DH :: Volume #6

#576: Yin spirit master old servant

A sword fire red river. 一层剑火似红色的长河。 Wild dragon that a sword fire also such as roared. 一层剑火又如咆哮的荒龙。 The flame fluid and fierce flame that the final level sword fire such as the falling fire hit lava, seethes have to disappear the strength! 最后一层剑火更如陨火撞击熔岩,翻腾起的焰液与烈炎极具泯灭力! The place immortal ghost who that is insufferably arrogant also had not realized that own earth spirit magical powers had been eliminated, wants to summon the surrounding these ancient rocks to resist Spirit Sword Dragon this domineering dusk roaring flame unexpectedly, after the discovery is unable the thought to move these rock masses, it unexpectedly first periphery all corpses curling on oneself. 那不可一世的地仙鬼同样没有意识到自己的土灵神通已经被剥夺了,竟想要呼唤周围的那些古老的岩石来抵挡剑灵龙这强势的黄昏烈焰,在发现无法意念搬动那些岩体后,它竟第一时间将周围所有的尸体给卷到了自己身上。 These corpses layer by layer such as the clod attachment, the roaring flame to swinging, their rapid being reduced to ashes, here has the skeleton that tens of thousands has, immortal ghost that only just like the eyeball evil different rotation that was peeled, the corpse coiled the thick corpse mountain. 那些尸体一层一层如泥块依附,烈焰冲荡下,它们迅速的化为了灰烬,这里可是有成千上万具的尸骸,地仙鬼那只犹如被剥下来的眼球邪异的转动着,尸体卷成了厚厚的尸山。 This corpse mountain, quickly turned into the sea of fire, but these skeletons also by Spirit Sword Dragon burning cleanly. 这尸山,很快变成了火海,而那些尸骨也被剑灵龙给焚得一干二净。 So the cremation, Spirit Sword Dragon also handles the matter that did good deeds to do good deeds, has not let greatly Zhou clan these crossbow bolt army skeletons horizontally whatever here demon trampled. 如此火化,剑灵龙也算是做了一件行善积德的事情了,没有让大周族的这些弩箭军尸骨横在这里任由魔物践踏。 Originally also had the new guest to come, I have not guessed that the wrong words, Namyung then did die in your hand?” A desolate sound passed on. “原来又有新客人来了啊,我没有猜错的话,南雄便是死在你的手上?”一个冷森森的声音传了过来。 On these ancient columns, a humpbacked old man does not know when stood there, he wore the plain clothes, the stature was skinny, the eye actually sharp like the eagle, the smile on the face hanging up gives people an extremely false feeling. 在那些古老的立柱上,一名驼背的老者不知何时站在了那里,他穿着古朴的衣裳,身材干瘦,眼睛却犀利如鹰,脸上挂起的笑容给人一种极其虚伪的感觉。 Bad old man, evil. 糟老头子,邪的很。 Zhu Minglang sees this old person, looked at a place immortal ghost, discovered that on them has similar vicious tendencies. 祝明朗看着这老人,又望了一眼地仙鬼,发现他们身上都有一股相似的戾气。 It seems like they killed many people here, moreover is not only now, in the past were also many. 看来他们在此处杀了不少人了,而且不仅仅是现在,过去也很多。 How to call?” Zhu Minglang desolate asking. “怎么称呼?”祝明朗冷淡的问道。 „Below is the old servant in this garden, had served some land revering, the name is unimportant, I am not that type must dead on the road to Hades die the clear type, after all has not seen the day to have the high young people like your type, my whole life killed more than 1000.” The eagle-eyed old servant is somewhat unruly saying that and despises. “在下不过是这个园子的老奴,曾经侍奉过一些陆地尊者,名字就不重要了,我不是那种非要让人死在黄泉路上死得明白的类型,毕竟像你这种没有见过天有多高的年轻人,我这辈子杀了不下一千个。”鹰眼老奴有些桀骜且蔑视的说道。 I asked your name, was because next met my person, the first few words that he and I spoke will turn probably: Does the old servant in this garden on, then die in your hand?” Zhu Minglang similar tone proudly and contemptuous. “我问你名字,是因为下一个遇见我的人,他与我说的第一句话大概就会变成:这园子的老奴就、便是死在你的手上?”祝明朗同样语气傲然与轻蔑。 The mouth artillery, who can't? 