DMWG :: Volume #52

#5032: Extremely intelligent Chen Chang Qing

The Jiang Chen voice falls, among immediately Long Shisan and Yuan Ling, look at gaze to him, the surrounding air, becomes solidifies, but Chen Chang Qing complexion, was acts like a different person to be the same with before completely. 江尘话音一落,顿时龙十三与袁玲,都是将目光看向他,周围的空气,都变得凝固起来,而辰常青的脸色,也是完全与之前判若两人一样。 Chen Chang Qing innermost feelings just like overwhelming general, words that oneself spoke a moment ago, filled provocative flavor, really should not, but at this time, reaped what has been sown finally, a moment ago blew awesome to blow ruthless, now uncomfortable. 常青内心犹如翻江倒海一般,自己刚才所说的话,充满了挑衅的味道,实在是不应该呀,不过这个时候,总算是自食其果了,刚才吹牛逼吹的有多狠,现在就有多难受。 Jiang Chen is to make him the breath to stagnate directly, does not know that then should say anything. 江尘直接是让他变得呼吸一滞,不知道接下来该说什么了。 Really must worship on bended knees in the place, requests him to be the master? 真的要跪拜在地,拜他为师吗? In Chen Chang Qing heart quite suffering, precisely because of so, oneself what kind of status? The host of Kokurayama, Chen family/home refining up Elder Dan, seven day only Divine Tier Alchemist, acknowledges as teacher unexpectedly to a boy of Half Step nebula level, isn't this disgraceful? 常青心中颇为煎熬的,正是因为如此,自己何等身份?小仓山之主,辰家炼丹长老,七线天唯一的神级炼丹师,竟然拜师给一个半步星云级的小子,这不是丢人现眼吗? However, Chen Chang Qing life most respects, is the gentleman of justice, is these upright, person of doing what has said that if at this moment, oneself if reneged on a promise, then his for a lifetime, must be subject to the condemnation. 不过,辰常青一生最敬重的,就是正义之士,也就是那些刚直不阿,言出必行的人,如果此时此刻,自己要是反悔了,那么他这一辈子,恐怕都要备受谴责的。 Although Chen Chang Qing is crazy, that is because he has the crazy capital, the generation of facing retribution for a life of crime but his not that kills people such as flax, the free of error does not abandon, will otherwise not cause the Louwai Tower disciple, comes seeking medicine pill, this then because of Chen Chang Qing character, absolutely does not have the prejudice to anybody, treats both the young and old honestly. 常青虽然狂,那是因为他有狂的资本,但是他并不是那种杀人如麻,无讹不舍的恶贯满盈之辈,不然也不会引得楼外楼弟子,都前来求取丹药,这便是因为辰常青的性格,绝对对任何人都没有成见,童叟无欺。 But now, oneself must violate the words, letting him to approve itself. 可现在,自己要违背自己刚才的话,让他不能认可自己。 Hesitant over and over, at this time, Chen Chang Qing knees down after all, stern-faced saying: 犹豫再三,这个时候,辰常青终归还是单膝跪地,一脸凝重的说道: Master on, be please done obeisance by disciple! My Chen Chang Qing is willing to bet to concede, from now on, your Chen Jiang is my master.” “师傅在上,请受徒儿一拜!我辰常青愿赌服输,从今往后,你辰江就是我的师傅。” Chen Chang Qing does not look askance, steadfast saying. 常青目不斜视,坚定不移的说道。 Long Shisan was shocked with Yuan Ling, this Chen Chang Qing, solemn nebula level 3-layer day expert extremely, moreover is one generation of Master concocting pills, really gave the big brother to kneel down unexpectedly? This was also too unthinkable. 龙十三跟袁玲都愣住了,这个辰常青,堂堂星云级三重天的绝顶高手,而且还是一代炼丹宗师,竟然真给大哥跪下了?这也太匪夷所思了吧。 However, Chen Chang Qing is not silly, he understands profoundly, in the Jiang Chen's method, the breakthrough nebula level is just the time issue, moreover now he has just like achieved the breakthrough critical point, but he did not have breakthrough, it is estimated that and other turning point, has waited for a successful opportunity, this ju que pill, is his turning point. 不过,辰常青也不傻,他深刻的明白,以江尘的手段,突破星云级只不过是时间问题而已,而且现在他俨然已经达到了突破的临界点,但是他一直都没有突破,估计一直就是在等一个契机,等待一个水到渠成的机会,这巨阙丹,就是他的契机。 Now facing Jiang Chen, Chen Chang Qing is convinced thoroughly, beforehand rampancy, is nothing left, although on the face also brings a pride, but to Jiang Chen, was full of the respect absolutely. 现在面对江尘,辰常青彻底服气了,之前的嚣张,也已经荡然无存了,虽然脸上还带着一丝骄傲,但对江尘,绝对是充满了敬意。 