DH :: Volume #6

#572: Powerhouses to revere

Terrifying lotus fire more perfect blooming, but Namyung Peng Hugeng was rumbled is split up, his within the body these evil insects were burnt by the fire of sword lotus for the ashes, his skeleton was fired the ashes! 恐怖的莲火更完美的绽放,而南雄彭虎更被轰得四分五裂,他体内那些邪虫被剑莲之火焚为灰烬,他的骸骨更被烧成了灰烬! His demon body is disintegrating, during the lotus is aflame, Namyung Peng tiger restored the original appearance, he is panic-stricken extremely, from filling the air in the sword fire escapes. 他的魔躯在瓦解,莲火熊熊之中,南雄彭虎恢复了本来的样子,他惊恐万分,正从弥漫的剑火中逃出。 He charged into these demon crow sergeants, ordering the demon crow sergeant who these struggle hard to protect him. 他冲向了那些魔鸦军士,命令那些苦战的魔鸦军士来保护他。 But the demon crow sergeant saw he swallows palace sovereign Du Yang, moreover before these evil insects clearly must swallow them together, supplements his demon dragon Xiequ. 可魔鸦军士看到了他吞噬宗宫宗主杜旸,而且之前那些邪虫分明是要将他们一起吞噬,来补充他魔龙邪躯。 Wants him also to have the strong strength at this time, the sergeants does not dare, since, but sergeants are unable to defend oneself now, where dares to protect this possibly to take them to work as the tribute momentarily hero! 要他此时还具备强大的实力,军士们倒不敢不从,可现在军士们自身难保,哪里敢去保护这个随时可能拿他们当贡品的雄者! Namyung Peng tiger takes the consequences for own actions, he in the direction toward city escapes, at this moment, in the sky the azure thunder same hits together like the plume, in position that happen to the bang in Namyung Peng tiger escaped, results in the whole body fester to the bang Namyung Peng tiger. 南雄彭虎可谓自作自受,他朝着城内的方向逃去,就在这时,天空中一道青雷如地柱一样打下来,正好轰在了南雄彭虎逃跑的位置上,将南雄彭虎给轰得全身溃烂。 Zhu Minglang caught up with him, naturally has ancient sword who that that follows to come fills with the gods and ghosts aura. 祝明朗追上了他,当然相随而来的还有那柄充满神异气息的古剑。 ancient sword magnificent sweeps, the sword glow like the crescent moon, restores the human appearance in the body to cut from Peng tiger! 古剑华丽的扫出,剑芒如月牙,从彭虎恢复人类模样的身躯上斩过! Peng tiger these time was difficult to resist, his cut off around the middle, the first half body reversed to the ground slowly, but his flooded the face of distortion meat scab to have the pain with being unwilling! 彭虎这一次再难抵挡了,他被拦腰斩断,上半身躯缓缓的倒向了地面,而他那充斥着扭曲肉痂的面孔带着痛苦与不甘! The opposite party anything knows. 对方什么都知晓。 As him who the evil dragon arrives , is actually most difficult to kill, so long as because has a blood leech dragon to escape, he can swallow the living person to restore. 作为邪龙降临的他,其实是最难杀死的,因为只要有一只血蛭龙逃脱,他就可以吞噬活人来恢复。 Only when pitifully, his ability by Zhu Minglang thorough seeing through, in treating these common evil insect regarding war, Zhu Minglang whole-heartedly, guaranteed will not let off any centipede evil insect. 只可惜,他的能力被祝明朗彻彻底底的识破,在对待那些对于战局来说不起眼的邪虫时,祝明朗可谓全力以赴,确保不会放过任何一条蜈蚣邪虫。 Your evil dragon Mozhu, I also accepted.” Zhu Minglang stretched out the palm, starts to pick the soul to ferment the bead. “你的邪龙魔珠,我也收下了。”祝明朗伸出了手掌,开始采魂酿珠。 Does not have the soul bead quality of eye of evil dragon is very high, but this that Namyung Peng tiger raises takes possession the evil dragon similar concentration is the essence...... 无目邪龙的魂珠品质是非常高的,而南雄彭虎所饲养的这附身邪龙同样浓缩的都是精华…… After collected this soul bead perfectly, Zhu Minglang then turns around, plans to eliminate these demon crow evil gentlemen. 完美的采集了这一枚魂珠后,祝明朗这才转过身去,打算消灭那些魔鸦邪士。 In its surprise attack team some king Jijing powerhouses? For example north the purple sect forest king swims, wish the gate scenery near the Zhao Chishun of elder and royalty, they had gradually obtained the winning side. 本身奇袭队伍中就有一些王级境的强者?比如说紫宗林的王北游,祝门的景临长老、皇族的赵迟顺,他们已经逐渐取得了上风。 