嘴炮,谁不会? On this old man's disposition, everyone does not use the ability in the situation, Zhu Minglang can spurt him spits blood to perish. 就这老头的气性,大家都不使用能力的情况下,祝明朗能把他喷得吐血而亡。 Naturally, Zhu Minglang these words have certain lethality, the eagle-eyed old servant look became sinister and ruthless several points. 当然,祝明朗这句话已经有一定的杀伤力了,鹰眼老奴眼神变得阴毒了几分。 Knows that what my elderly man's god every strength is?” The eagle-eyed old servant asked. “知道我老人家的神凡之力是什么吗?”鹰眼老奴问道。 I never care about others god every strength am anything, strong is not strong, because does not have me.” Zhu Minglang was saying when these words, a hand move, surges roaring flame Spirit Sword Dragon then to draw together the shocking arc, returned to the Zhu Minglang side. “我从不在乎别人神凡之力是什么,强于不强,因为都没有我强。”祝明朗说着这些话时,手一招,激荡着烈焰的剑灵龙便划过一道惊艳的弧线,回到了祝明朗的身旁。 This evil old servant look even more ruthless spicy, at first is an eagle that teased the prey, looks disdainfully earth mouse that the ground is running, at this time had actually changed to the hungry going crazy vulture! 这邪性老奴眼神越发的狠辣,起初还是一个戏谑猎物的老鹰,睥睨着地上奔跑的土鼠,此时却已经化作了饥饿发狂秃鹫! This probably is the charm of Zhu Minglang language, made will of the people have the tremendous changes in a few words. 这大概就是祝明朗语言的魅力,三言两语就让人心性发生了翻天覆地的变化。 Looks at these corpses well.” The eagle-eyed old servant eyes become evil red evil red, the evil light reflected to surrounding spacious. “好好看一看这些尸体。”鹰眼老奴眼睛变得邪红邪红,邪光更是映向了周围的旷地。 Spacious is situated, the corpse are innumerable, overwhelming majorities are greatly Zhou clan the crossbow bolt masters, as the evil different pupil has only swept from them, the crossbow bolt master who these had died actually crawled slowly, crossbow bolt that picked up the ground, such as this old servant same bow body, that pair should the empty eye, send out the evil red light! 旷地处,尸体无数,绝大多数都是大周族的弩箭师,随着邪异的眸光从他们身上扫过,这些已经死去的弩箭师却缓缓的爬了起来,一个个捡起了地上的弩箭,一个个如这个老奴一样躬着身子,就连那双本应该空洞的眼睛,都发出了邪红之光! Yin spirit master??” Zhu Minglang is quite actually accidental. “阴灵师??”祝明朗倒是相当意外。 Unexpectedly is a Yin spirit master! 居然是一名阴灵师! Also does not know that these Yin spirit masters of this old thing and pear flower ditch have what relations. 也不知道这老东西和梨花沟的那些阴灵师有什么关系。 Repairing of this Yin spirit master to obviously want to be higher, he even can control one time more than 10,000 crossbow bolt masters, as if wants is the deceased person in this region, will use for him! 这阴灵师的修为明显要高很多,他甚至可以一次性将这一万多弩箭师都操控起来,仿佛只要是这块区域的死人,都将为他所用! Boy has also seen some world, since knows that I am the Yin spirit master, then this/should dies in my hand clearly, the death merely was the start of your pain!” The eagle-eyed old servant exuded the strange laughter. “小子也还是见过一些世面的啊,既然知道我是阴灵师,便该清楚死在我的手上的话,死亡仅仅是你痛苦的开始!”鹰眼老奴发出了怪笑声。 Saw the crossbow bolt master who these had died crawled, Zhu Minglang realized the importance that cremation, good former Spirit Sword Dragon has burnt one batch, otherwise is the entire 20,000 crossbow bolt army...... 看到那些已经死去的弩箭师爬了起来,祝明朗意识到火葬的重要性,还好之前剑灵龙已经焚了一批,不然就是整整两万弩箭军…… The big Zhou clan person was also the cerebral palsy to the pinnacle, the thousand li (500 km) delivered the demon soldiers. 大周族的人也是脑瘫到了极致,千里送阴兵。 These corpse army I cope, you cut this old domestic animal.” south rain suo said to Zhu Minglang. “这些尸军我来对付,你斩了这老畜生。”南雨娑对祝明朗说道。 Like this regiment, Spirit Sword Dragon kills to use energy, is the hot Qilin dragon hadrosaurus can be the sickleman of Yin corpse on the contrary. 