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#573: ancient loses zither | Jean hall

Zhu Minglang naturally remembers that Li Xinghua urging, he looked at a front. 祝明朗自然记得黎星画的叮嘱,他看了一眼前方。 Wishing the young master can have other worry?” At this time king Beiyou inquired a sound said. “祝公子可还有别的顾虑?”这时王北游询问了一声道。 This certainly range city-state, even if were broken through the city wall not to see them to have the least bit to be flurried, they are also hiding anything mostly, when I flies from the high place, then noticed that piece of ancient Yichu is somewhat strange.” The tours and several other team leaders of Zhu Minglang north to the king said. “这绝岭城邦哪怕被攻破了城墙也不见他们有半点慌乱,他们多半还藏着什么,我从高处飞来时,便留意到了那片古遗处有些古怪。”祝明朗对王北游和其他几名领队说道。 Cannot say that my wife and children wife's sister counted on the fingers, directing me to go to there, Zhu Minglang said a reason simply. 总不能说我家小姨子掐指一算,指引我前往那里吧,祝明朗简单说了一个理由。 „, This certainly range city-state is not truly simple, feared that is a great nation big influence not so abundant strength of our extremely courtyard mainland.” Zhao Chishun of royalty said. “确实,这绝岭城邦太不简单了,怕是一个我们极庭大陆的大国大势力都没有这般雄厚的实力。”皇族的赵迟顺说道。 That some Rau wished the young master to cut the hidden danger for us.” The kings northern paraded a ritual, especially humble saying. “那有劳祝公子为我们斩出隐患了。”王北游行了一个礼,格外谦逊的说道。 Had the work, had the work!” Several other team leaders also said. “有劳了,有劳了!”其他几名领队也纷纷说道。 Zhu Minglang nods, portable south the sister-in-law rain suo was going to that by the place of ancient losing the mysterious aura covers. 祝明朗点了点头,便携着小姨子南雨娑前往了那一座被神秘气息笼罩的古遗之处。 They just left, north the purple sect forest hall first king roaming Hezhao sighed with emotion along and the others late in abundance. 他们刚离开,紫宗林的堂首王北游和赵迟顺等人纷纷感慨了起来。 Scenery near elder, no wonder you wished gate these years rising, your family's young master is the hero of present age, but the manner was so low-key, some young people who where looked like our purple sect forest, had that little strength to be pleased with oneself, wished compared with the gate young master with you, missing far more than was cultivates is, in the future will come our purple sect forest to do to be a guest.” North purple sect Linwang roaming Zan sighed. “景临长老啊,难怪你们祝门这些年来如日中天,你们家的公子乃当世之雄,但为人却如此低调,哪像我们紫宗林的一些年轻人啊,有那么一点点实力就沾沾自喜,与你们祝门公子相比,差得何止是修为啊,往后多来我们紫宗林做做客啊。”紫宗林王北游赞叹道。 Like this in the large-scale campaign, their these old seniors are very even difficult to achieve the strength cable raging tide, obviously this Zhu Minglang in the joint punitive expeditions of major influences dazzling. 这样的大规模战役里,连他们这些老前辈都很难做到力缆狂澜,可见这一次祝明朗在各大势力的联合讨伐中是有多耀眼。 Overpraised overpraised, we wished the gate are so, did not like the high-sounding talk dazzling the technique, each member all was so, our young masters naturally were the benchmarks!” Jing Linchang on face piled up with the smile. “过奖了过奖了,我们祝门一直都是如此,不太喜欢高调炫技,我们每一个成员皆是如此,我们公子当然就更是标杆了!”景临长老脸上堆满了笑容。 Other wished the gate guard in the one side, loyal incomparably pledged to fight to the death to defend the Zhu Minglang senior guard including beforehand that several, at this time they also blushed with shame incomparably. 其他祝门的侍卫就在一旁,包括之前那几名忠诚无比誓死保卫祝明朗的高级侍卫,此时他们也是一个个汗颜无比。 A little ashamedly to wishing the gate every year to the large amount of salary that they send, without the ability protected the young master even, the young master saved the lives of their several people. 