But does the sister-in-law Nan Lingsha strength also take to Zhu Minglang big surprised? Her chi dragon and hot Qilin dragon? Unexpectedly is Dragon King strength. 而小姨子南玲纱的实力也带给祝明朗不小的惊讶?她的螭龙与火麒麟龙?竟然都为龙王实力。 Should the hot Qilin dragon eat the platinum to cultivate/repair for the fruit? Repaired to promote recently, what let some Zhu Minglang doubts was, why doesn't the Nan Lingsha hot Qilin dragon need to draw support from the day God of the Earth root variation? Then can fly upwards to king level directly. 火麒麟龙应该是食用了白金修为果?修为是最近才提升上来的,但让祝明朗有些疑惑的是,南玲纱的火麒麟龙为何不需要借助天地神根异种?便可以直接飞升到王级。 Nan Lingsha these two Ancestral Dragon descendants? Is the life standard very high?? 难道说南玲纱的这两祖龙后裔?其命格很高?? Zhu Minglang has known now, assigns/life the standard high life, doesn't need to cross the tribulation to fly upwards? So long as cultivated/repaired to save? Then will enter to the next boundary! 祝明朗现在已经知道,命格高的生灵,是不需要渡劫飞升的?只要修为积攒到了?便会进入到下一个境界! So? Was the Ancestral Dragon descendant equal to having certain godship? Breaking through king Jijing is not difficult. 如此看来?祖龙后裔等于具备了一定的神格?突破王级境并不困难。 Actually little imperial prince Zhao reputation that fire ignorant dragon? Probably is hybrid Ancestral Dragon? Assigning the standard is not high. 倒是小皇子赵誉的那条火蚩龙?大概是杂交的祖龙?命格并不高。 Zhu Minglang now and conjunction of sword agilisaurus was getting higher and higher, he walks toward these demon crow sergeants, how also does not need Zhu Minglang to go to the thought control, the sword agilisaurus then the enemy he kills along the way completely. 祝明朗现在与剑灵龙的契合度越来越高了,他朝着那些魔鸦军士走去,也不需要祝明朗怎么去意念控制,剑灵龙便将他沿途中的敌人全部杀死。 Completely when is sword to seal/confer throat, the sword agilisaurus murder is also the tasteful art? Smallest sword mark wound? Certainly is blood racing wells up is most exaggerating? Do these demon crow sergeants pour in the pool of blood one after another? But Zhu Minglang strolls in this chaotic battle, it may be said that is somewhat incompatible with the struggles of these ordinary people. 全部都是一剑封喉,剑灵龙杀人时也是讲究艺术的?最小的剑痕伤口?却一定是血液奔涌最为夸张的?那些魔鸦军士一个接着一个倒在血泊中?而祝明朗在这混乱的厮杀中闲庭信步,可谓与这些凡夫俗子的斗争有些格格不入。 The strength that Zhu Minglang shows, is equal to writing three characters not to annoy me on the face. 祝明朗展现出来的实力,就等于在脸上写着三个字“别惹我”。 Didn't the demon crow sergeant have Namyung to assume personal command? Repairs for tall Guigao, actually gradually was the rout. 魔鸦军士没有了南雄坐镇?修为高归高,却还是逐渐溃败了下来。 Close to 5000 demon crow sergeants, was only left over more than 1000 people unknowingly, more than 1000 people chose the dispersion to run away finally, hide in into the complex range city-state certainly, hid into behind these strange strange giant statues. 接近五千的魔鸦军士,不知不觉只剩下了一千多人,这一千多人最后选择了分散逃窜,躲入到了复杂的绝岭城邦之中,躲入到了那些诡异古怪的巨大雕像后面。 The people do not have to pursue, after all they also more vital duties, after certainly range city-state the city passes through to the frontal battlefield, with main battlefield completes around to Sichuan sergeants the converging attack, joins forces finally. 众人也没有去追击,毕竟他们还有一个更重要的任务,就是从绝岭城邦后城直贯到正面战场,与主战场的离川军士们完成前后夹击,最后会师。 The city-state army of obstruction had been extinguished, so long as they now proceed to tread, can pose very big threat to the range city-state certainly, making them probably divert attention to divert this to enter the city-state unscrupulous surprise attack team! 阻截的城邦军队已经被灭,他们现在只要往前踏,就能够对绝岭城邦造成很大的威胁,让他们必须分心来牵制这支入了城邦肆无忌惮的奇袭队伍! Certainly the latter city protection of range city-state is very weak, once were broken through, takes Mr. level of surprise attack team so person to cultivate/repair, then such as flood dragon entering the sea, can seethe the monstrous waves! 