像这种军团,剑灵龙杀起来着实费劲,反倒是火麒麟龙这样的强龙会是阴尸的收割者。 Zhu Minglang nods. 祝明朗点了点头。 Naturally, keeps off before them is not only these crossbow army corpse groups, an demon eye place immortal ghost, it, although was suppressed the earth spirit magical powers by the Nüwa dragon, but it as if also has other evil different magic arts. 当然,挡在他们面前的不仅仅是这些弩军尸群,还有一只魔眼地仙鬼,它虽然被女娲龙压制了土灵神通,但它似乎还有别的邪异法术。 Hot Qilin dragon Shenjun is fierce, it trod diameter of the roaring flame, complements one another with the sword fire that Spirit Sword Dragon released, shortly will let this piece of ancient Yi who is flooding the Yin spirit corpse ghost turned into the forest of fire! 火麒麟龙神骏勇猛,它踏出了一条烈焰之径,与剑灵龙之间释放的剑火相辅相成,顷刻间让这片充斥着阴灵尸鬼的古遗变成了火之森林! Emits a dragon breath, dragon breath changed to the huge fire saying that these were covered the crossbow corpse that swallowed not to project the crossbow bolt by the hot cloud with enough time, was burnt pile of bone ashes! 喷吐出一口龙息,龙息化作了庞然火云,那些被火云笼罩吞噬的弩尸还没有来得及射出弩箭,就被焚成了一堆骨灰! Hundreds and thousands of crossbow bolt corpse army by the hot Qilin dragon to the elimination, Zhu Minglang arrive in the position that eagle-eyed old servant was at along the path that the fire Qilin dragon kills. 成百上千的弩箭尸军被火麒麟龙给消灭,祝明朗顺着火麒麟龙杀出来的道路抵达了那鹰眼老奴所在的位置。 Directly is together the white sail sword wave! 直接就是一道白帆剑波! After the sword that Zhu Minglang cuts, ship's sail that the sword strength such as the white stands erect, and rapidly delimits, after all of way such as the ship , the wave is the same! 祝明朗斩出的这一剑后,剑力如白色矗立的船帆,并急速的划出,途径的一切都如船后之浪一样分开! The column that the old servant is at divides into two, on the eagle-eyed old servant is covering ghosts and demons, this ghosts and demons make him same flutter like the spirit, gloomy. 那老奴所在的立柱一分为二,鹰眼老奴身上笼罩着一层鬼魅,这鬼魅使得他如幽灵一样飘动,阴森森的。 Before the sword strength arrives, he had left above the pillar, stood in side of that immortal ghost. 剑力抵达之前,他已经离开了柱子之上,站在了那地仙鬼的旁边。 This immortal ghost starts to lie runs, the speed must look like these to piece together the body quickly to fly to shoot toward Zhu Minglang, Zhu Minglang treads the sword immediately, avoided the offensive of this immortal ghost. 这地仙鬼开始趴地奔跑,速度快得像那些拼凑躯壳在朝着祝明朗飞射过来,祝明朗立刻踏剑而起,避开了这地仙鬼的攻势。 Steps on the sword nail soul!” “踩剑钉魂!” The thought is the same, Spirit Sword Dragon splits up many ancient Jianlai, as Zhu Minglang gently steps in the sword shadow sword hilt of under foot, ancient sword nail that ruthlessly immediately all splits up ground. 意念相同,剑灵龙分化出诸多古剑来,随着祝明朗轻轻的在脚下的剑影剑柄上一踩,顿时所有分化出来的古剑狠狠的钉下了地面。 The distribution of sword nail assumes like the ancient writing, resembles the huge seal symbol that a sword arrangement forms, the immortal ghost will run metal into cracks to nail firmly in the under foot of Zhu Minglang. 剑钉的分布呈如同古老的文字,似一张剑阵排列形成的巨大印符,将地仙鬼给牢牢的钉锢在了祝明朗的脚下。 Heaven Slaughtering Dragon, the deep lamp serves!” 天煞龙,冥灯伺候!” A tail, was strange to extend from void. 一条尾巴,诡异得从虚空中伸了出来。 Its rapid flood the pale as lightning same energy, and poured into the end of tail, instantly this tail lantern directed brightly, the pale deep splendor that glowed is melting the body of waste land immortal ghost, including surrounding these corpse! 它迅速的泛起了苍白似闪电一样的能量,并注入到了尾巴的末梢,霎时这尾巴似灯笼引亮,焕发出的苍白冥辉更是在融烂地仙鬼的躯壳,包括周围那些尸物!
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