有点愧对祝门每年给他们发的巨额俸禄啊,没能力保护公子就算了,还是公子保住了他们几个人的性命。 Later some people said that the young master idles about and shiftless, we give the hammer to be rotten his.” The chief aide-de-camp said in a low voice. “以后再有人说公子游手好闲、不思进取,我们把他头给锤烂。”侍卫长低声说道。 Other guards nod in abundance, far more than is the hammer is rotten, the eyeball must dig to lose to the dog eats, young master whole body sends out the seven pink clouds light of day electing child obviously, they cannot see, to want the eye to have what using unexpectedly! 其他侍卫纷纷点头,何止是锤烂,眼珠子要挖出来丢给狗吃,公子明明全身上下都散发出天选之子的七彩霞光,他们竟然看不见,要眼睛有何用! Although Zhu Minglang leaves the ranks, but in the sky also has the brilliance of dark green luan azure phoenix dragon to shine the front side battlefield, how many elders, held a moment ago that words are not the false praises, in their hearts was exceptionally surprised? In dark green luan azure phoenix dragon such king dragon hangs the vault of heaven for the situation that in the army escorts, Zhu Minglang really is also capable of massacring city-state four hero, he is till the present hasn't shown the complete strength?? 祝明朗虽然离队,可天空中还有苍鸾青凰龙的光辉在照耀着正片战场,几位长老、执首刚才那番话可不是虚伪的夸赞,他们心中异常吃惊?在苍鸾青凰龙这样的王龙高悬苍穹为全军保驾护航的情况下,祝明朗竟然还有能力杀掉一位城邦四雄者,他是不是现在为止还没有展现出全部的实力?? Good terrifying young people! 好恐怖的年轻人! ...... …… Zhu Minglang and south rain does suo ride the fire Qilin dragon? Went to that city-state ancient Yichu. 祝明朗与南雨娑骑乘着火麒麟龙?前往了那座城邦古遗处。 City-state ancient Yi by some ancient limestone building one „” shape? Ancient wall not big grand? Instead is passing several points of years motley trace. 城邦古遗被一些古老的灰石给堆砌成了一个“品”状?古墙并不高大雄伟?反而透着几分岁月斑驳的痕迹。 After Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha intruded in this city-state ancient Yi, in two people of hearts raised doubts. 祝明朗南玲纱闯入到了这城邦古遗中后,两人心中都升起了一个疑惑。 How not to have the guard? 怎么没有守卫? If here is certainly the core method of range city-state, why no one does defend here? They did not fear that was destroyed? Did not fear that was stolen? 如果这里是绝岭城邦的核心法门,为何没有人守在这里?难道他们不怕被破坏?或者不怕被盗走吗? Two people continue to walk toward inside, Nan Lingsha returned to under one once for a while, is the beautiful pupil flowing the Ling Creek limpid gloss? Also seems anything to worry. 两人继续往里面走,南玲纱时不时的回了一下头,美眸流淌着灵溪般的清澈光泽?同时也似有什么顾虑。 What's wrong?” Zhu Minglang asked. “怎么了?”祝明朗问道。 You did not feel when we leave was the ancient wall getting more and more far?” south rain suo with pointing at referred to that together ancient wall. “你不觉得我们离进来时的古墙越来越远了吗?”南雨娑用手指了指那一道古老的墙体。 Zhu Minglang also detected not the right place. 祝明朗也察觉到了不对劲的地方。 When they look from the outside? This does lose is actually not big? By the strength of legs of hot Qilin dragon? Had strolled one in inside. 他们从外部看时?这古遗其实并不大?以火麒麟龙的脚力?早就在里面逛了一圈了。 After can come ? Did they actually walk very for a long time did not see other aspect wall? But the wall to their present distances, is as good as city-state a length of north-south main street...... 可进来之后?他们却走了很久不见另外一面墙?而身后的墙离他们现在的距离,不亚于一条城邦的南北主街的长度…… It seems like this ancient Yi has the space principle, was similar to the microcosm of antiquity vestige.” Zhu Minglang said. “看来这古遗有空间法则,类似于上古遗迹的小世界。”祝明朗说道。 south rain suo nods, she is also this view. 南雨娑点了点头,她也是这个看法。 ...... …… Led the way again a distance, Zhu Minglang and south rain suo saw an ancient stone palace? Is the stone palace intriguing? Layout disorder? Can see ruined stone hall who stands erect? Was given to cover by the innumerable vines, can see some ancient road corridors, are the two sides green and luxuriant? Was given the camouflage by not the well-known different tree. 再前行了一段距离,祝明朗与南雨娑看到了一座古旧的石宫?石宫错综复杂?布局紊乱?可以看到矗立的破败之石殿?被无数藤蔓给覆盖,也可以看到一些古道长廊,两边郁郁葱葱?被不知名的异树给遮蔽。 Although they showed decadent with all sorts of signs of abandonment, may be able to see from the quantity of scale, the architectural style and palace stone palace, here once was occupied by one group of Wen Mingchao to jump over, exceeded extremely the person in courtyard to Sichuan, because of the ruined palace or the landscape flower-bed, lent Saint rhyme aura, close, then just like in spirit lineage/vein. 尽管它们展现出了颓败与遗弃的种种迹象,可还是能够从石宫的规模、建筑风格、殿堂的数量看出,这里曾经居住着一群文明超越了离川、超越了极庭的人,因为无论是已经破败的殿堂还是景观的花坛,都散发出一股圣韵气息,靠近的时候,便犹如处在一个灵脉之中。 Two people stepped into zither | Jean hall, this was one of the preserved quite complete palaces, although crawled some vines to be completely green, but these stone material, the post rock, column, the palace brick and wall color also glowed the extraordinary sense of reality the gloss, such as jade, such as crystal, such as platinum...... 两人踏入到了一座琴殿,这是保存比较完好的殿堂之一,尽管爬满了一些藤绿,可那些石料、岗岩、立柱、殿砖、壁彩都还焕发出非凡质感的光泽,如玉石、如水晶、如铂金…… Thump thump thump thump thump “噔噔噔噔噔” When observing and emulating this palace all, the exclamation of innermost feelings does not know why changed to fluctuate in the mind time and time again, resembles the string to play in own ear, was not towering, sitting that then probably have corrected was good, sipped tea, the double pupil is gazing at front musician easely, prepared her first song. 在观摩着这殿堂一切时,内心的惊叹不知为何在脑海中化作了一次一次波动,似琴弦在自己的耳边弹奏了起来,并不突兀,便好像自己已经端正的坐好,抿了一口茶,双眸悠然的注视着面前的琴师,准备好了她的第一首曲子。 Tweedle. 琴声啊。 Each stone, rock, column and beam this palace passed through the qins of many years to gradually influence happily, after the ruined abandonment, zither music odd/surplus Rao, making the person body and mind blow off, did not have a faint trace protection listened respectfully, feels had had here the wonder. 这个殿堂的每一块石、岩、柱、梁是经过了多少岁月的琴乐熏陶,才会在破败遗弃之后,还有琴音余绕,令人身心放空,不带一丝丝防备的去聆听,去感受曾经在这里存在过的美妙。 , Zhu Minglang saw a musician suddenly, wears the beautiful clothing, graceful, played before oneself with a pair of slender fair nimble and resourceful finger one after another. 恍然间,祝明朗似看到了一位琴师,身穿霓裳,婀娜多姿,用一双修长白皙的灵动手指在自己面前弹奏了一曲又一曲。 Has not known how long, Zhu Minglang recovered, remembers itself also to place when a brutal war, Zhu Minglang felt own day output here, seemed to be awakening from a dream was the dusk setting sun. 不知过了多久,祝明朗才回过神来,要不是想起自己还身处在一个残酷的战争之中,祝明朗觉得自己日出站在这里,如梦初醒时便是黄昏落日了。 Is listening to the zither music, will forget the time. 听着琴音,会忘记了时间。 This seems like a temple, felt that in the temperament of zither | Jean also has some inheritance, only pitifully I am not this ability in aspect, is unable to sense to......” Zhu Minglang has turned head to say to south rain suo. “这像是一座神殿,感觉琴的音律中还有某种传承,只可惜我不是这方面的能力者,无法感悟到其中的……”祝明朗扭过头去对南雨娑说道。 south rain suo actually stands there, in the beautiful pupil does not know when covered light fog, on the slender eyelash somewhat is also wet. 南雨娑却站在那里,美眸中不知何时蒙上了一层薄薄的雾水,修长的睫毛上也有些湿漉漉的。 Some Zhu Minglang surprise. 祝明朗有些诧异。 Southern rain did suo understand that to span the years the palace sounds?? 难道南雨娑听懂了那跨越岁月的殿余之音??
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