绝岭城邦的后城防备是很薄弱的,一旦被攻破,以奇袭队伍这般人的君级修为,便如蛟龙入海,可以翻腾起巨浪! „Did you kill Namyung??” Zhao Chishun of royalty looked at a corpse of ground, on the face wrote all over the surprised color. “你杀了南雄??”皇族的赵迟顺看了一眼地上的尸体,脸上写满了惊讶之色。 At this time purple sect forest hall first king Beiyou could not bear look up a sky high place, that tens of thousands of dragon beast and bird group stirred a grand and upper air vortex battlefield with amazement, dominated just flew upwards to cross the Azure Dragon of tribulation above this battlefield Zhu Minglang this! 此时紫宗林的堂首王北游忍不住抬头看了一眼天空高处,那数以万计的龙兽与鸟群搅成了一个壮丽而骇然的高空旋涡战场,凌驾于这战场之上的正是祝明朗这刚刚飞升渡劫的青龙! In the situation of Azure Dragon upper air shock and awe, Zhu Minglang relied on a flying sword agilisaurus to cut to kill certainly the great general in range city-state, the team leader who this strength let their crowd of big influences blushed with shame! 在青龙高空震慑的情况下,祝明朗凭借着一把飞剑灵龙斩杀了绝岭城邦的一名大将,这实力让他们这群大势力的领队更是汗颜! How now should we walk?” Hall first king Beiyou asked. “现在我们该怎么走?”堂首王北游问道。 The team leader vision of Zhao Chishun as well as several other influences of royalty also fell on the body of Zhu Minglang in abundance. 皇族的赵迟顺以及其他几个势力的领队目光也纷纷落在了祝明朗的身上。 Now everyone had realized in this team who is true to powerhouse, in the domain of cultivator, powerhouse to revere, they are also willing to obey Zhu Minglang to give orders! 如今大家已经意识到这个队伍里谁才是真正的至强者,在修行者的领域里,强者为尊,他们也心甘情愿听从祝明朗发号施令! Pushes directly into, comes many preventers, cut entirely!” Zhu Minglang said. “长驱直入,来多少阻扰者,统统斩了!”祝明朗说道。 Good, should make these range alien race experience the iron hand of our extremely courtyard certainly, kills!” North hall first king roaming high sound said. “好,该让这些绝岭异族见识见识我们极庭的铁腕,杀进去!”堂首王北游高声道。 The purple sect forest some people and others also shouted loudly, facing such war, the morale cannot fall absolutely. 紫宗林一干人等也纷纷高呼了起来,面对这样的战局,士气是绝对不能落的。 They overcome one difficulty after another, when with that moment of frontal battlefield meeting, is this punitive expedition range city-state, eliminates extremely in the courtyard alien race certainly one of the biggest heroes, may be better than these heroes in name only to cultivate/repair in the prestige in such scene of carnage slaughtering! 他们一路过关斩将,等到与正面战场会合的那一刻,便是这一次讨伐绝岭城邦、肃清极庭异族中最大的功臣之一,在这样的修罗场中厮杀出来的名望可远胜过那些徒有虚名的侠修! To Sichuan now is a giant gold/metal pond, the major influences will occupy the most advantageous region, but the influence internal personnel have the competition, whether can divide to more resources, looks at the performance in their campaign, therefore they certainly also whole-heartedly, as long as in this Dragon Gate resulted under the influence on occupy the situation, their attainments will exceed in the school influence all of a sudden these of the same generation eminents!! 离川如今就是一个巨大的金池,各大势力都会占据最有利的区域,而势力内部人员也存在着竞争,是否能够分到更多的资源,也就看他们这一次战役中的表现,所以他们一定也会全力以赴,但凡在这次界龙门得影响下占据了先机,他们造诣会一下子超越门派势力中那些同辈翘楚!! Zhu Minglang, can the elder sister say a matter with you?” south rain suo opens the mouth to remind. 祝明朗,姐姐可和你说过一件事?”南雨娑开口提醒道。 Zhu Minglang nods. 祝明朗点了点头。 Lebanese star picture predicts the master, she deduced certainly the ancient Yi of secret of range city-state in the city. 黎星画是预言师,她推演出了绝岭城邦的秘密在城内古遗中。 After the person broke in the presence of everyone when the city, enters to the city-state, Zhu Minglang then saw one encircling by the giant statue region, stern incomparable! 当众人破了后城,进入到城邦内时,祝明朗便看到了一处被巨大雕像给围起来的区域,森严无比!
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