Studies the military priority, reaching is the master, the meaning of these words, Chen Chang Qing understands, therefore oneself in any event, cannot violate oneself lifetime abiding. 学武先后,达者为师,这句话的含义,辰常青还是明白的,所以自己无论如何,都不能违背了自己一生的信守。 As true expert, his cultivation base and realm, can achieve this step, the technique of concocting pills maneuver among groups, precisely because of his well-illuminated and openness, the life of person, wants to have no qualms In the heart to be very difficult, but Chen Chang Qing achieved, he cannot therefore go bad the say/way of oneself lifetime clear cultivating, loses to a strength fiercer opponent let alone, is not the humiliation, living up to one's words, is the man real man should do. 作为真正的强者,他的修为境界,能够达到这一步,炼丹之术纵横捭阖,也正是因为他的通明与豁达,人之一生,想要无愧于心很难,但是辰常青做到了,他不能够因此坏了自己一生的清修之道,更何况败给比自己实力更厉害的对手,并不是什么屈辱,说到做到,才是男子汉大丈夫应该做的。 Jiang Chen is quite also admiring to Chen Chang Qing, such strength status, to oneself line of worshipping on bended knees rituals, requests him to be the master, this sounds was inconceivable, but he actually achieved truly, Chen Chang Qing personality, made Jiang Chen have the huge new face to it, although character walking stick, but Chen Chang Qing absolutely was one in the true sense, can take up Grandmaster that could put down! 江尘也是对辰常青极为钦佩,这样的实力身份,对自己行跪拜之礼,拜他为师,这本来听起来就是不可思议的,但是他却真正做到了,辰常青的性情,也让江尘对其产生了巨大的改观,虽然性格拐杖,但是辰常青绝对是一个真正意义上,能够拿得起放得下的大师 Gets up, since you request me to be the master, I cannot treat unjustly with you. You want to refine what medicine pill, can give me, I help you refine three medicine pill, is to your compensation.” “起来吧,既然你拜我为师,我也不能亏待与你。你想要炼制什么丹药,都可以交给我,我帮你炼制三颗丹药,算是对你的补偿吧。” The Jiang Chen's words, making among Chen Chang Qing immediately the spirit inspire, is this huge good matter? 江尘的话,让辰常青顿时间精神一振,这可是天大的好事儿呀? Before regarding oneself, had not built up medicine pill, can make the master help itself refine? 对于自己来说,之前没有炼成过的丹药,都可以让师父帮自己炼制了? Chen Chang Qing a moment ago the haze in heart, swept away at this time, in the heart was full of the pleasant surprise with shocking. 常青刚才心中的阴霾,也是在这个时候一扫而空,心中充满了惊喜与震撼。 However changes mind thinks, Chen Chang Qing is clear, Jiang Chen does not have pill recipe, will therefore unable to refine ju que pill, it is estimated that he now is also bareness pill recipe, therefore wants spatial glove white wolf...... 不过转念一想,辰常青才明白,江尘是没有丹方,所以才会炼制不出巨阙丹,估计他现在也是空无丹方,所以才想要空手套白狼的…… This master, absolutely a little sinister. 这个师父,绝对有点‘阴险’。 However Chen Chang Qing is not the small-minded person, Jiang Chen's words, although seems like that is to profit, but to him, loses actually almost can ignore, the life of master presses, even if Jiang Chen wants his pill recipe, if oneself do not hide contraband, should still surely give him completely, but he actually complies to help itself refine three medicine pill, that absolutely was to the greatest gracious gift. 不过辰常青并不是小肚鸡肠之人,江尘的话,虽然看似是想要占便宜,但对他而言,损失却几乎是可以忽略不计的,师父之命难为,就算是江尘想要他的丹方,如果自己不藏私的话,也一定会全部给他的,但是他却答应帮自己炼制三颗丹药,那绝对就是对自己莫大的恩赐了。 Chen Chang Qing is not the innocent person, on the contrary his openness, is during his life the maximum wealth. 常青不是不懂事的人,相反他心里的豁达,就是他一生之中最大的财富。 This absolutely is win-win, even is takes advantage is right, the method of master, is not despicable, because the master really has such strength. 这绝对是一场双赢,甚至是自己占了大便宜才对,师父的手段,并不算卑劣,因为师父是真的有这样的实力。 Good, the master, my then all listens to the master, if the master dispatches, although told and that's the end.” “好,师父如此说来,那我便一切全听师父的,师父若有差遣,尽管吩咐就是了。” Chen Chang Qing becomes very respectful, at this moment, subverted Yuan Ling and Long Shisan feeling completely, this guardian Chen is old, in the legend is vicious, gets angry Wu Chang (impermanence) happily, now is not obediently submits to the big brother hand? 