cluster Yunhu the direct flying goes forward, does not need his take action. 丛云龙低喝一声,丛云虎直接飞身上前,根本不需要他出手 Girl, tonight you were my, gā gā gā.” “小妮子,今晚你是我的了,嘎嘎嘎。” cluster Yunhu the smile is sinister, the form such as the ghosts and demons are ordinary, but the steamroll, Chen fine jade heart in shakes, is critical situation, knows perfectly well to die, her certainly not retreat. 丛云虎笑容阴险,身影如鬼魅一般,碾压而至,辰璐心中一震,如临大敌,明知必死,她也绝不后退
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