常青变得十分恭敬,这一刻,完全颠覆了袁玲与龙十三的感觉,这个辰家长老,传说之中怎么凶狠,喜怒无常,现在不都是乖乖的在大哥手中臣服吗? Jiang Chen has not actually thought makes him request itself to be the master, in fact is, now looks like, he who he himself said approves actually, contented, but regarding Chen Chang Qing disposition, is actually another sublimation, moreover finally Chen Chang Qing had not thought that was how own status to reduce. 江尘其实从来没有想过让他拜自己为师,事实上都是他自己所说的,现在看来,他倒是十分认可,怡然自得,但对于辰常青的心性而言,却是又一次的升华,而且最后辰常青也没觉得是自己的身份如何降低了。 Was a master on the 1st, lifelong was a father, although not possible everyone to accomplish, but Chen Chang Qing could certainly accomplish. 一日为师,终身为父,虽然不可能人人办得到,但是辰常青一定办得到。 You were serious, Chen elder, do you really want to request me to be the master? You may, if wants, I to give you to refine medicine pill, is in the reason, but do not violate your conscience.” “你严重了,辰长老,你这是真要拜我为师?你可要想好了,我给你炼制丹药,也是情理之中,但是你不要违背了自己的本心。” Jiang Chen sincere say/way. 江尘正色道。 „, My conscience, will not be to make me learn/study well, making me practice with the master quite, otherwise, how possibly to refine true divine-grade medicine pill?” “不会,我的本心,就是要让我好好学习,让我跟师父好生练习,不然的话,怎么可能炼制出真正的神品丹药呢?” Chen Chang Qing said with a smile, at this time, he has felt relaxed. 常青笑着说道,这个时候,他已经释然了。 Jiang Chen nods slightly, this guardian Chen is old, in the future must become Great Tool, moreover during will not imagine absolutely must miss, because the openness of his heart, was also shocked by oneself absolutely, if really stands above his position, he is also not necessarily able to accomplish. 江尘微微颔首,这个辰家长老,未来必成大器,而且绝对不会比自己想象之中要差,因为他的心胸之豁达,绝对是让自己也为之震撼的,如果真的站在他的身份地位之上,他也未必能够办到。 This is true studying , if thirsty! 这才是真正的求学若渴! Good, I have not misread the person evidently, such being the case, I accepted your apprentice.” “好,看样子我也没有看错人,既然如此,那我就收你这个徒弟了。” Jiang Chen heavily nods, Yuan Ling is startled unable to speak, it is estimated that also dares to do on big brother Jiang Chen, receives a nebula level 3-layer day expert to be the apprentice, seven days, but wants Grandmaster, was this too also exciting? 江尘重重点头,袁玲惊得说不出话来,估计也就江尘大哥敢这么干了,收一个星云级三重天的强者当徒弟,还是七线天的但要大师,这也太刺激了吧? I am also open about the facts you, the trip comes, brings to draw the Spirit Spring water, I asked that was pill recipe. The technique of concocting pills, I indeed above you, can direct 12 to you, but in the hand does not have pill recipe, I am also difficult to sustain, so long as you can put out pill recipe, I refine surely whole-heartedly, when the time comes medicine pill trades pill recipe, cannot make you suffer a loss.” “我也不瞒你,此行前来,带着汲灵泉水,我所求的,便是丹方炼丹之术,我的确在你之上,可以对你指点一二,不过手中无丹方,我也难以为继,只要你能拿出丹方,我必定全力以赴的炼制,到时候一颗丹药换一个丹方,决不能让你吃亏。” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 江尘笑着说道。 Chen Chang Qing great happiness, but he is not the generation of being insatiably greedy, puts out ten pill recipe to estimate that the master can definitely refine ten medicine pill to oneself, but to him, teaching a man to fish is superior to giving him one, the master gives himself to direct 12, then this medicine pill, how oneself can unable to refine? 常青大喜,但是他并非是贪得无厌之辈,拿出十张丹方估计师父肯定能给自己炼制十颗丹药,但是对于他来说,授之以鱼不如授之以渔,师父多给自己指点一二,那么这丹药,自己又怎会不能炼制呢? I want three pill to be able, here has 11 ten medicine pill pill recipe, all offers, asking the master to kindly accept!” “我只要三丹便可,我这里有十一张十品丹药丹方,全都奉上,请师父笑纳!” Chen Chang Qing stern-faced saying. 常青一脸凝重的说道。 Long Shisan and Yuan Ling cannot bear to Chen Chang Qing gives the thumbs-up, ten pill recipe, side Nanqiu, 11 ten pill recipe, are the Chen Chang Qing complete net worth. 龙十三与袁玲都忍不住冲着辰常青竖起了大拇指,十品丹方,一方难求,十一张十品丹方,已经是辰常青全部身家了。
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